Top 10 Greatest Freakout Reactions: Episode 14

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Длительность: 6:35
Комментарии: 7378

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Автор disc6rd ( назад)
2:42 that cdub kid was OG FaZe i just noticed that!

Автор A Cynical Asian ( назад)
smh nothing special about being tubing trash

Автор Nick Abernathy (438 лет назад)
Turns into Gorilla* hahahahahah!

Автор lemon paradise ( назад)

Автор PapaJenkinz ( назад)
Isn't it crazy how the standards have changed? Most of these clips now
would be considered bad.

Автор LAKE IN A BAG ( назад)
this sucks

Автор Jacob Gibson ( назад)
I cant stop laughing

Автор Jack Doc ( назад)
Sad to think half of these guys probs don't play cod any more because
compared to this it is shit these days

Автор EastTexasGunBros ( назад)
Can someone link me the vid where the guy says,"Weeeeeeeein."

Автор Rhitzler MegaByte ( назад)

Автор The Legendary Gamer (Y2kam111) ( назад)
I died when he said "I should drink more often"

Автор Jack Kalner ( назад)
Lol those fukcing captions crack me up, good hit man:)

Автор Wacław ze Świebodzina ( назад)
low fat kids from na playing only cod on their xbox`s

Автор Brandon S ( назад)
I should drink more often

Автор Jorge Arteaga ( назад)
Call of duty will never be like this 

Автор anti social ( назад)
holy shit number 1

Автор giuseppe386 ( назад)
old beautiful memories..... I miss mw2...

Автор Colby Bryan ( назад)
Love it when people suck and they're like OHH U HAVE HACKS!!!!!

Автор evelyn rosas ( назад)

Автор ShadeolTheFox ( назад)
I always come back to watch #1. It was so much fun playing with Arson,
MasterBeta, Moochie, and all the other guys back in MW2. Some of my best
CoD memories.

Автор illuminati confirmed ( назад)
omg x185237

Автор squizzttpp ( назад)
Like if your watching this in 2015 and it's your favourite cod

Автор Sly Medallion ( назад)
Number 4 is too f****** funny i laughed my arse off with the reactions

Автор Sir RageAlot ( назад)
5 years later and goddamn " i should drink more often " still cracks me up
:'D best reaction EVER!!!

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
Poor quality

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
Back when Machinima didn't suck and Anoj was my goodnight storyteller.

Автор tuxedo gengar ( назад)
number one is the best 

Автор nickbagelboy ( назад)
"I should drink more often" LMFAO.

Автор Zionic ( назад)
Lol number 1

Автор Wajih564 ( назад)

Автор Foxtroterinfinity ( назад)
Shut up

Автор IWantAPuncake ( назад)
Number 6 lol

Автор CoDz0mbieBOSS ( назад)
:P v

Автор karoluran ( назад)

Автор ScissorHandsFail ( назад)
10,000 th comment!!

Автор Im Kazuya ( назад)
LOL I should drink more ofthen xD

Автор TheYasukari ( назад)
King Kong Orgasm, hahahahahahahahah.

Автор kylen love ( назад)

Автор Sparky ( назад)
My favourite reaction video.

Автор StoneGames21 ( назад)

Автор PrimeTime ( назад)
ooooooh I really couldnt breatth xxxxDDD oh mai gawwwdd

Автор bjor1995 ( назад)
3:37 thats my team when i,m about to get a UAV

Автор MysteryMrR ( назад)
King kong orgasm XD

Автор Pedro Carani ( назад)
Lol the british kids

Автор JayJunior072 ( назад)
Yes indeed

Автор Revable ( назад)
Was toxic cdub FaZe Cdub?

Автор Jacob Gibson ( назад)
I want number one to be my ringtone.

Автор magnernj5 ( назад)
LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Monkey mating call XD

Автор Don killa ( назад)

Автор Mr130296eddieguitar ( назад)
the guy with the grenade launcher, number 4, how many kills did he actually
get on that shot??? i think i counted 7 or 8??

Автор zeoleo1000 ( назад)
Wow I remember QS use to be the shit...now no one really care

Автор TheGam3vidz ( назад)
I should drink more often lmao.

Автор 123mindhunter ( назад)
7 = typical age of cod fags

Автор AkaFhrosty ( назад)
The way you describe the reactions is funnier than the reaction itself.

Автор HaZrD-_-FreAk ( назад)
Everyone assumed you hacked in this game... which everyone did, but alot
was legit too

Автор Brittney Culberson ( назад)
#1 Holy S*** What a ORGASM

Автор Jake Pero ( назад)
You are the reason why commenting should not be allowed on Youtube.

Автор Zj ( назад)
Number 7 potato

Автор KroniccKrona1 ( назад)
"I should drink more often"

Автор Bajur_u_Bagel ( назад)
He used number 4. Yolo_TryHard_M16

Автор FRANKIEonWCin240p ( назад)

Автор TheGamerXzZ ( назад)
i was at number 4 lobby and i had to shut my mic :P

Автор LifeOneGone ( назад)
it seems like the list almost was backwards

Автор Vriska Serket ( назад)
WHY is everyone with a mic a 10 year old kid????

Автор Arek ( назад)
That's why I am here :D

Автор Hr75 ( назад)
the russianbadger YOLO try hard m16 anyone?

Автор Dominick A ( назад)
So many little ass kids playing cod... Ruins it for

Автор VintagePornFap ( назад)
"I should drink more often" Oh god my sides

Автор HetaliaCalifornia ( назад)
I think the proper use of language for this is: Bitches Be Bitchin'

Автор iGamingRecon ( назад)
"how did he know where I was?" "he quickscoped ya!" Note taken:
Quick-Scopes allow instant knowledge on enemy location.

Автор Liam McNicholl ( назад)
king kong orgasm lol

Автор Nate43Redmond ( назад)
I should drink more often.... LOL

Автор Ollie Bass ( назад)
Ughgugughggugguh i should drink more often ...wtf...

Автор ScopzMW2 ( назад)
All these people are horrible and why the fuck do people record with actual
cameras and not PVRs or at least Dazels

Автор The TOPI_15 ( назад)
#2 was shitty. ANYONE CAN DO IT

Автор wensley J ( назад)
4:42 alpha commander laughing hard!

Автор vRSnipez ( назад)
0 dislikes :)

Автор oguzcan yuzuguldu ( назад)

Автор TONY75980 ( назад)
@ neontrol lol

Автор DeadlyCoD101 ( назад)
2:21 Eh, killed the entire enemy team (6) at le spawn.

Автор Rolando Moncada ( назад)
I should drink more!

Автор NeonTrol ( назад)
King kong orgasm hahahahhah

Автор Christopher Aranda ( назад)
"I should drink more often!" lol.

Автор Alexander Pollock ( назад)
PLEASE make a freakout list of Megaman reactions for the NES. The whole
series is mind-numbingly hard. Another contender for 'hardest game ever'
has got to be the original Metroid, for the simple reason that only the
nerdiest people with the worst social skills in the world have the time to
figure out what to do.

Автор Tanguy GAILLARD ( назад)
1 kill lol!!!

Автор Theadventurebox3 ( назад)

Автор zCoGaming ( назад)
on PC, a triple on highrise: "lol :)"

Автор ProkinAwGaming ( назад)
number 1... ROFL xD

Автор NotEvenFood ( назад)
3:11 begins the most amazing MW2 clip of all time.

Автор Ahmed shony ( назад)
top real amazing kills eppsode 15

Автор Spatztastic ( назад)
I Am Arson, still the best reaction ever.

Автор casperiito ( назад)
Because the person you're spectating isn't the person who shot retard...
The person who shot is over to the right side taking the spawn shot... The
person you're spectating is just a teammate. Presumably the one who sent in
the clip.

Автор BlafricanKarma ( назад)
number 4 was so funny

Автор Julian Otero ( назад)

Автор Cody Daniels ( назад)
[King Kong Orgasm] I lol'd so hard

Автор Stephen Flagg ( назад)
best game ever

Автор Special_Spyro1980 ( назад)
*gorilla grunt* lol

Автор XHunterStyllezz ( назад)
i should drink more often:P

Автор pedro ( назад)
Dghjkkhggffggvbklpgfpgjvfghougkf sfh giyjhhhjjjjjjj jfogoytrr fuck

Автор BassTechnologic ( назад)
I swear ppl record them freaking out just to get into these videos

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