Top 10 Greatest Freakout Reactions: Episode 14

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Автор Derek Brosnan ( назад)
#4 is a great reaction hahaha

Автор Geometry Dash Freme ( назад)

Автор dick buttkiss ( назад)
someones finger has just reached the G spot of their ass hole. fucking
classic i miss mw2 some kids were so toxic and original sometimes

Автор Cha Xiong ( назад)
Ah, the good ol' days.

Автор Jake Carrasquillo ( назад)
best Cod game of all time

Автор Punkhair ( назад)
he quickscoped ya, he could tell. omfg rofl

Автор WRX Getaway Driver ( назад)
Yeah thats why I MEH multiplayer games

Автор cole_jp ( назад)
golden days

Автор WavesOnWhite Sand ( назад)
"Yeaaaaah! oh man I should drink more often! X'D

Автор Damian Magana ( назад)
Your rith

Автор MegaMarioStudio ( назад)
4:23 Karma strikes once again

Автор ModestScizor45 ( назад)
Back when cod was a respectable franchise

Автор Raffiki Tacos ( назад)
I miss how fun cod was literally could spend all day on it without getting

Автор GhostOfDeath ( назад)
this video is such a classic

Автор Swifty Misses You All ( назад)
"Someone reached the G-spot of their asshole" Ya I fucking died there...

Автор iamDJFREAKY ( назад)
I miss this game so much :(

Автор Moses ( назад)

Автор TheUKNutter ( назад)
0:41 "That's jammy, how the hell did he know where I was?"

Jammy = British slang for very lucky. Obviously northern brits.

Автор Royce ( назад)
I miss this game so much, I really hope they remaster it but keep the same
gameplay, so many good times playing this!

Автор Salvooch ( назад)
Wish we could turn back time...

Автор Gregory Chew ( назад)
1 sounds like Randy Savage

Автор Durgenheim ( назад)
"various praisings of the lord" LOL

Автор TheEyez187 ( назад)
Can someone explain no.4 to me, unless it the fact that it sounds like
"Enemy has Aids/ triple kill with a thrown knife??

Автор iRUSH To Cali ( назад)
wow... back in the days when you can hit a 360 and it was the best shit
ever XD miss those days

Автор Itzille ( назад)
The number 1 reaction in this video is such a classic!

Автор Jay Rich (1543 года назад)
We need a remastered version of this game and have Activision or whomever
tweak some of the bad shit from mw2 (unlimited one man army noob tubes,
commando lunge distance, danger close nerf, etc.). The new call of duties
don't hold up to this game as well as cod4, waw, and bo1 + bo2. All this
shit with the jet pack boosters and sliding and running on walls is really
over the top and I feel like Activision is just shoving new games down our
throats and coming up with insane shot where it doesn't feel like call of
duty anymore. I think mw2 and maybe cod4 and waw on the next gen consoles
would bring a lot of old players back to the cod community a little if not

Автор TheFurrySheep ( назад)

Автор Nathan Sazon ( назад)
2:42 that cdub kid was OG FaZe i just noticed that!

Автор A Cynical Asian ( назад)
smh nothing special about being tubing trash

Автор Lemon Paradise ( назад)

Автор PapaJenkinz ( назад)
Isn't it crazy how the standards have changed? Most of these clips now
would be considered bad.

Автор Kelpo ( назад)
this sucks

Автор Jacob Gibson ( назад)
I cant stop laughing

Автор Jack Doc ( назад)
Sad to think half of these guys probs don't play cod any more because
compared to this it is shit these days

Автор Swag_Bandit9 ( назад)
Can someone link me the vid where the guy says,"Weeeeeeeein."

Автор Rhitzler MegaByte ( назад)

Автор Francis Morgan ( назад)
Lol those fukcing captions crack me up, good hit man:)

Автор Cupten Timo ( назад)
low fat kids from na playing only cod on their xbox`s

Автор Brandon S ( назад)
I should drink more often

Автор jorge arteaga ( назад)
Call of duty will never be like this 

Автор jezu ( назад)
holy shit number 1

Автор giuseppe386 ( назад)
old beautiful memories..... I miss mw2...

Автор Colby Bryan ( назад)
Love it when people suck and they're like OHH U HAVE HACKS!!!!!

Автор evelyn rosas ( назад)

Автор ShadeolTheFox ( назад)
I always come back to watch #1. It was so much fun playing with Arson,
MasterBeta, Moochie, and all the other guys back in MW2. Some of my best
CoD memories.

Автор fag with no friends ( назад)
omg x185237

Автор squizzttpp ( назад)
Like if your watching this in 2015 and it's your favourite cod

Автор Sly Medallion ( назад)
Number 4 is too f****** funny i laughed my arse off with the reactions

Автор Sir RageAlot ( назад)
5 years later and goddamn " i should drink more often " still cracks me up
:'D best reaction EVER!!!

Автор Homogeneous Khaliddius ( назад)
Poor quality

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
Back when Machinima didn't suck and Anoj was my goodnight storyteller.

Автор tuxedo gengar ( назад)
number one is the best 

Автор nickbagelboy ( назад)
"I should drink more often" LMFAO.

Автор FNAF Is an absolute piece of shit ( назад)
try sniping in battlefield, we'll see how "good you are with the snipers"

Автор MrJ Pmosh ( назад)
The problem with snipers, they suck ass all match,get one triple,they are
satisfied...fuck winning ,A dumb triple ...,Why COD has turned to ass

Автор KrychleInteractive ( назад)

Автор Paul Kaz ( назад)
The first of all: excuse me for my perfect russian accent. On russian
servers it is usial things. We call that things "skill".

Автор HypersonicMonkeyBoy ( назад)
get rekt m9

Автор juice ( назад)
I hate Little British kids on Xbox 

Автор Againya23 ( назад)

Автор Joshyy ( назад)
4:45 - 5:15 actually got whole team

Автор kamil ( назад)
this is the best video ever i will never forget till the day i die

Автор Colton ( назад)
we will all have a certain memory of this game, R.I.P MW2.

Автор TheSigmaClan ( назад)
i think this was his best 1

Автор cody virden ( назад)
#2 ahahhahahahahaha! i got it!! shut up.... 

Автор Jerrell Flyhigh ( назад)
So is it really just kids playing it now

Автор Tom Costello ( назад)
Obligatory 12 year olds on mic

Автор DarkLetterSender ( назад)
R.I.P Anoj :C

Автор CookieBuster ( назад)
Number 1 freakout reaction was like me having sex for the first time lol

Автор bumble bee ( назад)
and it's really ONLY kids in this video...maybe not the last one (15,16)
but they're all little sh*t-kids

Автор vShadowboltv ( назад)
I remember the days of MW2. The only game mode I play still is Search &

Автор TrikiZ E ( назад)
Numbers 5: when The Guy is saying: NOO NOO it is like IT'S a kid WHO is
playing with Mario togs and films it in to youtube. And when The kid says:
NOO NOO IT'S the same Voice !! Exactly The same Voice!

Автор Nathan Sanders ( назад)
i should drink more often lmfaoooo

Автор Venom the Lethal Protector ( назад)
Notice how the majority of these entries feature 10 year olds

Автор Renyk Bellesteres ( назад)

Автор Physics, Yo ( назад)
holy god damn this game is bad

Автор Radicalgasm ( назад)
"he quickscoped ya! he could tell!" still gets me everytime

Автор Alexlikestheshow ( назад)
goodbye anoj :/

Автор Jeb Watson ( назад)
I don't even play call of duty anymore. I just come back to have a laugh
once in a while...

Автор TheCheezFace ( назад)
I Am Arson, still the best reaction of all time

Автор IoneWolfx ( назад)
Thumbs up if you guys still come back to this^

Автор Joe Pottle ( назад)
Future anoj sounds so different

Автор KeNsHiRo MuRuGi ( назад)
I wonder if all those guys are still virgins?

Автор RavielUriaHamon ( назад)
Am I the only one who wants to know if he killed the riot shield guy in Nr.

Автор Aston Martin ( назад)
Gorrilla runt?

Автор fueledfire ( назад)
I come back to this once in awhile, ah the glory days :3

Автор Ahmet Dündar ( назад)
monkey mating call X,D

Автор Ahmet Dündar ( назад)
mw 2 the golden times

Автор Wavy ( назад)
Lol number 1

Автор Watto ( назад)
Shut up

Автор IWantAPuncake ( назад)
Number 6 lol

Автор BananaPower45 ( назад)
:P v

Автор karoluran ( назад)

Автор ScissorHandsFail ( назад)
10,000 th comment!!

Автор Ugly God Elmo ( назад)
LOL I should drink more ofthen xD

Автор TheYasukari ( назад)
King Kong Orgasm, hahahahahahahahah.

Автор kylen love ( назад)

Автор Sparky ( назад)
My favourite reaction video.

Автор StoneGames21 ( назад)

Автор PrimeTime ( назад)
ooooooh I really couldnt breatth xxxxDDD oh mai gawwwdd

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