Top 10 Greatest Freakout Reactions: Episode 14

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Автор Jack Kalner ( назад)
Lol those fukcing captions crack me up, good hit man:)

Автор Wacław ze Świebodzina ( назад)
low fat kids from na playing only cod on their xbox`s

Автор Brandon S ( назад)
I should drink more often

Автор Jorge Arteaga ( назад)
Call of duty will never be like this 

Автор Rintaku Kuriyama ( назад)
holy shit number 1

Автор giuseppe386 ( назад)
old beautiful memories..... I miss mw2...

Автор Colby Bryan ( назад)
Love it when people suck and they're like OHH U HAVE HACKS!!!!!

Автор evelyn rosas ( назад)

Автор ShadeolTheFox ( назад)
I always come back to watch #1. It was so much fun playing with Arson,
MasterBeta, Moochie, and all the other guys back in MW2. Some of my best
CoD memories.

Автор illuminati confirmed ( назад)
omg x185237

Автор squizzttpp ( назад)
Like if your watching this in 2015 and it's your favourite cod

Автор Sly Medallion ( назад)
Number 4 is too f****** funny i laughed my arse off with the reactions

Автор Jo “Acid Rage” Bamps ( назад)
5 years later and goddamn " i should drink more often " still cracks me up
:'D best reaction EVER!!!

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
Poor quality

Автор Taylor Martin ( назад)
Back when Machinima didn't suck and Anoj was my goodnight storyteller.

Автор tuxedo gengar ( назад)
number one is the best 

Автор nickbagelboy ( назад)
"I should drink more often" LMFAO.

Автор Weed is not a drug, it's a plant. Therefore i'm not a drug dealer, i'm a florist ( назад)
try sniping in battlefield, we'll see how "good you are with the snipers"

Автор MrJ Pmosh ( назад)
The problem with snipers, they suck ass all match,get one triple,they are
satisfied...fuck winning ,A dumb triple ...,Why COD has turned to ass

Автор KrychleInteractive ( назад)

Автор Павел Казаков ( назад)
The first of all: excuse me for my perfect russian accent. On russian
servers it is usial things. We call that things "skill".

Автор HypersonicMonkeyBoy ( назад)
get rekt m9

Автор FrosttyXD ( назад)
I hate Little British kids on Xbox 

Автор Againya23 ( назад)

Автор Joshyy ( назад)
4:45 - 5:15 actually got whole team

Автор LVZKV ( назад)
this is the best video ever i will never forget till the day i die

Автор l3m0nl1ght ( назад)
we will all have a certain memory of this game, R.I.P MW2.

Автор TheSigmaClan ( назад)
i think this was his best 1

Автор cody virden ( назад)
#2 ahahhahahahahaha! i got it!! shut up.... 

Автор Jerrell Flyhigh ( назад)
So is it really just kids playing it now

Автор Tom Costello ( назад)
Obligatory 12 year olds on mic

Автор DarkLetterSender ( назад)
R.I.P Anoj :C

Автор CookieBuster ( назад)
Number 1 freakout reaction was like me having sex for the first time lol

Автор bumble bee ( назад)
and it's really ONLY kids in this video...maybe not the last one (15,16)
but they're all little sh*t-kids

Автор vShadowboltv ( назад)
I remember the days of MW2. The only game mode I play still is Search &

Автор Edin Mutic ( назад)
Numbers 5: when The Guy is saying: NOO NOO it is like IT'S a kid WHO is
playing with Mario togs and films it in to youtube. And when The kid says:
NOO NOO IT'S the same Voice !! Exactly The same Voice!

Автор Nathan Sanders ( назад)
i should drink more often lmfaoooo

Автор DraalFahKein ( назад)
Notice how the majority of these entries feature 10 year olds

Автор hiptochromniack ( назад)

Автор Complexity AU ( назад)
THE MEMORIES. I would definitely play MW2 if it's time came again!

Автор Hades1Zero ( назад)
holy god damn this game is bad

Автор Radicalgasm ( назад)
"he quickscoped ya! he could tell!" still gets me everytime

Автор Alexlikestheshow Alex Capistran ( назад)
goodbye anoj :/

Автор Jeb Watson ( назад)
I don't even play call of duty anymore. I just come back to have a laugh
once in a while...

Автор TheCheezFace ( назад)
I Am Arson, still the best reaction of all time

Автор xItzKennyx ( назад)
Thumbs up if you guys still come back to this^

Автор Joe Pottle ( назад)
Future anoj sounds so different

Автор KeNsHiRo MuRuGi ( назад)
I wonder if all those guys are still virgins?

Автор RavielUriaHamon ( назад)
Am I the only one who wants to know if he killed the riot shield guy in Nr.

Автор Aston Martin ( назад)
Gorrilla runt?

Автор fueledfire ( назад)
I come back to this once in awhile, ah the glory days :3

Автор Ahmet Dündar ( назад)
monkey mating call X,D

Автор Ahmet Dündar ( назад)
mw 2 the golden times

Автор Zionic ( назад)
Lol number 1

Автор Wajih564 ( назад)

Автор Foxtroterinfinity ( назад)
Shut up

Автор IWantAPuncake ( назад)
Number 6 lol

Автор CoDz0mbieBOSS ( назад)
:P v

Автор karoluran ( назад)

Автор ScissorHandsFail ( назад)
10,000 th comment!!

Автор Im Kazuya ( назад)
LOL I should drink more ofthen xD

Автор TheYasukari ( назад)
King Kong Orgasm, hahahahahahahahah.

Автор kylen love ( назад)

Автор Sparky ( назад)
My favourite reaction video.

Автор StoneGames21 ( назад)

Автор PrimeTime ( назад)
ooooooh I really couldnt breatth xxxxDDD oh mai gawwwdd

Автор bjor1995 ( назад)
3:37 thats my team when i,m about to get a UAV

Автор MysteryMrR ( назад)
King kong orgasm XD

Автор Pedro Carani ( назад)
Lol the british kids

Автор JayJunior072 ( назад)
Yes indeed

Автор Rev iS ( назад)
Was toxic cdub FaZe Cdub?

Автор Jacob Gibson ( назад)
I want number one to be my ringtone.

Автор magnernj5 ( назад)
LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Monkey mating call XD

Автор Don killa ( назад)

Автор Mr130296eddieguitar ( назад)
the guy with the grenade launcher, number 4, how many kills did he actually
get on that shot??? i think i counted 7 or 8??

Автор zeoleo1000 ( назад)
Wow I remember QS use to be the shit...now no one really care

Автор TheGam3vidz ( назад)
I should drink more often lmao.

Автор 123mindhunter ( назад)
7 = typical age of cod fags

Автор AkaFhrosty ( назад)
The way you describe the reactions is funnier than the reaction itself.

Автор HaZrD-_-FreAk ( назад)
Everyone assumed you hacked in this game... which everyone did, but alot
was legit too

Автор Brittney Culberson ( назад)
#1 Holy S*** What a ORGASM

Автор Jake Pero ( назад)
You are the reason why commenting should not be allowed on Youtube.

Автор Zj ( назад)
Number 7 potato

Автор KroniccKrona1 ( назад)
"I should drink more often"

Автор Bajur_u_Bagel ( назад)
He used number 4. Yolo_TryHard_M16

Автор FRANKIEonWCin240p ( назад)

Автор TheGamerXzZ ( назад)
i was at number 4 lobby and i had to shut my mic :P

Автор LifeOneGone ( назад)
it seems like the list almost was backwards

Автор Vriska Serket ( назад)
WHY is everyone with a mic a 10 year old kid????

Автор Arek ( назад)
That's why I am here :D

Автор Hr75 ( назад)
the russianbadger YOLO try hard m16 anyone?

Автор Dominick N ( назад)
So many little ass kids playing cod... Ruins it for

Автор VintagePornFap ( назад)
"I should drink more often" Oh god my sides

Автор CalianSonadora ( назад)
I think the proper use of language for this is: Bitches Be Bitchin'

Автор iGamingRecon ( назад)
"how did he know where I was?" "he quickscoped ya!" Note taken:
Quick-Scopes allow instant knowledge on enemy location.

Автор Liam McNicholl ( назад)
king kong orgasm lol

Автор Nate43Redmond ( назад)
I should drink more often.... LOL

Автор Ollie Bass ( назад)
Ughgugughggugguh i should drink more often ...wtf...

Автор ScopzMW2 ( назад)
All these people are horrible and why the fuck do people record with actual
cameras and not PVRs or at least Dazels

Автор Topi .K ( назад)
#2 was shitty. ANYONE CAN DO IT

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