Free Handling Bullet Ants?!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and Mark free handle Bullet Ants!

Yes you read that right! Coyote and Mark, the director of Brave Wilderness, thought that since this really has been the “Year of the Bullet Ant” why not send it off in style?!

Seriously though, please never attempt to do this…Coyote and Mark both felt this was ok for them to try because of their vast wildlife experience and extensive knowledge of this species.

In addition to free handling Bullet Ants, Coyote Mark and Mario reflected on what truly an amazing year it has been and all of their favorite memories of 2016…and of course what incredible adventures await in 2017.

Get ready Coyote Pack…next year is going to be the WILDEST one yet!

HUGE THANKS to YOU and the entire Coyote Pack, all 5 million + of you, for joining us on the adventure that is the Brave Wilderness channel! Without your support and enthusiasm these videos would not exist, seriously. From the bottom our hearts thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring you a little bit closer to our amazing world.

Much love and happy new year,
Coyote, Mark, Mario, Chance and Chris

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!

Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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Автор luz elena lopez ( назад)
go to madiascar

Автор Aidan Iorio ( назад)
My Uncle lives in Sydney, Australia and got 19 snake bites in just 12 days
by accident

Автор Jovita Lipana ( назад)
Who likes the mink?

Автор ItzBenFTW ( назад)
you need to do a video on the Honey Badger

Автор Moose Williams ( назад)
Good riddance Obama, hello Trump!

Автор Eleonore Meunier ( назад)
plot anyone see bigger this work? lpfao

Автор Emerald Falls RBLX ( назад)
Pfff that's nothing I step on Legos and don't cry I bet coyote can't do

Автор ROEUN ( назад)
poison dart frog can kill you or get sick

Автор jayzx100 Frozen ( назад)
I'm looking forward to the warrior wasp sting for 2017!! (My 20th

Автор Aerational Entertainment ( назад)
The fact that he was able to handle all those bugs while they were stinging
him and manage to put a little glass jar over them when they are trying to
run away without even damaging one of them was the most amazing part to me.
Being around wild animals so often must give quite a heightened sense of

Автор ShadowCat ( назад)
What kind of boots our those?

Автор Olivia Hernandez ( назад)
there was some crazy moments you could have died so just let you know god
be with you

Автор Tom Pitts ( назад)
honestly i thought this guy was crazy. Then i found out about a tribe who
makes young boys stick their hands in gloves of these bullet ants.. 20
times for 10 minutes each as part of a ritual to become a man. These kids
didn't even flinch.

Автор EsdaChron ( назад)
Hello everyone, I'm Coyote Peterson and I am about to be being stung by...

a ton of legos while barefoot

Автор unknown one Cardantagonist ( назад)
Can you show us the Saharan desert biology????

Автор Nikkolas DeLaCruz ( назад)
Please try to do a small segment on the Blue Ringed Octopus while in
Australia. It's been my favorite animal for 10 years.

Автор Ani Kova. ( назад)
I can't even hold an ant without freaking out

Автор H4B4 ( назад)
You are really crazy and sick! No fear, respect!

Автор Fallen HD ( назад)
australia is amazing

Автор Morgan Rollston ( назад)
go to new Zealand

Автор Philip Montgomery ( назад)
I love this channel

Автор adam doran ( назад)
I love you guys

Автор youthemannowdog ( назад)
Australia, where everything is trying to kill you!!! LOL, good place to
visit. :-)

Автор Jesse Salo ( назад)
Well i cant wait australia.

Автор UR H3R3 ( назад)
do the bullet ant glove challenge

Автор Electro Monkey Music ( назад)
get bit by an brown reclues 2?

i love you...btw i live n alaska

Автор george tiu ( назад)
I'm coyote Peterson and I'm gonna take not one but two arrows of the knee

Автор Abel Ton ( назад)
I can remember being here at 300k subs and thinking like, "Why doesn't he
have millions of subscribers?" But now he's here, great content Coyote

Автор Michael Spurvey ( назад)
Guys same with anna we love all your vids we will always be with u so dont
feel scared before doing a very painful bite/sting we will always be with u
we will always support u we cant wait for upcoming videos i felt so
interested me to explore look for animals u made me so happy to watch my
first vid i watched from u was the velvet ant u will always be my favourite
youtuber we will always be by your side WE LOVE U COYETE PS mark and mario
u are the best filmers ever

Автор GreenBowTie ( назад)
Australia 🇦🇺 is where I live!!!!!!😃

Автор Craig Walker ( назад)
Can't wait for you guys to join us in Australia!

Автор ashnthree ( назад)
please bearded dragon i have a female and she is 1 year one
#love bd's

Автор Alex Gallardo ( назад)
You´re awesome guys, keep doing this amazing videos

Автор Lovely Gamer ( назад)
Wow what a great year!

Автор DahPizzaEastins ( назад)
The first video I've seen from you guys was the Velvet Ant. Since then I've
seen so many of your videos and have learned a lot. I love animals and some
of the videos that have made me go aww the most was the ocelot and the
wolverine video.

Автор Zachary Harper ( назад)
sweet !

Автор Jedidiah Duckett ( назад)
15 episodes in 12 days?! You guys are amazing.

Автор Xx Alara xX ( назад)
They are coming to Australia!!!!!! I'm hyped

Автор Alexander Andrei Esquivel ( назад)
Thanks guys you're the best you should visit the philippines it has many
more insects to bite you!!

Автор reymund aceveda ( назад)
coyote x0can you find an ant queen

Автор A Portrait Worth Painting ( назад)
Coyote, you've reawaken a part of me that I'd lost after Steve Irwin's
death. When I was a child I swear, I must have watched Steve's show at
least once every day. I loved seeing and learning about all the animals he
came across, and seeing how much HE loved seeing and learning about them
too. I'm pretty sure I once wanted to be a Crocodile Hunter just like him.
After his death I pretty much stopped watching animals shows, and
eventually lost that passion. And then I found you, Coyote.

I've binge watched so many episodes of Brave Wilderness in the past week or
two, and I've gotta say, you've rejuvenated my love for animals, and for
nature, and for ADVENTURE. I love that you are always as jovial as you are
informative, even while in excruciating pain from being stung or bit. Brave
Wilderness has fast become one of my absolute favourite Youtube channels,
and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us in 2017. Thank
you Coyote.

Автор Gabe Whitman ( назад)
Hello Coyote I am your biggest fan and I would like to thank you for making
lots and lots of videos and you inspired me for nature and you helped me
get over my fear of insects and I would love for you to continue to make
more videos

Автор Trinite GQ ( назад)
Why are there so many flies climbing on to Coyote?

Автор The Little X ( назад)
Hope You see Ayers Rock!!!!!

Автор b-rad ___ ( назад)
When your in Australia make sure you visit Australia zoo on the Sunshine
Coast in QLD

Автор Blimbo Dimbo ( назад)
Can't wait to see what comes next

Автор Ryan Allen ( назад)
I cannot wait until the Australian episodes. I love learning about most
animals and have a soft spot for reptiles. Keep up the great work guys.

Автор Ryan Allen ( назад)
I cannot wait until the Australian episodes. I love learning about most
animals and have a soft spot for reptiles.

Автор Krzysztof And Daniel gaming ( назад)
thanks for all the awesome videos and bites the first time I found this
channel I thought It would be boring but its really cool we all love your

Автор Bea Stephenson ( назад)
Omg if your going to Australia you need to go to Australia zoo maybe you
could get Steve Irwin (RIP crocodile man) wife and daughter in a video

Автор Сталкер Маяк ( назад)

Автор The High ( назад)
1000 degree knife VS TheLegend27

Автор M3ga G4mez ( назад)
Finally your going to Australia

Автор Katlyn Dehart ( назад)
So glad I found you guys and subbed! Absolutely love this channel.

Автор Sims Long ( назад)
When he dies he is going to need 2 coffins 1 for him and 1 for his balls

Автор Aaron González ( назад)
All right do the king cobra challenge.....conquer the animal kingdoms

Автор Aaron González ( назад)
All right do the king cobra challenge.....conquer the animal kingdoms

Автор Sunstream 312 ( назад)
I subscribed. I love your videos

Автор CAssidy Cookie ( назад)
I really enjoy these videos!! I am really exited for Australia and I just
became a member of the coyote pack!

Автор Martin Mcewen ( назад)
ye should come to Scotland and try the "midge' challenge .....

Автор Jorn NL ( назад)
you are the best coyote! much love for you and the crew!

Автор Joshua Martin ( назад)
Do a bull ant sting.

Автор Amsi Fregsanz ( назад)
happy new year from Tijuana mex. My one year old daughter loves you so much
:) ... saludos!

Автор RJ87GamerX axb ( назад)
i want him to be a president because he would care about the earth

Автор CosmaticPlayz ( назад)
Get exploded be the Malaysian exploding ant

Автор Scarlett Watson ( назад)
I was born in Alaska!!

Автор Sofia Rodriguez ( назад)
I saw you in the TV :0 :) I was like omg!!!!!!

Автор SlayerZombie240 ( назад)
I love how humble they are. And how great their videos are

Автор Happycat Adventures ( назад)
Awesome thx

Автор Happycat Adventures ( назад)
Hey my b-day is on January 19th and I was wondering if you could give me a
shout out plz plz that would be thx

Автор Fantasia ( назад)
Hey I live in Australia and currently there's been a wallaby in my backyard

Автор YoloFitness ( назад)
awesome production, enjoyed big time

Автор Comedy Chief ( назад)

Автор Ako Super games ( назад)
and that real but bug attack is hurting too and animal attack in australia
is animals and they survive witch that special thing i am not from
australia i am from georgia but i know it

Автор Ako Super games ( назад)
and for it

Автор Ako Super games ( назад)
all i know how brave wilderness survive in avstralia is special thing

Автор Damien Fate ( назад)
Just another voice in the crowd here but I have really enjoyed your channel
this last year, thanks for the amazingly produced and interesting content!

Автор Nico G ( назад)
you should do the bullet ant glove challenge

Автор Michal Du Toit ( назад)
I can not weight for your new videos!!

Автор TinyLittlePug Plays ( назад)
I live in Australia

Автор BIG GUY ( назад)
u deserve more subs!

Автор Mesmerizing TV ( назад)
Coyote ur the best 💗💗💗💗

Автор Neon. ( назад)
Who else felt things crawling on you

Автор Camila Gutiérrez ( назад)
This is my favorite YT channel ever lol

Автор MrUsoutlaw ( назад)
that you for bringing back my childhood Coyote. i grew up watching wild
discovery and animal planet. and seeing you do this makes me happy again.
when i have kids im going to show them your videos right along side the
crocodile hunter and Jeff Corwin

Автор Christian Martinez ( назад)
I love your videos coyote stay brave !

Автор Luke Holdom ( назад)
YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Luke Holdom ( назад)
why do any of brave wilderness videos have dislikes? like cmon people he's

Автор 「FaerisNyan」 ( назад)
omg i heard you guys saying you're going to Australia, then please! come to
Singapore and show me what's here. Even i don't know what my country has to
offer in terms of wild life! And because of this channel, i started keeping
and raising 2 jumping spiders! Both caught in the comfort of my home!

Автор Extreme Gamer ( назад)
brave wilderness rocks!!! no words for his braveness😃

Автор Icychasy ( назад)
Try mosquito's lol

Автор skills pronto ( назад)
bro try finding a paper wasp and getting stung

Автор storyshift Asriel ( назад)
thanks for the sub

Автор firstname lastname ( назад)
In coyote Peterson and I'm about to get bit by a rattle snake

Now usually †ℌ℮ ᕈᗩᓰﬡ ᔕᙓTᔕ ᓰﬡ ᓰﬡ ᗩ ℱᙓᙡ ᔕᙓᑕᗝﬡᖙᔕ

ı'ɯ ɔoʎoʇə dəʇəɹsou ɐup ı ɔɐu uoʇ qɹəɐʇɥ

∆ ɬЯㄩレㄚ Щ∑ⅰЯ∂ ∑χㄕ∑Яⅰ∑иς∑

*Passes out*

Автор bwestby1 ( назад)
Amazing channel guys...have thoroughly enjoyed all the episodes!

Автор Az cardinalds ( назад)
Why is he so popular, I don't get it

Автор Nicolas Bacci ( назад)
Please come to Colombia, its so amazing

Автор William Deng ( назад)
im coyote peterson and im gonna jump off a bridge

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