S4League: The Last Game as Pro-Rank

READ!!! READ!!! READ!!!!
So it is my first try to imitate an ingame interface(so,yeah it´s fake). Finily i finished, not that good as I expected, but still Ok. This Video is more based for Aiming...yea it´s still suck, but who cares? i had fun making this, so i hope you enjoy :3

To pr0 comments:
This Video isn´t supposed to show me as a "pro" or showing off "skills". I did this, because of fun and not showing me off !


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Автор SH Legend ( назад)
When S4 didn't suck... :(

Автор theodore efwefwdsf ( назад)
even if it's fake played players with the same skill lvl all the time ofc
i was just a sniper but still i jsut want one thing to make this s4 bak to
beta without this noob weapons they made the grafis let it it would be much
better don't u agree?

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
Girugamesh - dance rock night 

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)
Song plez q.q

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)
he made it by himself with Sony vegas or ae idk

Автор Exel Flashstep ( назад)
what is your computer specs that graphics recording is amazingly clear

Автор RICOLAASify ( назад)

Автор GetInspiredByMe ( назад)
Old but gold... Great memories! :)

Автор southeast57 ( назад)
(read the description) you were level 45 at 3:07 !. NAy ways grats for your
s1 rank *winks* 

Автор BIGBOIMARTIN ( назад)
You r awesome!!! But hey can u give me tips I suk rly bad and would
appreciate it thx

Автор S4Hund ( назад)
Haha dieses Motto ist geil !;D

Автор Dan H ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Aber die meisten ;)

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@MultiDani4 nö

Автор Dan H ( назад)
Da haben alles noch Pen gespielt :'(

Автор Smartey ( назад)
In deinem Clan bist du erst 15 oder so LOL

Автор Diogo Rk ( назад)
@Evolution1339 ohh :b thanks! :p

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@rkags The whole intro is edited by sony vegas and some pictures i made in
gimp 2.0. As you can read in my description, it was a try to "fake" an
ingame interface. So it looks like a Database of S4 players with their own
video archive. The "States" were randomly taken. more like a

Автор Diogo Rk ( назад)
-Dude how u see the Thing in 0:24 ?? (reply pls) -Awsome vid =) -Rk.

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM Never mind ... (for your sense of humor)

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM Then go and search 4 it ;)

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM That was a Joke L.O.L !

Автор AaronMcBoogerballs ( назад)
@Maggimut OBVIOUSLY that's real. 

Автор AaronMcBoogerballs ( назад)
@Maggimut OBVIOUSLY that's real. 

Автор MasterOfS4 ( назад)
fake i don t see you on alaplaya rankinG! 

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Swear ? :D

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@Swimy007ful thats what about the next video will be^^ 

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
Pen noob *--* :D ^^ get ap ;o

Автор Deffiowns ( назад)
@Evolution1339 but you started without thats nice i only want taser xD than
im happy :P 

Автор Tsuf Enosh ( назад)
@TheRockyster10 Gosh you're such a retard, read the description

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@LexBlizzynoS If you mean the ranking, of course i am not on the first
page. read the description!!! the whole vidoe is fake. Back then ,nobody
thought anyone would become s1, cause it´s too much exp, so i made this
video as a joke.

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@LexBlizzynoS what for a classification?

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@Deffiowns I did not deserve this praise. at the moment i have fp =/

Автор Deffiowns ( назад)
i love it that you play without fp =) realy nice 

Автор Uzumaki Mostafa ( назад)
very nice s1

Автор john kyle mendoza ( назад)
how can you search player data base?

Автор RICOLAASify ( назад)
evo Cool edit

Автор Zoomich ( назад)

Автор sparten9900 ( назад)
ahmmmm den rank S1 gibts aber ..... hab schon ingame gesehen O.o

Автор XGenkiDesuX ( назад)
Donee Suxxx Dx

Автор Andre co ( назад)
omg wie geil wenn das nur echt wäre 

Автор Kiriisuke ( назад)
haihn heut getroffen(im spiel xD)

Автор Kaizaku ( назад)
forget what i said about the lenguage i got it thanx anyway keep posting

Автор Kaizaku ( назад)
nice video well developed and i like theslow mottion effectswhen the guy is
falling to smash u cool !! and love the song too >> who are the artists ?

Автор dOOm ballz ( назад)
sWoRDS suck gun is better every way :D i am not joking

Автор Tonay ( назад)
So do you play the game bcuz you look like you can be a pro XD

Автор Hans Müller ( назад)
@ViPAngelCure jop sieht man au am ende vom video da steht winner un dann:
S1 61 rank up gratulation you have blabla pro 60 i-sowas steht da daran
merkt man es au 

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Oh vergessen kannst ja Deutsch ;D Thx für den Songname. Und
so schlkecht wie du iimmer sagst bist du eig gar nicht.

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@ViPAngelCure Song: Girugamesh - dance rock night & in den credits:
Girugamesh - shining Ich spiele nur ganz spontan ab und zu bei viel
langweile mit Freunden, aber sonst eig. gequitted.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@ Evolution pls can you tell me the name of the song, because it sounds so
nice ;D And btw nice video and nice aim. I dont understand why noone sees
that you arent S1 and dont even try to read the Discription. You was a very
nice player I playe sometimes with you I would like to play with you again,
its sad to hear that you dont play anymore.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@LonelyPrinceable *hust* Dummheit von allen Youtube Usern oder wie *hust*
Jetzt mal ehrlich lest ihr nie die Beschreibung? Da steht doch das es fake
ist. Lernt Englisch.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@MultiMartin159 Er ist nicht S1 lies die Beschreibung

Автор digipoke12345 ( назад)
Wow.....You're pro...Awesome ;D

Автор 123xxR2D2xx321 ( назад)
haha gut bearbeitet XD welchst programme hast used

Автор S4Chrisx3 ( назад)
gut bearbeitet :DDD ^-^ 

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@DieNixCheckers Wie schön das es noch Leute mit Verstand gibt :)

Автор DieNixCheckers ( назад)
@The4Taker es gibt aber noch keinen s1 auf s4 eu xD lies wie evo darauf
hinweist die beschreibung...

Автор A Guy (Unknown) ( назад)
ap = naab >.> 

Автор I “Am” Stamary ( назад)
3:08 da sieht man das er grade lvl 45 ist

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)

Автор Immaxx Wax ( назад)
du spielst nicht mehr richtig stimmts? weil als ich in UniQue war warst du
nich mehr da ._.

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@naruto9tail154 nope. a teammate was binding ,not my enemie. i think he
binds the sentry.

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Kaasdipje Dude...Just read description...

Автор Michelle Li ( назад)
Your lv 45 not 60 ._. But btw you are good =D

Автор Cowboy Bebop ( назад)
It's a big fake, when i see this i went read the alaplaya register leveling
and now with your account evolution if i remember you're lvl 45-46. Sorry
for my bad english, i'm french -^^-

Автор Paradoxx Gaming ( назад)
Spielst du noch?

Автор Dyanmo ( назад)
Very nice, I especially like the intro :)

Автор ryan reyes ( назад)
lol fake video

Автор S4LeaguexD ( назад)
At 3:32 you can see he isnt 60..

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Yay =D

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@TheRealNagati Natürlich! Sogar mit Waschmittel und dreckigen Socken von
mir :D

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Hab ich jetzt auch eine Waschmaschine gewonnen? *Q*

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@TheRealNagati congrats you are the first of 299 comments, who srsly get
the idea :>

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@thechaze098 Read discripton pls...fail~

Автор ryan reyes ( назад)
wtf lvl 60 D nice i never see player lvl 60 xD nice

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@11Kikiuctt66 sony vegas 9 und fraps

Автор Myghy casshern ( назад)
jejen video sobre todo en el minuto 2;46 ella mata a 3 de 1 jajaj ...pero
tu?que lvl eres no me pareses tan pro de echo yo a mi lvl 36 te
gano...seguro que no eres solo farm? pro de mentira >_<

Автор Myghy casshern ( назад)
pro farmer urno god 

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
train window,and as it was destroyed, the guy was already running. and you
failed to read the first message in the video.

Автор Demon0no ( назад)
btw, stop on 2:36 there you see he "just" has 1Stroke trough his pro x3

Автор 000Raito000 ( назад)
4:22 lol beschützt eure bälle xDD

Автор SImon Za ( назад)
wie heißen die lieder?

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@NeverEndNetwork too powerful ap stuff, hacking, no fun. That videos was my
good bye video.

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@Voltic7 ShootingStar

Автор George Sobczyk ( назад)
u lucky bastard i want the same sword of urs :(

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@TheAghastRiot yeah thats right :>

Автор kakashi901 ( назад)
lol dang s1 you mustve just played like crazy on that character

Автор Calixto Madrigal ( назад)
Omg u are rank s1 now nice1!

Автор Oho159 ( назад)

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@NeverEndNetwork cabal online on german servers

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@NeverEndNetwork yes

Автор Chikara31 ( назад)
nice fake

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@NeverEndNetwork already quit

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@neunero34 AND GAY

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@MrSin2Death yeah thats you^^

Автор Trung Le Duc ( назад)
oh look deathkisser <333

Автор Nazeer ( назад)
wat u record with

Автор sejer12345 ( назад)
Evolution in game my name is blackcat97 teach me good skill please ur so
pro aim please teach me the skill

Автор sejer12345 ( назад)
this is the best video please tell me how it feels to be pro!

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