S4League: The Last Game as Pro-Rank

READ!!! READ!!! READ!!!!
So it is my first try to imitate an ingame interface(so,yeah it´s fake). Finily i finished, not that good as I expected, but still Ok. This Video is more based for Aiming...yea it´s still suck, but who cares? i had fun making this, so i hope you enjoy :3

To pr0 comments:
This Video isn´t supposed to show me as a "pro" or showing off "skills". I did this, because of fun and not showing me off !


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Автор SH Legend ( назад)
When S4 didn't suck... :(

Автор theodore efwefwdsf ( назад)
even if it's fake played players with the same skill lvl all the time ofc
i was just a sniper but still i jsut want one thing to make this s4 bak to
beta without this noob weapons they made the grafis let it it would be much
better don't u agree?

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
Girugamesh - dance rock night

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)
Song plez q.q

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)

Автор FellowXZ ( назад)
he made it by himself with Sony vegas or ae idk

Автор Exel Flashstep ( назад)
what is your computer specs that graphics recording is amazingly clear

Автор RICOLAASify ( назад)

Автор GetInspiredByMe ( назад)
Old but gold... Great memories! :)

Автор southeast57 ( назад)
(read the description) you were level 45 at 3:07 !. NAy ways grats for your
s1 rank *winks*

Автор OmigoshApacolypse ( назад)
You r awesome!!! But hey can u give me tips I suk rly bad and would
appreciate it thx

Автор S4Hund ( назад)
Haha dieses Motto ist geil !;D

Автор Dan H ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Aber die meisten ;)

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@MultiDani4 nö

Автор Dan H ( назад)
Da haben alles noch Pen gespielt :'(

Автор Smartey ( назад)
In deinem Clan bist du erst 15 oder so LOL

Автор Diogo Rk ( назад)
@Evolution1339 ohh :b thanks! :p

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@rkags The whole intro is edited by sony vegas and some pictures i made in
gimp 2.0. As you can read in my description, it was a try to "fake" an
ingame interface. So it looks like a Database of S4 players with their own
video archive. The "States" were randomly taken. more like a

Автор Diogo Rk ( назад)
-Dude how u see the Thing in 0:24 ?? (reply pls) -Awsome vid =) -Rk.

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM Never mind ... (for your sense of humor)

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM Then go and search 4 it ;)

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@BoneSmasherDM That was a Joke L.O.L !

Автор AaronMcBoogerballs ( назад)
@Maggimut OBVIOUSLY that's real.

Автор AaronMcBoogerballs ( назад)
@Maggimut OBVIOUSLY that's real.

Автор MasterOfS4 ( назад)
fake i don t see you on alaplaya rankinG!

Автор Maggimut ( назад)
is that a fake or real ?

Автор LexBlizzynoS ( назад)
@Evolution1339 XD nice mountage, what's your real level now?

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Swear ? :D

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@Swimy007ful thats what about the next video will be^^

Автор Swimy007ful ( назад)
Pen noob *--* :D ^^ get ap ;o

Автор Deffiowns ( назад)
@Evolution1339 but you started without thats nice i only want taser xD than
im happy :P

Автор Tsuf Enosh ( назад)
@TheRockyster10 Gosh you're such a retard, read the description

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@LexBlizzynoS If you mean the ranking, of course i am not on the first
page. read the description!!! the whole vidoe is fake. Back then ,nobody
thought anyone would become s1, cause it´s too much exp, so i made this
video as a joke.

Автор LexBlizzynoS ( назад)
@Evolution1339 in the first of the classification of s4 league you
"Evolution" there isn't why?

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@LexBlizzynoS what for a classification?

Автор LexBlizzynoS ( назад)
Can i know a thing? why you aren't in the classification?

Автор DeeJayNiLe ( назад)
Omg er sagt am anfang noch, lest die beschreibung... Da schreibt er sogar
das es ein fake ist -.- lernt lesen oder schreibt sollche kommentare

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@Deffiowns I did not deserve this praise. at the moment i have fp =/

Автор Deffiowns ( назад)
i love it that you play without fp =) realy nice

Автор DjMarsTerrolik00 ( назад)
faik s4 am anfang!

Автор Uzumaki Mostafa ( назад)
very nice s1

Автор john kyle mendoza ( назад)
how can you search player data base?

Автор RICOLAASify ( назад)
evo Cool edit

Автор MangoEis97 (1888 лет назад)
GW für lvl up ^^

Автор Electro House2015 ( назад)

Автор TheKevins123 ( назад)
Donee ist nicht der einzigste S1, es gibt noch 2 andere und einer von den
heißt irgendwas mit -cry... glaub ich xD

Автор sparten9900 ( назад)
ahmmmm den rank S1 gibts aber ..... hab schon ingame gesehen O.o

Автор manxxx95 ( назад)
really nice

Автор XGenkiDesuX ( назад)
Donee Suxxx Dx

Автор XDMrLollipopXD ( назад)
@MrXXfreakyXx ne isser nich =D

Автор XDMrLollipopXD ( назад)
@boyfrends also du weißt schon das es ein versuch war ein ingame interface
zu immitieren oder? na klar is dasn fake aber des steht ya auch in der
beschriebung du nudel =P xD

Автор Andre co ( назад)
omg wie geil wenn das nur echt wäre

Автор Kiriisuke ( назад)
haihn heut getroffen(im spiel xD)

Автор xGummiPoPelx ( назад)
ey Donee farmt aber die häfte und der ist garnich so gut ich hab gegen ihn
gewonnen mit lvl 33

Автор MyMadness90 ( назад)
Marvelous! Greetings from Italy :D

Автор Kaizaku ( назад)
forget what i said about the lenguage i got it thanx anyway keep posting

Автор Kaizaku ( назад)
nice video well developed and i like theslow mottion effectswhen the guy is
falling to smash u cool !! and love the song too >> who are the artists ?

Автор dOOm ballz ( назад)
sWoRDS suck gun is better every way :D i am not joking

Автор xXTibeXx ( назад)
Hab mal dein Clan angeschaut :D Bist ja echt lvl 61 *hust* 47-48 xD

Автор GuyUDK99 ( назад)
So do you play the game bcuz you look like you can be a pro XD

Автор Hans Müller ( назад)
@ViPAngelCure jop sieht man au am ende vom video da steht winner un dann:
S1 61 rank up gratulation you have blabla pro 60 i-sowas steht da daran
merkt man es au

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Oh vergessen kannst ja Deutsch ;D Thx für den Songname. Und
so schlkecht wie du iimmer sagst bist du eig gar nicht.

Автор jeneparlepasfrance ( назад)
haha yeah da wo du bei 1:13 stehst mach ich immer TD muahhahahaha. schönes

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@ViPAngelCure Song: Girugamesh - dance rock night & in den credits:
Girugamesh - shining Ich spiele nur ganz spontan ab und zu bei viel
langweile mit Freunden, aber sonst eig. gequitted.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@ Evolution pls can you tell me the name of the song, because it sounds so
nice ;D And btw nice video and nice aim. I dont understand why noone sees
that you arent S1 and dont even try to read the Discription. You was a very
nice player I playe sometimes with you I would like to play with you again,
its sad to hear that you dont play anymore.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@LonelyPrinceable *hust* Dummheit von allen Youtube Usern oder wie *hust*
Jetzt mal ehrlich lest ihr nie die Beschreibung? Da steht doch das es fake
ist. Lernt Englisch.

Автор ViPAngelCure ( назад)
@MultiMartin159 Er ist nicht S1 lies die Beschreibung

Автор digipoke12345 ( назад)
Wow.....You're pro...Awesome ;D

Автор 123xxR2D2xx321 ( назад)
haha gut bearbeitet XD welchst programme hast used

Автор S4Chrisx3 ( назад)
gut bearbeitet :DDD ^-^

Автор LeeMusikUndGameTV ( назад)
xD wie kommt man auf so ne idee mit dem fake xD

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@DieNixCheckers Wie schön das es noch Leute mit Verstand gibt :)

Автор DieNixCheckers ( назад)
@The4Taker es gibt aber noch keinen s1 auf s4 eu xD lies wie evo darauf
hinweist die beschreibung...

Автор Berry white ( назад)
ap = naab >.>

Автор I Stamary ( назад)
3:08 da sieht man das er grade lvl 45 ist

Автор Mafe Gamboa ( назад)
Wtf, do u play in alaplayas serv or what?

Автор LonelyPrinceable ( назад)
*hust* S1 Rank mit Paint oder was anderem bearbeitet *hust* ^.^

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)

Автор Immaxx Wax ( назад)
du spielst nicht mehr richtig stimmts? weil als ich in UniQue war warst du
nich mehr da ._.

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@naruto9tail154 nope. a teammate was binding ,not my enemie. i think he
binds the sentry.

Автор naruto9tail154 ( назад)
3:58 You Are In Bind And Dash Away With Bind ôo?

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Kaasdipje Dude...Just read description...

Автор Michelle Li ( назад)
Your lv 45 not 60 ._. But btw you are good =D

Автор Cowboy Bebop ( назад)
It's a big fake, when i see this i went read the alaplaya register leveling
and now with your account evolution if i remember you're lvl 45-46. Sorry
for my bad english, i'm french -^^-

Автор Paradoxx Gaming ( назад)
Spielst du noch?

Автор relleter ( назад)
Wie geil xD. Warum stand nach dem match bei dir da " S1" ??? Das Video ist
auch super gemacht. Und zum schluss ... Was is das fürn KD? :DDDDD xD

Автор XDMrLollipopXD ( назад)
wie heißtn des lied??

Автор poloemoanimax ( назад)
which level are you now? im mexican im from the server of spanish xD im not
speak english xD

Автор XDMrLollipopXD ( назад)
spielste noch?? wenn ja biste jetz schon s2??

Автор Dyanmo ( назад)
Very nice, I especially like the intro :)

Автор Rs0Knightman ( назад)
@S4LeaguexD maybe he played more matches but he cut them all together in
one vid and in the end he was lv 60 ^^

Автор Rs0Knightman ( назад)
alter so übel ich willd as auch mal so können ^^

Автор XDMrLollipopXD ( назад)
@Evolution1339 fucking nice vid!! best player i've ever seen

Автор NeverEndNetwork ( назад)
What's are your settings for fraps ? :(

Автор ryan reyes ( назад)
lol fake video

Автор S4LeaguexD ( назад)
At 3:32 you can see he isnt 60..

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Yay =D

Автор Evolution1339 ( назад)
@TheRealNagati Natürlich! Sogar mit Waschmittel und dreckigen Socken von
mir :D

Автор WhySoComplicatedYouTube ( назад)
@Evolution1339 Hab ich jetzt auch eine Waschmaschine gewonnen? *Q*

Автор ChickenShot1 ( назад)
bist du deutscher??

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