Telescope image of the planet Nibiru (Amazing) 2013

An impressive picture taken today on 01 September on the planet nibiru, clear lenses in a telescope with diamond magnetized.
There are a few who attempt to mock the knowledge and cognitive comprehension of myself or mankind as a whole in an attempt to falsify the existence of this body without first applying rational scrutiny. The most commonly attacked prospect is the mathematics of the simulation in question.

In the beginning of the video, Earth is moving at approximately 30.3km/s. It's eccentricity is 0.019, inclination 0.0019, it's periapsis is 334, ascending node 128, and anomaly at epoch is 12.1. It's orbit is obviously 1.00 years.

Approximately 2 hours after the passing, it's orbital properties change immensely. The eccentricity is then 0.75, the inclination is 107, the argument is 96.4, the longitude of the ascending node is 165, and the mean anomaly at epoch is -5.17. Indeed, the eccentricity is increased to a point where it is only in the habitable range of the star for half of its orbit. Additionally, the orbital period of the planet nearly doubles.

As for the clockwise rotation of the simulation, the body is approaching from almost directly above us, its inclination is about 84.7 degrees. The simulation had to be recorded from below the ecliptic.

As for the actual authenticity of the video itself, you'll just have to take my word. It would be appalling, I'd go so far as to say disgusting, if this was doctored or entirely fabricated. My intentions are only good.

I will no longer be here to answer your questions, I have to leave. My virtual private network provider has already alerted me that they were issued a subpoena for all information on me.

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Автор jimchenme (7 месяцев)
hahaha thats venus

Автор Bungaroosh (6 месяцев)
I was waiting for the Soup dragon to pop up out of a crater.

Автор dontbeer sheep (8 месяцев)
just another retard and there 12. 21. 12 theory... think they would of
removed them after!! lol

Автор Bitchslapper316 (4 месяца)

Автор Gerald E (1 месяц)
Never get off the cutting room floor.

Автор djedamrazuk (8 месяцев)
retarded as you are

Автор FyreMunky69 (1 месяц)
#1 This Is So Fake And Was Debunked 4 Years Ago..I Can Not Believe Some Of
You Are Looking At This Like It Just Appeared On You Tube
#2 Nibiru Is A Non-Entity , A Myth

Автор midnight1066 (3 месяца)
Give it up.

Автор rigamarrow (7 месяцев)
This old Mormon Bullshit. White man drink too much fire-water, start seeing
ancient Jews under rocks-everywhere. Joe Smith spin Big Fat Story about
ancient Jrws in America. Now poor assistant professors from Brigham Young
University have to spend years looking for ancient Jews. Dig holes. Rurn
over rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. Maybe better go look for Saddam
Hussein's WMDs. Scenery better in Iraq. Might find ancient Summerian stuff.
Prove Hittites existed-nut not in Montana.

Автор robert ibbotson (1 год)
the guy who made this will be the first to die when the world comes to an

Автор slex scholte (11 месяцев)
lol fake as Pamela's tits

Автор david radford (1 год)
Another waste of 28 seconds of my life

Автор Franciszek Skoryna (10 месяцев)

Автор Donna Doell (11 месяцев)
this is so stupid. What the EFF. Are you bored or something? Well. U just
bored me.

Автор thedevilsmachine (1 год)
I remember seeing this video while ago. Ignorant liar he is.

Автор dartman1001 (9 месяцев)

Автор Gene Geer (9 месяцев)

Автор Karl Frago (1 год)
This is an amazing picture if you watch closely you'll see it
moving.....lol 2012 the end "of the year" AH ah ah ah

Автор Rob Fraser (11 месяцев)
I have been around academics and the majority of funding for scientific
research is government provided, alumni contributions don't come close to
what the gov puts in and the corporations that fund research is often
similar to gov money in that if the findings come back contrary to what the
corp wants they find ways to alter the results to suit their needs or
threaten to cut off the money, this is all separate from the Nibiru talk,
many scientists and researchers have made these same statements.

Автор Jaden Levi (1 год)
What a joke! Lol!

Автор joujouman300 (1 год)
I give you credit for making these great fake pictures, can you tell me
that program you used to make this pic :P thanks

Автор SirSapling (1 год)
this wont happen nibiru will crash with another planet first and as the sun
orbits the galixey there is another planet predocted to abliterate it but
it may not happen and then it will either hit us or mars

Автор Robert Morton (1 год)
yes i can see it. i think it`s, yes it is........its the clangers.

Автор Hardzocker97 (1 год)
cool cinema 4d

Автор Thunderstruck401 (1 год)
Yeah! I was there when Darth Balls signed the order to execute
500,000,000,000 little mexican midgets on crack by blowing up Nubiru with
the massive battle station, i was on the 2096th floor at "Mc Deathstars"
eating a quarter pounder with cheese when it hit the news on the hologram,
Obi-wan was too fucking drunk to use the force that night.

Автор svelay (1 год)
lol, I think that was his point.

Автор valerie spencer (1 год)
lol who is watching this 2013 =P

Автор Jeff M (1 год)
this is the worse fake pos video ive seen in a long time

Автор Daniel Melançon (1 год)
its a close up my nut

Автор Tim V (1 год)
I expect this kind of thing from Third phase...But you

Автор HiroHatake (1 год)
Cool Nibiru...But it's not using Kaio-Ken x20.

Автор mars188 (9 месяцев)
well back to the bathroom

Автор th3doc78 (11 месяцев)
Have you ever been around academics? College, universities, etc? They
aren't completely funded by the Big Bad Scary Government. They get funding
from the students that attend, corporations (usually for research projects
and the like). It isn't all just government funding. Nibiru is a JOKE. It's
complete and utter CRAP. Ask ANY astronomy professor from ANY college (no
religious ones), they will tell you the same, it's bullcrap. End of story.

Автор dynogoober (1 год)
oh my god! we lived! oh wait, nothing happned DERP :D

Автор th3doc78 (11 месяцев)
You know nothing of science or Astronomy. Why would a scientist dupe
people? There's no logic in it. Believers in this CRAP are mentally
challenged at best. Ever heard of AMATEUR ASTRONOMY? If this "thing" is out
there, you could easily detect it with a ground based telescope on any
clear night. Give me a break. Go read a book or two on science. This video
is pure bullshit.

Автор ricardo colon (1 год)
it's about time to take this one down . !

Автор Lacerta Veritas (1 год)
What's "special" about Nibiru is that its on an extreme elliptical orbit,
passing through the oort cloud and dragging tons of stuff towards us as it
comes back toward the sun. That's the story, in a nutshell... I'm just
trying to figure out if there's any truth to it or not.

Автор newfbs (1 год)
was it reclination of descendation of 15.8874? Ah, you all non-believers
are making me confused!

Автор Rick St. Dennis (1 год)
Its doctored and entirely fabricated-your intentions aren't good----real
grade D SiFi movie crap---find something else to push---hoes that subpoena
workin for ya???

Автор jumacano (11 месяцев)
Ni siquiera es posible ver a Marte con esa claridad. Por otro lado, es
posible que sin que me haya dado cuenta. Yo halla sido raptado y puesto en
una nave donde se halla recreado el lugar de donde provengo. Tal vez la
Tierra no existe desde hace un año y yo aquí tan campante. Mañana le hablo
a mi Tía Dolores de Tijuana. Salduos.

Автор arefallout (1 год)
great now that lived through "2012" now i have to shit bricks all august

Автор Mean Green (1 год)
what a stupid video coming from a stupid person....its January 26 2013....

Автор hardmotherfudger (1 год)
Yes I have my NWO zombie friend. I have compound 47 coming out of my
wazoo!!! FREEDOM FIGHTERS OF THE 44TH DEGREE UNITE!!!! Lift the veil - set
Diarrhoea weapons to spray level 23… Look for Linol Anderson/Alien
Contactee – he will show us the way....

Автор markmalone83 (1 год)
Clowns Clowns Clowns.. Everywhere. 1000 years will pass and there will
still be Clowns going on about their nonsense. Grow up people. Get a job..

Автор doc bang (1 год)
Makes as little sense as theobamacare.

Автор MrJohnathon17 (1 год)
Crock of shit buddy an insult to the true,which is out there.

Автор dreamtheself2 (9 месяцев)
Time waste

Автор Albert Feyen (1 год)
Wow a picture of something that does not exist.

Автор buddyrider696 (1 год)
Due to sub space aluminum a-magnetic photons the mighty Hat of Anderson was
temporarily deceived (Meditation with 21 silver compasses reveals 100%
certain date)*********Sept 13th 2013********(+/- ----Removed by
ALERT!!! I am thefilthykeycutter101 and I CUT MORE THAN JUS KEYS!!!
BEWARE!!! Long live the hardmotherfudger Dawn para cord shields - this is

Автор greg rice (1 год)
I dont know nor did I learn anything

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