Telescope , nibiru ninth planet (2016)

An impressive picture taken today on 01 September on the planet nibiru, clear lenses in a telescope with diamond magnetized.
There are a few who attempt to mock the knowledge and cognitive comprehension of myself or mankind as a whole in an attempt to falsify the existence of this body without first applying rational scrutiny. The most commonly attacked prospect is the mathematics of the simulation in question.

In the beginning of the video, Earth is moving at approximately 30.3km/s. It's eccentricity is 0.019, inclination 0.0019, it's periapsis is 334, ascending node 128, and anomaly at epoch is 12.1. It's orbit is obviously 1.00 years.

Approximately 2 hours after the passing, it's orbital properties change immensely. The eccentricity is then 0.75, the inclination is 107, the argument is 96.4, the longitude of the ascending node is 165, and the mean anomaly at epoch is -5.17. Indeed, the eccentricity is increased to a point where it is only in the habitable range of the star for half of its orbit. Additionally, the orbital period of the planet nearly doubles.

As for the clockwise rotation of the simulation, the body is approaching from almost directly above us, its inclination is about 84.7 degrees. The simulation had to be recorded from below the ecliptic.

As for the actual authenticity of the video itself, you'll just have to take my word. It would be appalling, I'd go so far as to say disgusting, if this was doctored or entirely fabricated. My intentions are only good.

I will no longer be here to answer your questions, I have to leave. My virtual private network provider has already alerted me that they were issued a subpoena for all information on me.

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Автор satonaturtle ( назад)
Look at the facts and fiction.


Автор John Edward ( назад)

Автор mugsytop ( назад)
nice cartoon.

Автор Leo Oxeman ( назад)
This is also interesting: https://youtu.be/XepoUYy9asA

Автор Spectre Web ( назад)
YouTube is blocking the view counts of many videos that have the word
"Nibiru" in the title, including this one... New videos that have this word
"nibiru" are given a few view counts then the view counts are
systematically blocked.... We have to report this... Please spread the

Автор Jerry C ( назад)
Yeah, they took that image from a galaxy that 108 MILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY!

Автор Carlton Powers ( назад)
The reason why this is probably 100% fake is because its not even making
relative to the background while its spinning really fast. Not realistic at
all. Especially while being viewed from earth.

Автор FyreMunky69 ( назад)
There Is No Such Thing As A Diamond Magnetized Telescope..Which The Fool
Who Originally Posted This Video Was Told
This Guy Is An Idiot..And Here We Are 4 Years Later Nothing Has Happened

Автор James Walker ( назад)
WHAT A Lot BULLSHIT Get a live you wankers...............

Автор iwo kieza ( назад)

Автор EAGLE ( назад)

Автор Gray Wolf (Seek The Truth) ( назад)
It's really interesting but tell me why the title says 2013 but the video
is uploaded in 30/9/2010 , what is the meaning of the 2013 in the title?

Автор Gerald R E ( назад)
Never get off the cutting room floor.

Автор FyreMunky69 ( назад)
#1 This Is So Fake And Was Debunked 4 Years Ago..I Can Not Believe Some Of
You Are Looking At This Like It Just Appeared On You Tube
#2 Nibiru Is A Non-Entity , A Myth

Автор midnight1066 ( назад)
Give it up.

Автор Bitchslapper316 ( назад)

Автор vani the best ( назад)
é a bunda da maeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkk

Автор Bungaroosh ( назад)
I was waiting for the Soup dragon to pop up out of a crater.

Автор rigamarrow ( назад)
This old Mormon Bullshit. White man drink too much fire-water, start seeing
ancient Jews under rocks-everywhere. Joe Smith spin Big Fat Story about
ancient Jrws in America. Now poor assistant professors from Brigham Young
University have to spend years looking for ancient Jews. Dig holes. Rurn
over rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. Maybe better go look for Saddam
Hussein's WMDs. Scenery better in Iraq. Might find ancient Summerian stuff.
Prove Hittites existed-nut not in Montana.

Автор jimchenme ( назад)
hahaha thats venus

Автор Ken C ( назад)
With all the things happening in the world today as predicted in the Bible,
it is highly possible that Jesus, the Son of God, might return between 2018
~ 2020.
No matter if you are a Christian, a believer in other religions, or an
atheist, visit

Автор dontbeer sheep ( назад)
just another retard and there 12. 21. 12 theory... think they would of
removed them after!! lol

Автор Haris Cizmic ( назад)
retarded as you are

Автор Walter Woodliff ( назад)
Ridiculous, nothing here is about anything factual. If it is really going
to happen, you'll never hear a peep until it is too late. When the end
comes, everyone will know and there will be no debate.

Автор Some Guy ( назад)
-28 seconds I will never get back. Totally fake. ._.

Автор dartman1001 ( назад)

Автор Ahmed T. Al Ali ( назад)
So, this picture is real? and clear? are you really serious?

Автор september1683 ( назад)
I know why :-) ... because they are complete idiots. :-) 

Автор Paul Tergeist ( назад)
galactic alignment happens every 21st dec every year 

Автор tonycornflakes ( назад)
That was 28 seconds too long.

Автор iCRUSHER ( назад)
Nintendo 64 Graphics, hehe

Автор forkaren100 ( назад)
The Universal Studios logo looks more realistic than this piece of shit
video. Better luck next time fear monger!

Автор Gene Geer ( назад)

Автор BaSH PROMPT (ಠ,ಠ) ( назад)
depicted is purely a fabrication by a typical uneducated compulsive liar
and fear mongerer conspiretard. Conspiretards are domestic terrorists, they
spread subversive propaganda to push their whacky agendas which are made up
by them, from other peoples conspiracies, pick and choose style, to justify
their failure as an adult to thrive and succeed at life. They are noted for
never researching, ever.

Автор BaSH PROMPT (ಠ,ಠ) ( назад)
Nibiru: Galaxy NGC 1530 <-- The fuck? Galaxy NGC 1530 is a GALAXY that is
115 light years away from earth, it isn't an alleged planet in our very
solar system like conspiretards claim Nibiru is. I swear I'd have a heart
attack if I met a Planet X believer (a special kind of anti-intellectual
counter-science conspiretard) who finished high school and has some
understanding of astronomy. But as someone educated, clearly I am one of
THEM, part of those who cover up that Nibiru totes exists guise.

Автор Chase C ( назад)
Exactly very good 

Автор Elmosdream78 ( назад)
2012 dec 21st was the galactic alignment, mayans never said its the end of
the world. So they hyped up 2012 to decieve you for when something really
happens so youll ignore everything you hear from doom sayers.

Автор dreamtheself2 ( назад)
Time waste

Автор Azraltarux ( назад)
Fake and Gay !

Автор Corey Ward ( назад)
2012 is over. How do you feel about this video now. A lot of nonsense right

Автор Blaise is chillin ( назад)
so stupid....i dont kno why people waste their time doing this when it
makes them look like complete idiots.... 

Автор ChrisT Kringel ( назад)
My thoughts exactly!

Автор Wafflezombies1964 ( назад)
well back to the bathroom

Автор Ty Finn ( назад)
2013... uploaded 2010... haha

Автор mcshoe2010 ( назад)
Why do people put all this fake crap out on YouTube? It is just more
nonsense to go through for those seeking the truth... Take this down...

Автор David Revi ( назад)
HOLLY SHIT WE'RE GONNA DIE!!! This time is for real!

Автор Thangarth ( назад)
Should have added some stars. >.>

Автор Franciszek Skoryna ( назад)

Автор Dagaan Galakticos ( назад)
Seeing this video I'm completely convinced that huh? what was the question?
OK just a minute the phone's ringing . . .

Автор 1highfidelity ( назад)
@stopdemockery: People just can't help but to project themselves on to

Автор stopdemockery ( назад)
When knowledge and logic fail your argument, attack. Really weak. 

Автор Carlos Casamayor ( назад)
3D image. Fake as thousands of fucking scams in youtube. 

Автор Pagan Forge ( назад)
Excellent use of Adobe After Effects there. You could have a career in
Hollywood, if you were less of a nutcase. Then again, it is Hollywood after
all, you might fit right in.

Автор Critical Mass ( назад)
why are people so freaking retarded. there is NO PROOF that nibiru exists k
plain and simple. Simple like the majority of all of you here 

Автор Jay DEL ROSARIO ( назад)
Nibi what! Nibi Who! 

Автор husker hammer ( назад)
What BS. 2012, the end? that should explain a lot.

Автор Rob Fraser ( назад)
I have been around academics and the majority of funding for scientific
research is government provided, alumni contributions don't come close to
what the gov puts in and the corporations that fund research is often
similar to gov money in that if the findings come back contrary to what the
corp wants they find ways to alter the results to suit their needs or
threaten to cut off the money, this is all separate from the Nibiru talk,
many scientists and researchers have made these same statements.

Автор th3doc78 ( назад)
Have you ever been around academics? College, universities, etc? They
aren't completely funded by the Big Bad Scary Government. They get funding
from the students that attend, corporations (usually for research projects
and the like). It isn't all just government funding. Nibiru is a JOKE. It's
complete and utter CRAP. Ask ANY astronomy professor from ANY college (no
religious ones), they will tell you the same, it's bullcrap. End of story.

Автор Rob Fraser ( назад)
that's exactly what they're planning as far as I'm concerned.

Автор Rob Fraser ( назад)
Afraid you're wrong on all points, first, Scientists are gov funded and if
they say anything the gov doesn't approve of they lose their
funding/jobs/respect, second, Nibiru is supposedly far down below our
planet not on the same orbit as the rest of the solar system meaning unless
you want to travel to Antarctica and set up that telescope you aren't
seeing it until its close, if it does exist, not saying it does, just
saying you're arguments are invalid and uninformed

Автор slex scholte ( назад)
lol fake as Pamela's tits 

Автор th3doc78 ( назад)

Автор th3doc78 ( назад)
You know nothing of science or Astronomy. Why would a scientist dupe
people? There's no logic in it. Believers in this CRAP are mentally
challenged at best. Ever heard of AMATEUR ASTRONOMY? If this "thing" is out
there, you could easily detect it with a ground based telescope on any
clear night. Give me a break. Go read a book or two on science. This video
is pure bullshit.

Автор jack hill ( назад)
They will move the date up like they always do.

Автор Matthew Alabaster ( назад)
Well I had a nice laugh... Which I'm pretty sure was the point of this
video. So thanks for that. :D

Автор jumacano ( назад)
Ni siquiera es posible ver a Marte con esa claridad. Por otro lado, es
posible que sin que me haya dado cuenta. Yo halla sido raptado y puesto en
una nave donde se halla recreado el lugar de donde provengo. Tal vez la
Tierra no existe desde hace un año y yo aquí tan campante. Mañana le hablo
a mi Tía Dolores de Tijuana. Salduos.

Автор Michael Steele ( назад)
I agree: It's fake. In real life, you would not be able to detect surface
rotation of any object of planetary size without significant oblation.
Pretty picture, though.

Автор Alex Hakknen ( назад)

Автор greg martin ( назад)
you suck fucker

Автор Hannah Rose ( назад)
hmmmm..that looks either really edited or just completely CG….in either
case, if Nibiru does come by, I hope it just takes those who are ready to a
higher frequency of reality!! this polluted 3rd dimensional earth stuff is
getting too complicated!!

Автор Hannah Rose ( назад)
i mean would they really tell us about it? it seems they'd rather keep the
secret to save themselves and the elite that spend all their time duping us
to begin with :/

Автор Donna Doell ( назад)
this is so stupid. What the EFF. Are you bored or something? Well. U just
bored me.

Автор ImagineCraft7 ( назад)
doesn't matter, if there were, then scientists can detect it very easily,
if scientists can find planets 500 light years away then scientists can
DEFINITELY find a planet that is not even a light years away!

Автор Lacerta Veritas ( назад)
What's "special" about Nibiru is that its on an extreme elliptical orbit,
passing through the oort cloud and dragging tons of stuff towards us as it
comes back toward the sun. That's the story, in a nutshell... I'm just
trying to figure out if there's any truth to it or not. 

Автор Lacerta Veritas ( назад)
Watched in 2013, AND I just noticed our brand new moving picture telescope
technology! Boss!

Автор SHIZZOTHEPRO ( назад)
i can see this from my house....no lie!! I GOT RAW FOOTAGE

Автор EDM SQUAD iTrap iTrance iElectro iChill ( назад)
Not Nibiru it's comet ISON which is due this year in November

Автор gost riddles ( назад)
fuckin idiot

Автор joey fenn ( назад)
what telescope is that, bullshit artist impression.dickhead

Автор ricardo colon ( назад)
it's about time to take this one down . !

Автор Euryale Music ( назад)
So, I suppose the Music also comes from Nibiru right...?

Автор Hoocheeman Savage ( назад)
This is a crap video, lol!

Автор ImagineCraft7 ( назад)
lol what's so special about Nibiru?? There are about more than 500
exoplanets discovered and are way more fascinating than Nibiru like Gliese
581g which does not spin!

Автор AreFallout ( назад)
great now that lived through "2012" now i have to shit bricks all august 

Автор Tappit333 ( назад)
You would not see the planet revolving in real time 

Автор Dynogoober ( назад)
oh my god! we lived! oh wait, nothing happned DERP :D

Автор Σωτήρης Κατσουλιέρης ( назад)
that's fake

Автор ginger55085 ( назад)
Total load - even I could detect rampant crap factor

Автор TheLorenzo00601 ( назад)
wasted my time watching this

Автор Oliver James ( назад)
Wasn't it like the 21st of Dec. we were all supposed to die? I kept
pleading with my wife, just in case, can't we celebrate Xmas a week early.
She wouldn't hear of it. My neighbor WHO BELIEVED, said what are you going
to get a steel umbrella? I kept trying to get him to give me his new truck,
I mean, its not like you'll be around to use it, but I guess he just didn't
BELIEVE strong enough. It would have been nice to drive by his house the
day after and saying, nice truck isn't it:)

Автор Oliver James ( назад)
Finally, I found the truth about Nibiru. We're going to DIE! Oh, it's july
2013, damn I missed it. Wait, what's the next doomsday time? A friend of
mine kept saying it was going to snow; about 7 mos later it did! He must
have somekind of special powers. I should follow him...

Автор Jeff M ( назад)
this is the worse fake pos video ive seen in a long time

Автор Jeff M ( назад)
this is the worse fake pos video ive seen in a long time

Автор Catherine tt ( назад)
YEP ME TOO!!! Crazy people! Atlest the bible said no one will know the time
or day for when the lords return.........2,000 years ago were more
intelligent then they are today when it comes to dooms day seniors......Ya
think we would have learned something?

Автор Astarkat ( назад)
wheres Earths gold dickwads?

Автор GetOverIt ( назад)
@teatumchnl2... I checked out your link...it's totally the same old crap
-Hate government? Hate religion? Well, just love yourself and you can walk
around in utopia with little bells jingling on your sandals. Wake up. Self
is not god. God is God. Seek the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ.
Period. Try Christ. What do you have to loose? If you don't like Jesus, you
can go back to this tripe.

Автор chaindog82 ( назад)
now i believe!

Автор zToXiCzZv ( назад)
red shift = going away dumbasses

Автор rogierrainbow ( назад)
yea what a joke ,, nice computer animation ,lol nibiru is not even visible
but we see where t passes by becouse it is a dark camouflated planet and
see stars twist on the bacground as it bents light when it passing. a
japanees atronomer have seen it 

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