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Автор Moawia Haron (9 дней)

Автор Jujit Shrestha (1 год)
It is beautiful music, I don' understand language but music has only one
language and thank to the little girl for singing beautifully.

Автор Hazim Taha (1 год)

Автор عبدالرحيم موسي (11 месяцев)
مي عمر كل مرة تكون مختلفة واكبر وكل مرة اروع واروع وسيكون لها مستقبل باهر
ان شاء الله بما انها تغني منذ ان كانت صغيرة يالها من فنانة وربما ايضا (ايمن

Автор king man (1 год)
Lemhotel You now ethiopians are dirty and the poorest people in the world
so do not abuse your masters viva sudan viva somali twin brothers

Автор lemhotel (4 года)
@dhabkahadal u are funny a somali talking abt smell what world are we
living in everywhere u go people avoid associating with somalis bc they are
dirty and smell bad. In addis abeba nobody wants to rent their house to
somalis bc of their dirtiness and stink which stays forever if they do they
have to pay double I am serious this is true. In America where I live there
are a boat load of somalis and if something stinks bad they say it smells
like a somalian...lol.

Автор Harenay (4 года)
Cushiticsomaliamale. Are you on crack? First of all the bona fide Sudanese,
the Nubian are more related to the Axumite7Habesha than to the Nomadic
Somalis who don't have any worthy civilization except of killing and raping
each other. ,

Автор حيمو الشريف (4 года)

Автор lemhotel (4 года)
@dhabkahadal As far as civilizations come on dude are u comparing the two
countries come on Ethiopia has 8 world heritage sites Somalia has

Автор Rukessa Boru Hambecha (5 лет)
There's nothing much pleasing than seeing such persons with great talent-
Her voice and how she sing takes my hearts...though I don't know arabic at

Автор ezzaldin mohammed (2 года)
Like ...

Автор Bushara Abdu (5 лет)
lol ... she's really really amazing ... wish her bet of de best ... God
bless u May .

Автор Oubad2007 (6 лет)
This song, I believe, is of the great Abu-Dawoud. Al-kably did sing it but
originally belongs to Abu-Dawoud, If I am not mitaken

Автор dhabkahadal (4 года)
HARENAY i wonder when i see a ethiopian tolking like other humenbeig you
such rubash and garbeg are you on crack when you combering ethiopian and
somali you realy sick becouse you dont know nathing about civillizatio i
accept if you said ethiopian are the profitional begaris asking food and
cloth and want same one teach them haw to live this world becouse still you
are like dog live eating uncooked meat sharing their dog shutkeep of you
stink month as hall ethiopian dig head

Автор nijoum2008 (6 лет)
مي يا مي عمر رائعة و اكثر من رائعة انشاء الله سيكون ليك مستقبل باهر برافو

Автор riya6226 (3 года)
@KinzVideo im sudani, i wanted to thank u kinzvideo for taking your time to
post these videos up much love to u all.

Автор Tahaarka Huruuse (5 лет)
nice... Sudan and Somalia fellow cushitic and also fellow Black-muslim
nations.. excluding semitic-christian habesha-ethopie because they are not
like us blacks-muslims.. they are christian them ethopian Mele Zenawi
mountain-habesha=crakkers.. so bless Somalia and Sudan = Punt=Smalia nd
Cush=Sudan and fuuck ethopie=habeshia

Автор camelrider live (3 года)
why u guys hating each other ?? iam somali ...i luv all african brothers
and sisters....why u hating sum one bcuz of thier religion when
christian/muslim religion teach us luv ?... shame on you
guyz(som/etho/sud/eri/dj )....enjoy the music and show sum luv

Автор dhabkahadal (4 года)
HARENAY what civilization you know as long as your ethiopian up to today
you dont evan know haw to take a shawer o clean your self ,no brushing your
teeth you know anly haw to eat un cooked meat like animal and spreading the
aids, since god creat this world you were fucking govermant since that day
you asking the people to help you how to get food asking one bir, somalian
are more way beter then you fucking ethiopian in this world where, no
people stink like you ethiopi

Автор Math Biol (2 года)
god bless u!

Автор YerhewoEri14 (4 года)
wow look at her she got amazing voice. she is very young. her futuer is
very bright.

Автор معتصم كداكى (4 года)
@KinzVideo يا كنز عاوزين الاغنية اللي غنتها شروق في السهرة دي بتاعت الجابري
ارض ال

Автор KinzVideo (6 лет)
Dear Amindish, we are Ethiopian, born in Sudan, and whatever information we
published, we got it from Sudanese, if there is any mistakes we aplogize
pls accepted and feed us with the right info we are ready to corrected,
appreciate your comments

Автор Waranish (3 года)
@lemhotel We are in arab league and your not lol

Автор Mohammed Nasa (5 лет)
la wallahi mmtaza khalis beltwfig

Автор Bille Waamo (6 лет)
Because of Mai, I may marry a sudanese women!

Автор ياسين علي ود البرنو (1 год)
gooooooooooooooooooood nice

Автор Abdukadir omar (2 года)
woow Nice song walhi i like it

Автор Vjeya (5 лет)
waw....she has angelic voice... Much love from Ethiopia

Автор sky line (2 года)
والله انتي الغزال يا غزال حبيتها

Автор Mammar ous (6 лет)
une voix douce et melodieuse traduit les sentiments les plus profondes de
l'etre humain.

Автор suaad osman (5 лет)
انت حلوه جدا جدا .. لكن بصراحه كده سمعنا الاغنيه بصوت كابلى وسمعناها بصوتك
.. ايش جاب لجاب .. ما قلنا ليك ماتتشبرى

Автор Faris Mahgoub (4 года)
A sweet Little girl with great voice.

Автор Oubad2007 (6 лет)
This song, I believe, is of the great Abu-Dawoud. Al-kably did sing it but
originally belongs to Abu-Dawoud, If I am not mitaken

Автор riya6226 (3 года)
this is Sudan not no arab idol and besides this girl is already a star so
the jokes on you seriously if you cant appreciate real talent then shut the
hell up.

Автор abdala mousa (4 года)
نعم هى من اغانى الحقيبه كلمات ابوصلاح والحان وغناء كرومه تغنى بها الكابلى
فى مهرجان الفن الاول1975

Автор somone153 (5 лет)
أنت عاوز تقارن كابلي أحد أعمدة الغناء المتينة في السودان بطفلة مبتدئة حرام
عليك ياخي والله جنيت علي كابلي كونك تقارن بينه وبين البنت الامورة دي أصلا
ليس هنالك وجه للمقارنة لكن البنت أبدعت صراحة في الاغنية بقدر أمكانياتها
العمرية والصوتية

Автор haitham libya (6 лет)
انا ما حأقددر اعلق إلا ان اقوليها زي مافال الاخ في هذا الوسط (الفني) الكثير
من السلبيات يجب عليك ان تتفاديها فالصوت الحسن ليس بالضرورة استقلاله في

Автор Ali Suliman (6 лет)
احينا من السنغنغ دي ربنا يبعد منك اولاد الحرام مايلم فيكي ودحرام يخلي ريحتك
كلول كلول

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