Exceed RC Maxstone 8. 1 /8 scale rock crawler from nitrorcx

Exceed 1/8 scale rock crawler. 195.00 at nitrorcx. The big rock is about 2 1/2ft tall. This is a a pretty good size crawler.Plane crash at end. Battery was not connected tight.

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Автор GATORSK8TER ( назад)
awesome dude

Автор William Thomas (841 год назад)
This crawler has trouble getting through things you had to back it up a lot

Автор Pkproduction217 ( назад)
I have the same one I was woundering how long should i charge it??

Автор Don Coervers ( назад)
The tires are way to hard. Star cut the foams and add some weight to the
rims. That should help. The tires do not really grab, they have sollid
blocks on em, for a crawler thats not good. For a scaler they would work.
It looks good but doensnt impress me. The body also seems to be up very
high for a crawler. I am watching the video while commenting and the
performance is really bad.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
I doubt it. Big price difference.

Автор Isaiah S ( назад)
Does it crawl better than axial scx10?

Автор jauchiu ( назад)

Автор SoScaleCustomsRc (PEGCITYRACER) ( назад)

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Not sure. I use a better peak charger. I have never used the one that came
with it. I would think 12 hours would be plenty of time.

Автор Mas M ( назад)
i just got this, how long does it last to charge the battery?the light on
my charger hasnt turned green after 12 hours

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Yes. It's great for the price.

Автор ben vk ( назад)
are you happy with it

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
About 5mph. It is a crawler.

Автор coltpwrs7 ( назад)
Whats the top speed?

Автор jauchiu (1891 год назад)
I have never run the battery out. I would say 1hr.

Автор AxleRage12 ( назад)
how long does the battery last

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
The maxstone is really big. I have not seen the mad crawler in person.

Автор Nick Fugate ( назад)
would you pick this or the exceed mad-crawler??? dont know which one to buy

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Thanks for the tip.

Автор Matthew S ( назад)
I wouldn't put that transmitter to your boat. My brother has had problems
with that same one losing reception

Автор J.D. O'Connell ( назад)
the maxstone is deffienetly not 1/8 scale

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Thanks for the comment. I have the stuff for four wheel steering , i just
have not had time to install it.

Автор wompus cat ( назад)
We have a 1/8 th Maxstone and a 1/8th Mad torque . Both are very nice for
the money. I installed 4 wheel steer on the Maxstone and its a big
improvment. Thanks for your video.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
Both are nice for the money. The Maxstone 8 has the aluminum shock housings
and front and rear skid plates.The Mad Torque has a better looking body.

Автор riley rcman (193 года назад)
this or the mad torque???? what do u think

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@tjunkel22 Good luck. Check your local hobby stores for some good deals.
Good hobby shops carry all the repair parts. Sometimes online hobby shops
are always out of the parts or never even carry them. YouTube is a great
place to research the different models.Again good luck and have fun.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@tjunkel22 Yes.

Автор jauchiu (881 год назад)
@tjunkel22 No . You have to waterproof speed controller and receiver. Water
does not effect brushed motors.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@priejonas83 I just read the directions and i do not think you can use a
lipo. If you did use a 7.4 volt lipo you would want to install a lipo alarm
so you would not over discharge the battery. i like the crawler for the
money. I like the Traxxas Summit but that's a lot of money.

Автор Priscila Bracalente ( назад)
i can use lipo in this rc,or need another esc.he s the same than rock
crawler 1/8 red cat? do you like yours rock crawler?

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@ThrashZakk1 1/2 hour with 2000mah nickel metal hydride. That's just
playing around. Not sure what it would be with a lot of uphill crawling or
full throttle.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
1/2 hour with 2000mah nickel metal hydride. That's just playing around. Not
sure if a lot of uphill crawling or running wide open.

Автор ThrashZakk1 ( назад)
What sort of battery life do you get with one of these?

Автор jauchiu (989 лет назад)
@382blaine I have a Thunder AC6 charger. You just set the amperage, 1 amp
per 1000mah and it charges and shuts off automatically. Hope you are
enjoying your crawler. Post a video . I would like to see it.

Автор jauchiu (1762 года назад)
@iam99fletching Great! Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas.

Автор iam99fletching ( назад)
when i get mine for Christmas ill post a vedio response of my experience!

Автор 382blaine ( назад)
what charger do u have? i called costomer service and they sai that 4-6
hours will do it so i did it and it worked fine i just tried it and it
worked for a half n hour

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@Curt92teg At this time i don't have all the stuff to complete the set
up.You need a radio like a Spectrum DX3c.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@382blaine I do not use the original charger,but a completely discharged
2000mah battery should take almost 8hrs with the supplied 250ma charger.

Автор 382blaine ( назад)
how long do i charge the origanal battery on the origanal charger for the
first time for tge break in charge and then whats the time for the normal

Автор Curt92teg ( назад)
Can you post a video on how to set up 4 wheel steering?

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@tengotianeli This is 1/8 scale.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@tengotianeli yes

Автор BashMonkeyRC ( назад)
@jauchiu Thanks for the sub, yeah hopefully i'll be able to get it in time
for our first and possibly only snowfall. but i was curious cuz i had a
2-motor system in my emaxx and that thing required 2 packs & drained em in
15 minutes. but then again its a slow crawler so i guess it uses much less
juice. these kits actually do alot better than most haters give em credit
for, just because they're exceed brand.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@BashMonkeyRC Yes i used the free shipping code. You are right it is pretty
big, but i have not had any problems with it being under powered. Good luck
with whatever you get. be sure and post a video. I subbed back.

Автор BashMonkeyRC ( назад)
It seems like a decent kit for the price, tho im more interested in the
1/10 version. 1/8 is bigger than i want, plus im sure 7.2V is a bit
underpowered for a 2-motor system. BTW if you have the CouponBuddy app for
your browser you can log on nitrorcx and it'll show you discount codes. one
code i found is "RCXFREESHIP" which gets you free shipping.

Автор justin kenny ( назад)
@jauchiu its just steering sticks are easier to use

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@MultiMinecraft123 Thats kinda what most people use to drive boats and
cars. "Steering Wheels". Not steering sticks.

Автор justin kenny ( назад)
nooooo i hate those fucking stupid contollers aaaaaaaaaaaa waht a putdown
stupid company aaaa i was gonna by one

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@RcManiac97 Yes if you read all the Titles and subtitles and captions and
info. Thats what it says BTW whats the point?

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@kkam2283 Maxstone 8

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@freggum210 I can't honestly say. I have run it 15-20 minutes and still had
a lot of charge left.

Автор Andrew Fregm ( назад)
hello I was wondering what the max stones run time is?

Автор JohnReviewer112 ( назад)
@jauchiu its a rock crawler thats why, you could just upgrade it to a
brushless system

Автор rcmen13 ( назад)
I think that the stock tires don't give much grip

Автор jauchiu ( назад)

Автор jauchiu (945 лет назад)
@RiderAnthonyMartini Maybe 8 to 10 mph. Its very slow.

Автор es1co2bar3paul ( назад)
wow the great creeper any up grade this must be your favorite pet bro

Автор Dr Keffner ( назад)
by the way its nitrorcx.com ...just for all you people that didnt no

Автор teamvisser ( назад)
@jauchiu thanks, have two of them coming. my buddy and i got them from
ckrc, $189 a piece free shipping. i have an axial artr but don't do comp.
want a MS8 cause they look huge and fun. thanks for the response. have fun.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@teamvisser The tires are just under 8 inches.Wheels look to be 3 1/4 x 3
1/4 inches.

Автор teamvisser ( назад)
how tall are the tires, what size are the wheels?

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@fmxmofo Thanks for the info.

Автор fmxmofo ( назад)
I found if you cut about a1/2 inch off each side of the foam inserts in the
tires then add wheel weights in the rims it climbs just about anything..

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@MrRctechno If you make a video please let me know. Thanks for watching.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@MountainDewKids99 I dont know. The max torque came out a month after I
bought the maxstone 8. It looks pretty cool too.

Автор MountainDewKids99 ( назад)
is it better than the exceed max torque

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@gtoracer22 Thanks.

Автор Rajun Cajun ( назад)
Buy ALOT of chassis links or upgrade to metal ends. Trust me.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@Crazygermankidowns You are right, crawling is kind of boring to watch, but
its fun to do. If you check out my channel you will see I really like
planes and helicopters. I just wanted something to do when it was to windy
to fly. Cars, trucks ,planes, boats and helis, its all fun. If you make a
snow video please send it to me. I bet your truck is pretty cool. Thanks
for the comment.

Автор Crazygermankidowns ( назад)
@jauchiu well i gotta couple of inches of snow on the ground right now so
maybe ill make a snow vid in a couple of days and upload that. Also kinda
sorry bout what i wrote now that i read it sounds like i am coming off as
an asshole i was just pretty much trying to see what was exciting bout
climbing but for some reason really wrote it mean...

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@Crazygermankidowns Cool, lets see a video. Talk is really boring.

Автор Crazygermankidowns ( назад)
my 5t or b could jump that rock and land on top of that thing doin 30 idk
whats so fun about climbing seems really boring

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
I like it, no problems so far. I will do the steering mod sometime. Thanks
for watching.

Автор staticxmako ( назад)
great vid man thanks how do you like it now? any mods

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@theconster1117 It is really slow . It's a crawler. maybe 8MPH.

Автор es1co2bar3paul ( назад)
i all way want to own a crawler of these i ike em better than other rc car
and truck

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@nishbrown Thanks. I am usually not in to RC cars, but this looked kind of
fun for days you can't fly. A few beers and free shipping was all it took.

Автор nishbrown ( назад)
Nice rock-humper! Flexible as a gymnast!

Автор bassax7045 ( назад)
@jauchiu thought you would score a bmw to have more succes at ..... ;-)

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@bassax7045 We have a very rocky relationship. Its a tree hugging rock
humper truck thing. It does not hover.

Автор jauchiu ( назад)
@poerik Yes . I will buy the servo mount,servo and three channel radio to
make it four wheel steering.

Автор bassax7045 ( назад)
so is it a stonecrawler or a tree hugger ,or just trying to mate with that
rock ;-) make sure he doesnt watch you too much ,he is copying you ,,not
sure what he wants with that stone ;-)

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