Zebra Mating

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Автор Nancy Denova ( назад)
This is crazy and why do you what to have dick on your mouth I mean what
the fuck,f all of the people that said that😫😫😫😫

Автор Sashalia Fuqua ( назад)
Ohh yeahh

Автор MsZoophile ( назад)
I am soooo horny, I am fingering myself right now and wishing to have a
huge zebra dick in my mouth. I'd swallow it :)

Автор paulino89 ( назад)
Juve training video!!

Автор بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم Lewd ( назад)
People like you need to be burned at the stake.

Автор iTzKevinFTW ( назад)
This faggot ass generation is also destroying america thinking everyone
should be fair and all problems need fixed lol. America years and years ago
before you ever really knew what a gay was we where the #1 most loved
Favorited place. Now we are not the first or close and we seem like a fag
loving state that supports terrorist. Fuck your gay friends and you to move
to a shit hole like iran or iraq and fuck up there all ready fucked up

Автор Kal-El Of Krypton ( назад)
It's people like you that destroy America not gays. I have quite a few gay
friends and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. You're
basing an opinion based on what society has thought you to believe, do me a
favor and learn to think for yourself.

Автор iTzKevinFTW ( назад)
GAY 21st or 19th fags should keep it to there self DICKS+DICKS=BITCH ASS
WANNA BE MEN. Them gays can stay in California where they accept stupid
shit like that. So homos stay in cali or move to a different country and
stop destroying america faggots.

Автор Kal-El Of Krypton ( назад)
Could you say gay one more time please? I don't think you said it enough.
Oh and btw this is the twenty first century, being gay is pretty common

Автор zebraoned deyesbutlerleeharrieschapmansugg ( назад)
i wonder what the other zebras think alos why was this in y feed? weirrd xx

Автор Laallii ( назад)
de hol van a zebrának a fasza?

Автор Karli Sykes ( назад)
Smexy ;)

Автор Holly Hanson ( назад)
i love zebras

Автор Jalynn Sexton ( назад)

Автор Mikaela Montfort ( назад)

Автор Andy Smith ( назад)
OOOOOO That smells so good.

Автор iTzKevinFTW ( назад)
you must be new to the internet. We talk I toked his picture months ago to
mess with mess calm down.

Автор Chuck Norris ( назад)
Get RadBrad's picture off you wanne be

Автор unadultr8dgeniuses ( назад)
Dang. Kevin is absolutely not comfortable with himself, sexually. On a side
note, imagine if the comments on your YouTube account decided your
sexuality? Life would be so hard.

Автор HlGGER (2002 года назад)
you know you enjoyed this as much as i did

Автор iTzKevinFTW ( назад)
Hey homo when you comment gay shit on gay shit its on my fucking home page
witch makes me looks like a freak.

Автор HlGGER ( назад)

Автор wampaAWESOMEsauce ( назад)
When an animal fucks also known has sex.

Автор Leitha Smith ( назад)
If your young then its when an animal plays with another same with humans.

Автор fmurphy34 ( назад)
Very odd to watch, very odd.

Автор ShootingStars556 ( назад)
Your either kidding... or to young for the internet

Автор nema47471 ( назад)
zebras are just odd

Автор Leonardo Bartolo ( назад)
lol and...What is mating?¡

Автор Cody R (93 года назад)
who else came here to send to your friend

Автор Hamayun Shah ( назад)
this is what chris rock did in the madagascar 2 movie, scenes which were
deleted eventually

Автор rubymay43 ( назад)
Madagascar 2 deleted scene?

Автор nintedoWeegee ( назад)
df only 1 other comment almost 60,000 views? LOL!

Автор Erica Hess ( назад)
get it in zebra"))

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