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Автор scott england ( назад)
pretty sweet. Imabout to buy one if these.

Автор Scott McDonald ( назад)
I just bought an '83 for $130 Canadian. I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm
excited to get it home. 

Автор TheScooterdude80 ( назад)
DAMN, Faster than I thought.

Автор Clint Krentz ( назад)
around 30:) 

Автор electrohacker ( назад)
THROW A KIT ON THAT BITCH! come on make this thing do 50!

Автор Clint Krentz ( назад)
@belairlover93 You have to plate them but insurance is not required, but
it's recommended(of course):) 

Автор Clint Krentz ( назад)
@belairlover93 ...the battery is in there:) 

Автор belairlover93 ( назад)
hey im wondering what the triangle box is on the side of the bike i have
one of there too and ive been always wonderin what it is mine doesint have

Автор belairlover93 ( назад)
ive been wonderin do you have to plate them ans insure them and a licene to
drive on the road

Автор eroc2689 ( назад)
wow i want one of them ive been looking so hard for any moped but ppl dont
sell them for cheap. im looking for anything under 300$ as long as it at
least fires so i can work on it and its tough sledding

Автор asssface2000 ( назад)
looks like fun, whats the top speed? cruising speed?

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