Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's cover (Tim Urban)

Album available on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/heart-of-me/id404367819

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Длительность: 4:19
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Автор Ecenur Uyanik ( назад)
you have an amazing voice

Автор Broken Matt Hardy ( назад)
So much talent

Автор Erica Pones ( назад)

Автор Isabelle Dowlin ( назад)

Автор edgy_yt ( назад)
You remind me of drake from drake and josh

Автор bill jak ( назад)
tab please

Автор RetroGamer reviews ( назад)
best cover i've heard

Автор Rosanlal Behera ( назад)
I just loved it! Amazing! :D

Автор Carlene Seeber ( назад)
i love u cx <3

Автор Oliver Roogin ( назад)

Автор Oliver Roogin ( назад)
MFG I WANT HIS HAIR TOO!! i got smilar hair but his is like AVACADABRA

Автор Oliver Roogin ( назад)
he hawt he sing idk if he cook... it no fair he get all gurll 3:

Автор Дмитрий Голик ( назад)
Бля, у нас алкаши у подъезда лучше играют. Автор, выкинь гитару и вообще
забудь, что музыку можно исполнять, а не только слушать.

Автор Woolrus ( назад)
You sir, have a bright future ahead of you.

Автор Farah Sardar ( назад)
Love the way you talk. Like JR Ewing. (I'm from the UK!)

Автор Sabrina Beltran ( назад)
marry me please <3

Автор Jay Zee Pasha ( назад)
Too Good Kindly mention Guitar Cords please

Автор Tage Villa ( назад)

Автор xxspydaman13xx ( назад)
Thr clarity and control you have over your voice is amazing man I would
seriously kill for talent like that...

Автор codyfullmer24 ( назад)
Can you provide the tab and tuning?

Автор itzwinton ( назад)

Автор Jesus Is King ( назад)
haha cute

Автор lvers4love ( назад)
Hey! I was wondering if i could use this cover for my video! I absolutely
fell in love with it. Nice quality! Don't worry, i will give you creds but
i just can't resist.

Автор wifi is bae ( назад)
Nice cover bro, subbed=). Plz do Let her go- Passenger

Автор Vanessa Leon ( назад)
can you make a video of how to play this ive been looking for one with
strumming instead of picking.

Автор Erica large ( назад)
Tim urbam I loved seeing you sing at my school duncanville high and when I
asked you if you was related to keith urban your songs pulled alot of good
memories before I graduated. Keep it up man.

Автор Jacob Inman ( назад)
Love this song so much but it makes me cry cuz my gf Brock up with me while
listening to this song after four months btw

Автор pen0rprick ( назад)
this guys so good, he also did halejulah which was one of the only songs I
remember from barely watching american idol

Автор megan jones ( назад)
love you hair in this video xx 

Автор caitlin vaughan ( назад)
so basically im crying because that songis beautiful and you have an
amazing voice and make it a million times better 

Автор Bruce Miller ( назад)
Dude, this is awesome!

Автор nazareno pereira fernandes ( назад)
anthony kiedis voice...

Автор karli beerman ( назад)
your cute:3 and a good singer and guitar player

Автор critical256 ( назад)

Автор Mary Elizabeth Kane ( назад)
You are amazing! Ahhh! Love you.

Автор Manjyotsingh Sohal ( назад)
your voice is so good and the way you synchroniZe it with the strumming and
the transition of the chords its amazing dude!!.. keep rocking man..

Автор Gus Allen ( назад)
Probably my favorite of your covers. Thanks for this!! Please don't forget
about "Better Days". It would be awesome to hear it in one of your Stage-It
shows. THANKS!

Автор techi ( назад)
u are so cute! :3

Автор Jessica Mcquarry ( назад)
could you get any cuter??

Автор Tristan Bill ( назад)
omfg, this kid is amazing!

Автор tay “xSwagSoOfficialx” tye ( назад)
Saying y'all is a human thing stop labeling races with things it's fucking

Автор airforcebrony101 ( назад)
thats not oldschool...and you arent black so stop saying Ya'll...

Автор ViriDiana Castro ( назад)
what you do to me

Автор Dannyisaperson ( назад)

Автор tia ellis ( назад)
*tim autocorrect sorry xo

Автор tia ellis ( назад)
Omg Tyler your just amazing your voice is beautiful xo

Автор Rigby ( назад)
WOW quite the feedback from other youtubers! I still am shocked that this
song is still popular... Probably because it makes almost girl that
liustens to it fall in love with a boy. My word is true, lol

Автор Lizzy Esguar ( назад)
I LOVE YOU♥___♥ 

Автор Brandon Bak ( назад)
That's the type of voice that can land you a record deal.

Автор jasminerebeccagray ( назад)

Автор Leesa Lark ( назад)
yoyo I love your song

Автор gbkid10 ( назад)
hey dude can u plz make the tutorial on this fast version plzzz 

Автор BrookiiIsElectric ( назад)
Your voice is just so unf♥ you're amazing :3

Автор PulkownikWiadero ( назад)
anyone have chords for this song version ?

Автор Brendaa Vaalenciaa ( назад)
Your voice !

Автор Keanna ( назад)
The second you said y'all i liked the video. Then you sang. :') <3

Автор Satsuki Nakamura ( назад)
Hairflip. ♥

Автор Karla I. ( назад)
Your voice is so soothing :-p

Автор Alexane coté ( назад)
amazing voice!!! :)

Автор Sarah Wot ( назад)
Old School ? This song never gets old. Anyways loved it <3

Автор jasminerebeccagray ( назад)
wow your amazing :) your song voice really suits the song :)

Автор 11Beautifullies ( назад)
best cover, loved it!

Автор Lea Fakih (489 лет назад)
20 actually

Автор kolby arevalo (1433 года назад)
Love it

Автор Sol Alvarado Quijano ( назад)
I Love You!!

Автор Ilaria De rossi ( назад)
My god you're great!

Автор Pauline Medan ( назад)
wow.. wonderful. and i love your hair!

Автор ILiekTrenz ( назад)
Your hair, i wanna touch it!C: Thumbs up if you agree!! 

Автор xXBlackWhiteNinjaXx ( назад)

Автор Jonathan Greenspan ( назад)
very nice job =)

Автор vancvrman604 ( назад)
I hate to tell you this but you aren't old enough to have done anything
"years and years ago" except maybe recess. Fantastic job on the song. I
enjoyed that.

Автор Monique Pillar ( назад)
adorei!!! você canta muito bem

Автор Jora Martinez ( назад)
very nice played.. like your voice :D what are the chords you use? can you
tell me please :) thanks

Автор StripSolitaireIzFun ( назад)
Tabs? Thumbs this up so he can see it please.

Автор SYLVIE131501 ( назад)
Excellent !!!!! greetings SYL 

Автор eryn hill ( назад)
now 18

Автор Tori Cantrell ( назад)
<3 love it <3 

Автор Carlos Couto ( назад)
the first good cover of hey there delilah! Congratulations man, the song is
great and yor cover is amazing ! :)

Автор caela micheals ( назад)

Автор augustin jimmy ( назад)
Nice one

Автор idabomb00 ( назад)
Too late, he's harmonizing with me now.

Автор Lenora Doty ( назад)
Your good hahahah wanna teach me ahahah

Автор Sofía Manzoni Vázquez ( назад)
You are fan.tas.tic

Автор SomosSoloPersonas ( назад)
you sing great!

Автор CatchHellBlues16 ( назад)
Years and years ago..lol

Автор Rachel Maselli ( назад)
I know this probably doesnt mean much to you but i am a big fan of yours
and youre amazing and i wish i had a talent like yours dont let anyone keep
you from reaching your dreams, because youre good looking with a good voice
so dont stop doing what you do because i love it! and when ever i am sad i
listen to you singing and it cheers me up! Dont ever forget that youre

Автор Cheyenne Gravley ( назад)
Marry me? I love you! You did an amazing cover. xD

Автор Sierra Nicole ( назад)
Tim you are PERFECT. 

Автор Karen Gallegos ( назад)
wooow ! <3 

Автор dnantis ( назад)
Note to Recording labels !!!! this voice is pitch perfect and he MUST BE by
now a knock out rich singer cause J Bieber is not even goo goo dah dah
compared to this awesome song ! Dude .... you really have what it takes to
be a recording artist !! U could be like Cat Stevens Jim Croce etc etc Just
get good songs from composers and do your originals from now on ...!!!
Thanx for this treat !! AMAZINNNNNGGGGG !!! BRAVO BRAVO I would pay to see
u in concert everytime i could !!!

Автор GameSpoon ( назад)
Nice job bro. Better than the original

Автор Bambie Michelle ( назад)
I love this song and now I have a reason to love it even more because I am
listening to this amazing voice which Tim was blessed with by God. :) <3

Автор Timmy Richardson ( назад)
This is awesome!!!

Автор Tan Chee Ming ( назад)

Автор buchi3100 ( назад)
there are rare girls now days that are "ladies" most of them are just
(sorry to say) but sluts...

Автор Tessa Carr ( назад)
aww this song is so beautiful, and not many people do it justice, but you
certainly did :)

Автор Emma Salinas ( назад)
no, i'm just a sincerely nice person. ...not many of us left out there, i'm
sorry to say. oh and you're missing out. lots of love out there, you just
have to be brave enough to go searching for it. sometimes, you hardly have
to search at all. open your eyeees

Автор buchi3100 ( назад)
someone has a crush

Автор Issabell Hunt ( назад)

Автор Carissa Vanscoder ( назад)
how can anyone dislike this video he is amazing. 

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