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Автор Rajeshbabblu Rajeshbabblu ( назад)
tq for giving tips

Автор Shreya Rentapalli ( назад)
What about Garlic??

Автор Joseph Sus Jesudasan ( назад)

Автор puneethreddy b ( назад)
nice madam .cooked pappu watching your video.Taste is superb😀😀😀😀

Автор Siddarth Cherukuri ( назад)
Woww superr tqq so much I'm a bachelor and u made my day today :)

Автор shyam pratap ( назад)
gayathri garu nice and simple to prepare thanks


Автор Satyanarayana Kanakam ( назад)
thank you for tour receipe

Автор Satyanarayana Kanakam ( назад)
chala bagundi

Автор Joshy1729 ( назад)
Dayachesi English subtitle add cheyyandi.

Автор sudeep carter ( назад)
Thanks for your recipe.

Автор Ranjith Kumar ( назад)
Y always 3 fenugreek seeds

Автор Lisa Singh ( назад)
Speak in ENGLISH

Автор Tejaswini Kambhampati ( назад)

Автор khader basha ( назад)
chintha pandu vestharu kadha

Автор Senthil kumar.K ( назад)
Very tasty thank u very much gayathri

Автор ayapilla pratyusha ( назад)
I do same pappu in other process, I don't add tomatoes in cooler

Автор naresh goud (915 лет назад)
thank you gayithri

Автор heronimass rayal (1132 года назад)
This is cooking channel

Автор koneti prakash ( назад)
Thank you so much Gayethri garu.

Автор Balu Nriit (1230 лет назад)
very good to your recipes

Автор Naveen Chava ( назад)
చింతపండు వేయరా మీరు??? ఇలా చేస్తే టేస్ట్ లేదండి!!!

Автор Jojappa Tulimelli ( назад)
Dear Gayathri Garu, I am staying alone in abroad. your program helped me to
prepare Tamato Pappu. Thank you so much. Your programs helps us to be self

Автор bhakarmurthyv ( назад)
Thank u so much now I can also cook because of you.

Автор Gautam Srinivasan ( назад)
Awesome !! thank u very much gayatri garu. ma amma chaala bagga chestaru.
oka roju amma intlo ledu. nenu meeru cheppina vidhanani batti chesesa.
superr.MA AMMA MECHUKUNNARU. thanks andi. and we're brahmins . that's why i
subscribed you. ee channel poortiga vegterians ke ga.

Автор Sharath Babu ( назад)
excellent easy dish, my mother prepared today looking at your video.
Awesome..... thanks a lot....

Автор Lukesh Kotti ( назад)
chinthapandu veyakkarleda..? chinna doubt..idhi choosi start chesthanna
vanta :)

Автор Swetha Chitrala ( назад)
thank u gayathri garu..........

Автор madhav jerry ( назад)

Автор Sathish Janardhanam ( назад)
Very simple Dish! I will give it a try today.

Автор ravi chavali ( назад)
Thanks gayatri garu, my mom prepares this extremely well, unfortunately i
have to look it up online :)

Автор Dsvchalapathi Raj ( назад)
bagundhi papu thankzzzz

Автор master srinivas ( назад)

Автор Jyothi Murthy ( назад)
hello gayathri.. i tried this tomato dal.. OMG it was great! :) thank you
for posting it.. :)

Автор Bhasker Reddy ( назад)
Thank u so much. Its Simple and Easy

Автор Lakshmi Sarada Maradana ( назад)
Thank you, Gayatri garu! tomato pappu ante maaentellipadiki ento istam.
kani mem chesindi bhagaravatledu,ippudu miru chepinatllu chestanu.

Автор guddu love ( назад)
gayatri akka naku tomato pappu ante chala istam mi pappu vandatam chusi
alage vanta chesam chala baga taste vachindi thanku

Автор devi pattanayak ( назад)
vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv good 

Автор ramaraksha01 ( назад)
Hi i have a question - instead of using the cooker, can we use a microwave?
if we can how long should we put that for? thanks for your videos - they
are great

Автор M Sumalatha ( назад)
chala simple easy and yummy recipe.. Thanks for sharing :)

Автор Raj ESTILO RAJ ( назад)
thank you its good for soo many people

Автор ASN Achari ( назад)
very good

Автор Shaik waseem zeeshan ( назад)
thank you gayatri .. 

Автор Rachabattula Bharath ( назад)
Gayathri garu thanq so much ... Papu cheyadam inta easy aa???? Just
finished cookng ...Chala baga ochindi... 

Автор Navku2638 ( назад)
Thank you for posting such a simple recipe

Автор Ranjitha mini ( назад)
thank u, it is very easy to cook, it saves time 

Автор yathish chandra ( назад)
thank you :) 

Автор Kishore Kumar Chilpa ( назад)

Автор Renuka Guglothu ( назад)
plz provide the easy recipe for sambar to taste beside idli or dosa

Автор Raghu Naidu ( назад)
you are some roy go for bangla food this is not for you you are really
wasting time this is south recipe

Автор Yarlagadda Viswajit ( назад)
thanks for the video helped me a lot. quick and simple recipe 

Автор Raghunandhana G ( назад)
This is very useful to me. Thank You Very Much......!

Автор Rajyalaxmi V ( назад)
మీ వంటలు తెలుగులో ఉండడం వల్ల చాలా సులభంగా అర్ధం అవుతున్నాయి. తెలుగులో
వేడియో చేస్తున్నందుకు ధన్యవాదాలు 

Автор jaya krishna ( назад)
madam okkavela cooker lekapote emi cheyali 

Автор BVS Kumar ( назад)
Pappu munduga 3 nimushalu mookutlo veyisthe pachithanam poyi inka baga
vasthundi. Chivarlo lo kothimira konchem garnish cheyyochu.

Автор Hasnain Saleh ( назад)
ur very nice to share the A.P receipes cos I love them and miss them alot,.

Автор baladenmark ( назад)
I did not understand the language, but still I was able to follow. Very
clear step by step instructions. Thank you!

Автор sgarlanka ( назад)
Gayatri, you helped me feel self reliant and not totally dependent on my
wife for a simple meal. My wife likes me doing that too. Thanks much for
your time.

Автор seenu007 ( назад)
aha emi ruchi!! my childhood favorite dish!!

Автор raymond krishna ( назад)
can this be in english

Автор podhujanam ( назад)
ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு! சூப்பர்!! டக்கருமா!

Автор Pramod Thankachan ( назад)
very nice... 

Автор Reddylion ( назад)

Автор Sandeep Boora (1472 года назад)
thanks mam :)

Автор Viswanadha Reddy ( назад)
గాయత్రక్క ... మీ వంటలు.. అద్బుతం.. కటినమైన వంటలను కూడా చాలా సులువుగా
చెయ్యవచ్చు అని.. అందరికి.. నేర్పిస్తున్నారు.. మీ ప్రయత్నం ప్రసంశనీయము.

Автор sudhir sarnobat ( назад)
When ever I meet any Telagu people they are all non Vegitarians which I am
not. So refreshing to see Vegitarian dish by a Telagu person. Thanks.

Автор sysubrc4 ( назад)
Great video. Thanks for your efforts.

Автор Dean Harris ( назад)
Thanks, a great help.

Автор sivam1256 ( назад)
Thanks alot Gayatri gaaru ... nice and efficient way and the snapshots
helped me alot....(preferred these over videos)

Автор ArgoSG ( назад)
add two-three tablespoons butter to this and experience heaven

Автор Suresh Siddagari ( назад)
thanks !! good job !!

Автор achsah vlog ( назад)
This was the easiest quickest and the most tastiest dish I made. Thank u

Автор sharat babu ( назад)
hey gayathri nice recipe im in beaumont tx i am a student i enjoyed your
recipe a lot

Автор Omar Riyadh ( назад)
Very nice...

Автор thebloodsucker999 ( назад)
Don't we need to add onions.. You din't mention how much water should we
add... thank you so much for the recipe

Автор RAJ A ( назад)
ఈ టమాట పప్పు అంటే నాకు చాలా ఇష్టం! అది ఇంకా బాగుగా ఎలా చెయ్యాలో చెప్పారు..

Автор 12qwest12 ( назад)
verywell explained,thanks

Автор Deepak Sharma ( назад)
Thanks GayatriGaru. I have prepared Tamato Pappu today by seeing your
video. It was great and easy to cook in short time.

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