How to install skins in gta san andreas that dont work using IMG TOOL (CLEO 3 INSTALLATION GUIDE)

this is how you can install the terminator skin and many more if you cant work it with img tool

Cleo 3 (archive)

Skin selector:

Skins you can download :

Have fun and comment and rate :)

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Автор Bruno EPCO ( назад)

Автор Salman gambler ( назад)
thank you bro but can you tell me how to install building mode plzz

Автор Armand Gamerul ( назад)

Автор Michael De Santa ( назад)
How Do You Select Skin I Try Tab+Q Or E But Its Not

Автор Michael Walker ( назад)
Did you buy GTA sa

Автор road runner X ( назад)
thanks bro

Автор Pallab Das (EvilShadow) ( назад)
is it possible to modify gimp suit with any other mods and use that in
multiple suits like [spider-man, super-man-nanosuit etc] so that i can
choose in the game?

Автор juliox9 (30 лет назад)
ok your title says: How to install skins in gta san andreas that dont work
using IMG TOOL. BUT in the end you use IMG TOOL so what the point of these,
i whatnt to install skins but img tool just hgive me adress errors and my
IMG file is now empty i try another IMG file but when is not in the game
folder has skins and i can but skins on it but as soon as i place it in the
cleo folder the the thing is empty again i dont know what to do

Автор zoren vergara ( назад)
i will use cleo 4

Автор Armend Mustafa ( назад)
when i download skins where is img tool i have juste skin_o.cs in the
skins folder

Автор kegan adams ( назад)
avenged sevenfold is my favorite and I saw them last month on the 17th, the
thing is I open the skin thing, and I want to install skins but when I try
to find the skins theyre not there, as in where I placed them they dont
even show up as an item

Автор Sofian W.S ( назад)
where is the Skin file?

Автор MazagaPlay ( назад)
place in cleo 3 folder skins.img and go to your gta 

Автор jehu marfil ( назад)
wtf u said search cleo 3 in google and then u put the link in discription
just wasting time for searching LOL

Автор erick Cerezo ( назад)
please help to transfer into gta san andreas files

Автор Noone Nothing ( назад)
When I want to select a skin,the game blocks.

Автор Haseo Kun ( назад)
pls answer me pls . . . after you add ur skins in IMG tool . . . then whats
you just directly play gta?

Автор Dark AfroJester ( назад)
its not working when i open gta sa it crashed but i fixed it 

Автор Legit Road to 100 subs! ( назад)
i got cleo 3 already

Автор Eddie ( назад)
It keeps telling me I'm missing a file!!! Help! I have 8,000 subscribers!
I'm somebody!!!

Автор GARUDA-PUTIH RezaCZR ( назад)
terima kasih atas semua informasi nya

Автор GARUDA-PUTIH RezaCZR ( назад)

Автор GARUDA-PUTIH RezaCZR ( назад)
thank you for all the information it

Автор Marion Esquibal ( назад)
ty dude...

Автор Stojko “SPLEEN ONE” Stojkovski ( назад)
Why the skin change to CJ when the video playing on. Can you help me 

Автор raymond camba ( назад)
if this work if i Have Mod Install In My GTa

Автор Iwan Danial ( назад)

Автор Hiro Mahtava ( назад)
there are no skin file,i cant use add-on

Автор Beno Ronaldo ( назад)
what are termy.ddf and .txd

Автор ryan ali ( назад)
cleo 4

Автор Shone Deelija ( назад)
not work :(

Автор Master Dimitrov ( назад)
Thanks man.

Автор Java Manu ( назад)
what software was used in opening the skin.img?

Автор ellis david ( назад)
will it work even no message 

Автор ellis david ( назад)
im not recieving any message it always hangs 

Автор Tlili Cos ( назад)
is worked! ty

Автор B Ø Ø M E R ( назад)
nothing happened no message came to me at begning i did exactly hat u said
me 2 do

Автор Vox box ( назад)
Open skin.img in the data in CLEO then add them first extract them to
desktop or whereever and ur done then press tab+q hold and scroll down

Автор Mohd Hakimi ( назад)
how you addthe termy.dff and txd?

Автор Lyes's Lyrics ( назад)
thanks man

Автор ThePanetone22 ( назад)
a question you say "Place the skin_o.cs (cs file and text file) and the
IMG. tool into the CLEO 3 folder.. so in the folder "skin" there's 3 txt
files wich one i drag to the CLEO 3 folder ?

Автор To Duy ( назад)
looks like it will work i will try, i think it will.

Автор takanuva5125 ( назад)
are you ok

Автор ya green boi ( назад)

Автор TheAnimesRed ( назад)
thanks bitch , i aprechireti '-'

Автор Nixon Orsaiz ( назад)
tnx :)

Автор ‫يوسف طارق جابر‬‎ ( назад)
thank man 

Автор WizardCreative ( назад)

Автор ‫احمد اشرف‬‎ ( назад)
IT does not work it stops the game then i have to restart my computer
please help me my account on face book is : Ahmed Ashraf and if you did not
find it search about egyspiderman@yahoo.com my img is the rock finishes
john cena and thanks

Автор Lord Of Fapland ( назад)
it says file is corrupt for the skin igm file

Автор ArmySV ( назад)
I don't know why, But my mouse doesn't work in game after installing this

Автор ArmySV ( назад)
How to open the GUI ?

Автор Jan Štefanič ( назад)
it Works Thank you :D now i have V for vendetta skin xD 

Автор Alladin Vato ( назад)
thank you! your like the only mother fucker on youtbe that had wat i needed

Автор Omar Dahimene ( назад)
i dont ave img

Автор ANARQIA ( назад)
i dont understansd please help me my skupe ' is; gugala facebook: giorgi
gujabidze please delp me 

Автор Moon Gaming ( назад)
GET "Not Responding " My Gta San Andreas when press Tab + Q And E .. Why ??

Автор Dextive Zealot ( назад)
Awww... it crashed :(

Автор Connor “nelsonatorgaming” Nelson ( назад)

Автор hotchkissrecords ( назад)
At about 1:40 you go on to say "add these files" but don't say where to add
them too. I can guess a .txd file would go in the txd folder inside the
models folder, but I don't know where the .dff file goes. Also, maybe I'm
completely wrong. Maybe those don't go there. Either way, you didn't say
where to add them. You've ALMOST made a helpful video. Unfortunately,
you've failed.

Автор Yellow Flash ( назад)
if your game is crashed press tab+mousewheel(rotate it) 

Автор Marlou polintan ( назад)
thanks at this video now im using the raiden skin 

Автор Oscar Medies ( назад)

Автор Bemas Cabida ( назад)
I'm Nearing it.........

Автор Mohd Yazid ( назад)
it crash my game..... 

Автор thesandmandf ( назад)
eh it dosnt work with zombie alarm mode :/ any skin modes i can use with
the cleo alarm zombie mode?

Автор Mohd Yazid ( назад)
u live in united kingdome?

Автор alaa lakouader ( назад)
thnks now its running so for people hwo want the cj's controle fore those
who have a qwery key board its (tab+q+e) fore those who have an azerty key
board its (tab+a+e) it will run tested by me 

Автор alaa lakouader ( назад)
where did you find the termy.dff an termy.txd please answere plz 

Автор TangoFoxtrotfuckyou ( назад)
I did everything but the skin.img is never there. What do I do?

Автор NeNolollipop ( назад)
how do you open the skin.img file

Автор subsribe2011 ( назад)
the termy is the terminator skin you dont need it :D

Автор MrBdeax ( назад)
skin image tool wont open "disk image file corrupted" plz help.

Автор AMG CHANNEL ( назад)
i stuck at 1:46 idk what to do.. i don't have teremy dff and teremy txd ..
i only have renko dff/txd .. help me

Автор 1herobrineLoCo ( назад)

Автор RedAngles34 ( назад)
thx this is so cool didn't see the message got scared but it works that's
all I care about thx again 

Автор Soullux Captor ( назад)
help ive done everything and i see the message in the game but when i press
Tab+q+e nothing happens Cj just change weapons pls help and thank U

Автор nico casano ( назад)

Автор santos hattory ( назад)

Автор joshua agbleze ( назад)
i have done everything you did and i didnt get the message on the game and
it doesnt work when i try and change the skin any suggestions

Автор Vladislav Andreev ( назад)
The guy that made this video is a beast

Автор mark kaito ( назад)
can you give me a link for the downgrade.. please reply 

Автор Teo Eng Kiat ( назад)
whats the diffrent btw CLEO 3 and 4?

Автор Teo Eng Kiat ( назад)
where do i put downloaded skin at? CLEO folder?

Автор Roshan Stha ( назад)
ohh thanks bro

Автор florin ionescu ( назад)
dar cum ca am incercat sa apas TAB+Q+E Si imi skcimba armele 

Автор TGMinedika Lox ( назад)
i dont get it

Автор Edy Doczi ( назад)
o fut pa mata si pa tata familia ta 

Автор loveless4427 ( назад)
you should show us how to do it in the video not give us something to read

Автор Toxic Biohazard ( назад)
skin selector is confusing mod but i have car spawner all vehicle can spawn
even rare vehicle can be spawn like armada plane!!!! 

Автор Toxic Biohazard ( назад)
okay 1 more nned to ask first what to do with skin.img and what place to
place it at cleo or model file because all thing with have back .img a t
back it is like model like gta3.img.plz help me.

Автор Toxic Biohazard ( назад)
yeah you need to create it and place all cleo u have download to cleo file
in gta and place the cleo.asi gta san andreas folder

Автор TheImConflict ( назад)
Most confusing tutorial ever

Автор Try mii ( назад)
will this work on any cleo

Автор Roshan Stha ( назад)
i dont have ClEO file in my gta folder do i need to make it!!!!

Автор Mr. Rizky 98 ( назад)
Its can work with cleo 4??

Автор momo keishing ( назад)
i cant find my img tool

Автор Aidil Dhahril ( назад)
thanx it's work :D

Автор Vid Zavalic ( назад)
same thing :'(

Автор Rei Of Astora ( назад)
dont use img tool while you play it, cause it wont work properly 

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