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Автор Michael De Santa (2 месяца)
How Do You Select Skin I Try Tab+Q Or E But Its Not

Автор Michael Walker (4 месяца)
Did you buy GTA sa

Автор Armand GAMING (2 месяца)

Автор juliox9 (6 месяцев)
ok your title says: How to install skins in gta san andreas that dont work
using IMG TOOL. BUT in the end you use IMG TOOL so what the point of these,
i whatnt to install skins but img tool just hgive me adress errors and my
IMG file is now empty i try another IMG file but when is not in the game
folder has skins and i can but skins on it but as soon as i place it in the
cleo folder the the thing is empty again i dont know what to do

Автор Raivo Rebiņš (9 месяцев)
place in cleo 3 folder skins.img and go to your gta 

Автор Pallab Das (6 месяцев)
is it possible to modify gimp suit with any other mods and use that in
multiple suits like [spider-man, super-man-nanosuit etc] so that i can
choose in the game?

Автор Sofian W.S (9 месяцев)
where is the Skin file?

Автор road runner X (4 месяца)
thanks bro

Автор Eddie ™ (1 год)
It keeps telling me I'm missing a file!!! Help! I have 8,000 subscribers!
I'm somebody!!!

Автор zoren vergara (9 месяцев)
i will use cleo 4

Автор aleksandra deljanin (1 год)

Автор Armend Mustafa (9 месяцев)
when i download skins where is img tool i have juste skin_o.cs in the
skins folder

Автор Justin si punct (1 год)
When I want to select a skin,the game blocks.

Автор SpongeBobIV (9 месяцев)
Where can i find the skin.IMG file??? 

Автор Ho Konol (1 год)
there are no skin file,i cant use add-on

Автор erick Cerezo (1 год)
please help to transfer into gta san andreas files

Автор Haseo Kun (1 год)
pls answer me pls . . . after you add ur skins in IMG tool . . . then whats
you just directly play gta?

Автор jehu marfil (11 месяцев)
wtf u said search cleo 3 in google and then u put the link in discription
just wasting time for searching LOL

Автор Dark AfroJester (1 год)
its not working when i open gta sa it crashed but i fixed it 

Автор Beno Ronaldo (1 год)
what are termy.ddf and .txd

Автор Tabby Tabby (1 год)
i got cleo 3 already

Автор Stojko Stojkovski (1 год)
Why the skin change to CJ when the video playing on. Can you help me 

Автор Marion Esquibal (1 год)
ty dude...

Автор raymond camba (1 год)
if this work if i Have Mod Install In My GTa

Автор GARUDA RezaCZR (1 год)
terima kasih atas semua informasi nya

Автор Iwan Danial (1 год)

Автор GARUDA RezaCZR (1 год)

Автор PukPuk ESP (1 год)
what software was used in opening the skin.img?

Автор ryan ali (1 год)
cleo 4

Автор Shone Deelija (1 год)
not work :(

Автор GARUDA RezaCZR (1 год)
thank you for all the information it

Автор kegan adams (9 месяцев)
avenged sevenfold is my favorite and I saw them last month on the 17th, the
thing is I open the skin thing, and I want to install skins but when I try
to find the skins theyre not there, as in where I placed them they dont
even show up as an item

Автор Master Dimitrov (1 год)
Thanks man.

Автор ken hards (3 года)
how to open cleo 3

Автор Samarth Kapil (2 года)
if your game is crashed press tab+mousewheel(rotate it)

Автор Soullux Captor (2 года)
help ive done everything and i see the message in the game but when i press
Tab+q+e nothing happens Cj just change weapons pls help and thank U

Автор FunTimers123 (2 года)
my sa crashes when i press tab and Q

Автор NeNolollipop (2 года)
how do you open the skin.img file

Автор TheAnimesRed (1 год)
thanks bitch , i aprechireti '-'

Автор Wale Ahma (2 года)
Where did you get the termy file

Автор RemBaA (2 года)
dat bass at loading the game

Автор AMARCAR100 (3 года)
i changed my skin to sweet than i type cheat BMTPWHR than i spawned big
smoke and i recurit him to my gang :)

Автор Farhan Dzulfiqar (2 года)
Thanks for tutorial

Автор ElOndeadoJr1 (2 года)
Can I do this with steam?

Автор Trickerster (3 года)
Mine keeps crashing, im pretty sure i did everyone right.

Автор Kasper777TheKing (3 года)
It works! Well.. the only thing that works for me is the spawn ped, Or
Character as ped thing and all clothes thing.. but the other thing does not
work, it just crashes! but dont worry. if you have the same prob just
install More skins into your img.

Автор Toxic Biohazard (2 года)
skin selector is confusing mod but i have car spawner all vehicle can spawn
even rare vehicle can be spawn like armada plane!!!!

Автор takanuva5125 (1 год)
are you ok

Автор Zaliukas Lt (2 года)
it doesnt work

Автор ArmySV (1 год)
I don't know why, But my mouse doesn't work in game after installing this

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