James Bignon - "I Came To Lift Him Up"

James Bignon was born an only child in Savannah, GA, and raised in New York City. He came from a large family of singers, pianists, organists, and preachers. He started singing in church at the age of five and was already writing his own material at 11. He learned to play the piano by watching his parents and soon started taking lessons and theory courses. His impressive skills as a singer, writer, arranger, and instrumentalist were key to his successful recording career. He is shown here with The Deliverance Mass Choir singing live. Please rate.

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Автор Always testthespirits ( назад)

Автор Trenda Daniel ( назад)
Solomon had a choir of a thousand, this is great! I wish the church would
go back to choir singing

Автор Zandra Rollins ( назад)
Beautiful praise song

Автор kimberly sam ( назад)
Thank You Lord. AMEN!!!!

Автор Christopher Maxwell (514 года назад)
i miss the large powerhouse choirs

Автор newcreature2011 ( назад)
Lord that is a CHOIR! I would LOSE It to see a choir this big these

Автор Vanessa Summers (1956 лет назад)
Awesome! HE'S worthy to BE LIFTED UP! If you WON'T help me lift HIM up the
ROCKS will cry out in your place.......Lift HIM Up!

Автор rosetta carr ( назад)
Love this song because it keeps me reminded to lift up Jesus, the one and
only that will make all thing possible. Thank you Lord.

Автор Juan Felipe ( назад)
Glória a Deus!!!

Автор Brenda Jefferson ( назад)
My favorite composer and Music Minister of all times!!!! 

Автор My 2cents ( назад)
Awesome praise!!! Lift Him higher, higher, and higher!!

Автор utbr01 ( назад)
now That's a choir!!! wow!!! awesome how no matter how large choirs are,
when they sing in such unison, they sound as if a smaller group is giving
all this magnificent sound

Автор Tyshon Love ( назад)
My my thats a mass choir

Автор Atlantis Anderson ( назад)
Is all came to left him up

Автор MsQueenPattiTv ( назад)
My My My!""" Sing Children Sing!"""

Автор Barbara Hill ( назад)
James did live in Augusta before moving to Atlanta. His singers were god's
Children James organized a 100 voice choir in the 80's I had the
opportunity to sing in that choir and led a song. James has been an
inspiration to us here in Augusta. The program was televised to be on
PBS. It was standing room only at the Antioch Baptist Church. What a time
we had that night.

Автор Joe Moore ( назад)
Thank you James Bignon. You are a gifted composer, singer, and arranger.
To god be the Glory!

Автор Kimberly Rollins ( назад)
Praise God! I love to worship the Lord,for who He is, my strength, my joy &
my Savior! Watching them praise the Lord just makes His spirit leap inside
me. Can't explain this feeling, you gotta have a relationship with Jesus to
know what I mean. Hallelujah to the Lamb!!!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Jennifer Bynum ( назад)
James Bignon a most talented man, God continue to use Him for His glory
Not many composers these days have the rare talent he posses.

Автор Tracey Ray ( назад)
This song always lifts me up. A rocking gospel song

Автор Roger Cook ( назад)
I have been in music all of my life. I live in Memphis, Tn and go to one of
the best churches in town. Middle Baptist (Whithaven). Rev. Lester Baskin
(pastor). First Lady (Irene Baskin). We have about 70 or more every sunday
morning in our (Sanctuary Choir). And they can (Sang).But I was just
thinking, what would it be like to direcct a choir this size. They all were
getting there praise on. Oh yeay.

Автор Chanté Dupar ( назад)
Glory!!! Yessss!!! 

Автор Pennie Robertson ( назад)
These r songs that bless your soul we need to go back to this

Автор travis miller ( назад)

Автор Rick Ritz ( назад)
Just wonderful. Wish I had this cd

Автор yungkeyz ( назад)
This is when we actually had some real choirs. 

Автор a c ( назад)
love seeing a choir that is dressed holy and no flashy jewelry... just
praising God, not for a show but in the beauty of Holiness

Автор JB M ( назад)
My God rejoices when we sing to him in Spirit and in Truth !! this choir is

Автор michael cornejo ( назад)
is a exellent :3 music wau ..!!! :3 beatifull :3

Автор msscott73 ( назад)
I have the whole cassette every song on this one is just as good as this
one. You can just play it from the first to the last one.

Автор msscott73 ( назад)
where do i get the DVD?

Автор Dede Haislip ( назад)

Автор The Young and the Redeemed ( назад)
This album was recorded live @ the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Decatur,
GA, which is now home to the Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church,
pastored by Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

Автор Lloyd Lee ( назад)
Ok thank

Автор Bigbasssix1972 ( назад)
I know this was recorded in Atlanta. And I think this was at Chapel Hill.

Автор Lloyd Lee ( назад)
What the name of this church and what city is it

Автор Ange78727 ( назад)
yes, yes, yes!

Автор Brooks Baptiste ( назад)
That's what you call a REAL MASS CHOIR!

Автор suitguyaz ( назад)
LOVE THIS MUSIC!!! Cannot get enough of this choir and the rhythm!

Автор Joann Lloyd ( назад)
Just can't sit still right now. I got to move.

Автор johnny boswell ( назад)
He's been too good to me !!!

Автор QueenXterra ( назад)
I would like to get information about your apperances and information about
becoming a part of the great work of God that you are involved in.

Автор Susie Q ( назад)

Автор Eric Brantley ( назад)
Well he was definitely born in Savannah, I'm from Savannah and he talked
about in a workshop that he was conducting.

Автор Tomecca Millender ( назад)
You better directed Sam :)

Автор ronnie thomas jr ( назад)
i just love hearing this song man!!!.

Автор ronnie thomas jr ( назад)
particular somebody don't want me to watch the song

Автор angelica snell ( назад)
does anybody notice how over the course of the song the man who was doing
sign language kinda got into the song- he was off beat alot lol. it tickled

Автор angelica snell ( назад)
is that jill scott in the far left corner???? (0:46 mark)

Автор Katrina Amos ( назад)
Lol I knew I herd something fall. Im walking around the house trying to see
what in the world that was. Sounds like a pole or something fell. Lol this
is too funny. If I never read those post, I would have still been trying to
figure out where that noise came from.@sweet

Автор Chuck Lewis ( назад)
its between 0.28 and 0.35

Автор Chuck Lewis ( назад)
at the beginning of the song, the intro, does anybody know what notes they
are playing

Автор alim3611 ( назад)
Wow thanks Amez4life . Its wonderfully inspiring . Praise be to God

Автор The Young and the Redeemed ( назад)
I have this CD, which has a complete choir roster, and I counted 131
sopranos, 135 altos, and 104 tenors.

Автор alim3611 ( назад)
How Massive is this choir ? 100 tenors , 150 altos and 180 sopranoes !

Автор SONGBIRD304 ( назад)
We sung this when I was 13.

Автор miskittt ( назад)
This makes me super excited about singing in the Heavenly Choir.

Автор miskittt ( назад)
That's how to sang!

Автор PrincezzKay KeNyEtTa ( назад)
Would you look at that? Now THAT is a choir.

Автор Keller Coleman ( назад)

Автор MeltedPearls ( назад)
Get some joy, it is HERE! Thanks so much for posting this video! Love in
Christ to all who love Him, too.

Автор TreyShelt79 ( назад)
I remember singing this song it used to bring the house down.

Автор byron powell ( назад)
Now thats what I call sangin yes Lawd!!!

Автор bringbackoldscool ( назад)

Автор Tracye Mann ( назад)
I so remember the days of singing with James at EBC and I tell you what he
WORKED us like hebrew slaves AND we LOVED it. We praised GOD like you would
not believe. I miss those days. I pray that GOD continues to allow him to
make this kind of GOSPEL...I miss chioirs like this.

Автор spursfan4life ( назад)
does anyone have the other videos from this album?!

Автор Marie English ( назад)
400 voices strong we had a good time praising God!!

Автор IVANRED ( назад)
i love this guy he is very good my god bless him

Автор Bettye Bagby ( назад)
Man, look at that CHOIR!!!! Sang ya'll!!!!

Автор Brenda Dudley ( назад)
I got a chance to meet him at the music workshop some years ago at Berkeley
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Berkeley, CA . (Rev. Dr. M. T.
Thompson was the pastor at that time). I still have the CD's that he
autographed for me. Love his music.

Автор Brenda Dudley ( назад)
I got a chance to meet him at the music workshop some years ago at Berkeley
Mount Zion Baptist Church in Berkeley, CA . I still have the CD's that he
autographed for me. Love his music.

Автор TrueGospelMan ( назад)
Augusta Georgia's own. I use to love to hear him and his group of singers
(Richardine Holmes, Ernestine curry, Loretta Lowe, and others) when I was
growing up in Augusta. They had a local hit back then called, "I'm a Child
of the King". Boy could they sing!

Автор TheGospelZone ( назад)
@sweetmsroslyn Lol, I never noticed that before. Something definitely fell
over. Nice job catching that.

Автор sweetmsroslyn ( назад)
after listening to this over & over, I have to ask, did someone turn around
and know a vase over (at the 4.33 mark)?

Автор mayroymusik ( назад)
where can i get a copy of this dvd?

Автор sweetmsroslyn ( назад)
Very well done and inspiring. I listen to this over and over thru-out my
day. (Why does the choir director keep turning around towards the camera?)
I've never seen a director turn away from the choir, especially as much as

Автор Jewelz Eve ( назад)
When I first heard this song, I thought it was Timothy Wright. He sound
just like him.

Автор TheGospelZone ( назад)
@CHOCHOGODESS85 No I don't, sorry.

Автор jpurify08 ( назад)
@MultiBishop1234 This is Greater Traveler's Rest Baptist Church in Decatur,
GA. Pastor is E. Dewey Smith.

Автор Kirk ( назад)

Автор fpic ( назад)
@dexzion he's on facebook

Автор minjalewissr ( назад)
@TheGospelZone I know for sure he was in Augusta before moving to Atlanta.
His group was James Bignon and God's Children. Earnestine Curry, Richardine
Daggett, and another lady were his singers. My mom played piano for them
for a while. Earnestine, Richardine, and my mom all went to sing with the
Georgia Mass Choir when it was formed. James Bignon moved to Atlanta around
that time, but continued to be a major writer, singer, director, and
conductor for Georgia Mass for many years.

Автор TheLastDon7 ( назад)
Travelers rest has a massive choir as well!

Автор dexzion ( назад)
How can I get touch with James Bignon? dex (zm)

Автор Ladyjz1579 ( назад)
No James waz born n Augusta ga

Автор Ladyjz1579 ( назад)
James or as I call him jr. Is my cuzin and just want to say I luv u cuZin
and auntie Eula will be Missed!

Автор LDhivine ( назад)
james bignon fan..we sang with him in Augusta when i was in college(
concert choir..i loved it,, we sang" he made a difference in my lfe" and
"praise him-praise the lord just because he is who he is glory and honor,
majesty belongs to him"

Автор TheGospelZone ( назад)
I know that he is originally from Georgia and I know that he operates out
of the Atlanta area today. I need to confirm that he left Georgia at some
point to move to New York before returning to Georgia. Once I get
confirmation, I'll get back to you.

Автор temptsfan2 ( назад)
Question: I recall a James Bignon who sang with his mother Eula in Augusta,
Ga during his teenage years, which I believed to be his hometown. Is the
bio info above correct?

Автор shadhom ( назад)
James always has been a awesome force in gospel music.

Автор TheElder79 ( назад)
@ThumpDr It was recorded at the former Chapel Hill Harvester Church/
Cathedral of The Holy Spirit. This facility presently is the home of The
Greater Traveler's Rest Baptist Church. It is located in Decatur, Georgia
outside Atlanta.

Автор ThumpDr ( назад)
I have the album and absolutly love it. James and the choir are off the
chain. What a joyful noise unto the lord. Wish I knew what church it was
recorded at. I play bass and wish I could have gotten a chunk of that.

Автор minwill4 ( назад)
can u post sum more vids from this particular album

Автор spursfan4life ( назад)
i miss this!! i remember he did concerts at my church every year! i miss
them :(

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