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Автор HYDROGEN (4 месяца)
hho devices are on ebay

Автор Jake Jones (18 дней)
Mr. Daniel Dingles is full of crap! It takes the same amount of energy to
release hydrogen from water as it produces when burning the hydrogen. When
he fills his gas tank from a garden hose, then I'll believe him.

Автор Refugio Villegas III (22 дня)
The video is poor the message is loud and can that you can run your engines
from using water. The governments around the world just want to make money
is all they care about.

Автор Chad Reitsma (4 месяца)
You can build your own HHO (drycell) quite easily, just look up vids here
on YouTube. The trick is regulating the pressure as Daniel has done.

Автор Jimjones (3 месяца)
Given the fact that most electric cars can't do a great deal of mileage due
to the size and capacity of their batteries and cars that run on water have
a similar issue, is it possible or should I say are there hybrid cars
around today that run on both electric and water where one can be switched
to in the event of the other diminishing? And is it possible to convert
everyday cars into this?

Автор cirus zarsata (3 месяца)
no more free water everydrop is a dollar,and let the earth be dry and
everyone become more greedy when the water soppose to be free and a source
of life an d war will begin becouse of water. wheres the precious water im
so so sori but this just a couse of more greedy and more death so so sori
cos everybody is so greedy...
hope everyone think of amuch brighter way the solution before the effect.

Автор Reymark Tarol (4 месяца)
if greed doesn't exist, this world is a better place......... 

Автор bbruce995 (3 месяца)

Автор John van Zeist (9 дней)
Already in the 70s BMW published about their hydrogen car experiments, and
SUDDENLY STOPPED, only to recently talk about it again as if nothing had
happened... Had their "silence contract" recently ended?

Автор david maltais (13 дней)
the 1998 mitsubishi as been running on water since 1969...

Автор maxc2358 (9 дней)
Dingel: "I was able to split the water with minimal current. That is the
trade secret."
Please no more secrets. How many more times must these inventions be lost?
Humanity doesn't have any more time for these childish games.

Автор MrInfolover (14 дней)
Open source the darn thing already!

Автор Ed Neri (14 дней)
Is Dingle still around? Where can I contct or visit him?

Автор Jay Mace (1 месяц)
WATCH AND SHARE!!!!!!! Please :) 

Автор Abraham Pathrose (5 месяцев)
Let me have your Phone number or address or email ID so that I can invest
on it in India and export to philippine and all other countries at low

Автор Bo McGillacutty (4 месяца)
Never mind Danny Dingle Berry's device--*Buy my magnetic gasoline magnifier*instead! My invention is a simple multiple magnetic device that you only
need to clamp on to your fuel line and it multiplies your fuel by a factor
of 4.23--that's right--if you now use 40 gallons per week you will only
need about 9 gal. after installing my device. HURRY before the oil company
goons assasinate me!!!

Автор ahmudzebra-ray (4 месяца)
Nice accent. I like your diction of the english word. Are you a Filipina?

Автор Earlrodson Cariño (22 дня)
This would solve the Climate change and increasing volume of water.

Автор clitmint (2 месяца)
1806: Francois Isaac de Rivaz (born in Paris, December 19, 1752; Died in
Sion, July 30, 1828) was a Swiss inventor, credited with inventing and
constructing the first successful internal combustion engine in 1806. The
engine was powered by a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. A year later, Isaac
de Rivaz built one of the first automobiles – of course, powered by his new

NOTE: Gasoline was not used for internal combustion engines until 1870.

1908: the first internal combustion engine car powered by hydrogen from

1935 – Inventor Henry Garrett patented a electrolytic carburetor and let a
car run on tap water.

Yes, let's not forget history.......

Автор Julio Gomez (22 дня)
If this is true Arabs will have to drink their oil.

Автор JEHERETIC (4 месяца)
The only reason it take them masters so long to put out Hydrogen cars is
cause they want to charge you for the hydrogen instead of doing it right
and making it produce the hydrogen from water. Next is they will try and
govern water like the do oil and that means everyone dies for them to get
control. we must kill them off first in order to be free, can we do it?

Автор Alcatraz Beltran (2 месяца)
IM SO DISSAPOINTED TO THE world bank and the IMF

Автор drijfkip1 (2 месяца)
Daniel dingel was send to prison for 20 years because he's a scammer.
But i see there are still plenty of believers to keep other scammers in

Автор Aris Santos (15 дней)

Автор erepsekahs (4 месяца)
My father (retired) was a senior scientist in the oil exploration business.
He says there is enough untapped oil to keep this planet going for a few
hundred years and that talks of shortage is just an excuse to continually
raise the price, when the truth is that as vehicles are made more and more
fuel efficient the oil and gas companies who are selling less in volume
have to raise the price to keep profits up. The gov. love that as they are
addicted to the taxes...and the higher the price the greater the tax
revenue. So don't expect any government to be keen on lowering oil prices.
Watch all the hype there is going to be about how hugely expensive it will
be to run your car on water (Hydrogen). They are preparing you for the
sticker shock when the new form of taxation begins (Hydrogen fuel tax).
There is no way corporations are going to give up profit or governments
give up taxes. By the way, it is the same story in the cigarette industry.
The more people who give it up the lower the sales and so therefore the
higher the price and therefore the higher the taxes. Corporations will not
give up net profit and governments are certainly not willing to give up the
same net dollar volume in taxes. If you are a human it is still true, there
are two things you cannot escape........death and taxes.

Автор PuzzleMaster (1 месяц)
He still has his "Buggy" seen post 2013 and he is just fine. Oil companies
didnt offer him money. they buried and suppressed this topic with piles of
Money. WE ARE BECOMING LIKE CHINA. DICTATORSHIP.... Moloch ppl drink your
milk. MLK
be aware of this But centered and happy. Tesla tapped ether and they gagged
him. Not many ppl seen to kno the whole truth of tesla. HHO is kool and all
but he did it with out any APPARENT fuel source. This was galactic
universal energy, He called it Ether.
(think of solar pannel that work at night... because its not light they

Автор Arrain Amilhasan (3 месяца)
While the reality that we can use water as fuel... A very unacceptable fact
exist that government around the world INCLUDING Philippines has an
agreement not to produce or support such technology and some even to
suppress it because the multi-trillion dollar OIL BUSINESS will go bust.
THEY TRADED OUR LIFE FOR MONEY. We are suffering from the effects of
petroleum byproducts i.e. pollution, climate change, and losing our hard
earned money.The world is ADDICTED to crude oil...!!!!

Автор Libra Lai (3 месяца)
Viva Mr Daniel...

Автор Rafiqkie Bailan (2 месяца)
mabuhay salamatpo! ...tq for information and good show

Автор Tom Hoehler (3 месяца)
What a load of shit. He's a liar and a thief, and a very bad salesman.
Check the exhaust pipe emissions. I'll bet half a year's salary that it
contains hydrocarbons. C'mon, measure those exhaust gases. This is fake as
hell. This just will not work. If the basic premise was sound, after 40 +
years this would be used everywhere in the world. Electric lighting,
revolutionary as it was at the time, only took 30 years to catch on
worldwide. This so called "discovery" is a million times more significant.
That it has not been reduced to practice after many, many years proves it
is bullshit!

Автор Tom Ecarma (3 месяца)
Daniel please I hope you apply for a patent on your invention! Or don't
make a patent of it why not share it to the public on what do we need and
we make our own in that way you will change the world!

Автор Clifford Hodgson (1 месяц)
share this to the people who the government control, so that every one
build's for them self, that is God's help and don't think of getting
anything back, and when over half of the wold population is using your
technology you will have accomplish a very good work.

Автор Richard Young (3 месяца)
Be careful of the time your patient has been pending, maybe they are
delaying it so you can die first, in this way someone else will step to
clame it as there own. Good luck.

Автор Iannyll sarte (4 месяца)
Where is Dabiel Dingle's Province I'd like to know where he's from... So
that I can send a letter to president speaking of thia invention. Who
knows,the world today is badly in need of eco friendly inventions. Why not
give it a try today and give it a shot maybe its just about time that the
Filipinos begin to be aware of how wealthy OUR COUNTRY will be with this
invention and maybe now is the time to make a change to the worlds

Автор remart rosario (1 месяц)
no more pollution if the all cars we use in the philippine will be like

Автор chris mcmillen (4 месяца)
The only way to get this kind of product into production would be to
kick-start a million bucks for production and 100 million in hiring a
private army and defensive measures to keep you and your production line
safe. Even then OPEC or someone would convince the gov you were a threat
to national security and carpet bomb your factory, so, yes, you can make
water cars, but no, you can't live to sell them.

Автор jhay-ar paragas (5 месяцев)
what hapen yours invention now?cant i buy?

Автор Rolly Dionisio (5 месяцев)
this engine is work by the hydrogen.that produce by the boiling of the
water of the battery,,,

Автор John Steele (4 месяца)
Proudly filmed with A Potato

Автор Knight Six (1 месяц)
I'm happy for Mr. Dingel and his work. Extracting hydrogen from water is
not new science...the idea and actual use has been around for a long, long
time. It's not correct to say he has a "water powered car." The engine is
not running on water; rather the hydrogen that has been extracted from
water. He states his car will run for one hour on one liter of water.
But...under what conditions? How fast and for how long? Hydrogen does not
contain the energy that gasoline does, so its performance would be less.
Given that it can work, will it meet the expectation of a demanding public
that an automobile so powered will travel for 300 miles with one tank of
water at highway speeds? Just how big will that tank of water be and how
much will it weigh? I can just see a service station manager getting angry
at cars and trucks pulling in to grab his water hose instead of the gas
pump. What's the formula for conversion? IE: how much hydrogen can one
expect from a unit of water? Propane powered autos have been around for
decades...my cousin had one and I drove it for quite awhile. I can state
from actual experience that the car went into an "underpowered" mode the
second we switched over to propane. It was sluggish at highway speeds and
took quite a while to come up to speed. The propane tank was huge and took
up all of the trunk space. So, I'll continue to watch and see where
this goes. I don't believe it's the manufacturers who will have an issue
with this...it will be a fickle public that will demand an unreasonable
level of performance which hydrogen can't deliver when compared to
petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuels. JCH 

Автор Nosrej Chaokad (5 месяцев)
Hydrogen meron pang ebike kit?

Автор Ann Bayron (3 месяца)
did he sell the patent of his invention to any interested country?

Автор today ton (2 месяца)
100 amps but needs more

Автор ted joseph (3 месяца)
Daniel passed away in October 2010 at his home in the Philippines aged 84
“Dingle is known as a vocal critic of Filipino government officials and
scientists who have refused to support his invention. fuck i learned a
lesson,, never rely to the government to support ur invention,,

Автор Alan S (4 месяца)
There's no such thing as perpetual motion folks. Universities and
engineering specialists all over the world are set up to check ideas like
this to determine whether and how they work. They do it for a purpose - and
it's not some conspiracy to prevent energy efficient devices onto the
market - it's to stop people being scammed. Though some are so thick they
almost deserve it.

Автор darwin86100 (5 месяцев)
Greed is primarily the reason why they wont support. It will benefit public
at large but will hurt big companies!!!!

Автор Just Tony (2 месяца)
Um, excuse me Sir, but I know what a pink elephant looks like when i see

Автор sigbin2010 (1 месяц)
i hope all of the government will die specially our president noynoy
aquino!! he is no solution about the main problem here!!! the gas and the
rice is very high!! and the salary here is so low!!!!! i hope theres a man
will push to solve the main problem today!!

Автор KriSS CroSS (2 месяца)
archelle galo2 months ago

this is the solution of crisis in the philippines ..... but the country
still like a carabao w/ long hook that controled by other nation. meaning
to say that philippines country is slaves and working to other nation.

Автор Jhoven Diaz (3 месяца)

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