Daniel Dingle and his Water powered Car

Daniel Dingel is a Filipino engineer who invented a "hydrogen reactor" - a device which is used to power a water-fuelled car.He is also a man of his dignity and loyalty for his country and for the people. He invented the water fuel for the people and he believes that this invention he created is a fundamental of low cost fuel in the future. In spite of all his effort and hard work there are some of the private company including the government who are opposing his invention. And, some of the large private companies are trying to steal his invention for there on purpose. But he seems clever too to avoid such circumstances. He knows that someday this invention will help his country regain economic power. But Philippine Government doesn't seem to support him. here is a link to his patent, but there is alot missing


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Автор archelle galo ( назад)
this is the solution of crisis in the philippines ..... but the country
still like a carabao w/ long hook that controled by other nation. meaning
to say that philippines country is slaves and working to other nation.

Автор Gordon Hinds ( назад)
Oh but I do "know how things work" and this is a blatant scam.

Автор rEsonansDx ( назад)
no i still haven't. But thermodynamics does apply to the use of hydrogen as

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
get a hho generator from ebay,install it to your car-thank me later

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
few more word- law of thermodynamics dont apply to this technology-what
about zero point energy,have u heard of it?

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
sure he did, he is dead, his technology is 30 years old, go look for the

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
20 years for fraud!! firstly he is dead,secondly who the hell goes to jail
for 20 years for a scam, did he rape and kill someone? there are more
videos of him talking to the press dont believe everything u read

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
no i have a patents manager, he has to see it working or else no patent, go
and look for daniels patent,you just get the first page,so where is the
rest of it?

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
no they wont,the oil companies will

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
get a hho generator from ebay

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
get a hho generator from ebay,this saves fuel its all over youtube

Автор yseeker23 ( назад)
What we can do to make it happen? .. Well, we can begin by making it OPEN
SOURCE so that it gets impossible to supress an invention by simply killing
the inventor. The moment you try to patent a "free energy"-solution you'll
effectively be signing your death-sentence, so FUCK the patent-system. Open
Source is the only way to go.

Автор yseeker23 ( назад)
The charges weren't manufactured. He really DID rip those people off and
the moment he heard that he was gonna get sued for it, he emptied the bank
account where his investors money were placed. I spit on his grave!

Автор yseeker23 ( назад)
Registering a patent has nothing to do with wether the thing works or not.
Patents are about copyright and nothing else.

Автор yseeker23 ( назад)
Here's the article about it:

Автор yseeker23 ( назад)
Well, the moment you patent something it kinda means that it'll no longer
be free and can't be built by anyone other than those who have a license to
build. Haven't God told Dingle that we can't save the world through
monopoly? ;) The moment I crack the free-energy equation, my formula will
go viral on the internet immediately. Free energy needs to be free to be
truly FREE. :)

Автор Unkle Pervert ( назад)
what a hack and slash attempt at making a secondary battery look like a
water separation. device. when he holds the circuit checker up to the water
seperator he gets a light indicating that there is some kind of charge
there when the car is off. he simply re routed a vital component of the car
to the disguised second battery preventing it from starting when cranked.
really not hard to do just a few wires and a pointless life will get that

Автор ekoy koy ( назад)
maybe its time to used water car

Автор Anthony Nolasco ( назад)
Daniel Dingel Daniel Dingel, a Filipino inventor, has been claiming since
1969 to have developed technology allowing water to be used as fuel. In
2000, Dingel entered into a business partnership with Formosa Plastics
Group to further develop the technology. In 2008, Formosa Plastics
successfully sued Dingel for fraud, with the 82-year-old Dingel being
sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Автор jamco ocmajed ( назад)
pedi ko po ba e convert ang nissan urvan ko na model 2006 sa water gas?

Автор tyrone120892 ( назад)
Sir what about considering the ENERGY to produce hydrogen than the energy
or work that hydrogen oxidation can make??? do they have the Ratio for that
for us to say that it will be efficient? I think that might be a problem

Автор captain42979 ( назад)
Listen they are not able to tax water hello it rains and there are wells
and springs. Second I just don't believe this I would have to see it in
person or he would have to show what modifications he has done to make it
work. Dealing with big corporations and putting patents on stuff like this
is just ignorant or plain stupid, dealing with the devil they are evil!

Автор d freeman ( назад)

Автор Mal Goode ( назад)
Taxed in the same way that Diesel is taxed. In the UK Diesel is taxed much
higher for vehicle use and almost not taxed for domestic use. Coloured dye
is added to the fuel and tax is paid to distinguish it from domestic use.
In the UK Government officials have road blocks to dip and test vehicles to
ensure that they are using tax paid diesel. This could be applied to water.
If found to be using non tax paid fuel (i.e. a non-dyed water), the fines
are heavy and even imprisonment.

Автор phigo4kins ( назад)
Fuck That HHO Shyt, Gasoline will still be Burnt, I See that as A Waste.
But Please Do You Sell Your System? Or At Least Show Us How You did it
Please? Thanks

Автор phigo4kins ( назад)
Yes They Will Taxing Water? That Means They'll Have To Tax Your Home Tap
and Sink Water Too. Thats why This Technology is Still In The Dark.

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
no the oil companies will lose billions, the government millions

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
tax rainwater?? rainwater is free,impossible to tax

Автор Mal Goode ( назад)
No they won't, they will just tax water!

Автор Ricky Supriyadi ( назад)
No. do not patent it once u do you will end up like many other researchers,
left out without any fortune. so many researchers around the world produce
technology ahead our time being suppress. Do it Open Source that way you
truly helping others.

Автор william cydrick estrada ( назад)
and which I think would be fine. Let us who know its science make use of it
rather than big companies making money off of people from supposed free

Автор william cydrick estrada ( назад)
have you proven via science that this thing is a hoax? please present your

Автор william cydrick estrada ( назад)
maybe you just need to find out how things work first before becoming a
pessimist from the start

Автор william cydrick estrada ( назад)
It is still a mystery how Dingel's tap water works to split o2 and H
elements. HHO runs a bit differently, and it uses a catalyst such as
caustic soda or baking soda

Автор Juliusfrancis ( назад)
Albert Einstein once said that there is too much energy in a glass of
water. He can prove that through his famous and proven equation E=mc2 btw,.
what are the elements that fueled our Sun?

Автор Francis Girado ( назад)
oil producing country will exterminate you, we just use it in powering an
electric generating plant in our country not export it we will use it on
our own to solve low cost power in our country do not use it on

Автор Gamer Daily ( назад)
why is this better than battery electric? You still need petrol fuel
correct? You need oil of the engine correct? I think electric is the way
but it does have drawbacks.

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
it uses a sophisticated electrical system, but you can purchase a hho kit
of ebay they work to save 30% on fuel, look for hho cars

Автор grantham hacthett ( назад)
ever think that these fraud charges are manufactured by the big oil &
energy companies?or do u believe oil is the only way?one day u will
discover that the big energy giants rule the world & manipulate markets &
govts..see, if you control energy you control human dependence..u must be
about 10yrs old I guess?!!

Автор Nick Myers ( назад)

Автор Erwin Panares ( назад)
100% agree,,,, hho generator uses H+ for fuel same as the concept of using
natural gas to propel LNG carrier.

Автор Joseph(yusuf) ( назад)
lol dingle XD

Автор Jipang Daog ( назад)
I m 100% agreed with the ivention, i'll for it.

Автор Nestor Reyes ( назад)
of course! too many of them stand to lose because of this!!!

Автор Manny Luna ( назад)
the government will loose billions in revenues

Автор viciousattackvideo ( назад)
Wikipedia: The Official Encyclopedia of World Government.

Автор viciousattackvideo ( назад)
YUP and guess who has the most to lose? hmmm. HINT: it's a 120 billion
dollar industry.

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
Daniel Dingle past away sir!! now does that make you feel better?? so you
believe that petroleum and diesel fuel are the only options that you can
run cars, our universe uses a lot of energy, which one does it use petrol
or diesel ? which fuel do we use in space rockets? petrol or diesel? The
sun burns which of the 2 fuels petrol or diesel, last time they thought it
was burning coal Nasa bombed the moon looking for water and found ice on
mars,to use it to make fuel,

Автор Gordon Hinds ( назад)
Ehmmm....... give Daniel Dingle your money to do further research. Oh he
got convicted of gross fraud and died while still on the run. Maybe try
mike brady and the"perendev generator". Oh he is awaiting trial in germany
on fraud charges. I am beginning to detect a pattern. Could it be that
there is no such thing as "free energy"? Could it be that all these videos
are hoaxes and scams?

Автор rEsonansDx ( назад)
One word >>> Thermodynamics Study it before claiming that this is just a

Автор rEsonansDx ( назад)
You can make one yourself. You don't always need to rely on just buying
from someone.

Автор neal frazer ( назад)
made a hydrogen generator 4 years ago...it worked produced hho gas and ran
a small mower engine on it!...to the nay sayers out there,get some

Автор Gordon Hinds ( назад)
Why is it that youtube isnt controlled by the government / oil companies /
'the man' ???

Автор Fernan Gomez ( назад)
They will not publish this. Otherwise all of their hard work on pseudo war
in Iraq will go to waste.

Автор tuberong pablo ( назад)
This is very frustrating, governments world wide are trying to stop this
technology, even wikipedia nullifies these inventions. Scientists are
either murdered or publicly ridiculed to discredit their inventions. This
technology will never see light if we the citizens do not act today.
Posting comments to support it is a great start, but we got to make our
voices be heard louder. We, the consumers have the power to influence
market demands.

Автор 101ers77 ( назад)
Inventors should also start developing car batteries that can make cars
run. Those cars would have solar panels on the roof that can recharge the
batteries. Parking our car under the sun would make the solar panels
recharge the batteries. We would always go back to our cars with batteries
fully recharged. This technology would save the Earth from global warming.

Автор 101ers77 ( назад)
We should not be enslaved by those greedy demonic Muslim OPEC nations.
Alternative fuels must be developed. Let those smelly oil exporting Arab go
back to their smelly desert mud houses.

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
but it works the technology has won an international award

Автор MadYarMadYar ( назад)
Thanks but no, normal HHO generators are not the wah to go, because they
are based on normal electrolysis, with big current, and they use more
energy than they produce. Stan Meyer is the way to go: high voltage,
resonance. I believe Daniel Dingel did exactly that. Intercepting his
invention and sharing it worldwide could help humanity.

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
forgot 100% thats difficult but go and look for hho/hydrogen generators
they work and save around 30%

Автор MadYarMadYar ( назад)
The detailed information about His invention MUST be revealed to the public
so that others will reproduce it! Do you know what happened to it?

Автор Vinz Devillere ( назад)
Secondly, the testing of safety must be done with laboratory precision,
from heating, to over-heating, to collision effects. We have no technology
for that yet. Thirdly, there is unsure of ROI, because we do not know that
as of today other first world countries have already developed that kind of
engine yet they are keeping it a secret for safety-testing purposes.

Автор Vinz Devillere ( назад)
And when Pinoys will invest on that tech., their high costing of cars might
be competed by low-costing of cars from other first world countries once
the market will succeed. It is better for him to get rich by converting a
few number of cars from rich and interested Pinoys, just like the LPG

Автор Vinz Devillere ( назад)
I have seen a problem why big investors in the Philippines would not like
to invest in that tech. It is because the Philippines has no manufactured
engine yet as of todate. Engines to be used, like, Toyotas, mitsubishies,
etc., could not be used because they would protest their patents for
fossil-fuel filled engines they manufacture are being altered into
mass-production. The Philippine investors must make an engine first of
their own.

Автор EsEs Oz ( назад)
how did he die?who owns his patents and cars?

Автор Nelson Salentes ( назад)
he's not turning water into gasoline. actually, this invention of mr.dingle
manage to split the hydrogen and oxygen in the water. it was the hydrogen
that goes to combustion chamber of the machine as a fuel. he did not said
here that he "turn the water to gasoline". the only concern is when the
hydrogen explode. it would be disastrous.

Автор Nylon Dylon Singko ( назад)
Go in the Phil and meet him. itsTRUE!

Автор simehere2 ( назад)
Think about it -- to extract hydrogen from water requires a lot of energy.
What energy source is used to do that? It isn't very efficient because of
the losses, it requires additional supplemental energy (and unfortunately,
a lot of it) to extract the hydrogen than is returned from burning the
hydrogen. It just isn't very efficient. Accelerate more slowly, keep the
tires inflated, and driving more slowly can yield just about as much energy
efficiency improvement, without the expensive upgrade.

Автор DANICA DANIELS ( назад)
naku saan kaya patent niyan hahaha ngasagawa na sila ng emission test jan
at positive siya sa carbon content pag nagamit ka ng hydrogen fuel your
product only sa exhaust mo ay h20 o tubig

Автор allan kever ( назад)
this technology was done long ago. many water powered cars are running now.
Search ELECTROLYSIS in youtube.

Автор tatanchong ( назад)
Some special kind of smart stupid i see.

Автор tatanchong ( назад)
Did he say anything about turning water into gasoline? LOL

Автор Genesis Rhapsodos ( назад)
Brilliant! But rich countries oppose it.... they want us to spend our money
into buying fossil fuel that they produce... one sided!

Автор killscythe03 ( назад)
it wasn't a hoax. it was aired here in p.i. many many years ago and he
demonstrates how he made it. if im not mistaken, he mixed water with
another chemical and it reacts the same way as combustion. and if i
remember it right, it was a biochemical reaction.

Автор ghetto engine ( назад)
do the math please. takes more energy to split water molecules than to make
your car run.

Автор terry O'Leary ( назад)
bullshit there's a car in nova Scotia that is water powered and the tech is
free so you can make yourself

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
no its not a hoax!! he got a patent for this technology, he is turning
water into hydrogen and oxygen!! get that right you cannot turn water into
gasoline- which is a hydrocarbon!! we dont believe in people like you!!

Автор Murthy Adivi ( назад)
this is a hoax guys.. how is he turning water into gasoline? where is he
getting the extra carbon from? with CO2 only 0.017% of the entire
atmosphere, he should be sucking in entire cities worth of air to make a
liter of gasoline.. the overall reaction is endothermic.. meaning takes in
more energy than makes it.. Dont believe these kind of things..

Автор IamIUareU ( назад)
what was a declared as genius 30 years ago, now is normal person anyway :)
i was searching for stanley mayers design and found many replications and
plans which to everyone is well know that they are even logically
IMPOSSIBLE, those plans are not the original ones and the original ones
will never be exposed to the public. its really SHAME that every inventor
tries to make money of their inventions, but they cant understand that if
they share it for free they will get more in return than money.

Автор Anmol Sahota ( назад)
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uncomplicated online surveys at home. This site displays precisely how
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Автор Verum Quaerere Seek Truth ( назад)
I second that. F#ck the government & the NWO

Автор vishesfishes ( назад)
if it killed off jobs you would think the usa would make them, o wait its
rich peoples jobs ok yea. things that really work are always going to be
suppressed or illegal. governments never help the people.

Автор skifreezack ( назад)
Why not just approve the fuckin patent? If this invention was approved by
the Govt of the Philippines more than 20 years ago, maybe your gandpas and
grandmas who died due to air polution could have still lived.

Автор bisquitnspanky ( назад)
Right you are sir. It may be possible someday to produce hydrogen from
water on a very large scale somewhat economically, but this sort of thing
is always a scam.

Автор bisquitnspanky ( назад)
Let me guess. Dingleberry died and the secret of how he did this died with
him. Dingle, Meyer and Paul Pantone are the only people smart enough to
figure this out? Maybe. Or maybe there are just a lot of people stupid
enough to believe them.

he could've approached some crowd funding sites like indiegogo or
kickstarter and set his own rules.

Автор Dart Gar ( назад)
The only way to beat the oil companies is to free the invention and forget
about profit. Share it with everyone so they can modify their car

Автор Willibrordus van der Weide ( назад)
Sad story about Daniel.........mostly such countries are "Mickey Mouse"

Автор Agape Leone ( назад)
O... Well then you are acknowledging it can be done? At this point I think
money is of the least importance concerning this dilemma. Money is a large
part of what caused it, or rather, people's love for it. That said,
regardless of "profits," what is the best way to build one or where can I
find this information?

Just demonstrate an engine runs on water only, and win $ millions from the
bets alone! they won't ask you to see what's inside, they only check with
radiation so that you are not using nuclear fuel, and want to see the
engine running for 20-30 Hours being fueled with only water as you claim,
the inventor would win these millions right away, NO ONE has won them in 40
years now, think why

the problem is that water has no energy, and there's no such secret in
chemistry that would allow you to run a car on water, these are scams by
people seeking to defraud investors and make a quick buck, which is why
they never prove their 'invention' instead they drive around in a car that
says 'water' and throw water in, zero evidence!

they are only scams, water cannot produce work, all these fraudsters seek
publicity and idiots to invest, after they get the money they disappear,
just like the big fraudster who allegedly had found gold in Indonesia and
fooled investors, wake up to reality

Автор jay isidro ( назад)
nope, we will build our own water filtration system too.

Автор restingfish ( назад)
Man that's scary how all these inventors that threaten big oil end up

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
as for building one daniel dingles patent is online just google it, but the
nice people just put the first page, the rest of the patent is in somebodys
vault, you have to be a genius with alot of time and money to buld this
Daniel dingle and stanley meyer were nasa scientists, but best thing you
can do is use hho or a hydrogen generator to save on fuel they work,i
tested these myself,look for hho cars

Автор HYDROGEN ( назад)
its not viable means if you buy one of these cars ok you can make alot of
money, but you just have to fill up using water which is basically a free
energy source which is impossible to make money or tax it, so no profits or
jobs would be created in fact alot jobs would also be lost, air powered
cars also exist but they tried to make it viable by selling compressed air
but sooner or later people would realize its cheaper to make it at home
with an air compressor.

Автор Agape Leone ( назад)
When you say "it's not viable" regarding you personally building one. What
do you mean? Can we build these our selves? If so, HOW? Where can we find
this information?

Автор chuckles2035 ( назад)
And the problem with that is what exactly? You still make money off the
initial sell, looking for a means to charge and tax for further fuel is
just a greed driven mentality. Which is the exact reason we have many of
the problems we do today, including the combustion engine.

Автор rommel uyami ( назад)
hoping that some day your invention will be comercialised in our country,
we proud of you sir

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