Canon T4i Tutorial Canon 650D How to Tutorial Set Up Guide

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Here is a video on how to use your Canon T4i or Canon 650D. It's a simple Canon T4i Tutorial. You'll learn the settings - user guide and menu options of the camera and how to change them to get the right exposure etc.

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Автор Ryan Hubbard ( назад)
how much is the camera its self?

Автор Monica Pinnedyr Jansen ( назад)
how can i videofilm on 650d with focus on both the far and the near motives
at the same time?

Автор Karen Garrard ( назад)
Hello, this video is very helpful for an amateur photographer like myself.
I bought the canon EOS 650 and am going on a cemetery tour where we are not
allowed use flash photography. As there will very little lighting from
torches can you suggest what videos of your would be helpful for me to
watch. Thanks so much for your time. Cheers Karen.

Автор Antoinette van Wyk ( назад)
where can I get the software to do RAW pitures to copy to my computer?
please help pritty please? Antoinette

Автор Antoinette van Wyk ( назад)
please help !! I use my new canan 650d for the first time and my pitures
cant open on my computer. I use RAW when I was taking my pitures.Is there a
way to open it on the computer on my camera it opens and I can see the
foto's I have taken. But when I whant to store it on my computer they don't
open at all. plaese help me to get my pitures open I dont whant to lose
them ! thanks Antoinette 

Автор Gem Webb ( назад)
Just bought the T4i. Time to learn it :)

Автор Mike P ( назад)
Thank you boss! 

Автор Rubiksguy ( назад)
Earned my subscription

Автор Gisele Catarino ( назад)
Excellent tutorial, I live in Norway and was desperate to shoot the Northen
lights and had no idea on how to use my Canon :-) Hope tonight I can
practice. Thanks!

Автор Sethu Ramalingam ( назад)
So nice! excellent & better understanding about setups

Автор The Thoughts of Microdac ( назад)
Very good video. Thanks.

Автор Vinodh Kumar Ramachandran ( назад)
I'm just a beginner, have been playing around with this T4i camera (with
18-55 kit lens) for few months now. Can someone suggest a better lens for
this camera?

Автор Joseph Miller ( назад)
Jump ten images, I know this! If you're previewing images, use the scroll
wheel next to the shutter button for fast viewing!!

Автор Abdel Hegazi ( назад)
Hey Shon,
A quick Question, I just start using DSLR recently and I am a big fan of
your videos, but why when following your tutorials in the manual mode, I
see all photos are darker than the auto-mode I set the F, Iso, and shutter
speed but even following what you just say, its gives me a very very darker
photos than the auto mode gives to me.

I could see a button where I can control the flash but even going up to 2
still gives me a blurry and not clear photo, any advice?


Автор Niranga Jayakody ( назад)
great stuff

Автор OK GO ( назад)
Great video, do you have one on the Cannon 70D ? Thanks

Автор Peter Robinson ( назад)
Very useful information. I am intending to move up from my well used Canon
350D and the 650 is probably the way I will go. Regards Peter.

Автор LuWho21 ( назад)
This is the camera I want to get. I'm so close to having enough for it.
This is really good and informational, I tired playing around with one in a
store... But could not figure it out. This is so helpful. and also.. What
lens should I get with it?? 18-55mm?? Or 18-135mm??? Thanks.

Автор Rachmah Noer Rachmah ( назад)
like this, soo.. adakah yang menggunakan speak Indonesia..?

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
It's called LCD touch screen, kid. It gets dirty while you're using it to
make this video, kid. You don't know if the camera is dirty as I never
posted any pictures taken with the camera, kid. I didn't mean to school you
like that, kid. Hope you enjoyed my kid anthem, kid. :)

Автор FiratDmf ( назад)
You should clean your camera, kid.

Автор DNAGaming1 ( назад)
Yes it does...I mean if your objective is making sounds when focusing that
is normal...

Автор Mayykool ( назад)
PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY!!! is the canon suppose to make sounds when its trying
to focus on something? and should the "efs 60mm f/2.8 macro usm" lens be
connected with the t4i ?

Автор 716saint ( назад)
Thanks. This helped me a lot.

Автор MrSUPERTIKONG ( назад)
hi,,please can you tell me what is better lens of this 2, the 18-135 STM or
the 15-85 USM..please reply im just a beginner....thanks

Автор t0annguy3n ( назад)
The viewfinder will not show you the 16:9 area. It doesn't even show the
full 3:2 area, only 95% of it. Other image aspect ratios beside the 3:2 can
only be seen using the live view feature.

Автор Pablo Wasserman ( назад)
I have the same issue! someone please answer this!

Автор MrBuzzlightyear114 ( назад)
excuse me, what if i don't want to use the touch screen then how can i
choose the option without touch the screen ?please answer, thank you :)

Автор poksi360 ( назад)
At 16:50, image jump allows you to jump 10 images when you look at your
photos. Just scroll left or right to jump 10 images. It's really good

Автор Raizufull ( назад)
Guys, I really need help here. I bought a Canon 650D, and I am very happy
with it. There is one problem though: I want to take pictures in 16:9
aspect ratio instead of the default 3:2 aspect ratio. I can do this, but
only when I'm using the LCD screen, not if I take a picture using the
viewfinder. I have changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 in my menu, but still,
3:2 in the viewfinder. Can anyone help me? :/ Thanks in advance.

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
Go watch my focusing video as you're 100% wrong. You should research first,

Автор 89forsakin ( назад)
I'm buying one maybe in against anyone knows if the ui is laggy in daily
uses ? After storing like a thousand picture and video

Автор sitte shahani Maribojoc ( назад)
how to make the camera flash?i set in the flash mode but it doesnt work

Автор EkleticoUSA ( назад)
it matters on the sd card you have

Автор MyCollectionST ( назад)
Just what I needed :-) thank u so much for the info

Автор Kat623 ( назад)
anyone know if theres a video on how to take a motion picture with canon

Автор kingEvoz ( назад)
Question! , how to record video longer with EOS 650D :(

Автор Dombowerphoto ( назад)
Tezzer p just got owned!

Автор Dombowerphoto ( назад)
spot on!

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
BTW just like you can share your opinion on everyone's videos, I think I
can share my opinion on MY OWN videos. Both spot coloring and photoshop to
death pictures look awful. This includes beginners over editing HDR
pictures, fake over saturated clouds AND spot coloring. Last time I checked
I didn't see Joe McNally, Scott Kelby and other legendary photographers
using spot coloring. The fact that D5100 has that feature shows whom it's
made for. Cheers!

Автор EZRYDER ( назад)
BTW You shouldn't be telling people what looks bad or awful when its
totally up to the person taking the photo on what THEY like or what THEY
think looks good. There are people that photoshop the hell out of their
photos, to me those types of photos look awful because it no longer becomes
a photo. And then there are those people that try not to do to much to the
photo except for minor adjustments. Its totally up to the individual.

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
You're right, it doesn't look bad. It looks awful.

Автор EZRYDER ( назад)
im a beginner because made the background of one of photos black and white
and the rest color? It doesn't look bad btw.

Автор dfg297lpopdirk ( назад)
this is just what i have been looking for it is the best i have seen all
night thank you

Автор dfg297lpopdirk ( назад)
i want to learn hdr whats the best method with this camera, does it have
auto brackiting ? i wellcome any acvice from this page

Автор EkleticoUSA ( назад)
then use manual focus < easy just focus on your face and leave it

Автор Ruel Ambat ( назад)
get STM lens and you won't have focusing noise problems.

Автор SiferRenegade ( назад)
Bought 650D (T4i) a few days ago.. It's great! I do nightlife photography,
and it does the job pretty well! And actually, that touchscreen is quite
smooth for now.. Don't know about you guys, but this camera is great for
begginers and such.

Автор rus8ved ( назад)
Thanks for the intro to the T4i. I am considering purchasing one but I
don't want to loose the way my wheel and buttons work on my T3. I really
don't like touch screen either. A couple helps: The metering timer
determines how long the meter stays active and displays the settings after
pressing the shutter half way down--battery saver. And as for WB
bracketing, I suppose if you need fill flash and your ambient light does
not match, and you don't have the right gel with you, this may save you.

Автор Usman Shano ( назад)
Gud job :)

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
You don't want to do that. That first came out in 2000 and only beginners
are still abusing that. It looks pretty bad. You can go to my equipment
page and the software is listed there.

Автор AliJaeJR ( назад)
What's a good software that foes the special effects on the photos. Like
when you can leave certain colors to show the true color while the rest of
the picture is black and white??

Автор Miguel Angel Lopez ( назад)

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
You can't. You have to use manual focusing or you'll have lens creep sound.

Автор Denise Neo ( назад)
Just wondering. For my 650D whenever i'm on video mode. the lens keep
moving by itself and the sound gets captured into my videos. any idea on
how to remove it?

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
Yes, I do. Go to my Budget Photography Equipment website and I've posted 2
editing software links there. One is LR3 and the other LR4. Get the latest
version listed under branded equipment.

Автор SONAM KYI ( назад)
do you have any recommendation from the RAW software? thank you and you
videos are the best! i learn soo much thank you

Автор 11brassmonkey11 ( назад)
Just bought this camera, thanks for uploading this overview, really handy.
Usually I like user reading manuals but seems there is a lot of extra stuff
I really don't need. So yeah thanks again this! :)

Автор Rohit Agrawal ( назад)
Awesome Videos..First video I saw with so much Details.. Thanks Man.. Good

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
Not sure what links you're talking about. I've made over 100 videos so I
can't remember what I say in each video but if you're looking for other
tutorials then simply go to my channels and start watching the old videos
until you catch up to the new ones.

Автор Ashley Mestre ( назад)
Hello. I am trying to specifically find the links to YOUR videos that you
speak about in this video... I subscribed to the channel but can't find
YOURS in there... a link please. Thanks so much :)

Автор heywasupbro ( назад)
I think that maybe image jump is when you want to look at your pictures by
dile dile jumps 10photos and show the other one.

Автор ARGON023 ( назад)
thank you!!!!

Автор SimplyBakings ( назад)
awesome! just subbed! thanks for sharing!

Автор Dymanh Chhoun ( назад)

Автор jazombiiie ( назад)
so, using the kit lens only puts the aperture to 4.0??

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
Check out my budget photography equipment website. I've posted 2 Amazon
links there of tripods. One is entry level and the other is for pro work.

Автор Bernardo Salca ( назад)
Image jump is when you click on "play" pictures if you want to see one by
one 1,2,3... or jump from picture 10 to 20...

Автор bloodorangebeats ( назад)
thanks man clear and focused overview of the settings, helped me a lot to
understand some of the stuff in the menus. thumbs up! ps. anybody asking
about the T5i (700D) - it's the same layout so you can use this vid for
that model too

Автор ExCEL Evolution Gaming ( назад)
It's called H, and there is a menu option to allow it

Автор vivalalas Kheav ( назад)
sorry could i ask u 1 , i want to shot slow motion , where can i select it
in canon EOS 650D , please help , thanks in advance :)

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
It took you 20 minutes to realize that you can't even follow simple
directions even on the video? How fucking stupid are you? Word of advice -
don't burden your brain too much. Quit watching after a minute or two when
nothing is registering in your thick skull. Now put that in your pipe and
smoke it, kid.

Автор Bryant Howerton ( назад)
thanks! just bought this camera and just subscribed to your channel. I will
be needing your videos for sure - even the dummies book I also bought has
so much information. :(

Автор Kelly Swafford ( назад)
Really good video. Thanks so much. I got it set up. I had questions, but
you actually answered all of them. Is there a huge difference with the 5ti?
I hope not, cause I finally was just able to purchase this new camera.
Really love it. Can't wait to make some videos.

Автор Godfiny ( назад)
There is no wifi in canon 650D if you mean wireless flash, i dont know how
to active it but i know there is an wireless flash mode, i will check it
for you if you mean that but if you mean internet than there is no wife
sorry :(

Автор Nick Landry ( назад)
Update/tip: the partial metering is use for highly backlit objects. Meters
from focus point like spot metering, but with slightly larger metering area.

Автор Riimeyy Berlian ( назад)
how to activate wifi on camera?

Автор omfgwhoru ( назад)
How do you upload pictures onto your computer?

Автор shiela delostrico ( назад)
FastStone Image Viewer. :)

Автор Manuel X Lopez ( назад)
hi - thank you ur video - what program do you advice to convert raw to jpeg
.. ??

Автор Turkishicecream ( назад)
What software do i need to transfer raw images from the cam to my pc?

Автор Zamiila ( назад)
you explain thinhs so well and so straight to the point. totally
subscribed! thanks for the video!

Автор Waqar Ishfaq ( назад)
How do you know if the image is straight? Is there a leveller in the camera
like the 60d?

Автор sags956 ( назад)
how can we go to ISO 25600

Автор Emmy Vargas ( назад)
Have you had any trouble importing the RAW files into Lightroom?

Автор Connor Moore ( назад)
should I keep my T4i (650D) or take it back and get the Nikon D5100. take
into account I don't care for video just stills, and I want something good
in low light. Is the Nikon D5100 just the same as the T4i as in picture
quality if the both cameras was on the 18-55mm or is the T4i better?

Автор PhotographersOnUTube ( назад)
Sorry but youtube doesn't let me post links. If you go to my channel just
look for Metering Modes and you'll learn about 3 times of metering modes
and which one you should choose for a specific situation. Thank you!

Автор Zeus Canine ( назад)
All good, upto the point where I found out i must buy software for it.

Автор Kiran Nambiar ( назад)
Cool Video man.. I had this camera for almost two months now..And i havnt
seen all the options yet... Thanks for the video..So howz your overall
rating for 650d..

Автор Dominic Lobo ( назад)
I now know something about cameras

Автор Don Harden ( назад)
by the time the camera would finally snap the picture she had moved or
turned. I hated it. I need to learn how to us it. I am sure that it is a
great camera but until I learn how to use it my iphone works so much better.

Автор Don Harden ( назад)
I am kind of a camera retard. About the best I have ever done is whip out
my Iphone and snap a picture. My wife just gave me this camera for my
birthday on Sunday 3/10. The following Thursday I took it with me to my
Granddaughter's school event. I almost went crazy trying to take a picture
of her while she was on the stage. I had the camera in Auto and pushed the
button to focus and held it down to take the shot.

Автор Yazan ( назад)
600d vs 650d ??

Автор chernix ( назад)
There's a proximity sensor over the viewfinder. That's why everytime you
put your finger in front of that sensor, the screen shuts down.

Автор Robert Lawton ( назад)
Metering timer: this sets how long your metering information (in your view
finder) remains illuminated after you first depress the shutter button. 1
min. works for me as I tend to fiddle with my settings.

Автор Imron Irwansyah ( назад)
Nice Tutorial , I Needed , thanks

Автор Beyondvison ! ( назад)
Are you able to look at the picture as you change all these settings, as
apposed to guessing? Metering timing could be a time lapse option?

Автор Beyondvison ! ( назад)
Are you able to look at the picture as you change all these settings, as
apposed to guessing?

Автор wendy richardson ( назад)
Finally I see the light ,thank you!!!>>>>>>>>>

Автор Zark Dx ( назад)
You just got your self a new subscriber

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