Clean Bandit - Rockabye ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie [Official Video]

  • Опубликовано:  8 месяцев назад
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    Here is the official video for our new single 'Rockabye' featuring Sean Paul & Anne-Marie - out now.

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    DIRECTOR: Grace Chatto
    DIRECTOR: Jack Patterson
    COMMISSIONER: Dan Curwin
    PRODUCER: Amber Millington
    PRODUCTION RUNNERS: Tabby O’ Neil/Joe Browne/Martine Skogsta

    DOP: Anna Patarakina
    DOP: Darya Geller
    1st AC: Thomas Nicholson
    2nd AC: William Gardner
    2nd AC: Chris Rogers
    1st AD: Ezra Sumner
    2nd AD: Sam Breslin
    DATA WRANGLER (DIT): Chris Day
    CAMERA CAR: Nick Rogers
    STEADICAM: Josh Brooks
    GAFFER: Rik Burnell
    Vincent Edwards
    Ryan Monteith
    Mark Stuart
    ART DIRECTOR: Maz Staruch
    STYLIST (Clean Bandit): Aimee Croysdill
    STYLING ASSISTANT (Clean Bandit): Sophie Shapland
    MAKE UP ARTIST (Clean Bandit): Lucy Pearson
    MUA (CLEAN BANDIT): Elaine Lynskey
    HAIR (Clean Bandit): Narad Kutowaroo
    HAIR ASSISTANT: Michelle Burke
    STYLIST (Sean Paul & Extras): Jaime Jarvis
    MAKE UP (Extras & Cast): Kaleigh O'Donovan
    STYLIST (Anne Marie): Jeanie Annan-lewin
    HAIR (Anne Marie): Cinta
    MAKE UP ARTIST (Anne Marie): Maria Asadi

    Edit: Final Cut London
    Editor: Nikki Porter
    Edit Assistant: Mike Radforth
    Edit Producers: Laura Harris and Frankie Elster
    VFX/Grade: MPC London
    VFX Team: Danit Klibansky/Byron Woofinden/Bevis Jones

    Colourist: Eva Pomposo
    VFX Producer: Edwin Elkington

    Siriana Mecca (trainer)
    Rita Maria Conte (dancer)
    Nife agunbiade
    Alicja Blachut
    Joanne Elizz


    Producer Sur Film: Laura M. Diez
    Production Manager: Eduard Rabasco
    Location Manager: Leila Cherifi
    UK crew Driver: Agus Fracarossi
    Spanish Crew Driver: Fabian Krämer
    Band & stylist Driver: Sergi Suarez
    Focus Puller: Antonio Urquijo
    DATA: Pablo de Val
    Camera Truck Driver: Joaquin Calles
    Make Up: Alba Pesas
    Pilot: David Ferré
    Operator: Xavi Fort
    Assistant: Xavi Guillem
    Operator: Liam Dalmau

    Elijah Dallen (young Boy)
    Rayden Hardy (baby)

    Peter James Coe
    Peter John Mclnerney
    Philip Lowrey
    David Eakens
    Jason Newell
    Stuart Boucher
    Richard Lavender
    Stuart Whelan
    Pamela Cook
    Natalie Pile
    Paul Adams (Landlord)
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  • Длительность: 4:14
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    Can we just talk about how great of a pole dancer that woman is?

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    like si hablas español:)

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    anyone else thinks she looks like khloe kardashian!!

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    esta cancion inspira

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    Who is the blond with the long hair? Dayum

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    Luchiop 53 минуты назад

    catchy tune. sadly Sean Paul´s Autotune is over the top in this one.

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    Sara Becerra 1 час назад

    Best song😍😍😍😍😍

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    Angel Amadasun 1 час назад

    this song is so different and unique I am pretty sure no one has ever sung about this issue before don't know how people can't like it

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    I love the song

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    I love this song but sometimes it makes me cry

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    Good song

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    I love it so much

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    Anna-Marie is very beautiful

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    the mom is old

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    cizreli mehmet sean Paul dan daha güzel söylüyor

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    cizreli mehmet sayesinde bu kadar izleme geldi kardeşim süpersin

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    Mr paul we Are many people why likes your music donä diic us

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    I like ds song.....

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    She kinda looks like Jennifer Lawrence

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    Rakıbay beybi rakıbaay

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    Yakında burayı da Türkler basar jznsjsnsj

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    Awesome song
    Seriously amazing

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    Pfff! How am I just hearing this.

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    is this copyright because i saw someone on YouTube with this on their video without any credits

  • Kaylia Marie Solares
    Kaylia Marie Solares 4 часа назад

    I noticed that when the boy turned 6, a biracial little boy was used instead of a african american one.
    I really thought she adopted a African american baby boy from watching the beginning.
    Not that the race of the child matters, this is what I observed in the video and I am in no way racist

  • Alien Koji
    Alien Koji 5 часов назад

    Thank you Anne-Marie

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    her seferinde varaleyley beklentisinde kalıyorum a.q

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    I love that music
    I am from Iraq

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    like si ablas espñol

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    Türks everywhere
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    Nerdesiniz aq kelleri
    Beğeninde sayımız belli olsun.

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    love you
    anne marie

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    Love música !

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    Came to look for this song after Sarah Geronimo of the Philippines sang this👍👍👍

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    • seymanur0110
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    olla lo lo

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    awesome song 😍

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    This might actually be the only decent "successful" song that I ever heard. Congratulations!

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    It's a good sing

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    I like intro of the song who agreed ?

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    love you ann

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    Queen Reign 6 часов назад

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  • ElFucker CR
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    Soy el unico que habla en español?

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    these is the best song ever

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    Shani Thacker 6 часов назад

    Anne-Marie has such a beautiful, powerful voice. The story behind the lyrics is very touching. Besides that, it's very catchy. Please give a shout to my channel when you can.

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