Parkour Kids! (FND Films)

These guys live life on the edge, but stay away from drugs and alcohol, by running, jumping, and tumbling their way around Chicago.

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Автор AwesomeCanine (11 дней)
Is this supposed to be funny? Parkour is nothing like that.

Автор Tekkno Panda (3 месяца)
Jerome sent me :)

Автор Joe Van der Vossen (3 месяца)
This video is gonna double in views thanks to the stream from the
powermovesonly trio.

Автор TheMONSTERxLORD (8 месяцев)

Автор HamTheSlayer (8 месяцев)
Struab sent me!

Автор Jordan Fitz (8 месяцев)
Straub sent me >_>

Автор Minecraft SwegWaffles (8 месяцев)
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Автор Sophie FH (8 месяцев)
Straub sent me -Vasehh

Автор FullyFledged (6 месяцев)

straub and vas sent me here!!

Автор yeezvs the god (12 дней)

Автор Miriams Espinal (26 дней)
You don't know how to do parkour 

Автор Cosmic PvP Official (3 месяца)
#Merome sent me

Автор Erica Styless (8 месяцев)
Straub and Vas sent me here. Along with 2493267990643 other people

Автор Andrew Hoskins (4 месяца)
It's cool to make comedic videos and such, but I hope to non-existent god
that nobody sees this and thinks that this is REALLY what it's about. There
should at least be a disclaimer at the end, or even the beginning
explaining that this is purely for entertainment purposes and is in no way
actual parkour.

Автор Parkour Kids (8 месяцев)
I already am a "Parkour kid". >:]

Автор Ascion Blade (8 месяцев)
straub sent me

Автор Ayla Deacon (8 месяцев)
Straub and vas sent me here!

Автор love fish17 (6 месяцев)
straubery jam and vasehh sent me here

Автор SeanKratzerFreerunning (6 месяцев)
Haha this is too funny. :P 

Автор Rique (3 месяца)
Can you do it in sandals?

Автор Beaux Baldwin (8 месяцев)
You guys make parkour look like crap.

Автор theamulas (3 месяца)

Автор Clozie P (8 месяцев)
straub and vas sent me... dear god, what have I got myself into...

Автор iwsjfikksdasdpfjshjsdo (10 месяцев)
Explosive landing :D

Автор Lee Nikol (8 месяцев)
Straub and Vas sent me here!! :D omg..

Автор Alex M (8 месяцев)
Straub sent me :3

Автор Biscuit CP (8 месяцев)
Straub sent me...

Автор Hanna Carkner (8 месяцев)
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Автор Samira Amin (8 месяцев)
straub sent me!!1

Автор Sophie Pitman (8 месяцев)
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Автор Eryn Duffill (8 месяцев)
Vasehh and strub sent us here ;)

Автор Alan Fish (8 месяцев)
Vas & straub sent me lol

Автор Jocelyne Gonzalez (8 месяцев)
Straub and Vas sent me here.

Автор Miles Tucker (3 месяца)

Автор Sydney Brunet (5 месяцев)
Bajan and jerome!!!! This is what they sing

Автор Micah Mclemore (3 месяца)

Автор Luis Romero (4 месяца)
TheBajanCanadian sent me

Автор jervey123 (7 месяцев)
damn that guy Marty's so fucking hardcore, he must be like the god of
parkour, i bet that guy gets so much pussy

Автор Santos Kircher (7 месяцев)
Straub sent me hear

Автор Jacks ParkourFilmz (5 месяцев)

Автор David Huddleston (6 месяцев)
whats the name of that awesome guitar rock song

Автор David Gilman (8 месяцев)
straub sent me here

Автор Ambit10n9 (10 месяцев)
Coming to Cartoon Network this summer.

Автор adam taylor (8 месяцев)
was this an april fools for 2009

Автор Amber Bostwick (8 месяцев)
Thanks vasehh for sending me here. PARKOUR KIDS LIVIN LIFE ON THE EDGE

Автор klop552 (8 месяцев)
Straub sent me

Автор Colton Travis (8 месяцев)
vashh and struab sent me

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