Exam Study Concentration Music: Classical Piano Music for Studying, Study Music Playlist

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I create this Relaxing Music Playlist of good study music to create the Mozart effect and improve your brain for concentration. This is a mix of solo piano music and free classical music from the famous artist Exam Study Classical Music Orchestra. If you're looking for some free relaxation music you can use as studying music this is perfect.

1: Violetta Love Songs (track 68 of the album),
2: Stress Release (69),
3: Easy Listening Music (11),
4: Easy Listening Music (44),
5: Sweet Music (55),
6: Study Music (13),
7: Focus on Learning (25),
8: No Stress (28),
9: Dreaming (30),
10: Learning Techniques (63)

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MeditationRelaxClub, the world of free relaxation and music provides your free relaxing music and intrumental music video with sleep music, spa music, study music, yoga music for your yoga poses, pilates music for breathing exercises. Find out more soft music to help you relax and maybe sleep, too if you have some sleep disorders. It provides you background ambient music and radio lounge and chill out music to relax or for cocktail lounge parties.
Have fun and begin your relaxation.

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Автор seema parween ansari ( назад)
I don't wnt to study

Автор Bob Dela Santa ( назад)
28:35 what is the name of the piece?

Автор farida eldegwy ( назад)
when you realize killing yourself will be much easier than studying physics
ughh ...

Автор Michael Arada ( назад)
Like this for Good Luck!

Автор Anass Alane ( назад)
but it helps u to sleep lol !

Автор Reza Fauzi Nirwan ( назад)
I like this music..

Автор ChocoNurani xoxo ( назад)
Studying for English, Mathematics, Science, Malay and Higher Malay. (I'm in grade school so we don't have many subjects). Then piano practise for examinations and competition practise (Math and English). BTW, get bzck to studying. I'm only in the comments section because I haven't started my next practise.

Автор محب الابداع ( назад)

Автор محب الابداع ( назад)

Автор patricia anindita ( назад)
the music made me sleepy instead:/

Автор Cido ( назад)
having chinese test and latin interrogation, thank you for helping my lazy ass.

Автор Deborah NMarques ( назад)
amo ouvir piano enquanto estudo <3

Автор Captain Tawsif ( назад)
music for sleep, not for study 👎👎

Автор Joshua McCarty ( назад)
What is name of song starting at 21:32?

Автор Joshua McCarty ( назад)
what "song" is that that starts at 14:27??????? @meditationrelaxclub

Автор shehrij islam ( назад)
Any medical student here ? :)

Автор TheLegend27 Wiki ( назад)
Thanks guys, helped me a lot in a test

Автор Sander Eloi ( назад)
Muito bom! Musicas Maravilhosas para estudar!!!!

Автор mahadev gutte ( назад)
you heard Music now study ....✌

Автор XCobra Gamer_YT ( назад)
mersi! pentru muzica ta este PERFECTA hai nu chiar perfecta dare BUNA!!!

Автор ηιcο ( назад)
Hi im a new nerd in process

Автор Ryhem Ouali ( назад)
stop reading this and go back tp studies. you will succeed , you can do it dude

Автор Choclaty Chandra ( назад)
Really the music is so amazing.... I really like it... Thank you so much...

Автор Guilty King ( назад)
Thank you so much for this playslist. I listen everyday for studying. A+ Certification.

Автор Sufer_Girl ( назад)
Go back to adulting

Автор ASHOK SHUKLA ( назад)
this music I like:-)

Автор Kawaii Wonder ( назад)
yo mom

Автор Julieta Ilieva ( назад)
I love it.

Автор epicfaaail ( назад)
its good but what am i supposed to do with only 1 hour? :c

Автор muskan mahawar ( назад)
nice one

Автор Gamer SiddTheKing ( назад)
shit i wrote a big poem in 1 hour. and i realized after this video was finished😭😭😭

Автор Shady Medhat ( назад)
Damn I listen to this everytime and I don't get bored

Автор anjali amrutkar ( назад)
its too good...subscribed to your channel😊🎹

Автор DJSandrine12 ( назад)
I can't find the second song.. can someone help me ?

Автор Mihaela Revencu ( назад)
helpful. .

Автор Mona Avetyan ( назад)
Im stuying math///and you??

Автор Mona Avetyan ( назад)
Nice thx it's werry help me (sorry for my writing))

Автор Hilal kamer ( назад)
book readıng the perfect but not is homework

Автор Maria Sakorafa ( назад)
Perfect music !!!!

Автор Neznakomka ___ ( назад)
I want to sleep on this music((

Автор Nathan Campbell ( назад)

Автор Agnes Yovita ( назад)
It's so beautiful and relaxing :)

Автор Maria ts ( назад)
it helped

Автор yogita gupta ( назад)
It really helps to me
To relax my mind at the time of studies......
So Niceeee👍👍

Автор Miami's Girls ( назад)
i study history. it's very very difficult. i don't know never

Автор Aneesh Krishnan ( назад)
nice music ..
but i cant concentrate ...
all the memmories are flshing through mind when playing this track

awesome ..

Автор paulos poulos ( назад)
this is the best of all!!!

Автор paulos poulos ( назад)
this is the best of all!!!

Автор Simone Nati Poltri ( назад)
Listening to this while eating barilla's stelline with vegetal brodo meatless beacuse my friend luca is vegetarian. I love stelline

Автор mayda oi. ( назад)
it's the only one that work for me :D thank you very much

Автор Gabija Simonavičiutė ( назад)
Very nice!! But please tell me what is the name of song at 27 min? It sounds amazing :)

Автор Lily Mills ( назад)
So much nicer than the other concentration music I tried to listen to! Thanks! Well, now I have to get back to writing another 1000 words for a paper due in 2 days! See ya D:

Автор Fiona' ( назад)
this is so awesome! i now am a lot more concentrated when i'm alone whereas i get distracted really easily when it's silent. Keep up the great work!!!

Автор Caleb My Dear ( назад)
Helps me sooooo much....... I'm. Doing my project right now... And who knows...! Im doing them verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyy incredibleyyyy fast. Omg thankyou soooooooo muchhhhh!!!!

Автор aqua8907 ( назад)
This brings out my creative juices when I'm writing.

Автор emma jasibet Cruz Martinez ( назад)
howwwww tenkiu

Автор Cise E ( назад)
was great at first until about 40mins in i started yawning

Автор Melina Sidiropoulou ( назад)
This is the best studying video with songs for studying in the world. It really helps not only in studying but in relax too. It's amazing 😍😍😏

Автор Bass Blitz ( назад)
Stop reading comments do your homework its due and it counts for like half ur GRADE!!!

Автор ᆞ이창섭은사랑이에요 ( назад)
한국인은 없나여??...쓸쓸하구먼

Автор Nenad Ljubisavljevic ( назад)
Hello people, i'm listening this song right now and i'm trying to learn History about the Bonaparta and France Revolution,English and how USA became country. Wish me luck if i get A then i'll come back and give it a like.

Автор Grace & Nita ( назад)
It works

Автор Gabbosaur ( назад)
song at 3:00?

Автор Camille Lefret ( назад)
cette musique est juste génial pour travailler et toi qui lis mon commentaire retourne travailler :)

Автор WinGShadoW ( назад)
this is soo relaxing, I'm surprised not many people use this.

Автор aforelli ( назад)
Amazon blocks me (or my country), another buy option ?
"We were unable to process your purchase with your current payment information. Please enter a valid payment method and an address which are both local."

Автор Angela Pestano ( назад)
i always use this everytime i read something

Автор RainbowKat99 ( назад)
DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Nothing to see here.

Автор Stud- Med ( назад)
Very beautiful ! What is the name of 3:00 Min?

Автор Mero.m.d Diab ( назад)
it's great

Автор Moni Abboud ( назад)
T_T crying now

Автор Moni Abboud ( назад)
helps alot:)good work
you should KEEP IT UP!Im really impressed and proud of your job I have math exam Im Sunday and im solving 10 papers and it helped me solve them all correct in only just 30min in really impressed in my self cuz I usually take 1 or 2 hours to solve them!!!!:)

Автор Seddik lamperoug ( назад)
this is to cooool can't stydu with this

Автор Moni Abboud ( назад)
really nice it made me solve 13 papers of math without calculator in so happy plz make more!!!😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😊😊☺☺☺😐😄😄😃😃

Автор Moni Abboud ( назад)
I liked the part 35:25 it's really nice makes me CRY SAD but STUDYING haha😅I have lots of exams hhhhh

Автор Maggie Maggie ( назад)
It is work.........?

Автор Kizzy Jordan ( назад)
This helped me study for my big exam and I got an A+ so thank you so much for helping me 👍🏾

Автор The 3 Puppets ( назад)
This is no time for reading comments! There is work to be done!

Автор aya soph ( назад)
So beautiful ....

Автор Haqwerdi Mammadov ( назад)
This is music for sleep, not for studying. -.-

Автор Milos Bakmaz ( назад)
ko jos uci sat vremena picka vam materina sad je ispitni rok dajte nesto duze

Автор Kemal Eren Güdücü ( назад)
what is reel song name on 26.45 ? thank you 😊

Автор Gülçin G. ( назад)
Most beautiful music for exams. If you live in student dormitory ....

Автор kim_mai 14 ( назад)
like at my comment who come here in 2017

Автор Pssycho Queen ( назад)
Hey! I love this album! Is it possible to find the partitures?? I really wanna play some of these song!

Автор Bmo Laiphraz ( назад)
listening dis music for d 7th time..!!

Автор شهيد الحق ( назад)

Автор \\twinkle thareja// ( назад)
It helped me alot during I was solving maths problems...u all should give it a try. Really helpful!!Thanks buddyy

Автор craig ernstzen ( назад)
This is next level. Thanks.

Автор Mamaerde TFM ( назад)
I have to study for a test

Автор Shy Psycho ( назад)
Stop reading the comments and do your homework

Автор Kaan KOÇKAR ( назад)
OMG!More Boring What İs This

Автор Curly Ayless ( назад)
J'étudie pour mes examens 😣😧

Автор Technoblade :D ( назад)
its not a good action reading comments. if you are reading this, go back to study! :p

Автор Dağlar Sümer ( назад)
Does someone know that what is name of first two ones? please

Автор MAG ED ( назад)
i is good before sleeping studing noo

Автор Khouloud Ben ( назад)
i feel like i m flying 😂😂 omg i really love this

Автор arushofinsanity ( назад)
The music helps me stay calm as I'm sick. Sad that I have to be sick on Christmas.

Автор Kaoutar ELIDRYSY ( назад)
this song is actually helping me when i am studying which is really great!

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