Eagle Park - Cache, Oklahoma

Eagle Park, now a Ghost Town, was once a very popular amusement park back before we had the great theme parks of today. Here you could go horseback riding, skating, ride carnival rides, have picnics, etc. Over the years the owner, Herbert Woesner of Cache has collected some historical structures from around the area. The "Star House" or the Quannah Parker House is one of the main attrations, he also has the old "Frisco Station" that once stood in Lawton. Even today, this is a must see stop for anyone visiting the area.

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Автор fluttershy :D ( назад)
i live in cache 702 sw 1st st and was surprised to find this video

Автор Jacqueline Andrews ( назад)
This is sad yet inspirational. I'm fairly young, so Chief Quanah Parker
was my great great great grandfather. His wife Tanarsy, my ggg
grandmother, was the mother of my great great grandfather Sherady. My
middle name Sheree was inspired by him. I promised my late grandfather to
re-connect with this part of my heritage, and this makes my spirit long to
do just that. I do think about my history.

Автор Franz Robert WILD ( назад)
The story of Cynthia Ann Parker, Quanah Parker's mother, the man of the
star house, is really moving. As a songwriter, I recorded a song about her.
You can hear it here. Please, share it and subscribe to my channel !!!

Автор Greg Gentry ( назад)
I just visited the Trading Post on 09/06/15 and talked to Mr. Gipson who is
the nephew of Mr Woesner. A little on the quiet side originally but really
opened up once we got to the area where the Star House is located. Told us
the story of the Home and how it came to where it sits today. The Comanche
Indian Tribe is supposedly working on a way to aquire the home and
refurbish it. I so hope this happens. It was very sad to say the least to
see it in it's current condition with No attention to it at all. I hope
they Tribe or the State of Oklahoma will pursue this and do what ever it
takes to restore it and use it as a museum. This is truly a piece of
American Indian History that does not need to fall apart.

Автор Jurassic Park Freak ( назад)
I've been wondering this, does anyone know why they closed? 

Автор sLiDeWayZ Clarkson ( назад)
Seen on American Pickers. Wanted to see more. This video was really good to
see what it was like a bit earlier. It is a sad story and def my heart go
out to them, would be very hard letting go of such a great place full of
good memories. 

Автор Tom Keener ( назад)
B Young, the park mentioned by jkw427 was Skyline Amusement Park (later
Indians Nations) outside of Tulsa, near Jenks.

Автор T Bohn ( назад)
just found this video. and it brought back memories of when i use to work
there way back in High school. I use to love walking through all the old
buildings, painting the rides before the season opening with CJ, Herbert,
and Dewayne. the most fun i had there was operating the rides, I was a
master at the tilt-a-whirl.. I didn't even mind driving the garbage truck
around on trash days.

Автор broomsterm ( назад)
Looked this up after American Pickers stopped in to score a few deals.
Looks like the owner in this video died; his son was the contact. Would be
better if the rides were sold/parted out instead of leaving them to rust
and rot. No one would want them any more - they're too old/unsafe/not worth

Автор Danetta Cloyd ( назад)
This place was just on American Pickers

Автор cwb0051 ( назад)
looks wonderful.. and sad at the same time..

Автор Harry Leffers ( назад)
I just read a book "Empire of the SUMMER MOON" by S.C. Gwynne. I really
enjoyed it. Looked up Cache, Oklahoma and saw the video on your
theme park. I agree, it would be nice If the Quanah Parker house could be
preserved. I'm part Indian myself. If this ever happens let me know. I
would like to contribute to that end.. HARRY

Автор B Young ( назад)
@jkw427 the park was called Bells

Автор Ken Kelnhofer ( назад)
We had tons of fun there as kids...always told folks that this along with
Doe-Doe Park was one of our " babysitters" in the sixties!

Автор LauraSchumann11 ( назад)
The state of Oklahoma needs to save the home of Quanah Parker. Time to
start writing letters! Thanks for the video.

Автор Adam Choruzek ( назад)
can you get a tour of this and who could you contact for that? I would pay
admission just to go look around and see the insides of the old buildings

Автор SandhillDigger ( назад)
You are probably talking about Frontierland, I think it is still in
operation but has been modernized, not sure but I don't think much of it
that is there now is original to the 60's era. 

Автор jkw427 ( назад)
Maybe you guys can help me, wasn't there another amusement park closer to
Tulsa, along a hwy, I'm thinking hwy66 or something. Had a lake and camping
ground, wooden roller coaster, etc. After it closed, for years you could
see the roller coaster tracks jutting up above the trees, then soon part of
it was gone, and then it was all gone. I have been trying to remember the
name for months. 

Автор SandhillDigger ( назад)
Last night on American Pickers they featured Eagle Park and Mr Woesner's
nephew showing Mike Wolfe and his partner around. So sad to see how much
more the place has deteriorated since my last visit there. It just cost so
much to preserve things like this, more than most people could ever afford.
It would be nice if the State could make a park of it and restore what is
left before it is too late.

Автор Warren Vincent ( назад)
I just watch this on American Pickers and it is really cool to find this

Автор Mitch Wessels ( назад)
Just watched American Pickers, they picked a few items from the place. Nice
to see this video here.

Автор zebra3over ( назад)
Sad. To bad someone doesn't restore it again to some degree to save the
historical structures. The Star House has to be preserved, it is American
History and would be terrible if it wasn't saved for future generations. 

Автор YourUncleScroatie ( назад)
The Comanche name for Cache is "Septic Trading Post:"

Автор Andy Wong (evo666) (1749 лет назад)
I visited this place today. You would have to walk about half a mile from
the locked gate. The buildings in the video is still there. I didn't see
the large ferris wheel but did see the kiddy one. Oddly, I seen one living
horse behind a ticket booth. 

Автор Amat Art ( назад)
drive past this every day 

Автор TheChronicOne ( назад)
Very good!

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