police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор samsonpker (3 месяца)
how come those cars did not go around the cop car? lol I guess in that town
they got time to kill.

and what the hell that cop was like fuck it I'm net getting out of his cop
car for nothing! nothing! ok well maybe for a donut I will.

Автор Army_Ranger187 (4 месяца)
you are just being a ass.we are doin a job.quit being a fag

Автор Marco Polo (4 месяца)
You are both dumb ass's, you and the lazy cop. First you because it's
clearly not your property you dumb fuck. The cop because he was to stupid
and lazy to #1 pull off the roadway so not to block traffic and to lazy to
get out of the car.

Автор Dimce Gligorov (1 месяц)
If its not your property, stay out. 

Автор Auri Ford (1 день)
this cop has to be one of the biggest assholes parking in the middle of the
street to just be a dick -_- do you not see the damn cars behind you? OR

Автор Sidekik (2 дня)
End the police state, watch this video:
Sidekik App

There are already apps which stream audio/video and it hasn't altered the
behavior of the police. What is needed is a way to keep rights violations
by police from happening in the first place, and expedite lawsuits against
individual officers and departments.

Imagine if there were an app which not only streamed audio/video as it's
being recorded but also initiated a video call to an attorney network, so
that within seconds the app user will be represented by an attorney who
will interact with the police on behalf of the app user. If the officer
does anything to violate the code sections by which they are bound the
attorney will file a lawsuit immediately.

If the Sidekik app is used by enough people, then police departments across
the country will wind up like the Maywood, CA police department:

Support this revolutionary app here:

Автор Flaccido Phallusimo (2 дня)
Who's property is it Kenny you little faggot? Do you always ride wherever
you want? Someone owns it and if it isn't you then stay the fuck off the
property asshole. The police aren't "bugging you" they are doing their job
and keeping cunts like you off of property owned by people like me you
stupid retard.

Автор Andrew Faucette (3 дня)
Kenny the police hate you where you live lol.

Автор opiateEP (5 дней)
So your the type of guy that gets sick riding spots shut down i slip in and
out of riding areas like a fucking ghost and pack my trash home, im not
trying to let the cops know where i ride.

Автор James Amescua (7 дней)
Retarded cop has never herd to pull his car to the side of the road so he
doesn't hold up traffic. 

Автор ShadowSchultz (8 дней)
That's Suffolk for yea they give me shit about my Harley. 

Автор kay fivedeuce (8 дней)
lol I really felt like this guy wanted you to dip in that dirt, so he can
go back and brag about chasing a guy with a dirt bike!! Probably would of
made his day

Автор 3RuiMupd VvFsfBhe (9 дней)
What an ass. Some cops just push for trouble; or, maybe he was just

Автор slair087 (12 дней)
what a duche

Автор Jason Trevis (13 дней)
You would think the cop would have the courtesy to pull off the road
instead of making motorists wait for him. No flashing lights, he is a road

Автор Filip Vitezic (13 дней)
Suffolk Police is the stupidest police on earth.

Автор claire vega (14 дней)
this is the dumbest shit ever on both sides...why would he just stop
traffic like he is a king..damn I hate cops.. they are useless..what do
they do really that I cant do.. if I get robbed ill protect myself if my
house gets broken into what will they do give me a police report... if I
get hurt ima call an ambulance.. like really what can a cop do that we
couldn't do ourselves.. cops aren't here to protect they are here to create
bullshit revenue of victimless crimes..

Автор treemaster22 (14 дней)
dumb cop blocking the road

Автор Austin Rivers (16 дней)
I couldn't even hear what the cop was saying 

Автор Nico Cain (16 дней)
7th Precinct is right around the corner from me. fuck those guys

Автор Roberto Youboy (18 дней)
fuck that piece of shit pig holding up traffic like a dickhead. just run
from him next time

Автор Matt RC (19 дней)
I'm confused on this one.

Автор Björn Bödeker (20 дней)

Автор Muadib223 (20 дней)
Looks like Suffolk is full of dickhead cops... Glad I don't live in
virginia any more... 

Автор Rawsawn (21 день)
cop doesnt get out, cop doesnt pull over.. "im the law and i can do
whatever i want... except to give sign the the cars behind me they can pass
around as i should do as it is only me that can actualy do that legally, or
maybe i should pull over my car and get out? NOPE people will see my
mustard stain"

Автор TheKaziCo (24 дня)
Why do they pull you over if they dont do anything. "Let me just pull over
people so I can seem like I'm getting paid for a reason"

Автор 14Cinnamongirl (28 дней)
he found there hiding
spot of gold lol

Автор nhdphoto1 (28 дней)
Blocking traffic to harass someone not bothering anyone...WTF...

Автор SOUTHPAW731 (1 месяц)
should have just booked whats he going to do call air support joke ass

Автор magnificent10304 (1 месяц)
Pretty sure the cop felt no need to pull over, in his mind they should wait
till he's finished an jus didn't give a fuck, typical cop mentality

Автор Zachary Tomaka (1 месяц)
I used to live in Suffolk

Автор kenmtb (1 месяц)
Why cant anyone have fun anymore?

Автор DJBrother Shawn (1 месяц)
blocking traffic for no reason get out the car and off the bike lol

Автор JStani6 (1 месяц)
I wish the cops audio was louder..

Автор Phoenix Looh (1 месяц)
just fucking ping it !!! 

Автор mustange550 (3 месяца)
So the idiot police officer just stops in the middle of the road and blocks
traffic? wow, talk about safety first. What an Ahole

Автор John Gammeter (4 месяца)
Fuck the police.

Автор Cody Cadwallader (1 месяц)
i would have hauled ass up that dirt road.

Автор PALACIOS (1 месяц)

Автор Ganjablazin1226 (1 месяц)

Автор cussingcats (1 месяц)
it is called gang stalking . but your to stupid stupid to understand how
real it is. Americanized Nazi 

Автор Jjaro V (1 месяц)
faggot cop...hope a semi runs into the driver side next time

Автор David Larson (1 месяц)
And Marco Polo should go back to school since "to stupid" is spelled "too
stupid", but then stupid is as stupid does.

Автор witplaasboer (4 месяца)
Most police are fucking DUM. Someone fucked them up in school and now they
think they are God. I mean think about it how dum must you be to do such a
fucking no brain JOB. Sit in a car and drive around. I mean how effen smart
must you be to do such a stupid so-called job. No wonder they have such a
bad rapp in the world. Just look at this PRICK bothering an innocent young
man for enjoying his motorcycle ride.

Автор Brad V (1 месяц)
I would have honked my horn for that pig impeding traffic.

Автор Jamie Lee (1 месяц)
your eyes.

Автор TecMopHeaDhnO (1 месяц)
dude.. if theres an exit that you know you can beat the cop to. or if you
know you can get away at. go.. like really ? 

Автор SOUTHPAW731 (1 месяц)
fucking Suffolk county worse cops in the country fucking clowns

Автор Kenneth Galvan (1 месяц)
Subscribed cause we're both Kenny & Your bike is sick asf

Автор Josh Braswell (1 месяц)
Suffolk County Virginia? Im hear in Virginia Beach.

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