police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор Cliff Charpentier (1 месяц)
You where trespassing. You don't need signs saying no trespassing on
private property. Its private. Need to be invited. How would you feel if I
did donuts on your front lawn. Do you have signs saying no trespassing?
Nicest cop ever. He let you rip you bike down the road. Didn't arrest you.
He probably rides and also understands people need to knkw where they can
and can't ride. 

Автор samsonpker (5 месяцев)
how come those cars did not go around the cop car? lol I guess in that town
they got time to kill.

and what the hell that cop was like fuck it I'm net getting out of his cop
car for nothing! nothing! ok well maybe for a donut I will.

Автор Rawsawn (2 месяца)
cop doesnt get out, cop doesnt pull over.. "im the law and i can do
whatever i want... except to give sign the the cars behind me they can pass
around as i should do as it is only me that can actualy do that legally, or
maybe i should pull over my car and get out? NOPE people will see my
mustard stain"

Автор Nico Cain (2 месяца)
7th Precinct is right around the corner from me. fuck those guys

Автор Army_Ranger187 (6 месяцев)
you are just being a ass.we are doin a job.quit being a fag

Автор BloodyAndMinecraftPE (5 дней)
When he said it was private propety you should have said it was your

Автор Juallo Lamar (10 дней)
Fckn retarded hillbilly, my father would kill you if you rode on his land

Автор Charles Flores (1 месяц)
Bastard cops, nothing else to do but harass somebody that's not doing
anything wrong. Go and fight some crime, catch some bad guys and take real
crime off the streets. Get off your ass and get those real purps off the
streets! Cops like this are the reason for the negative sterotypes of the

Автор josh7120 (28 дней)
so he block up the road and traffic, insteas of pulling off the road to
left traffic thru.. interesting.. 0_o

Автор Marco Polo (6 месяцев)
You are both dumb ass's, you and the lazy cop. First you because it's
clearly not your property you dumb fuck. The cop because he was to stupid
and lazy to #1 pull off the roadway so not to block traffic and to lazy to
get out of the car.

Автор Brian Hughes (1 месяц)
He should've been pulling over all those people passing him on the double
yellow line.

Автор kay fivedeuce (2 месяца)
lol I really felt like this guy wanted you to dip in that dirt, so he can
go back and brag about chasing a guy with a dirt bike!! Probably would of
made his day

Автор Puma4454 (18 часов)
Wow is he really that lazy he can't get out of the car and talk to him?

Автор Rampant Redneck (2 дня)
Fuck that pig. I would have looked that cop right in the eye, said "You
want me? Come and get me, you fat prick." Then rode off into the woods.

Автор hzuiel (7 месяцев)
Cop: "Omfg fun! kill it! kill it now!" In all actuality the cop probably
had no clue whatsoever what is going on, who the property belongs to,
whether that guy on the bike is in the right or wrong, he just wants to
hear himself talk. I've seen people get tossed off their own land by cops
before, and they had to go get a copy of the deed and ID to prove they were
hiking/camping/hunting on their own land.

Cops just love to snoop whether they have any reason to or not. In their
mind, the more they meddle, the more likely they are to catch someone doing
something(all tax paying citizens are criminals just waiting to be proven

Автор cpup100 (2 дня)
wow this is ridiculous. I didn't see a sign anywhere at that area so you
can ride there if you want man. Not to mention was that the same A-hole
from the Naughty police video.

Автор aaron frank (2 дня)
love how the cop stop dangerously in the middle of the road, instead of
pulling off to the side making it very dangerous for the other drivers on
the road.

Автор Dan R (7 дней)
Did the cop own this property? Oh it must be public property or the land
owner made a complaint. What no complaint and it is not posted, ride on.

Автор Muadib223 (2 месяца)
Looks like Suffolk is full of dickhead cops... Glad I don't live in
virginia any more... 

Автор loki1000r (5 дней)
wait a minute...are you required by law to travel only in a direction he
deems fit???

you should have told him to fuck off and went the other way in spite! if
it goes sour, there appears to be plenty of dirt to hide in:-D

Автор Andres Youngs (7 дней)
damn piggs

Автор Vodoun of Adept Gaming (13 дней)
... Should have gone into the local police station and shown this to the
Chief. He just stops and holds up 4 cars behind him like he's in a Drive
through ordering Donuts...

Автор Lucas Deuter (13 дней)
the police don't like you or? xD

Автор guitars23 (18 дней)
Do the police by you f****** dicks

Автор witplaasboer (6 месяцев)
Most police are fucking DUM. Someone fucked them up in school and now they
think they are God. I mean think about it how dum must you be to do such a
fucking no brain JOB. Sit in a car and drive around. I mean how effen smart
must you be to do such a stupid so-called job. No wonder they have such a
bad rapp in the world. Just look at this PRICK bothering an innocent young
man for enjoying his motorcycle ride.

Автор Brandon Weaver (19 дней)
What a pos cop that was. 

Автор FilmStains (16 дней)
i wonder if it was a street legal bike. i didn't see any mirrors

Автор Mike Buff (25 дней)
If you're on private property and trespassing does the cop have the right
to kick you off or you have to be kicked off by the owner? 

Автор Chocolaterain2471617 (20 дней)
Suffolk? It sounds like a small town that sits in the 757 in the tidewater
area of Virginia! Interesting! lol...

Автор anthony esposito (23 дня)
I used to live their and those cops are just a bunch of ass hole with
nothing to do

Автор Dylan Sanderson (1 месяц)
gotta love how the pig just holds up traffic for his own amusement

Автор Fo'chan (1 месяц)
It's because in a county the cops have nothing to do.

Автор Dlive2005 (1 месяц)
Man in Philly we run from popo when we on a dirt road

Автор Icuranidiot2 (1 месяц)
U fucking pussy go to jail.

Автор Ryzing Tied (1 месяц)
Virginia or Long Island?

Автор Edward Mehl (1 месяц)
is this on barns road

Автор Josh Braswell (3 месяца)
Suffolk County Virginia? Im hear in Virginia Beach.

Автор Scooter George (8 месяцев)
Ticket? No. Arrested? No. Cuffed? No. Detained slightly? Maybe. Crybaby?

Автор Martijn achternaam (1 месяц)
standing stil on the middle of the road, move to the side cop then talk

Автор 4X4ismystyle (1 месяц)
Suffolk virginia?

Автор Greg Dragoo (1 месяц)
This guy needs to learn some respect. Not your land an no one gave you
permission to use it. That's like stealing then saying oh I though it was
ok I never saw a no stealing sign.

Автор Ryan B (1 месяц)
Cops abuse there power especially new cops

Автор Aubrey Roche (1 месяц)
These guys really have you in their "Irritation Box".........

Автор Dimce Gligorov (3 месяца)
If its not your property, stay out. 

Автор Chris McQuinn (1 месяц)
not what we want our taxes dollars used for. go catch burglars or sex
offenders. cops want respect, they need to earn it.

Автор Turret Barrage (1 месяц)
needs subtitles.

Автор Vitaly D (1 месяц)
like dead ass. this is why bikers don't stop for cops. 

Автор Auri Ford (2 месяца)
this cop has to be one of the biggest assholes parking in the middle of the
street to just be a dick -_- do you not see the damn cars behind you? OR

Автор D zastre (1 месяц)
Getting harassed for driving in the woods...might aswell be drug dealing.

Автор David Griffin (1 месяц)

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