police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор Cliff Charpentier (4 месяца)
You where trespassing. You don't need signs saying no trespassing on
private property. Its private. Need to be invited. How would you feel if I
did donuts on your front lawn. Do you have signs saying no trespassing?
Nicest cop ever. He let you rip you bike down the road. Didn't arrest you.
He probably rides and also understands people need to knkw where they can
and can't ride. 

Автор IShastaMcNastyI (21 день)
Illegal Riding. You make ADV riders look like pricks. You asshole.

Автор Big Lou East Coast Review (2 месяца)
Suffolk County cops are the most board police officers on the planet they
fuck with everybody for no reason at all

Автор Johnny Sokko (26 дней)
You were on a dirt rode. Go the opposite direction from the cop. He won't
follow you.

Автор samsonpker (8 месяцев)
how come those cars did not go around the cop car? lol I guess in that town
they got time to kill.

and what the hell that cop was like fuck it I'm net getting out of his cop
car for nothing! nothing! ok well maybe for a donut I will.

Автор Justin Little (1 месяц)
Your not doing anythign wrong. They are not allowed to stop you on your own
property or hold up traffic. just to check what your doing.

Автор Charles Robinson (9 часов)
you should subtitle what he said cant hear him for shit

Автор Yellowjacket_MC (3 дня)
I have those gloves for when I race my CRG =D 

Автор goldal88 (19 часов)
I want to punch that fuck face with his lamborghini

Автор 2xtream (25 дней)
PIGS how nice life would be without um - -

Автор bayard01 (8 дней)
How many flippin run in with cops videos do you have there man? I think
you're doing something illegal. Sorry don't feel too sorry for you.

Автор Keaton0801 (11 дней)
I give suffolk police an 1 on the scle of 1 - 10. 10 beiing best police
department ever, 1 being the worst, whch nludes harraasment, stupidity,
annoingness, and worst of all they get away ith it all

Автор kevin mcpherson (19 дней)
You need a visible no trespassing sign and or a private property sign where
I'm from if there is no sign then how are you to know
Might be different for other places so might want to read up in your
province or state they may differ and besides I wouldn't listen or stop for
the cops lol flip the bird and keep on driving he ain't gonna chase you
threw the woods and if he did then at least you get to have a little fun
before he ratbags his patrol car lol

Автор Poonani Getter (3 дня)
you should know better man!


Автор Reidar Rasmussen (7 дней)
All dumb arses in america brake the laws without knowin,,,So pleas mr Obama
help us understand.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah read more
at amc laws,,,

Автор GoldenLacing (2 месяца)
what are those retards behind the police waiting for...

Автор Sinky (1 месяц)
Asshole cop blocking the road!

Автор LAPD Officer (22 дня)
Don't care about him! He can't be a real PO. He has only red lights on the
roof! Seems to be a fire chief.

Автор f anis (1 месяц)
wo ist das ? welches Land ?!

Автор 69adrummer (2 месяца)
So mr cop stops in the middle of a damn street with a DOUBLE YELLOW line
just to tell you YOU are breaking the law?! F'n turn this video in to
Internal Affairs for the Suffolk "police".

Автор eric schlegel (2 дня)
I own the road fuck you. Go around.

Автор Sen De Silva (1 месяц)
why didn't this dumb gook of a cop pull over to the side and handle the
situation instead of building up a line of traffic behind him?

Автор Dyl Steger (10 дней)
Suffolk police are a joke they do nothing at all they are over paid under
worked pigs

Автор Kawaii seagulls (12 дней)
Where I'm from there NEEDS TO BE SIGNS ALWAYS 

Автор Swampmetal1 (23 дня)
As soon as I seen the cop I'd been gone ! No way he'd catch you. Yes I've
done it more than once. As long as you know your trails.

Автор bin laden (26 дней)
these reptiles are a group of policemen psychopathic drug abuse in society
and debilas covered in his hated uniform, have many bad memories ...

Автор Arney Penscowisksy (1 месяц)
Fuckin fag ass Salvatore.....ima steal your moped after i ass fuck your
grandma papi!

Автор Robnord1 (2 месяца)
This video and the comments about trespassing laws are amusing. So many
internet lawyers who know exactly what our rights are and how to properly
stand up to authority to assert those rights. Too bad police and judges
don't care what ignorant internet law says. You push that on them and they
push back.

Автор Stampylongnose Fan (26 дней)
Guys I live in Suffolk to and police are like that 

Автор Азат Стерлитамак (1 месяц)
чего он доебался то?

Автор Heribert Flapp (29 дней)
why didn't you shoot him like a real american would have done?

Автор whisperMrpussycat (8 дней)
bike has nice sound:)

Автор boštjan špoljar (20 дней)
I have a hunch that he is in love with you , love at first sight . 

Автор Tiffany Alamaa (28 дней)
Ugh...i guess i don't understand.

Автор TrueBlogge777 (1 месяц)
You were stupid to sit there in full view of the road, when ever cops see
bikes on private
land or fields off the road they automatically think they are joy riders on
stolen bikes, you should have said you stopped to do a PP.

Автор Chekosuave Wabi-sabi (27 дней)
wtf is this smh you Cant even hear the cop! step your video audio game up

Автор milkminotaur (1 месяц)
What qualifications does one need to be a police officer in the US. They
often don't seem terribly bright.

Автор gmansmile1 (22 дня)
fucking nazi pig

Автор BloodyAndMinecraftPE (3 месяца)
When he said it was private propety you should have said it was your

Автор josh7120 (4 месяца)
so he block up the road and traffic, insteas of pulling off the road to
left traffic thru.. interesting.. 0_o

Автор Rene Rios (1 месяц)
Cop just breakin balls for no reason.

Автор Jake R (1 месяц)
damn, they really have nothing better to do. 

Автор Sebastijan Mirjanić (24 дня)
What is your bike

Автор Daniel Harris (1 месяц)
Stop turning the camera off. They have no right having you turn it off.
Just act you did

Автор golsonkp (1 месяц)
Notice all the cars that refuse to pass the cop in the no-passing street.

Автор keiko909 (2 месяца)
i like the fact that the police officer has park in the middle of the road.
no hazard lights, not emergency call lights, nothing. check your safety
first mate, before you get rear-ended.....

Автор lue1975lue (1 месяц)
loud exhausts always attract the pigs

Автор alfredo urbano (2 месяца)
Dude this is the 3rd video ive seen you in getting pulled over lol stop
being a dickhead.

Автор anthony parisi (2 месяца)
Dude your a pissy .. you don't have to shirt the camera off its your 1st
amendment right......

Автор Brian Hughes (4 месяца)
He should've been pulling over all those people passing him on the double
yellow line.

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