police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор Army_Ranger187 (4 дня)
you are just being a ass.we are doin a job.quit being a fag

Автор greg55666 (5 дней)
Could you tell us what the cop was saying? This whole thing made no sense
to me. Was the owner of the property complaining? I don't understand why
the cop had stopped you.

Автор Marco Polo (6 дней)
You are both dumb ass's, you and the lazy cop. First you because it's
clearly not your property you dumb fuck. The cop because he was to stupid
and lazy to #1 pull off the roadway so not to block traffic and to lazy to
get out of the car.

Автор Jibzzy (7 дней)
Hey I live on Long Island too xD Suffolk County aswell!

Автор jojojeep1 (17 дней)
Suffolk police suck, they get paid the most , and have nothing to do all

Автор witplaasboer (21 день)
Most police are fucking DUM. Someone fucked them up in school and now they
think they are God. I mean think about it how dum must you be to do such a
fucking no brain JOB. Sit in a car and drive around. I mean how effen smart
must you be to do such a stupid so-called job. No wonder they have such a
bad rapp in the world. Just look at this PRICK bothering an innocent young
man for enjoying his motorcycle ride.

Автор John Gammeter (22 дня)
Fuck the police.

Автор modette99 (2 месяца)
Why did you even turn around I would of continued on into the dirt road if
you really been riding there for 3 years like you said. You probably could
look it up to who owns the property through your counties online site...at
least you then have a name to toss out to the cop the next time....LOL

Автор hzuiel (1 месяц)
Cop: "Omfg fun! kill it! kill it now!" In all actuality the cop probably
had no clue whatsoever what is going on, who the property belongs to,
whether that guy on the bike is in the right or wrong, he just wants to
hear himself talk. I've seen people get tossed off their own land by cops
before, and they had to go get a copy of the deed and ID to prove they were
hiking/camping/hunting on their own land.

Cops just love to snoop whether they have any reason to or not. In their
mind, the more they meddle, the more likely they are to catch someone doing
something(all tax paying citizens are criminals just waiting to be proven

Автор ResetGamingHD (2 месяца)
Police car vinyl's looks like 3d lol

Автор Scooter George (2 месяца)
Ticket? No. Arrested? No. Cuffed? No. Detained slightly? Maybe. Crybaby?

Автор brian bodes (2 месяца)
What a dick the cop is at least pull over to the shoulder ,he has to big
king kong man and feel tough by screwing up every ones day

Автор joshua stewart (16 часов)
Why are police such bullies! This is why they are hated.. he can't even
pull over to the side Iif the road to talk because he is a asshole chip
thinking evasions can wait for me

Автор MVScalper (7 дней)
The pig just wanted trouble, probably wanted to pepper spray you and smash
your face in with a club. That's what the american police are like.

*youessay youessay youessay*

Автор NOOOOOO (6 дней)
So what your saying is if there is no "No tresspassing signs" anyone can do
anything they want?........... oook.

Автор Der Kerl (16 дней)
i used to live in southwold wich is in suffolk

Автор Andrew Ellis (18 дней)
just tell that civil rights violating piece of shit to go fuck himself and
take off wuts he gonna do go off raod in the cruiser car wouldnt make it i
dont stand for it i say i dont talk to pigs so either arrest me or get the
fuck out of my general vicinity cops dont even look at me anymore becuase
of how much i know bout my rights fuck a pig hope they all get killed so i
can go round the country and piss on their graves 

Автор Jaw austin (23 дня)
man that cop wasn't bugging you he just wanted to talk he didn't give you
a ticket or anything.

Автор Jay D. Anderson (2 месяца)
Cops are not your friend. Don't be fooled by that propaganda, "To Serve and
To Protect." They serve themselves and protect themselves. Every
interaction with them is designed to find a way to get you behind bars.
That is a simple fact and you can check that with ANY honest law
enforcement person. Also every interaction you have with them can be your
last (deadly -- there are bad cops just as there are bad people). If I was
in that position i would have turned my motorcycle around and went the
other way post haste -- not easy for the officer to follow you onto the
dirt path. 

Автор Dan Holland (2 месяца)
Why do those sheep sit behind that patrol car?

Автор Dan L (24 дня)
The cop was doing nothing wrong its there job to go around finding ways to
hassle citizens, you handled the situation the right way. we all live under
the long arm of the law. so next time you see a police cruiser parked on
the side of the road, throw a brick through the windscreen.

Автор Doug Elick (2 месяца)
He's just ticked off cause his cruiser is a piece of crap.

Автор Dale B (3 месяца)
cop should mind his own fucking business. no one was called to the property
for a biker riding around so why did this cop feel the need to even stop
and talk on the tax payers dime.. get to work you filthy cop and stop
bothering a kid on a bike..hey cops did you ever stop and think if you
bastards minded your own business then there wouldn't be so many getting
killed every year?

Автор Kahuna76 (2 месяца)
You should ad subtitles.

Автор Daniel Swanson (1 месяц)
the cop is lying.

Автор josh kane (2 месяца)
1:30 true defination of a traffic stop

Автор dylan marx (3 месяца)
is this Suffolk county ny

Автор blackthunder400 (1 месяц)
If you like Extreme riding videos check out my channel and subscribe! I
promise you wont be disappointed. I have tons of videos of jumps, donuts,
crashes, wheelies and more! My old channel had over 1000 subscribers but it
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Thanks guys and thumbs up my comment for others to see & check me out!

Автор MrBadApple999 (18 дней)
Shouldve turned around and blasted him with rocks

Автор Anny Nonimous (1 месяц)
You wasted my time with this shit video?

Автор StarOwna (2 месяца)
fuck da police

Автор ye1338 (18 дней)
It's hilarious how all the lemmings are staying behind, no one dares to
pass the cop even when he's stopped. Fucking sheeps.

Автор Alex Balafas (3 месяца)
Must be a small town, if they have nothing better to do than to mess with a
trail rider

Автор BMX XMD (2 месяца)
i woulda been gone! lmao

Автор Chris Montesinos (3 месяца)
Lol where is that? I live in suffolk

Автор m8s4lif (1 месяц)
That was a situation where the officer should have pulled over to the side
of the road. He may not have been required to, but it would have been the
right thing, the safest thing to do. Whenever possible officers should try
to obey the same rules of the road that they expect other drivers to go by.
I understand that there are times when in order to do their job they have
to do otherwise, but it's not always necessary. If you want other drivers
to respect you, then try to obey the same rules that you expect other
people to obey, at least whenever possible. 

Автор ian dickinson (1 месяц)
Hzuiel got it bang on there. I would have at least made him walk up that

Автор Lance Haynes (2 месяца)
I'm a COP...quit having fun!!!

Автор Tyler Mills (1 месяц)
I would have just gunned it on the trail when he pulled up

Автор cosmo kramer (1 месяц)
Come on this clown can't even generate revenue for the department.
I noticed six vehicles passing on double solid yellow no passing zone.
I wouldn't have taken the risk going around that bully, just one more
reason for them to nickel & dime your independence.
Suffolk PD should disarm and remove her from pa-troll. Put her on "Radio"
duty with the rest of the retarded bitch's. 

Автор NintendoFanboy69 (15 дней)
Lol i live in Suffolk County too.

Автор John Adkins (2 месяца)
If I didn't live there I would have said: "Excuse your honor but I would
seriously like it if you ate my dust" brrrrrrrrrr.............

Автор ScratchinMyAss (26 дней)
Please note; the rider was respectful to the officer. The officer may have
been a fuck tard but the rider was polite.

Автор Howard Beale (26 дней)
Cops are Criminals. Kill them all!

Автор Sand and Dust (2 месяца)
Traffic stop only for break the ball, it's incredible.. May be there isn't
crime to think about..

Автор Doobious Sly (1 месяц)
Wait if you were going left why did you go right?! lmao 

Автор Chris Hoehn (1 месяц)
I live in suffolk there is no legal place to off road. Had the cops chase
me many a time. That guy has some balls i just would have took off instead
of risked a no insurance ticket.

Автор craigozland (1 месяц)
Do the police in that state have move on powers? If not tell him you will
go when you are ready, not when he tells you.

And exactly, the cop is a legend in his own mind. He should have pulled
over on the shoulder, disrespectful, inconsiderate prick.

Автор Stayfit4health (3 месяца)
American cops have lost the plot

Автор raptorsquadairsoft (3 месяца)
Is this in connecticut

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