police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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no bueno =)
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cop thinks i am a illegal dirt bike rider
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Автор CandyLaStar (2 месяца)
LMAO he stops in the middle of the road with not giving a shit about the
cars waiting behind him... no lights... nope LOL to lazy to pull over... to
lazy to get out of the car and engage the citizen... LOL this should be a
training video... O_O

Автор Kittyjellison perez (1 месяц)
holding up traffic... nice officer smh

Автор Johnny Sokko (4 месяца)
You were on a dirt rode. Go the opposite direction from the cop. He won't
follow you.

Автор Big Lou East Coast Review (5 месяцев)
Suffolk County cops are the most board police officers on the planet they
fuck with everybody for no reason at all

Автор Cliff Charpentier (7 месяцев)
You where trespassing. You don't need signs saying no trespassing on
private property. Its private. Need to be invited. How would you feel if I
did donuts on your front lawn. Do you have signs saying no trespassing?
Nicest cop ever. He let you rip you bike down the road. Didn't arrest you.
He probably rides and also understands people need to knkw where they can
and can't ride. 

Автор Sinky (4 месяца)
Asshole cop blocking the road!

Автор 69adrummer (5 месяцев)
So mr cop stops in the middle of a damn street with a DOUBLE YELLOW line
just to tell you YOU are breaking the law?! F'n turn this video in to
Internal Affairs for the Suffolk "police".

Автор michael reyes (1 месяц)
wow...he stopped all traffic just to do all that

Автор Marko Prizmic (1 месяц)
Suffolk police seem like fuckwits

Автор IShastaMcNastyI (3 месяца)
Illegal Riding. You make ADV riders look like pricks. You asshole.

Автор Justin Little (4 месяца)
Your not doing anythign wrong. They are not allowed to stop you on your own
property or hold up traffic. just to check what your doing.

Автор Will Morris (4 дня)
You seem to have a lot of videos of police "harassing" you. I've been
riding for years and have never had a problem with the police. You're
probably being a massive cunt. Grow up 

Автор TRAVIS WHEELER (2 месяца)
lul wow he said u were doing wreckless driving while he stoped in the
middle of traffic

Автор Michael Griffin (2 месяца)
why would anyone on a dirt bike stop for the police? that's just silly

Автор Theodore Marakas (2 месяца)
If I was cop and read all the comments on this video, I would turn in my
badge and gun, retire without asking for any benefits and go out to some
field collecting tulips

Автор 2xtream (4 месяца)
PIGS how nice life would be without um - -

Автор MrLILsmokey1993 (2 месяца)
you probably live in a boring town for the police. 

Автор Reidar Rasmussen (3 месяца)
All dumb arses in america brake the laws without knowin,,,So pleas mr Obama
help us understand.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah read more
at amc laws,,,

Автор eric schlegel (3 месяца)
I own the road fuck you. Go around.

Автор RadiantGreen (3 месяца)
I have those gloves for when I race my CRG =D 

Автор Olivia Matarese (2 месяца)
The Police are doing there job you are the annoying one!

Автор MRJOHNDEERE3720. :) (3 месяца)
people trespass on my farm all the fuckin time i got no trespassing signs
up all over my farm do they stay off... NOPE.. damm sons of bitchs..

Автор CopWatch Inland Divison (6 дней)
I like your gloves, i do the same thing

Автор Robert Fairweather Videos and Stuff (20 дней)
He just wanted to give you a 'fun tax'. You're having fun, he giving you a

Автор Colt Talbot (1 месяц)
Is it me, or is this guy the most unluckiest guy with the police? how many
videos now?

Автор adolphto (2 месяца)
Maybe you shouldn't fucking trespass you faggot. I hope you wipe out and
get paralyzed.

Автор Todd Freeland (15 дней)
back in the day before and this includes my family that had un-developled
land you could ride. Now there's no place to ride.

Автор Joseph Sikes (2 месяца)
Yea... We were up there during the Hurricane Sandy efforts and Suffolk Co
cops were stopping us every chance they got just to spout off random
bullcrap, acting like we didn't know how to hook a car on a wrecker! 

Автор Lahore Rodriguez (1 месяц)
you've probably been pissing off half the neighborhood with your loud ass
riding. inconsiderate dick.

Автор Kodapts (6 дней)
new york or near ny im guessing i played hockey up there?

Автор glk785 (14 дней)
Is it just police or are you being gang stalked by community watch groups?

Автор Sen De Silva (5 месяцев)
why didn't this dumb gook of a cop pull over to the side and handle the
situation instead of building up a line of traffic behind him?

Автор Terje Erikssen (29 дней)
If you not an asshole you can not be a police

Автор anarchyrising777 (3 месяца)
Standard procedure - if you are not in commission of a crime, do not follow
law enforcement orders and do not stop recording. Do not go up to the
officer's location. It is your right.

Автор 053Honda (2 месяца)
That dirt bike can't ride on the dirt and the cop can stop in the middle of
a road without turning his lights on, then wave cars around into oncoming
traffic. Great.

Автор tacomansfriend123 (1 месяц)
why are cops always fucking with you?

Автор Phil Hambleton (1 день)
First problem its Suffolk County the cops here are duck heads 

Автор Kristian Qaqi (1 месяц)
Just be quiet and be thankful we have police officers. Probably some
Neigbbor called the cops on you.. Because people don't like noises, and
they get scared with everything nowadays. But whatever the cops say I
always just listen and never talk back because I m not getting paid to
argue and make it a big deal! Be positive 

Автор Michael Schuler (1 месяц)
Just say it's your property that usually works or just leave .they are a
lazy bread 

Автор Ed Curtis (1 месяц)

Автор Brandon Edge (11 дней)

Автор KnightRyder316's Domain (1 месяц)
I think he's a masochist and enjoys the police pulling over that little

Автор 831 Films (5 дней)

Автор Charles Randolph (1 месяц)
offer the cop a nice warm hug... 

Автор Mrbiohazard369 (28 дней)
What part of Suffolk County?

Автор vpartworld Paktavee (4 месяца)
Didn't look like he bugging you,look to me he was doing his job,and in well
manner,lucky for you he let you go.

Автор Tanner K (1 месяц)
ayee 631 pigs

Автор Austyn NEAL (1 месяц)

Автор Diesel Black (2 месяца)
Shoulda gave that pig the finger n kept on riding

Автор kevin mcpherson (3 месяца)
You need a visible no trespassing sign and or a private property sign where
I'm from if there is no sign then how are you to know
Might be different for other places so might want to read up in your
province or state they may differ and besides I wouldn't listen or stop for
the cops lol flip the bird and keep on driving he ain't gonna chase you
threw the woods and if he did then at least you get to have a little fun
before he ratbags his patrol car lol

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