police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор Marco Polo (3 месяца)
You are both dumb ass's, you and the lazy cop. First you because it's
clearly not your property you dumb fuck. The cop because he was to stupid
and lazy to #1 pull off the roadway so not to block traffic and to lazy to
get out of the car.

Автор modette99 (5 месяцев)
Why did you even turn around I would of continued on into the dirt road if
you really been riding there for 3 years like you said. You probably could
look it up to who owns the property through your counties online site...at
least you then have a name to toss out to the cop the next time....LOL

Автор Scooter George (5 месяцев)
Ticket? No. Arrested? No. Cuffed? No. Detained slightly? Maybe. Crybaby?

Автор Army_Ranger187 (3 месяца)
you are just being a ass.we are doin a job.quit being a fag

Автор samsonpker (2 месяца)
how come those cars did not go around the cop car? lol I guess in that town
they got time to kill.

and what the hell that cop was like fuck it I'm net getting out of his cop
car for nothing! nothing! ok well maybe for a donut I will.

Автор hzuiel (4 месяца)
Cop: "Omfg fun! kill it! kill it now!" In all actuality the cop probably
had no clue whatsoever what is going on, who the property belongs to,
whether that guy on the bike is in the right or wrong, he just wants to
hear himself talk. I've seen people get tossed off their own land by cops
before, and they had to go get a copy of the deed and ID to prove they were
hiking/camping/hunting on their own land.

Cops just love to snoop whether they have any reason to or not. In their
mind, the more they meddle, the more likely they are to catch someone doing
something(all tax paying citizens are criminals just waiting to be proven

Автор Mos Melendez (8 месяцев)
blocking traffic is illegal, even for a cop.

Автор witplaasboer (3 месяца)
Most police are fucking DUM. Someone fucked them up in school and now they
think they are God. I mean think about it how dum must you be to do such a
fucking no brain JOB. Sit in a car and drive around. I mean how effen smart
must you be to do such a stupid so-called job. No wonder they have such a
bad rapp in the world. Just look at this PRICK bothering an innocent young
man for enjoying his motorcycle ride.

Автор Greg Quillen (1 месяц)
the cop held up traffic for that bullshit

Автор Ghost Rodgers (2 месяца)
lol that stupid ass cop obstructing traffic, why not pull over? what a
dopey cunt

Автор Josh Braswell (1 месяц)
Suffolk County Virginia? Im hear in Virginia Beach.

Автор dahmeredsback (2 месяца)
i like the way the cop just stops in the road instead of pulling over to
the shoulder..and then motions people to pass him on the double yellow line
with oncoming traffic... harassing a kid is more important than anything

Автор Pears Dudezki (1 месяц)
holding up traffic bugging bikers and wasting tax dollars- and they say to
serve and protect ha

Автор jojojeep1 (3 месяца)
Suffolk police suck, they get paid the most , and have nothing to do all

Автор ResetGamingHD (6 месяцев)
Police car vinyl's looks like 3d lol

Автор J Top (2 месяца)
If it is not your property and you do not have permission, you are
trespassing! The law applies even to idiots.

Автор XxG1ANNONE93xX (1 месяц)
how was he on the road legally with the cop right there? he had no mirrors,
probably no license plate either. i don't get that

Автор greg55666 (3 месяца)
Could you tell us what the cop was saying? This whole thing made no sense
to me. Was the owner of the property complaining? I don't understand why
the cop had stopped you.

Автор user183 (2 месяца)
man these suffolk county cops will not leave you the fuck alone, you think
they would get the idea by now. i'll stick to western mass, you've turned
me off from ever taking my bike out there. just plain ridiculous.

Автор Jibzzy (3 месяца)
Hey I live on Long Island too xD Suffolk County aswell!

Автор RapKandy (2 месяца)
your a lot nicer than i am. my encounter would have gone..

cop: hey BOY

me: FUCK DA POO POO! e-e-e-e-vroom. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!

Автор IloveSPIDERZ (1 месяц)
Is this Suffolk VA?

Автор John Gammeter (3 месяца)
Fuck the police.

Автор Vaal Zero (1 месяц)
sound of this fucken mbks can easy kill anybody cause heard attack
this idiot should pay for recovery and go to jail forever.

Автор brian bodes (5 месяцев)
What a dick the cop is at least pull over to the shoulder ,he has to big
king kong man and feel tough by screwing up every ones day

Автор John Motschenbacher (2 месяца)
my question is...why doesn't the squad pull over in the first place...what
a moron

Автор Dan Holland (5 месяцев)
Why do those sheep sit behind that patrol car?

Автор Sand and Dust (5 месяцев)
Traffic stop only for break the ball, it's incredible.. May be there isn't
crime to think about..

Автор Andrew Perez (7 месяцев)
isn't driving a dirtbike on the road illegal anyways??

Автор Jay D. Anderson (5 месяцев)
Cops are not your friend. Don't be fooled by that propaganda, "To Serve and
To Protect." They serve themselves and protect themselves. Every
interaction with them is designed to find a way to get you behind bars.
That is a simple fact and you can check that with ANY honest law
enforcement person. Also every interaction you have with them can be your
last (deadly -- there are bad cops just as there are bad people). If I was
in that position i would have turned my motorcycle around and went the
other way post haste -- not easy for the officer to follow you onto the
dirt path. 

Автор papashake (8 месяцев)
what is realy funny is theres no trespassing signs ....lol there dose not
need no trespassing signs if it is not your land stay the hell off it!!!

Автор Sirref (8 месяцев)
man, in that situation I'd have pulled up in such a way where if the cop
made any move towards giving me a ticket I'd just take the jump and head
off through the dirt in a way that the cop wouldn't be capable of following
(I'm assuming dirt tires though)

Автор s13nicotrico (8 месяцев)
show him the finger and drive on you pussy - think he can get you in the
woods with his car??

Автор watchguy79 (5 месяцев)
that is one dumb ass cop, what an idiot

Автор TheKaziCo (15 часов)
Why do they pull you over if they dont do anything. "Let me just pull over
people so I can seem like I'm getting paid for a reason"

Автор Dimce Gligorov (29 дней)
If its not your property, stay out. 

Автор 14Cinnamongirl (4 дня)
he found there hiding
spot of gold lol

Автор kenmtb (12 дней)
Why cant anyone have fun anymore?

Автор Zachary Tomaka (10 дней)
I used to live in Suffolk

Автор DJBrother Shawn (13 дней)
blocking traffic for no reason get out the car and off the bike lol

Автор Phoenix Looh (15 дней)
just fucking ping it !!! 

Автор Der Kerl (3 месяца)
i used to live in southwold wich is in suffolk

Автор SOUTHPAW731 (7 дней)
should have just booked whats he going to do call air support joke ass

Автор Kenneth Galvan (1 месяц)
Subscribed cause we're both Kenny & Your bike is sick asf

Автор Ganjablazin1226 (22 дня)

Автор TheArjaytai (1 месяц)
Upload on my birthday. :D

Автор Jaw austin (4 месяца)
man that cop wasn't bugging you he just wanted to talk he didn't give you
a ticket or anything.

Автор Jason Adams (2 месяца)
Just a bored asshole cop holding up traffic.

Автор Kyle avella (2 месяца)
Where in ny

Автор Kaleb Abbrat (3 месяца)
eff the police!

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