police bugging me

Suffolk county 7th precinct police dept

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Автор Steven Simpson ( назад)
Suffolk cops. Too lazy to even get out of the car.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
if i were you i woulda left right away, since when does debating a cop ever
end well? if that is a real important trail for you, then go get proof you
can ride there, and have it with you next time, and present it to cop if he
stops you again. (that is what would be called ... satisfaction)

Автор Robert Nunziata ( назад)
and you handled it right be polite and leave with no tickets

Автор Robert Nunziata ( назад)
and you handled it right be polite and leave with no tickets

Автор Robert Nunziata ( назад)
I use to ride those trails all the time the neighbors get a little upset
about it

Автор Jamie Smith ( назад)
Fuck the cops

Автор Jamie Smith ( назад)
God cops are the scum of the earth. Piece of shit, power abuse. Loner at
school growing up.

Автор Jaden Pearson ( назад)
2mil views for this weakass conversation life is retarded

Автор King Brian The First ( назад)
why didnt you just leave nto the woods

Автор HoTImPortMid NighT ( назад)
fat ass can't even pull the car in causing traffic and can't even get out
of the car and talk....

Автор solofox ( назад)
Having fun is illegal now 

Автор Colt Webb ( назад)

Автор Scott Cozart ( назад)
Let's just stop in the damn middle of the road. No blue lights or anything.
I would have told him to kiss my ass and rode off. Some cops are just

Автор Phazma Dark ( назад)
http://badcopsnoservice.boards.net/ WE ARE POSTING THE NAME OF THE BAD COPS

Автор Мишлен ( назад)
Officer mydlo 

Автор Jason Guzman ( назад)
Suffolk policeK

Автор Timothy MGTOW ( назад)
I don't know why you deal with the assholes. Just report them to the

Автор Brian Keith ( назад)
Is this Suffolk Virginia or some other Suffolk I'm not aware of?

Автор Phil Wheeler ( назад)
It's AWESOME that u know the law & always shit these idiots down they think
they can do whatever they want until they see UR ALL LEGAL!!! 

Автор LeScrub “LeScrubMaster” Master ( назад)
police there are real ass holes

Автор DJ SinT0x ( назад)
After seeing your videos "Suffolk Police" are just stupid dumbasses.

Автор Kyle Rider ( назад)
This is why I speed right behind cops on the interstate and record it all I
case they think they have the right to pull me over 

Автор Joshua “J.C-RIGS” Gill ( назад)
1:41 "Fuck this cop I'm going around!"

Автор artyboy1958 ( назад)
Great Videos Fella , But you need better sound on that Cam ... Good Luck .

Автор LaxProdigy12 (921 год назад)
U live in Selden

Автор blaramazozi ( назад)
yes they will employ retards ..................

Автор Johnny Greene ( назад)

Автор frank jerseytomato ( назад)
they all suck even in jersey

Автор TheUnknownCreeper09 (34 года назад)
The officer is not only holding up traffic, but is being a complete douche.
I have watched your videos and its like the cops have it out for you

Автор robert evans ( назад)
why didnt the sucker pull over to let working people by?

Автор Kurt Weaver ( назад)
Blocking the road like an asshole. If you're gonna stop, pull the fuck over

Автор Gah'krosh Hellscream ( назад)
Why would you call him sir he's bugging you

Автор Prometheus ( назад)
I live on long island the suffolk county cops are fucking douche bags, they
are such assholes about everything lol

Автор Strat Playing Guy ( назад)
Get out of the road idiot, you must be one bored cop....the dude is just
enjoying some off road riding...good time to rob a bank.

Автор jaja binks ( назад)
Do they not like you there always pulling you over id say its almost

Автор Highwalker ( назад)
Guess "serve and protect" has been replaced with "Accredited agency" -_-

Автор kunjidee ( назад)
what an idiot....u should've taken off the second you SAW the cop car...

Автор Brandon Bonaudo ( назад)
Lmao.. as the cars go illegally pass the solid lines and he still sits

Автор Phil Hambleton ( назад)
First problem its Suffolk County the cops here are duck heads 

Автор Will Morris ( назад)
You seem to have a lot of videos of police "harassing" you. I've been
riding for years and have never had a problem with the police. You're
probably being a massive cunt. Grow up 

Автор 831 Films ( назад)

Автор Kodapts ( назад)
new york or near ny im guessing i played hockey up there?

Автор CopWatch Inland Divison ( назад)
I like your gloves, i do the same thing

Автор TheMegaChuckles ( назад)
I counted 6 that crossed a double yellow bc jackass cop wanted to be a pain
in the ass, I would have sat behind him all day, not catching me fro
crossing a double yellow bc you want to harass someone

Автор Brandon Edge ( назад)

Автор glk785 ( назад)
Is it just police or are you being gang stalked by community watch groups?

Автор Todd Freeland ( назад)
back in the day before and this includes my family that had un-developled
land you could ride. Now there's no place to ride.

Автор Robert Fairweather Videos and Stuff ( назад)
He just wanted to give you a 'fun tax'. You're having fun, he giving you a

Автор Paul Messamore ( назад)
were is this shitty town ive seen a lotta videos with these ass bags
fucking with people

Автор Pista 99 ( назад)
cops don't like you :)

Автор Mrbiohazard369 ( назад)
What part of Suffolk County?

Автор Terje Erikssen ( назад)
If you not an asshole you can not be a police

Автор tacomansfriend123 ( назад)
why are cops always fucking with you?

Автор Travis M. ( назад)

Автор Colt Productions ( назад)
Is it me, or is this guy the most unluckiest guy with the police? how many
videos now?

Автор Patrick Bateman ( назад)

Автор Lahore Rodriguez ( назад)
you've probably been pissing off half the neighborhood with your loud ass
riding. inconsiderate dick.

Автор Ik kut ( назад)
hehe all these people bitching about cops ... but without cops its gonna be
a mess. butthurt fucks

Автор Ed Curtis ( назад)

Автор Michael Schuler ( назад)
Just say it's your property that usually works or just leave .they are a
lazy bread 

Автор Tanner K ( назад)
ayee 631 pigs

Автор Loca Valdivia ( назад)
holding up traffic... nice officer smh

Автор Andy Andrews ( назад)
You know damn well homosexuals do not supposed to be on other people's
property without permission

Автор Charles Randolph ( назад)
offer the cop a nice warm hug... 

Автор Kristian Q ( назад)
Just be quiet and be thankful we have police officers. Probably some
Neigbbor called the cops on you.. Because people don't like noises, and
they get scared with everything nowadays. But whatever the cops say I
always just listen and never talk back because I m not getting paid to
argue and make it a big deal! Be positive 

Автор Austyn NEAL ( назад)

Автор michael reyes ( назад)
wow...he stopped all traffic just to do all that

Автор Marko Prizmic ( назад)
Suffolk police seem like fuckwits

Автор KnightRyder316's Domain ( назад)
I think he's a masochist and enjoys the police pulling over that little

Автор Chrisfragger1 ( назад)
Fuckin go, they can't catch you.

Автор Ed “ED GRABOW” Ed Grabow ( назад)
u dont see any signs because idiots keep tearing them down. you probably
saying whats the harm of me riding here ? Try being the OWNER of the piece
of land your trespassing on , some numnut like you gets fucked up in an
accident you had on his property possibly a broken back lets just say.you
find a shithead lawyer who finds out who owns the property and SUCCESSFULLY
sues his ass for 2.5 Million bucks because he wasn't there to keep you off
his property. If you don't own the property u know someone does and if u go
on it your trespassing u dont see it that way ,do u ? 

Автор MrLILsmokey1993 ( назад)
you probably live in a boring town for the police. 

Автор Shahir Dastagir ( назад)
Jerks of the world, UNITE! And keep uploading!

Автор Michael Griffin ( назад)
why would anyone on a dirt bike stop for the police? that's just silly

Автор Joseph Sikes ( назад)
Yea... We were up there during the Hurricane Sandy efforts and Suffolk Co
cops were stopping us every chance they got just to spout off random
bullcrap, acting like we didn't know how to hook a car on a wrecker! 

Автор Joseph Damiano ( назад)
How old are you?

Автор Joseph Damiano ( назад)
Where are you? By Medford right? shirley? Riverhead? looks very familiar, I
probably been there. If you get one of those new electric dirtbikes you can
probably argue in court that there is no law against it. 

Автор Diesel Black ( назад)
Shoulda gave that pig the finger n kept on riding

Автор Olivia Matarese ( назад)
The Police are doing there job you are the annoying one!

Автор Wesley771000 ( назад)
That cop is a fag.

Автор TRAVIS WHEELER ( назад)
lul wow he said u were doing wreckless driving while he stoped in the
middle of traffic

Автор CandyLaStar ( назад)
LMAO he stops in the middle of the road with not giving a shit about the
cars waiting behind him... no lights... nope LOL to lazy to pull over... to
lazy to get out of the car and engage the citizen... LOL this should be a
training video... O_O

Автор 053Honda ( назад)
That dirt bike can't ride on the dirt and the cop can stop in the middle of
a road without turning his lights on, then wave cars around into oncoming
traffic. Great.

Автор adolphto ( назад)
Maybe you shouldn't fucking trespass you faggot. I hope you wipe out and
get paralyzed.

Автор Theodore Marakas ( назад)
If I was cop and read all the comments on this video, I would turn in my
badge and gun, retire without asking for any benefits and go out to some
field collecting tulips

Автор aintnonerd ( назад)
What is this....u never should have started this conversation.
If he is to lazy to get out his car...how did you know that he was talking
to you?
Something like this should be completely ignored.

Автор anarchyrising777 ( назад)
Standard procedure - if you are not in commission of a crime, do not follow
law enforcement orders and do not stop recording. Do not go up to the
officer's location. It is your right.

Автор MRJOHNDEERE3720. :) ( назад)
people trespass on my farm all the fuckin time i got no trespassing signs
up all over my farm do they stay off... NOPE.. damm sons of bitchs..

Автор Charles Robinson (347 лет назад)
you should subtitle what he said cant hear him for shit

Автор goldal88 ( назад)
I want to punch that fuck face with his lamborghini

Автор eric schlegel ( назад)
I own the road fuck you. Go around.

Автор Poonani Getter ( назад)
you should know better man!


Автор RadiantGreen ( назад)
I have those gloves for when I race my CRG =D 

Автор Reidar Rasmussen ( назад)
All dumb arses in america brake the laws without knowin,,,So pleas mr Obama
help us understand.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah read more
at amc laws,,,

Автор bayard01 ( назад)
How many flippin run in with cops videos do you have there man? I think
you're doing something illegal. Sorry don't feel too sorry for you.

Автор whisperMrpussycat ( назад)
bike has nice sound:)

Автор Dyl Steger (910 лет назад)
Suffolk police are a joke they do nothing at all they are over paid under
worked pigs

Автор Keaton0801 ( назад)
I give suffolk police an 1 on the scle of 1 - 10. 10 beiing best police
department ever, 1 being the worst, whch nludes harraasment, stupidity,
annoingness, and worst of all they get away ith it all

Автор Kawaii seagulls ( назад)
Where I'm from there NEEDS TO BE SIGNS ALWAYS 

Автор nick kelley ( назад)

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