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How to make a wooden Yo-Yo: I show how to turn a wooden YoYo on the woodturning lathe using a homemade screw chuck to mount it to the lathe. This toy Yo-Yo make a great woodworking project for kids / children and beginners.

Frank's Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtQMibjMz9k


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"Whiskey On The Mississippi" By: Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/


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Автор putri agung ( назад)
yoyok jelek

Автор hung huynh ( назад)
mcai nqy xhgvdv turn off and taxi

Автор Spell Caster ( назад)
For someone this young he is very talented

Автор ivan ( назад)
по русски говорт

Автор Omenice song Hossain ( назад)
I want to bay this

Автор TheD4rkL0rd ( назад)
Good video.
One thing though,


seriously, you scared me to death

Автор ChaseTheMaster ( назад)
I want one!

Автор Rykelme Kelvin Soares ( назад)

Автор TiMmY-RC ( назад)
how long does it sleep?

Автор livia rafaela ( назад)
wall does it work without friction pads?

Автор Kevin Sutton ( назад)
Will you make a butterfly shaped yo-yo

Автор Pencil-kun ( назад)
That is really impressive! You've earned a sub.

Автор Shankar Saran ( назад)
A very good demonstration of how to make a yoyo.

Автор Anstasia Bushuyev ( назад)
wow ! u were actually good at yoyoing!

Автор Baron1170 4 ( назад)

Автор Superman Batman ( назад)
Sweet thanks for the idea

Автор Mitchell Brown ( назад)
How does it work without friction pads?

Автор KernPieCultist xD ( назад)
Wow burger yoyo i luv it :3

Автор Game Factory ( назад)
Jag har försökt att göra en son Yo-Yo men den snurrar inte som den ska vad
kan jag ha gjort för fel kan hjälpa mig

Автор clarbern anthony luzon ( назад)
you need a freakin bearing

Автор KING ( назад)
i realized i have no life for watching this :(

Автор Ernie G ( назад)
you are very good with your woodworking, I really enjoy watching your
videos, as they give me some ideas, thank you for sharing them

Автор Game Factory ( назад)
A yo-yo Its so colt

Автор Noah Dtb ( назад)
His head is as big an American Football

Автор Samsung Kzoom ( назад)

Автор hoi nguyen khanh ( назад)
no yoyo

Автор LoneWolf Parkour ( назад)
Why is there no bearing

Автор TheSloMoBroAnd More ( назад)
Try making a yoyo like a Duncan butterfly

Автор TheSloMoBroAnd More ( назад)

Автор Aaron Beer ( назад)
Go to WI made it myself thanks to WoodPrix website

Автор Jingga Januruna ( назад)

Автор Max Rabadiya ( назад)
Wow nice, I finally finished up a tough project I found googling Hyezmar’s
Woodworking Bible. Nadine got it as well, and she’s also doing great

Автор A&Tgaming nfs glitches ( назад)
are u a drug dealer

Автор bravoelf ( назад)
take care of your hands ( fingers) it looks disgusting on video ;)

Автор Anthony L ( назад)

Автор Anthony L ( назад)

Автор kenny richard ( назад)
bom em

Автор - ̗̀ AnimalLoverz ̖́- AJ ( назад)
Wow! Amazing video!

Автор Deidre Johnson (1412 года назад)

Автор Chocolate Waffles ( назад)
Miraculous lady bug yo yo pls!

Автор nhat long ( назад)
dep v lol

Автор golden plommer (1709 лет назад)
can you send me ons i live at 242 bone score roade my concre is eglind

Автор Mika Ilyas ( назад)

Автор Neely Harris ( назад)
nice yoyo dude noce

Автор justin thymes ( назад)
Put a skate bearing in it,then its like the pros.
Shit,I'm sorry,that yoyo works well,I like it alot!

I like your work!

Автор Koper ( назад)
I laughed so hard when you said a little drug dealer style scale

Автор Alex Camilo ( назад)
Good Morning I want to ask thank you very much for taking your videos to
explain and teach people to lose their fear of trying to make objects never
imagined able to do . Thank you for taking the have us ... I am Brazilian
and always watch your work .

Автор Tate Donnelly (1511 год назад)
Make a bowling ball

Автор TheUSBoy ( назад)
just like the wooden yoyo in terraria

Автор origami bmxbiker ( назад)
can you make a wooden kunai knife?

Автор ja-dee castro ( назад)
make a wooden toy

Автор Bryant Bassett and ( назад)
if you sold it, how much would you charge for it?

Автор alessandra bosio ( назад)
perfect project

Автор Ali Namaa ( назад)

Автор Lena Lewis ( назад)
better than a imperial

Автор ROGER BOUCHEZ ( назад)
Bravo très bonne astuce.

Автор Alento Santos ( назад)
You can use woodprix instructions to build it yourself guys.

Автор Vincent 4LIFE ( назад)
a wooden hat

Автор Vincent 4LIFE ( назад)
a wooden hat

Автор Irvin Angon ( назад)
I'll buy it

Автор Hasan Kalbi ( назад)
you are so creative

Автор Aqeel Hashmat Gillani ( назад)
oh no

Автор Adhnan Beast ( назад)
Can u make a wooden Badminton Racket.

Автор saad chowdury ( назад)
what is this a kid wood worker isnt this child labor

Автор Phương Anh Nguyễn ( назад)

Автор VirosHacker ( назад)
I am very good at yoyo

Автор iBallicstic Bear ( назад)
This yoyo would be great for 2a yoyoing

Автор Heather R. ( назад)
you suck

Автор Mari Fonseca—Rafael ( назад)
make a wood ball

Автор Karel O'Garro ( назад)
What u mean by drug dealer scales

Автор Eloisa Adriana Pinheiro ( назад)
it makes me thing of school time...

Автор Crazy Mianite ( назад)
how old is this kid??

Автор Crazy Mianite ( назад)
does he sell them??

Автор Ava Ayala ( назад)
awesome. I'm sure you have any questions. by !.?

Автор SpyRoarGaming ( назад)
He's got a big ass head


Автор kiran patel ( назад)
ulala re ulala re

Автор Cuong Thinh ( назад)

Автор Yến Ngô ( назад)
thank you.....................................hi...hi...

Автор Vince Andaya ( назад)
can you do a tutorial like this for butterfly yoyo pls.

Автор chilly dawg (2013 года назад)
Y u so good at life (complement )

Автор hizkia nathanael ( назад)
like cookie

Автор dragon gaming ( назад)
oe oe

Автор ColdMike Gaming Channel ( назад)
неправильно нить надел.

Автор mai bichvien ( назад)
cung thay dukc

Автор David Pham ( назад)
Do this yoyo is for sale because I very like this yoyo and because I don't
have the wood

Автор ana grella ( назад)

Автор ana grella ( назад)

Автор Faycel Redjeb ( назад)

Автор yenviphanhoang phan ( назад)
very good

Автор vinh mobileshop ( назад)

Автор Alonso V ( назад)
first british guy i hear using cm instead of inches!

Автор Di Phong Tran ( назад)
yoyo dỏm

Автор Beatriz Sousa ( назад)
que merda

Автор vt hoangthanhthuy ( назад)

Автор Swampy LongMouth ( назад)
Hey where d'you get the bearing for the yoyo? I think not every yoyo
sellers have bearings sold

Автор Tam Minh ( назад)

Автор ‫محمد Ahmed‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Andrew301 salazar ( назад)
No other video like my channel

Автор Andrew301 salazar ( назад)
Subscribe to me ,hd videos high quaity,the best ever youll love it
,subscibe to super gubby

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