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How to make a wooden Yo-Yo: I show how to turn a wooden YoYo on the woodturning lathe using a homemade screw chuck to mount it to the lathe. This toy Yo-Yo make a great woodworking project for kids / children and beginners.

Frank's Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtQMibjMz9k


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Автор vt hoangthanhthuy ( назад)

Автор Swampy LongMouth ( назад)
Hey where d'you get the bearing for the yoyo? I think not every yoyo
sellers have bearings sold

Автор Tam Minh ( назад)

Автор ‫محمد Ahmed‬‎ ( назад)

Автор Andrew301 Salazar ( назад)
No other video like my channel

Автор Andrew301 Salazar ( назад)
Subscribe to me ,hd videos high quaity,the best ever youll love it
,subscibe to super gubby

Автор Carlo Astone ( назад)

Автор Richard Rome Capistrano ( назад)
How do you do that?

Автор RazzAtomGaming ( назад)
Hey Alex. Could you make a video of how you milled the log?

Автор OMER_GX_ 500 ( назад)
ياشيخ روح بس

Автор GCHGaming ( назад)
100,004 subscribers...FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS 4 CONFIRMED!!!

Автор M4dm3n_ 4314 ( назад)
how long does it sleep?

Автор Larché Jacques Clarel ( назад)
it worked out great. nice video ... thks for sharing

Автор jesica montenegro ( назад)

Автор sara nevarez ( назад)
Awesome! :D

Автор Jake Sullivan ( назад)
Could you please make a lantern out of a pice of wood please

Автор David Porter ( назад)

Автор Tiago Duarte ( назад)
Madalena Augusto 

Автор 3D Maniac ( назад)
Very nicely done. I truly enjoy your channel. Nice shop.

Автор emo sasa ( назад)

Автор TV뽀꾸 (1296 лет назад)

Автор MALAZvsBEBARS ( назад)
Çok guzal

Автор Justin S. ( назад)
Where do you get the scale ????

Автор Ashton Bmx ( назад)
your head is a triangle (^_−)−☆

Автор Thcs Toan ( назад)

Автор Emily Smith ( назад)
sasori puppet skills right there

Автор Hanon Silverleaf ( назад)
Can I order one?

Автор Alli Patrick ( назад)
Guys your Blowing up my email....

Автор rcmoot ( назад)
thank you for your instructions. i am building some for my grandkids to
play with.

Автор Manhal Najem ( назад)
اعجبتني الفكرة جدا شكرا على المجهود

Автор ewan martin ( назад)
Your good with a yo yo for someonewho plays video games

Автор Huafeng Yan ( назад)

Автор angel Gonzalez ( назад)
Omg it doesn't work

Автор the430movie (898 лет назад)
Great job buddy!

Автор Nikola Tesla (1616 лет назад)
Make a rubix cube? :)

Автор 69MASTERMC ( назад)
now just get some bearings and response pads and that will be good

Автор BubbleeezGamez ( назад)
make a guitar

Автор giorsil Ortiz ( назад)
really profesional good job

Автор Hansel Åström ( назад)
What if you used a real bearing :O

Автор Kilimoenipa Pointser (819 лет назад)

Автор Jimmy Jenkins ( назад)

Автор Alex MH ( назад)
First vid I've seen of yours, subscribed straight away, awesome! You should
make an unresponsive yoyo with the butterfly shape, put a bearing in it,
with some metal weights! 

Автор Jack Chesney ( назад)
1:50 you do realise you were making a boob

Автор Alli Patrick ( назад)
Nice yoyo but your accent is weird

Автор Sekyleky ( назад)
Good! but I haven´t this things to do it :(

Автор nug 356 ( назад)

Автор Jeremiah Bawar ( назад)
Cool and awesome

Автор Roman Solider ( назад)

Автор Marionette :3 ( назад)
the bansaw made out of wood thats suprising

Автор dominiik lol man ( назад)
beach like :D

Автор Hải Nguyễn Duy ( назад)
Củng tạm tạm

Автор gaga Ouardia ( назад)
I ♥ Youre Machine On 1:51 !!!♥-♥

Автор Youppi TheDominator ( назад)

Автор Youppi TheDominator ( назад)
who the heck is timmy

Автор Youppi TheDominator ( назад)
were to do you expect us to get all of this fancy stuff

Автор Fisher Price ( назад)
I wish i could make this myself

Автор luca francis ( назад)
u could have a made a butter fly yoyo by turning the wings around

Автор SLX ( назад)

Автор Phàm Ldt Ntt_ winmato ( назад)
dit cu may da ngu thi dung the hien

Автор VGamerGirl13 ( назад)
they looked like vanilla wafers at 3:33 :D lol

Автор IC3DPENGUIN ( назад)
Where did you buy a sharpener at? I can't seem to find one at a good
pricing. I use tools that are quite old and getting dull. 

Автор Briana Rodriguez ( назад)
Please can I have it I have no wood here and no tools.

Автор Crazy idiot ( назад)
Can u tell is what safety eqipment ur wearing

Автор Bruen Johnson ( назад)
Where did you learn this

Автор Caiel Manuel ( назад)
That yoyo is perfect for looping

Автор Peter Peterson ( назад)
For a first go at it, that yo yo is super responsive, as far as I can tell.
You've convinced me to try and make my own. Great work by the way.

Автор Edgar Garcia ( назад)

Автор Edgar Garcia ( назад)
What about a boomerang

Автор Ned Johnson ( назад)
Is you want to see some amazing yo young look up clyw 

Автор bestias49 ( назад)
Excelente trabajo.

Автор Jay Young ( назад)
U sound like the gaminglemon

Автор Muhammad Imran ( назад)

Автор Blessheart321 ( назад)

Автор Cheysenn Kyle Maltezo ( назад)
is that the yo yo from center of the earth

Автор Jediah Van Golo ( назад)
awesome how cool is that

Автор mrawesomeguyish ( назад)
I wonder what else he does with that drug scale he used

Автор Calvin Moore ( назад)

Автор Marcello Jesus ( назад)
e bom

Автор Tom Howbridge ( назад)
What mask is that

Автор Jonathan Bradbury ( назад)
Gaaaaaahhhhh splinters!!!

Автор wr0984 ( назад)
Yo yo....................

Автор tam west ( назад)
what is the sleep time of it????

Автор Wooden Tool Man ( назад)
Good Job Alex

Автор ThisWoodwork ( назад)
No worries, good luck with it! You will have great fun! Alex

Автор John Whooley ( назад)
Hi I'm only 13 from lreland and just getting started in wood turning and
I'd just like to say thank you and you have been a big inspiration to me:-)

Автор Mohammed H ( назад)
your awesome at yoyo

Автор TrollsGonnaTroll12 ( назад)
i wonder how it comes back when there is no response pad...

Автор Bailey Chandler ( назад)
make a yoyo with a bearing in it so you do a lot of tricks and check out my
channel which is about yoyoing

Автор Daniel Aung ( назад)
can you make a wooden katana

Автор Leon Lupe ( назад)
Can you please send me one

Автор IGN hatake ( назад)
may you deliver one to me I live in 46 Stafford crips house clem atlee
court fulha London sw6 7rx one that I very good please

Автор Mr_Rex123 ( назад)
Well good for a newbie to Yo-Yos but nothing to other pros

Автор taintedwoodwork ( назад)
he was joking

Автор Justin Morris ( назад)
Cool video, I am not a huge fan of Yo-Yo's but now I want to make one lol.

Автор Justin Morris ( назад)

Автор charles anderson ( назад)
Sounds like a great idea. Must be next on my project list.

Автор PcFiler ( назад)

Автор JPuzzles ( назад)
Can you make a kendama

Автор Mike Montgomery ( назад)
Hi Alex! I'm a sponsored yo-yoer myself and stumbled across your video
while look for other yo-yo videos, just wanted to say you did a great job
making yours and that it looks fantastic! :)

Автор Les Parsons ( назад)
Love your work

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