SwagBot+ - Combining SwagBotTV and SwagBot Auto Search in one.

This is a video of my new bot SwagBot+. It combines an auto swag bucks tv viewer and an auto swag bucks search.

There have been lots of people talking about getting a captcha on swag bucks tv, I myself still do not. So I've decided to add a captcha protection technique which will stop the switching videos after 9 videos play. The bot will then play a "beep" sound ( or any other .wav you want ) and inform the user the captcha will be on the next video. You then press the "Next" button to continue to the captcha video, it will proceed on after that. This can be disabled in the adv. options.

Similar method will be added to the SwagBot Auto Search bot, it willl stop and notify user when the next search is preformed.


I won't put a time on when the new SwagBot+ will be released but you can expect it to be very soon.


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Автор SwagBotTV (2 года)
Look at my channel, there are many versions after this.

Автор hotrawey2 (2 года)
thanks man for putting up the pass. is there a download link for the bot
that has both?

Автор SwagBotTV (2 года)
yes, the latest version is 8... this is the first version your are viewing

Автор SwagBotTV (2 года)
@teeja4561342342 Check my latest video, thanks!

Автор Meme Koten (2 года)
Eh, You have to pay for this...

Автор hotrawey2 (2 года)
@hotrawey2 disregard sorry didn't read all the shit.

Автор teeja4561342342 (2 года)
where do i download it

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