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Автор Dennis rc (1 год)
Hi do you know from were can I buy a 3rd generation module to upgrade my
eurgle transmitter? Thanks.

Автор richard seger (3 года)
Hi and thank you very much for fast answer So you can reflash both with
latest software? fly sky also have both mhz and ghz antenna but turnigy
doesn´t.?? How is the flysky´s module attached to the mainboard? is it also
soldered on or is it cable connection? Best regards Richard

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@Starofking1 The Turnigy cannot be used as an FM TX, only as 2.4gHz but the
Flysky can be used as both a 2.4gHz and FM TX, that's why it has the extra
FM antenna.

Автор jamesb1221222 (4 года)
Very nice review.. Wish hobbyking would get these back in stock already.
I'm dying to get one.

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@iceman500PD Most buddy cords are the same (as in 3.5mm jack) so if you
have a spare or you know a mate who has one then give it a try. As far as
I'm aware the 9X will only buddy with another 9X where your both using the
same brand module/receiver.

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@Starofking1 they are the same transmitter just different name

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@NoobyRC It's the same radio but the Firmware is different. Apparently
hobbyking had a batch go out with bad firmware, maybe your was one of them.
I can't really say much more, I've got three 9X's and they've all been
excellent for me, my friend also has one and he has not had any problems :)

Автор roadstar499 (3 года)
i am new to planes and i just ordered the flysky version and this this
thing looks very hard to configure for a newbie

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
The modules simply plug into the back on all units and as far as I'm aware
you can reflash all units. Yes correct the turnigy no longer has a mhz
antenna but is the same in all other ways.

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@TheKrazydreams I assume you mean the background music??? if you turn the
volume down a little you can still hear the audio but without the
background music

Автор bigkdog363023 (3 года)
How do you start/stop the timer on the radio?

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@sbolandatutube without speculating it would best to see what can and can't
be used at your local club by asking them directly.

Автор ghosttroop (4 года)
Really cool review JBC. Mine is on the way and its brilliant being walked
through the operation and menus as opposed to attempting to decipher the
strange dialect used in most Chinese versions of an English instruction
manual. A 9ChTransmitter/8ChReciever delivered to my door for US$75...
unbelievable. Very helpful stuff and ive got few questions for you about
the firmware upgrade and the lipo installation that ill save for another
day. Nice work. I love your Mustang. Sweeeet ;)

Автор coolwaterhubby (2 года)
Hi. Roadstar 499. I. Watched. Your video. On the. Turnigy 9. Ch radio . I.
Have. The. Flysky. Radio and would like you some question about it. If you.
Have the. Time .

Автор richard seger (3 года)
Hi. I wonder which one to go for. I am buying one in the nearest days and
you seem to be very experienced of them. In the long term which one is the
best i your opinion? I do not mind modifying or reflash. I just want the
one that have widest ability and have good 2.4ghz tecnology. Sry for
spelling errors but enlish is not my first language :) . I really hoping
and it would be much apricciated if you have the time to answer me soon.
Best regards. Richard

Автор wallaguest1 (4 года)
hi witch is the title of the last song? looks from 80' ?

Автор Dragon69Fly (3 года)
@PARTYjohn69 I doubt the 1.5-2km. i agree that you can fly till youre plane
is a tiny dot. I lost 2 planes IN line of sight around 500 meter. So dit my
mate who fly's with the v2 type. when driving for it with the car it waw
around 500 meters.. Straight line. Just my 2 cents. Original module though

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
Quite the contrary, it's fairly easy and intuitive to use, similar to the
JR menu system

Автор stephen5150 (4 года)
Hey there I think I have the same question as 400Chevic do they buddy box
and would they buddy with the likes of a spectrum etc. I have the same
set-up as you with the corona 2.4 and its been great, binding often takes
two attempts with that module, its seems to like a quick start with the
battery connector then plug it in again straight away and you are good to
go instant bind do you have the same issue

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@sbolandatutube no c tick but it does have the CE mark which is the EU
equivalent of our c tick.

Автор NoobyRC (3 года)
I have had nothing but problems with the Hobbyking Turnigy 9x, V2 lots of
money spent on batteries, soldering bad connections and intermittent issues
with fluttering ailerons and rudders wile flying ending in one crash after
another, I like the radio, and the low cost for receivers, but I can not
trust it anymore, now I have found the Eurgle "3rd Gen" @ r2hobbies com, do
you know if this radio is better then Turnigy 9x version 2?

Автор Sergio Porras (3 года)
hi how far i can flr with this radio transmitter?

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@400chevlc trainer port is there and there's the setting in the menu to do
it so I don't see why you couldn't do it, it should work.

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@Pono421 That's strange, I've never heard of that happening before. Have
you tried re-binding the receiver? if that doesn't work then follow the
links in the description to my blog where I have links to the thread on
this transmitter. You can ask the question there where there are also
programmers that have written firmware for the 9X, they might have a

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@KozmykJ Great tip, thanks for sharing! :) (THUMBS UP)

Автор bendie59 (3 года)
thanks was very informative

Автор ChickenHawk110 (3 года)
One of the best budget setups out there today is the Turnigy 9x TX with
custom flashed firmware, backlight, and the FrSky 2.4Ghz FHSS module to
suit. (JR type) Get rid of the originalreceiverss. You then have a radio
just as "powerful" as the high end 8-9 channel brand name TX's.

Автор TheKrazydreams (4 года)
you audio is annoying

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@jamesb1221222 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) You don't have to wait for
Hobbyking if you don't want to, you can checkout leaderhobby (DOT) com they
also stock it. I have two Turnigy's and 1 Flysky from leadershobby both
work exactly the same.

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@sergionew7 It will be fine for FPV, I'd recommend using either a FrSky or
Corona 2.4Ghz module with it

Автор Soldier53flyer (1 год)
Did you do a video on how to tell if you have a 9X V2 or V1?

Автор eli cortes (4 года)
@PARTYjohn69 i found the problem,...the 4 numbers at the top of that menu
are for setting the stick positions for ch. 1-4. i must of pushed the menu
button by mistake and it reset all the sticks to center. i thought my radio
was no good, my bad...LOL i found a fix for this problem.... its in er9x's,
(flashing 9x.pdf) on page 29. it tells you how to reset the stick postions
on the stock 9x radio. now all the sticks in the display menu are
cen-terd.... LOL thanks for you help dude.

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
Hi mate, all the transmitters are made in the same factory and are the same
except for the different name. They all work exactly the same, therefore
one is not better than the other.

Автор Soldier53flyer (1 год)
got it thank you

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@stephen5150 Hi Stephen, I haven't tried buddy boxing with a Spektrum tx
but I'd be surprised if it did as they use different proprietary
technology, no harm in trying on the ground though.

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@bigkdog363023 Using the trainer switch on the top, right, rear of the

Автор eli cortes (4 года)
i checked the firwier on mine and its v14, just above on that same menu
there is 4 numbers. you can changer them to 0001,-0005. i dont know if 1
got changed or what but now my radio doesnt work, (al, ele,rudder). do you
know what the problem is?......

Автор roadstar499 (3 года)
This is my first computer radio other then flysky ground radio i use for my
boats...i hope u r right...i don't think any mixing is needed for the dynam
p51 and t-28 anyway al i need is a channel for retracts and i think a knob
for flaps after i install them or a three staage switch as i hear flaps can
be tricky and giving full flaps all at once can be hairy...heard many great
things bout this flysky 9x and for $90 shipped,i can't complain

Автор Ozzi Supercub (4 года)
Great vid. Do you know if you can buddy box these radios? I have an idea
for a training device that i dont think has been done before.

Автор NoobyRC (3 года)
I have received similar replys from others who have this radio, perhaps I
just got a bad one, i do have lots of receivers for it now, so I think i
will get another one and send this one back to hobbyking

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@Pono421 great to hear, glad you sorted it out :)

Автор KozmykJ (3 года)
@iceman500PD Depending on the modules you're using in your Turnigy you
might need to add a 1K resistor to the PPM line before Trainer mode will
work properly, I think it's just the trainer/slave Tx needs it but I'd do
both in case they get swapped around. Can't link on here but search
RCGroups for " Turnigy 9X 'resistor fix' " You CAN mix makes of Tx but you
may have to add circuitry to balance the PPM signal levels, depending on
which make. You'll have to read up on this subject.

Автор TheKrazydreams (4 года)
@PARTYjohn69 the music is fine

Автор TF Shaw (3 года)
Thanks for the great info!

Автор iceman500PD (3 года)
What's up JBC? I want to know if there is a buddy cord? If so, where can I
get one and what other radio will it work with?

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@ChickenHawk110 I agree, however I already have over 20 Corona rx's and
they've been flawless to date so I can't really justify swapping to a
different brand module/rx just yet

Автор JBC Reviews (3 года)
@sergionew7 Depending on what module you use the average is about
1.5kms-2kms. I have flown until my planes were just tiny dots in the sky
and didn't have any problems. I have friends that use Spektrum and this
radio is just as good as theirs.

Автор Sergio Porras (3 года)
I need one radio transmitter gave me around 1 or 2 miles with nice
reception and something I can trust for this range and cheap jeje Do you
recommend me this radio is fpv plane?

Автор JBC Reviews (4 года)
@wallaguest1 it's off a funk mix album, song's called 'you're the one for
me' by d-train

Автор JBC Reviews (1 год)
No Problem

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