How to : Toribash character changing trick

A quick tutorial showing you how to change you character using parts from other players. To download a players parts, open Toribash, and in either Free Play or Multi Player, type (without quotes) "/dl playername". Replace playername with the player you want to download from.

NOTE : You can find your player folder in "your-toribash-folder/custom".
ANOTHER NOTE : I did not make Toribash. I just use it. Duh.

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Автор Jason ha (2 года)
how do u equip ur force when u buy it????

Автор DarthNihilus1 (3 года)
its single player only idiots. when u go online u can see other ppls, you
can see yours, but no one else can see yours. sometimes they other ppls
textures are your textures, i.e wrong textures

Автор killerwith2balls (4 года)
I have done this but i cant see any part that i added Why??>

Автор 0my605h (4 года)
Basically, what this hack is doing is manually changing your textures on
your computer. When you connect to multiplayer, Toribash receives your
textures via the server - which does not have your textures on it.

Автор baraka0123 (5 лет)
very super :D

Автор mamaluigi0900 (2 года)

Автор Jason ha (2 года)
u can get em free from doin survays aswell

Автор whybalac (5 лет)
wow i steald hampa thanks dude

Автор Hjorten95 (3 года)
Patched....... it works for the first few seconds and then goes off....

Автор PyroTomas (4 года)
yes it does, the whole point of the command is to let you check custom
stuff you make without having to change your char's stuff every time you
adjust the pics, this is a tool for the artists, its not a hack, make your
own folder put your own tga files in it and load it. oh wait you dont draw
your own stuff, or you would know this

Автор kaylee casper (4 года)
my stuff disappears except my trail?....wat is i do?

Автор Kacpiar Klacper (4 года)
I saw ur icons. Kiddeh lol Jumping Ahead YEAR 1. IT JUST TELLLS UR A
KIDDEH!!! Btw when u run multiplayer it will be gone.

Автор Crysistool (5 лет)
is it legal when i play with an other charakter on multiplayer? for example

Автор kaylee casper (4 года)
i do know this

Автор Sean F Vanelli (4 года)
How do u download player folders?

Автор toribasher12 (5 лет)
thx thx you so much :)

Автор pareskotos (5 лет)
Sorry man but this trick is old. I know it. And you are the only one that
sees these.

Автор imred3345l (3 года)
this don't work.. :P

Автор roy1o (5 лет)
i Cant see it i can only steal Trails Can you PM me some info ?

Автор 0my605h (5 лет)
If you do it how I did it in the video, you should have the parts that you
picked. I am not responsible for your mistakes.

Автор mario6313 (5 лет)
ty man :D

Автор Crysistool (5 лет)
omg your godlike it works!!!!!! :D

Автор Svænte Tanðuggýr (4 года)
or get other people to type in /lp 0[playr name]

Автор Zac Clement (4 года)
it doesnt work online :(

Автор killahkong1 (4 года)
it works for like a second then my stuff appears

Автор Ibrahim Alkhadra (4 года)
when i put biceps it doesnt work the only thing that works is leg trails
and i think hand trails can anybody pm me to tell me what to do?

Автор Etimovie (4 года)
Thank you! This technique work! But in multiplayers, this hack doesn't
work, why?

Автор Keizerbudz (4 года)
@65guel Hahahaha Nice One :D

Автор jakemeow (3 года)

Автор denis berg (5 лет)
it didnt work for me, its in the folder. help?

Автор kaylee casper (4 года)
sorry it wont work for 3.8

Автор 0my605h (4 года)
@weeneytoddlover TC (ToriCredits) are earned from winning fights. Or you
can buy them.

Автор 0my605h (5 лет)

Автор mario6313 (5 лет)
work online?

Автор João Miguel (4 года)
very much i am hampa and you are ******

Автор kaylee casper (4 года)

Автор SCREAMZ115 (4 года)
shut up u retard hes only trying to help

Автор mavwarrior (5 лет)
hi it didnt work for me either plz give me some help

Автор kungkungbing (4 года)
Lol this video is the same as mine but my comments are funny!

Автор Xelorplane (3 года)
free tc's /watch?v=AYpoIxIUU-8

Автор alexoaca (4 года)
hey i tried this on a mac and it worked but every time i closed the window
and opened it again and in the toribash folder was another
file:custom.tmp.I think that this file makes me stock again but the floor
remains.help please

Автор 0my605h (5 лет)
What did you put in your folder? You need to move the images from someone
else's folder to yours. DON'T move the entire folder - just the bits inside.

Автор weeneytoddlover (4 года)
@0my605h i know, but is it likeyou lvl up to get them, cuz ive won like 10
and never earned any

Автор neluz6 (4 года)
@0my605h OR you can earn them by doing surveys on the website, it will give
you up to 1500 tc! some work, some dont.

Автор lolopit (5 лет)
i guess it is : ) if there r tutorials how to do skin or smting like dat on
toribash site :))

Автор TheNikolai123 (4 года)
but i did get the banana thing up??

Автор 0my605h (5 лет)
Just delete the folder.

Автор gotmilk3001 (4 года)
Where's the folder located? Or what's the name?

Автор 1243Cooldude (4 года)
I see you play ROBLOX? What's your username? I played but my acc
"Pwnercity" got banned..

Автор ultimatoast (5 лет)
only trails show up when i put them in my folder. i cant get anything else
to work

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