How to: Make A Riding Lawn Mower FAST!

Here's a video covering the pulley swaps, and custom tensioner pulleys I've built and installed on our off road and mudding tractors. Pulley swaps make you lawn mower faster. You want to increase the size of the front, and/or make the back pulley smaller to increase the speed of your lawn mower or tractor.

Green MTD has a 4" front, stock rear

Craftsman crawler has stock size pulleys

Murray has 4" in the front, and 5" in the rear

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Автор Rusty Spires ( назад)

Автор Hugo Chavez ( назад)
i bought a 2inch and a 3 inch pulley.which pulley would you guys recommend?

Автор Aaron Rice ( назад)

Автор axel cook ( назад)
i just got a newish craftsman and the clutch pully is right next to the
front pully any tips

Автор Jon Smith ( назад)
i made one with a 20" bicycle rim for a front pulley and a 2" pulley for
the back one with a lowered suicide front end it's pretty great

Автор kmarty211 ( назад)
So to make it faster you would want to use bigger pulleys

Автор Brandon Lecroy ( назад)
Show how to put a bush hog behind a riding lawn mower

Автор Nick Tichon ( назад)
If im building one just for speed can i just put smaller in the back and
leave the front one alone? and smaller belt, and do i need a tension
pulley? or do i put smaller one in the back and a big one in the front?
whats the size pullies i need if i want to go like 30?

Автор Joe Difuria ( назад)
What's the best mower to pulley swap

Автор Jeremy Ireland ( назад)
hey what is fearlessfront using for a belt

Автор TrottingFox ( назад)
Just asking, I know this video is old I have seen it before but have my own
project now. I have a mower similar to the mud mower but I was wondering if
I could just flip the drive / Deck pulley without cutting anything.

Автор cittybulder ( назад)
im suprised you havent fixed the garage door yet. that should be a project
so your stuff dosent freze and people cant get in and or you can keep in
the heat in the winter.

Автор Spencer Stafford ( назад)
Fearlessfront can u tell me which pulley I need to change to make my mower

Автор Asah Pakome ( назад)
so do i put a smaller pulley on???

Автор Jacob Lloyd (1628 лет назад)
+FearlessFront (Todd Christopher) I have a Mtd similar to this, I was
wondering what speed Paul's mtd was able to get to?

Автор Reverse Gear ( назад)
Have you messed with hydro gear transmissions? It appears it does need
external slipper belt clutch. I know they seem to be junk. But maybe be
good enough for a silly engine powered shopping cart. But can it be speed
up with different sized pulleys?

Автор awen baylis ( назад)
what if it is a hydraulic one?

Автор Clifford Hill ( назад)
awesome video

Автор Rene Reynoldd ( назад)
I have an mtd an old one and I want to make it faster any ideas?I have a
fees videos up so u can see it to get a better idea of what it is

Автор Rodney Baxter ( назад)
informative thanks

Автор c tony ( назад)
I have a craftsman gt 18 that i use for a snow plow. I would like to get a
bit faster without loosing too much power to rear. Going to lock dif but
want to do it all at once.

Автор BassHeadMav Quadman (770 лет назад)
I did a pulley swap on my mtd and I have 2 belts but the front belt keeps
flipping why does it do this

Автор Joshua Sturgill ( назад)
I have a hydrostatic transmission on a newer craftsman. can i still lock
that? and can i pulley swap that also????

Автор Jordan Anderson ( назад)
how to take the front pulley off? I tried with a wrench that fits the bolt.
the engine rotates. how to lock it?

Автор Joshua Beanblossom ( назад)
what suze pulleys would u need on a stock mower that it will still have
puuling power and go fast and if u have a stock mower and pully swap it how
much faster would it go

Автор Corey Butler ( назад)
"Off-road lawn mowers" Hahaha! I think that's the original purpose...

Автор Josh VanHoose ( назад)
where can you get the smaller pulley? I have a 1995 craftsmen tractor and
gonna make it fast and lift it but I can't find smaller pulleys.

Автор Tommy Danderson ( назад)
Hi fearlessfront im 15 years old and i need some help on making my 14 HP
murray run smooth. I did a pulley swap with a 4in pulley on the STOCK
tranny. it does go really fast! BUT something clicks I think its the tranny
it also kinda jerks a little. my last tranny i had did the same thing but
didnt have a pulley swap and clicked and jerked then i cracked the case.
i'm afraid of cracking the case again! do u use a stock tranny on your
murray mower?? what are your thoughts, thanks

Автор KhaspaFilms ( назад)
I could use some help I have a hydrostatic lawn mower 2005 Craftsman LT3000
I could use some help I want to make it a mud mower but want more speed. I
want to know where I could find atv tires cheaper than $100 each lol don't
have the money and you inspired me to build a mud mower 19 years old never
worked on small engines it's always been diesels and cars and trucks.

Автор Sharon Brave Heart ( назад)

Автор bowtie4ever96 (551 год назад)
has he had trouble with that mtd double pulley system I have a huskie lawn
tractor made by mtd with that system with a modified briggs vtwin I had it
shear the rear belt is there a way to help it not shear belts?

Автор James Richards ( назад)
Ok I did a pully swap on my white I put a 9inch pully on the motor and a
3inch on the axle and all its doing is smoking the belt I fesized the belt

Автор Rc Stuff ( назад)
Can you do a video on a.300$ offroad mower build that still goes 25 to 30

Автор Powwows 321 ( назад)
what same pulls as the front back

Автор Harry Barlow ( назад)
Could you do a quick video on swapping the engine drive pulley for the old
mower deck pulley?

Автор Joe Simon ( назад)
How did u pulley swap the craftsman i have the exact same tractor and i
went underneath to start on a pulley swap and the clutch lever/pulley is a
half/quarter inch from the engine drive pulley and with the clutch pushed
in its almost touching so if i swap the drive pulley over to the deck
pulley to gear it up they are going to hit so I'm stumped....

Автор TheTaylor12321 ( назад)
How do I make my mower faster without doing a pulley swap? It's a

Автор Perrys Gaming ( назад)
Can you make a video on how to install these pullys

Автор Nitebug61 ( назад)
I put in a Google search for "building a riding lawn mower" and it had your
link at the top. Great knowledge here but I really would like to save money
and build my own riding mower from the frame, outward. Can you or anyone
here steer me in the right direction?

Автор Daniel Hanemaayer ( назад)
How did you figure out how far the tensioner pulley can swing on Paul
tractor? I got the same slip problem.

Автор stephenjray1988 ( назад)
by the way i have a 3 inch laying around but afraid it might be too much

Автор stephenjray1988 ( назад)
What pulley setup do you suggest on rear for a mower i cut grass with it a
Murray wide body and it is slow as Christmas compared to my cub cadet i
would like for it to do is around 10-15 that way when i cut grass i can
just cut in lower gear than 6 like i do now thanks.

Автор The Dawg House ( назад)
Hey man screw the haters. We all know u have a ball while there sitting at
there desk chair dreaming ... WHOOP WHOOP !!!! anyways, Quick question...
why not use a chain drive instead of belt ? Would that be too much torque?

Автор christian stevens ( назад)
Can u post a vid of how to make th tires move with the puley 

Автор Josh Bartlow ( назад)
That's pretty sweet I did a pulley swap on my mower and can go 25-30 mph on
it and still be getting a bit of speed I just need to get better brakes so
I can get it to stop better and made a custom "clutch"/ tensioner for it to
help with driving it 

Автор SuperJeep291 ( назад)
Ive noticed you use a lot of older riding mowers, I was wondering if it is
possible (not to difficult) to modify the mowers that use a hydrostatic/
automatic shift design? -Thanks Superjeep291

Автор Bmxpro Paul ( назад)
What is the murry exsact pully. Ratios

Автор Bailey Radke ( назад)
- OK i was hoping to convert my walk behind mower into a riding mower with
this video but the title is misleading.. You aren't MAKING a riding mower
fast you're making a riding mower able to kill you.. And then you're going
to blame the manufacture when you get hurt

Автор Bailey Radke ( назад)
666th comment!!

Автор Donna White ( назад)
dude, this is great work. you're a smart guy. 

Автор Sugumar Govindarajan ( назад)
I wish there is a video that shows before and after modification. I am a
novice. But thanks.

Автор Robert Guernsey ( назад)
I think he was to excited to show off and forgot to add the how to haha. 

Автор Jason Powell ( назад)
Hey fearlessfront iv got a mtd im going to set up my mud mower like your
buddys mower i took the 6speed and swap it out and stuck a 8 speed in it

Автор Tim Kepler ( назад)
Built over bought anyday buddy, :D F*** the haters.

Автор kurt penrose starr ( назад)
+Fearlessfront what's your pully ratios and what works best off road

Автор kurt penrose starr ( назад)
what's your pully ratio and whats best for off road

Автор fokuz02 ( назад)
You guys must get bored out there in the country!!! Why not just buy an atv
and throw those heaps in the dump! If I saw you guys out in my trails with
these things.... not only would I laugh but I would roost you guys with all
the mud I could!!!

Автор Alpha Beta ( назад)
Could someone please tell me the exact model of the first mower?
The green one 

Автор Cole Amedeo ( назад)
I have A 1973 john deere 112 and I want to make it a mudding mower but I'm
not sure what to do 

Автор Peter Kapica ( назад)
I got a idea for you fearlessfront, how about you convert your push mower
into a riding mower.

Автор mailforward4me ( назад)
Your title says "how to make a Riding Lawn Mower fast", but I don't see any
riding lawn mowers in the video.... Instead, you seem to be showing a
bunch of lawn tractors..... Do you actually even OWN a riding lawn
mower, and if so, why isn't it featured in the video?

Автор Joseph Stafford ( назад)
I have a craftsman md mower and its not wanting to go its normal speed do
you think you know the problem

Автор Evan Benoit ( назад)
Hey fearless I just an old cub cadet and planed to make it into a mud mower
but it has a drive shaft instead of pulleys like yours, what should I do

Автор TrueBlogge777 ( назад)
This is just altering the gear ratios like changing the sprockets on a
motorbike, but removing the blades you are recovering more power from the
engine, so it will go faster,
you can also pull little trailers with them, they are quite powerful.

Автор no bad words hash ( назад)
thanks a lot

Автор calvin puffer ( назад)
All of them are just single speed? How do you engage/disengage

Автор DetectorOCD ( назад)
I love your channel, man. Awesome work

Автор Jammaal Thompson ( назад)
I recently just purchase a riding lawn mower it is a Yard Machine I got hit
running. It want it to run faster then twenty. Got any tips 

Автор Adam Keith ( назад)
Did you seriously do this video without showing one of them hauling ass?

Автор Craftsman ( назад)
Fearlessfront so on the drive pulley off of your engine how did you weld it
center? Does it wobble or move from side to side?

Автор Jerry Guynes ( назад)
Hey I have a dana (foote) 4360-48 6 speed transaxle that is shot,I was
wondering if you had one I could buy off you,everything on eBay is about

Автор Fred Erickson ( назад)
Hey fearless i think i got my belt problem figured out but now i'm getting
a clanking noise don't know if it is coming from the clutch or the pulley
plus the ryder don't seem to stay running when it is put in gear got any
suggestions.Thank you 

Автор Fred Erickson ( назад)
Hey fearless i have had for a while mtd i got it for nothing all i had to
do is pull the 18.5 horse for my neighbor now i got a 11 horse on it and i
got problems with the belt it keeps on twisting on me and slipping off and
It's ruining my belt it is setup like your friends mtd ryding lawn mower so
what can i do with it so i can use it.Tnank you

Автор VGstoof ( назад)
I just picked up an old MTD mower as a project. I've only had it a month
and the double pulley thing has made modifying the engine and rear pulley a

Автор dale williams ( назад)
your smart guy i can relate to all you have talked of , thanks dale

Автор The Landscaping Employee Trap + Window Cleaning ( назад)
That's awesome.

Like your channel man.


Автор Bichl's GoPro Videoer ( назад)
Her fearless! Whats a pully swap exactly, and what does it do? :)

Автор Michael Peterson ( назад)
do you have to weld the pullys and were can i get a cheep mower

Автор Austin Montgomery ( назад)
Can you do a mtd cilinoid install video

Автор Lewis sampson ( назад)
i am working on making my crafsman weed eater riding law mower faster. any
advice would be helpfull. it has a small pully in rear and a small pully in

Автор MrPooters17 ( назад)
I found a double clutch pulley stock!!! On a Murray 11hp 36 3speed. I had
it in the shop and I guess my dad threw it away :/ but oh well. I'm about
to go fix my shifter I've moved it to a new spot because it has a different
rearend in it.

Автор Mark Curtis ( назад)
would u sell a tractor

Автор David Browall ( назад)
Hey fearlessfront can u pulley swap a rear mounted engine

Автор John Newby ( назад)
Hey Fearless. Question. I have a 2005 MTD Yard Machine. It barley moves
when the clutch is engaged if at all. How do I know if its my transaxle or
my belts need more tension?

Автор Avery Brumbles ( назад)
hey fearless could i remove my doubble pulley system and keep mu orginal
transmission on my mtd tractor or would i need a new trans misson

Автор dalton morein ( назад)
How do make it fast

Автор Gage Herman ( назад)
Fearlessfront does it matter what kind of lawn mower u have to turn it into
a off-roading lawn mower 

Автор Michael Dukes (speedymcspeed) ( назад)
Have you made a video on how to make a lawnmower look cool? If not, can you
please make one?

Автор Kamon Kemarly ( назад)
How do I put four lug wheels on my mower

Автор SMART KID ( назад)
Lol I got one of those v twin 20hp mtd:)

Автор Jake_O'Brien ( назад)
Hey Fearless I was wondering if you could do a video for my buddy on how
you made the sears fast or is it the same as these mud mowers

Автор Sebastian Roberts ( назад)
Hi, what tires have you got on your murray because i got a murray and i
need new tires for offroading. Also, do you know how to make an engine

Автор allritythen ( назад)
Dear Fearlessfront, Can this work on a hydrostatic lawn mower. Such as a
LTX1046 Cub Cadet. Mine is a little slow and i would like to make it just a
little faster to cut the lawn faster?

Автор paul crowder ( назад)
I have a great idea for you for a build, you should get a normal lawn
tractor and modify the frame and weld a flat bed on to the frame so it
would be a truck. Also if you get a normal lawntractor you can put another

Автор knightrider1545 ( назад)
Why not make a CVT instead?

Автор Dalton Fox ( назад)
Hey fearlessfront. Can you show a diagram or do a video on showing how the
clutch works on these mowers.Id like to know how they work to see if i can
modify the one on my mower.

Автор brandon serrano ( назад)
hay fearless would u ever make the craftsman crawler a four wheel drive

Автор Money Maker ( назад)
In his next video he will be showing us how to put razor blades on the
outside of the tires, so when u drive beside another mower u can cut and
shred there tires, plus how to weld a sword to the front.

Автор FLORIDAOUTDOORS001 ( назад)
hey fearless i was wondering if i would be able to do a pully swap on a
hydro tranny

Автор Asa Wadlington ( назад)
hey fearless i have an 80's model mu

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