How to: Make A Riding Lawn Mower FAST!

Here's a video covering the pulley swaps, and custom tensioner pulleys I've built and installed on our off road and mudding tractors. Pulley swaps make you lawn mower faster. You want to increase the size of the front, and/or make the back pulley smaller to increase the speed of your lawn mower or tractor.

Green MTD has a 4" front, stock rear

Craftsman crawler has stock size pulleys

Murray has 4" in the front, and 5" in the rear

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Автор allritythen (3 месяца)
Dear Fearlessfront, Can this work on a hydrostatic lawn mower. Such as a
LTX1046 Cub Cadet. Mine is a little slow and i would like to make it just a
little faster to cut the lawn faster?

Автор Money Maker (5 месяцев)
In his next video he will be showing us how to put razor blades on the
outside of the tires, so when u drive beside another mower u can cut and
shred there tires, plus how to weld a sword to the front.

Автор Ace .CVMA (12 дней)
Hey Fearless. Question. I have a 2005 MTD Yard Machine. It barley moves
when the clutch is engaged if at all. How do I know if its my transaxle or
my belts need more tension?

Автор FLORIDAOUTDOORS001 (6 месяцев)
hey fearless i was wondering if i would be able to do a pully swap on a
hydro tranny

Автор Mark Curtis (6 дней)
would u sell a tractor

Автор David Browall (11 дней)
Hey fearlessfront can u pulley swap a rear mounted engine

Автор Brandyn Gould (7 месяцев)
I know a way to swap the back pulley.

Автор dalton morein (19 дней)
How do make it fast

Автор SMART KID (1 месяц)
Lol I got one of those v twin 20hp mtd:)

Автор Sebastian Roberts (3 месяца)
Hi, what tires have you got on your murray because i got a murray and i
need new tires for offroading. Also, do you know how to make an engine

Автор Jake_O'Brien (2 месяца)
Hey Fearless I was wondering if you could do a video for my buddy on how
you made the sears fast or is it the same as these mud mowers

Автор Michael Dukes (27 дней)
Have you made a video on how to make a lawnmower look cool? If not, can you
please make one?

Автор Ben Cestra (7 месяцев)
Fearless, Ive been building an off-road tractor over the summer and am
having some problems with the belt popping off, could you please make a
detailed how to video of the custom tensioner pulley and what would your
advice be

Автор Mark Mir (8 месяцев)
any suggestions for mtd agway ride-on alternater parts? my new battery pins
down, wont turn over, like zero...think aternater wires rusted

Автор Randy Boardwine (7 месяцев)
im buildin a racin mower and got a 3.2" diameter transaxle pulley but need
a 7" engine pulley for briggs i was womderin if you know of a website or

Автор paul crowder (4 месяца)
I have a great idea for you for a build, you should get a normal lawn
tractor and modify the frame and weld a flat bed on to the frame so it
would be a truck. Also if you get a normal lawntractor you can put another

Автор Dalton Fox (4 месяца)
Hey fearlessfront. Can you show a diagram or do a video on showing how the
clutch works on these mowers.Id like to know how they work to see if i can
modify the one on my mower.

Автор corey caudill (7 месяцев)
hey fearless I made some videos of my old mtd check it out its under coreys
mtd its a green mtd

Автор Lane Holt (8 месяцев)
When are you gonna make a fourwheel drive lawnmower when you do can you
give detail on the front axle stuff you used

Автор bunit121 (7 месяцев)
hey fearless I love your videos but I have an old simplicity I got for free
I want to do this but I don't want it to terminate the value of my mower
incase I can trade it or sell it for something else so can I still use my
deck to mow if I do this?

Автор Avery Brumbles (14 дней)
hey fearless could i remove my doubble pulley system and keep mu orginal
transmission on my mtd tractor or would i need a new trans misson

Автор Gage Herman (27 дней)
Fearlessfront does it matter what kind of lawn mower u have to turn it into
a off-roading lawn mower 

Автор Kamon Kemarly (1 месяц)
How do I put four lug wheels on my mower

Автор Highlayn Jenkins (6 месяцев)
Hey fearless I got a request. can u make a vid of how to make the steering
a lot easier with a locked trans axle. PLZZZZ!!!

Автор joey morrow (7 месяцев)
hey fearlessfront I have ask you befor can I make my old mtd spin the
tires faster
just to spin in the yard cut donuts and drift its all stock can I just
pulley swap it and it will do what I want like 6in in front and 2in on the
trans cause like you said be for the mtd has a one speed trans but it has
that to stack pulleys in the center anyway if I pulley swap it will I get
more out of it. my diff is welded now and it works great

Автор Asa Wadlington (6 месяцев)
hey fearless i have an 80's model mu

Автор Ti Bettle (4 месяца)
Great video! How much bigger would I need to go on the front motor drive
pulley to speed up my mower, nothing blazing fast, just seems too slow when
driving across parking lots after mowing, Deere LT111. Is there a
percentage or ratio to go by?

Автор Austin Dolezal (7 месяцев)
hey um I got a famer quality lawn mower and I don't know how to get a
bigger pully on the engen???!!!

Автор brandon serrano (5 месяцев)
hay fearless would u ever make the craftsman crawler a four wheel drive

Автор Miniapolis moline man (6 месяцев)
can u do another vid on ur murray front pully

Автор Marc Goodman (7 месяцев)
Is that garage door custom?

Автор russ carney (6 месяцев)
really love your videos, You remind m of my dad

Автор knightrider1545 (4 месяца)
Why not make a CVT instead?

Автор Fearlessfront (1 год)
no, you need a belt somewhere so you can still function your clutch. it
need to be able to slip a little bit

Автор BlastercorpsXc72 (1 год)
what size belt would I run in I did a (5:4) ratio

Автор Fearlessfront (1 год)
if you have a welder, you can make your own. thats usually what I do

Автор GWmoore00 (1 год)
so basicaly if u put a small pulley on the back and a big pulley on the
front the tractor goes faster. and if you put bigger tires on it they go
even faster

Автор andrew kelly (11 месяцев)
i have a craftsman 11hp what kind of pulley swap will i need to do to get
speeds of 25 - 30 mph

Автор Fearlessfront (11 месяцев)
no, you to be able to "slip" the clutch... if it's chain, it will grab all
the time!

Автор thepossumface (1 год)
what happens to the guys like me that dont have a welder I got a troy built
one and I cant find them ither

Автор Ron west (11 месяцев)
I was looking for a video on what lawn tractor pulley setup looked like.
And yours was good. My thinking is on how to increase the torque,
reduction. So im looking for the opposite of what you've done. But I did
learn something. Have fun!

Автор Matthew Kannon (1 год)
I need a help with lawnmower. my steer post design really sucks. i want
steer gear same your black one. so i wonder how can improve it?

Автор Fearlessfront (1 год)
to go fast, go bigger on the motor, or smaller on the trans....

Автор caddy95100 (1 год)
so do you just put smaller pulleys on them to make it faster? that's what I
heard from a guy I know.

Автор Chase Franks (1 год)
How do you take the pulleys off the transmission

Автор Matt Milton (10 месяцев)
hey fearless, my lawn tractor does 15-20 mph with a pulley swap underneath.
Me and my friend took our tractors out for a weekend of 'romping madness'
and mine broke. it just wouldn't start. I was towed home and on the hills I
put it in neutral and free wheeled, braking when I needed to. however when
I fixed my mower a few days later I realised that it had no brakes....at
all. do you know how I could fix this problem?

Автор forbiddenmowers (11 месяцев)
Big as u can in front and both a 2 on the back for speed but ull shift it
like a standerd no starting in 3-6

Автор Fearlessfront (1 год)
Haha! I'd sell it and buy more lawn mowers! lol

Автор creel513 (11 месяцев)
did you mean I wanna to take the deck off of my lawn mower

Автор Sawyer Helle (11 месяцев)
Hey if i have a 20 hp and i want to get top speed with just switching out
the pulley what size should i use

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