Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers - Game 6 - Full Game Highlights | 2015 NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 6 2015 NBA Finals Highlights June 16 2015 6.16.2015 Ximo Pietro Pierto HD Live Stream Full Game Highlights

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Автор Zman,DmanGamesandVlogs 2K ( назад)
Only reason they won is because Kevin love and Kyrie were hurt

Автор Farhan ( назад)
2:18 reminds me of LeBron blocking the same to iguodala at the game 7 !!!

Автор Gabriel Manzanares ( назад)
looking back makes me really think of how this championship was a fluke 😊

Автор Spurs TiliDie ( назад)
It would've meant more if GS would've won the 2016 Finals to go along with
the historic 73-9 season instead of the 2015 but it meant more to Lebron's
legacy and the Cavs to beat them in the rematch, Cavs but especially LeBron
has earned my respect since then✊💯

Автор the rolando ( назад)
curry the best point guard

Автор curry30 3 point venzdember ( назад)
What if the warriors and cavs wont make it to the finals

Автор Erick Quezada ( назад)
LeBron sucks

Автор Sid Li ( назад)
Steph did not shake hands with LBJ after this year`s final game 7, poor of
sportsmanship and see what happened at 8:57 in this video.

Автор gurguit gamer ( назад)
We will see in 2017

Автор PastorNolte ( назад)
damn i was watching and wondering like "wow this was such a sick comeback
it's 4 minutes left and the warriors are leading by 15" when i realized
this is the 2015 finals and gsw won... smh

Автор Daniel Longoria ( назад)
You know what's weird the warriors scored 97 this year and last year the
cavs scored 97

Автор Maribel Lemus ( назад)
golden state warrior's for 2017 NBA champs

Автор Princess&pretty Elisse ( назад)
for everyone saying that curry is trash NO HE'S NOT HE IS MVP LEBRON TRASH

Автор Aditya Indra ( назад)
fuck gsw

Автор Sebastian Gomez ( назад)
es lmejor juego dela NBA

Автор bizon mikey ( назад)
Cavs bandwagon fan get tf outta here

Автор Lebrom James ( назад)
por ahora es el mejor mvp

Автор Lebrom James ( назад)
a lebrom por ahora lo paran poocos

Автор bizon mikey ( назад)
It's funny lebron took an L at quicken loans with his fake ass hairline

Автор 7vgitz ( назад)
that one time when the Warriors struggled with the Cavaliers bench for 6
games. lol.

Автор ThaReal ThaForgotten ( назад)
bruh it funny cuz they whooped lebron in Cleveland everybody in that mf
heart was broke

Автор Bleach ( назад)
if warriors dont even get in the finals this year.... they will ahve the
biggest fucking L

Автор Banana Indigo ( назад)
Great Plot to end somone's hate. 😂😂 we knew better. Welcome NBE 2016

Автор FriendzoneGod ( назад)
I came back to remember how my team took this L and came back fully healthy
and beat a team with the best single season record in history, despite
being down 3-1. Legendary.

Oh yeah and even though they lost in 2015 how can you hate on LeBron, dude
almost single handily brought a BENCH SQUAD to a CHAMPIONSHIP through sheer
willpower and determination my nigga. One man can't do it all. Warriors got
lucky in 2015, why you think they had to get KD?

Автор Anthony ( назад)
i never understood why doe curry get so much hate. i get the warriors in
general because they are a superteam but specifically curry gets a ton of
hate, other than durant but everyone knows why. curry is a good player and
everyone calls him trash and i feel like i will never understand why.

Автор joseph rivera ( назад)
2015 finals are such a bummer. Lebron put up the greatest numbers ever but
Irving and Love injured were just too much, Glad Cavs kicked Golden States
as the next year

Автор Jessie Villarmea ( назад)
Curry is my favorite😄😄

Автор Aeron harvey Silan ( назад)
madaya naman ang cavs

Автор Aljay Wilson ( назад)
Can u imagine if they had kyrie Irving this game😩, it's ok tho they got
revenge anyway

Автор Bleach ( назад)
the same will happen next year. (: cavs fans think this is a lie

Автор Chun Hei Lai ( назад)
fuck you curry

Автор CorruptedAccountName ( назад)
What is the song at 0:01 called

Автор Moses Morales ( назад)
at 3:59 the lady says "you suck" lol

Автор Jazmine Keye ( назад)
I just hope KD don't come over here fucking up the way they play despite
the fact that they lost warriors play some pretty basketball I love my
warriors but we got to where we was because our bench too I'm gone miss Mo
, Barnes , Bogut , Barbosa , I'm glad we kept Shaun and IGGY tho we need

Автор SmartNinjaGamer ( назад)
Cavs cheated

Автор SmartNinjaGamer ( назад)
ya true

Автор Spiral ( назад)
I just want a healthy finals rematch...
Both teams health asf even fair and square

Автор Marquis Morgan ( назад)
the cheif vs king wow

Автор MikeisSmart bruh ( назад)
I'm heat fan but why ppl say curry is trash

Автор MikeisSmart bruh ( назад)
awesome game

Автор Sasuke Uchiha ( назад)
many travels

Автор Tomasa Ramos ( назад)
this is the first time they won in 52 years

Автор Vincent Vasquez ( назад)
Of the best feeling seeing your team win an championship

Автор B.I.G.Mikey Rozay ( назад)
the cavs was on bullshit last year the warriors was on bullshit this year
this will be the trilogy whose better the warriors or cavaliers and im
riding with the Warriors

Автор The Sheraz ( назад)
Damn if Cavs were healthy they would have won.

Just imagine the storyline:

LeBron leaves Cavs , Cavs cant even make playoffs , LeBron comes back first
year Cavs win ring , 2nd year cavs win again.

Автор Ace Combat Quotes ( назад)
Both teams played awesome in the 2015 finals and 2016 finals. Glad to say
that Cavs won the rematch though!

Автор martin pelayo ( назад)
go cavs

Автор Minecraft Oyuncusu ( назад)
Curry best shotter and best player in the NBA . Warriors Champion Come on
Warriors fans

Автор Elijah Brown Wolf ( назад)
I bet the cavs fans in these comments got the same hate last year and now
feel badass giving the same hate 😂😂😂

Автор Virginia Guglielmo-Brady ( назад)
fuck the warriors

Автор Sanjay Kulkarni ( назад)
the downfall of mozgov has hurt cavs to an extant. what a beast he was
here. cavs needed him near 8 to 9 mil for long haul! he better play like
this for lakers after 16 mil /year deal.

Автор Timothy Ochoa ( назад)
Yo I'm a warriors fan but give it to Lebron he's pretty chill and
inspirational. Also has sportsmanship as you can see in the video

Автор Kristaps Porzingod ( назад)
Lets go

Автор Ethan Roussel ( назад)
What I don't understand is y r all the cav vans watching this and hating on
gs like y on this video it just make them look them salty like fr 😂😂 I
sound like a who lady saying that

Автор Youssef Taha ( назад)
we better win next year

Автор Ethan Avenido ( назад)
da gsw can only win in cavs (game 6) but if the team is complete the cavs
can bit it

Автор Nick Dash ( назад)
If the team and curry played like this they would have had a win

Автор Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen ( назад)
They only won because Kyrie and Love were hurt.

Автор Isabelle Palmer ( назад)
this year the warriors will be unstoppable because KD Draymond klay and

Автор Joshua Sarfo ( назад)
warriors gonna win 2017

Автор My name's stephen and i love blowing 3-1 leads ( назад)
Cavs were absolute trash this series. They left everybody open and gave up
on defense. They were a one man team led by Lebron. If Kyrie and Love
played the Cavs would've won and thats facts.

Автор Micole Adoptante ( назад)
I'm GSW fan but I think they won't make it next season because kd made the
wrong choice of joining them

Автор Micole Adoptante ( назад)
I'm GSW fan but I think they won't make it next season because kd made the
wrong choice of joining them

Автор Michael Carranza ( назад)
No Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving for the Cavaliers in this NBA Finals.

Автор MrAkili123 ( назад)
don't compare lebron to Michael please! Michael never choked in a finals

Автор ᴜᴄʟᴀɢʏᴍɴᴀsᴛɪᴄs ғᴀɴ ( назад)
Then this year comes.... And I think the Cavs were looking to do some
payback to the GSW

Автор Earnhardtsquarepants ( назад)
came here after dis year :(

Автор MuthaFuckin Deon (DeboyJames) ( назад)
LeBron is a ugly ass dude real talk #GODDAMN

Автор Kate Mercado ( назад)
Rematch at the finals now let see whos gonna win

Golden state Cleveland

Curry Irving
Thompson Smith
Green Love
Durant James
Igoudala Thompson

Автор Dominique Turner ( назад)
curry sucked lbron blocked and curst curry out ohh and kirey. i do not
golden curry scared to block kirey so im going to caves

Автор Dominique Turner ( назад)
curry sucked lbron blocked and curst curry out ohh and kirey. i do not
golden curry scared to block kirey so im going to caves

Автор 謝謝雁懷 ( назад)
stop crying cav fans keven is coming !

Автор Francis Muiruri ( назад)
was so depressed after this game last year.

Автор Johnny Kilroy ( назад)
Anyone noticed in last years nba finals 2015 there was 10.6 seconds
remaining when everyone realized that the game was over and golden state
won and this years nba finals 2016 it was 10.6 seconds remaining after
lebron made that last free throw to seal the cavaliers victory pretty
convenient right that's probably why both teams played again in the finals
go Cleveland hahaha 😅😅

Автор Makena Cox ( назад)
My brother is running all around the room !

Автор Super Bythewayisay fan ( назад)
Had the same 10.6 pause in the 4th

Автор Anthony Youngblood ( назад)
If only this would've happened again. (-_-)

Автор Joe D ( назад)
Oh sweet victory Cleveland. I told everyone we woulda won this if we were
healthy. Didn't think Kyrie would make a difference? Reality hit you right
between the eyes in 2016!

Автор Go-go Akins ( назад)
Warriors fans will not forget but we will be back next year Our team is
stacked with talent and nothing to be ashamed of wooooooooooooo

Автор Go-go Akins ( назад)
Golden state has the best fans and im proud to be one of them Nuff said

Автор JaeInTheCut ( назад)
Yo, no one was able to block LBJ's drivers or two pointers for that matter.
Even if they try they only make it look ugly, but then it still goes

Автор JaeInTheCut ( назад)
They worked better as a team last year.

Автор Team Mtyugioh ( назад)
Finally GSW Win

Автор Aiden Barnes ( назад)
I'm the best

Автор Tay TV ( назад)
Booo cry baby

Автор Tay TV ( назад)
how many time do we have to see cry baby dunk

Автор H1J4X CODE: 7355608 ( назад)
i remember how spurs butt fked the heat to compensate for what happened the
year before and now cavs butt fk the gsw but this one was so hard they had
an anus infection.

Автор Katherine Amor Noo ( назад)
I'm a Warriors fan. I like Lebron but I like Curry more. They are both
spectacular! PERFECTLY UNIQUE. PERIOD. At 8:56 , it shows the "humble-side"
of Lebron :) Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS to CAVS! They deserved it! Both teams
actually made a fantastic job! So let's just ACCEPT the result , let the
champions ENJOY their moment and RESPECT the Warriors :) STOP THE HATE

Автор toy review 182 ( назад)
that's ok cavs we win in nba finals 2016😃

Автор B4nkShoTziNc ( назад)
watching this to ease the pain of this year's loss... it's all good, we'll
get 'em next year!

Автор Teryo Pine ( назад)
Cavs return the favor to Gsw!!! cheese!

Автор DarKKnightt07 ( назад)
The warriors were jumping around little fags in school yard, while leborn
and the cavs were crying tears of joy.

Автор N0 Shrapnel ( назад)
people talkin bout oh Cavs won this and Warriors won that. I'm just waiting
for my knicks to make the damn first round

Автор UnknownGamer21 ( назад)
in the year 3000 the cubs win the world series

Автор Willie Williams ( назад)
AFTER. THIS; #GAME) - Parade over guys. Thanks for; the, thrilling - time.
And, #classic, event. I Will Never Condom #illegalmarijuana." - June 21,
2016. (I am the, OWNER of this; Vehicle.) #Still, stolen now. Contact
#authorities if, found or; seen 😭 327 - 74 - 3386 #DOB: September 29, 1981

Автор Harshith Reddy ( назад)
this was just like the 2007 finals against San Antonio. lebron had no
supporting cast and the Cavs got swept. here in 2015 lebron once again had
no supporting cast when love and kyrie were out. they were lucky to even
win 2 games

Автор Frank Zilla ( назад)
Passed by to say fuk all GS Warrior fans and yall bitch ass bandwagons lol.
LeBron just made history on yall. LeBron thanks you for getting 73 wins and
making this much more special because it improve his legacy

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