The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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Длительность: 2:29
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Автор Tanya S (1 месяц)

Who is the guitarist just to the left of the lead singer?

Автор Harriet Thornton (1 месяц)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор ABEL SALAZAR (21 день)
I dont care if you think it's "old school" or not. It's awesome! Peace &
Love! I'll keep this....you take your violence & abuse "rap" . Thank u very

Автор Sid Howard (1 месяц)
There were two weekly shows at that time. Shindig was one, The other was
Hulabaloo. I wish I could tell you which was first, but things are a bit
muddled when it comes to those times.

Автор Koert Bos (1 месяц)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор nyc instyle (3 месяца)
The five members of The Yardbirds heard here playing on this song (in 1965)
McCarty -drums, Relf -lead vocal, Dreja -rhythm guitar, Samwell Smith -bass
guitar, Clapton -lead guitar
Clapton left soon after this song was released, then Beck joined (who is
seen here going through the motions like the rest of the band as the
original song is being played), and finally Jimmy Page joined (and Beck
departed -he was more or less kicked out for not showing up for
rehearsals he wanted to do his own thing- app 2 years after Page joined).
Page carried on officially forming his new band with Plant, Jones, and
Bonham -the mighty Led Zeppelin- in late 1968.

Автор Berteena G (3 месяца)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love


Автор Giuseppe Lanotte (4 месяца)

Автор Christopher De Luen (1 день)

Автор Nelio Inacio (2 дня)

Автор Neven Valand (3 дня)

Автор andre frigon (6 дней)
One of my Best find the New M I X Version

Автор Kathi W (8 дней)
It's a little good to be obsessed outside yourself I think, incase you're
too closed up. That's what I found out. Riduculous stuff like I would sit
and talk with somebody and be all on that same level about something else,
but then when it came time for that band - I hated them, each and every
single one of them, like I hated my job - n no I didn't need to work? So, I
think it's a little good to be obsessed with somebody if it brings you
outside yourself more of where you need to be?

Автор Bud Row (10 дней)

Автор Rita Ann (10 дней)
This song totally rocks ..forever ♡

Автор дмитрий абрамов (12 дней)
the best

Автор indigorenk (12 дней)
for your love:)

Автор rodolfo nuñez (14 дней)

Автор TrueBlueSue49 . (18 дней)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор Lennox 559 (19 дней)
Great song! - coming from a 36 year old!

Автор Andrew Higham (20 дней)

Автор brightphoebus (20 дней)
light at the end of the tunnel is growing. Not in the bag yet, but getting

Автор CrankCase08 (20 дней)
Jeff Beck looks like he's hardly aged since then!

Автор beverly wright (21 день)
All of that would be nice but not necessary !!!! LOL

Автор Diego Velásquez (22 дня)

Автор fannypapillon (22 дня)
the sound of a time who will never come back.never.

Автор Merence Tckenna (24 дня)
Beck blows Clapton out of the water. Page and Beck never get the love.
Especially Jeff Beck. 

Автор Kurt Knutsen (25 дней)
Enjoy this!

Автор ken coles (28 дней)
One of my all-time favorite songs. LOVE IT

Автор Frank Talotta (28 дней)
the hippie movement

Автор operatinmusic (28 дней)
sounds like "Feueralarm" in german

Автор Wes Z (29 дней)
Jeff Beck playing the 12 string

Автор Brenda Mcgloan (29 дней)
Still as great as ever FANTASTIC!!

Автор Scooter Ahlers (4 месяца)
The group that would eventually morph into LED ZEPPELIN!!

Автор KaptKan1 (1 месяц)
It doesn't get any better than this. Man! We had some GREAT music!

Автор Kathi W (8 дней)
You have no idea what it's like to have a righteous obsession with
somebody, and want to be just like them, a little if you could- like it's
completely dependent of breath!

Автор Wankshaftsbury (4 месяца)
proto Led Zepplin, how come jeff beck never seems to get old? He must be
injecting himself with hormones or something

Автор Ambra Sargentini (1 месяц)
One of the best bands ever...greatly overshadowed!!

Автор Meghan O'Brian (1 месяц)
The bio on these guys is pretty good. Beck, Clapton and Page, amazing
line-up & drummer Relm was no slouch either. They & other garage rockers
from the 60's, along with the girl groups of the late 50's/early 60's were
major punk influences.

Автор indigorenk (15 дней)
:) always dwelling... in the 60 music...:)
Is there something wrong with me?
Am I now an old fashion OLD woman?
That I only like this music?

Автор DDiva R (1 месяц)
I love Relfs glasses- so very cooool

Автор GeorgenotSmith (1 месяц)
So far back, I'm embarrassed to say that I can remember it...

Автор Patty Pratt (1 месяц)
A song that will live on forever.......

Автор Merence Tckenna (24 дня)
Woa, live!

Автор Robert Wright (1 месяц)
Is that really Beck at 1:35?

Автор Elijah Jean (1 месяц)
love it

Автор Steve Melton (1 месяц)
Still kills me.

Автор HopHeadSeattle (2 месяца)
Yet another fake TV 'performance'. ...this is the studio recording.
Nothing wrong with that, except that so many millions of people seem to be
fooled into thinking they're actually playing.

Автор Michael Quinn (2 месяца)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор Весела Недкова (2 месяца)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

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