The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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Длительность: 2:29
Комментарии: 2132

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Автор Irisheyzgrl24 “mic” Murphy ( назад)
They were so damn good !!

Автор Chris Stevenson ( назад)
WOW what a lineup. Beck, Relf, McCarty etc.

Автор Robert Schmitt ( назад)
Poor Keith Relf (singer) died from electrocution at 33 in his basement due
to improperly grounded guitar. Those sunglasses and his voice will live

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
is it johnny deep from blow

Автор Pete Wing Nut ( назад)
Main chord sequence is the same as House Of The Rising Sun though in a
different key. Graham Gouldman said this in an interview somewhere because
he liked the song so much.

Автор Michelle Crosby ( назад)
I was 10.... where the hell has time gone?

Автор Aaron Ach ( назад)
The world needs another lead singer who knows how to play the tom-toms and
wear shades.

Автор Shem Mariano ( назад)
Peaches Pintaura I concur

Автор roger blackburn ( назад)
Beck on the 12 string guitar-very hard to play.

Автор Robert Schmitt ( назад)
The shy Jeff Beck before he blew the roof off with Rod Stewart and his solo
guitar career.

Автор R Stone ( назад)
This is another example of a song that was ahead of it's time.

Автор Robert Schmitt ( назад)
Thank God I grew up in this era. What music

Автор KrisSilver ( назад)
Those Thug Life glasses tho

Автор Joyce Hubbert ( назад)

Автор ovemunk ( назад)
The song that drove Eric Clapton out of Yardbirds which fortunately soon
led to Cream.

Автор K Oh ( назад)
it's the 21st century....still rocks !!!!!

Автор Julie Strauss ( назад)
Don't see jeff beck sing often 👍🏻

Автор kathy 2trips ( назад)
I was not interested in either the Beatles or the Rolling Stones in the
mid-60s. They were for "old kids". I was born in the mid-50s and the
Yardbirds were my band!

Автор Olgui Erazo ( назад)
Que belleza, mi canción.

Автор jaytotheell ( назад)
jeff beck. so young, so fresh!!

Автор mrblondehc ( назад)

Автор Greyflier ( назад)
Fucking great song! The Yardbirds were great!

Автор james marshall ( назад)
barn yards

Автор james marshall ( назад)
greatest song .... give you the moon above

Автор Earl Wittenberg ( назад)
Who was on guitar at this time Eric Jeff or Jimmy

Автор Helen Cunningham ( назад)
OMG such baby faces.

Автор pieyedapple ( назад)
Just so good!

Автор lazaros tsenek ( назад)
Chuck Norris sings? :P

Автор Raoul Fluke ( назад)
Put the knife away

Автор HBO ( назад)
Those were the days

Автор erosamuk ( назад)

Автор Charles Manson ( назад)
If you're well educated you know why they're wearing glasses. :)

Автор Alan Smith ( назад)
damz, I owned the vinyl...damz!

Автор Fernando Olaf Reyes Rygh ( назад)
FERNANDO :-) 4 6

Автор Francis keith Gibson ( назад)
for your love...

Автор oceans ( назад)
Ummm, no keyboard in sight.

Автор Miz Tish ( назад)
For all the Youngsters, who don't know what 'SHINDIG' means... it was one
of, if not the first, Rock and Roll TV shows (B&W) showcasing the latest in
New and Hot music. Besides fun entertainment, it was becoming widely known
that Teenagers were the Up and Coming buying market to target. They got our
attention, for sure !!

Автор mikeorclem ( назад)
roy orbison ..was right there...these guys were great.

Автор Greg Craven ( назад)
listened to these tunes on my parents Console "hifi" stereo

Автор 999klondike ( назад)
The Yardbirds brought a whole new guitar tone to Rock. Almost Indian or

Автор ThePunter29 ( назад)
If there was ever a question that went 'What is the Song that best
represents the 60s' then this would be it. It's not Beatles or Stones but
it's just quintessentially 60s.

Автор MrGarcon98 ( назад)
hey that felt good thanks

Автор Summer Morgan ( назад)
shindig lol

Автор Renee Gross ( назад)
all these groups from the the old days ended up in other groups. fyi.

Автор Wiener Jim ( назад)
Good stuff

Автор raygun gothic ( назад)
*runs down hotel hallway brandishing a knife*

Автор Guttorment ( назад)
You took too much acid man

Автор Jeff Karnell ( назад)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.....

Автор jane oughton ( назад)
this song is very sexual i wish ,,,,,,,,,, xxjo

Автор Sal Rocco ( назад)
There are some people that can understand that the music back in the
sixties was the best music ever. I'm glad that I grew up when I did.

Автор onenikkione ( назад)
I always thought it Schwarzenegger that made sunglasses popular (in The
Terminator) but it was the Yardbirds

Автор David Irwin ( назад)
One of the most underrated bands of that era.................

Автор kx80braap ( назад)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas!

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
Those days when the singers usually had long hair and well combed were
among the best in my life. Seeing the video with the well combed and
dressed singers made me recall those grand days.

Автор John Rathbone ( назад)
I must admit that I was I bit disappointed - by my life mainly - as I
thought that this was very exciting and different in 1964. Still. my
landlady got colour TV later, just after I got thrown out. .

Автор Steve Klimentos ( назад)
Love this song as my dad used to have their album

Автор Pieter van Doorn ( назад)

Автор Kathleen Wells ( назад)
When I first met my high school sweetheart, he told me this song always
made him think of me.

Автор Dizzy Boi ( назад)
i was born 1979 but I grew up on am radio...love this music...good,even
though there was a lot of bad times,the music always pulled me through.

Автор notmadheardthingsinhell ( назад)
Is it bad that my favorite part of this song is the background music? Not
the rock elements or singing.

Автор lewisner ( назад)
"Great" Britain is fucked now but it is still possible to be reminded by
videos like this of the days when we amounted to something.

Автор Robert Leutwiler ( назад)
I love watching this with the low fidelity because that's how we saw it
back then. Now people return to vinyl or listen to phones. Chacun a son

Автор Anthony Mayor ( назад)
the bassist kinda looks like bill hader

Автор Phoebe Fugate ( назад)
love this ...for your love yard birds still on fb I'm there .miss you ....

Автор michele Trimble ( назад)
fuck i miss real made music.., xxx

Автор Joy-Marie Peterson ( назад)
Ahhhh, the whole world changed in the '60's and music led the way. this was
one of my favs.....

Автор Vic Townsend ( назад)
Reminds me of the Crawdaddy Club at The Star, Broadgreen,Croydon with
Hamish Grimes.

Автор motel29 ( назад)
Name' em I dare you

Автор claude danek ( назад)
et maintenant en français....

Автор tyrone walker ( назад)
The Animals were part of the first british invasion and they were also
known as the bad boys of rock and roll.Eric was like the voice of the
british youth of the day.

Автор iamsadrescueman ( назад)
Oh yeah......

Автор victor raul zarate tovar ( назад)
recuerdos maravillosos ya no ya

Автор bigwhitecat ( назад)
One of the great Tavistock productions !

Автор Jon Kimberson ( назад)
0:58 holy shit it's Henry Cavil

Автор Kaarina Lukkala ( назад)
the yanbirds are my favourite bandns! I I am so old that the musik is for
me . Are there somelike me ! I hope . Because the " Old musik " is the

Автор Jon Kimberson ( назад)
Was this on Hollywood a go go

Автор Cyndy Gough ( назад)
Blast from the Past!!

Автор Lola Martin ( назад)
es lo mas

Автор Jackson Frantz ( назад)
what a groovy song

Автор techtalk ( назад)
funny how these guys broke off and created even more popular bands

Автор Tony Sharples ( назад)
The best opening 20 seconds of a track ever in the history of music. Such a
classic, 50 years ahead of it's time

Автор PettyYou007 ( назад)
Let us all pray together, to return the 60s and 70s but not Vietnam.

Автор Thomas Ponzio ( назад)
song that made Clapton leave the band as it was too commercial and he went
the blues way

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
Left to right guitarist , Clapton ,Page, Beck

Автор Thundergod129-7307 ( назад)
I dug Shindig and in The States there was Hullabaloo that had more pop
stuff but helped define the era. Ricky Nelson and The Mamas and Papas oh
and Lovin, Spoonful all were huge at the time. Dam I'm old....

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
I like how well the singer's voices couple matching perfectly in this song
and the rythm is catchy. The lyrics are good also for a Young person in
love. Over fifty years have passed but it still sounds Great!

Автор BurnThePriest216 ( назад)
Is it me or does the guy at 0:58 look like Bill Hader?

Автор Jp Gruber ( назад)
right now I have tree roots.but if you kiss me I,ll turn into a prince. and
I don't mean that dead dead dude

Автор Jenean McBrearty ( назад)
One thing about the 60's, there was such VARIETY in music. The arrangement
of this song with its shifts in tempo, and pacing. Always loved this song.
You can't hide talent.

Автор Theafor Mentioned ( назад)
this is the one...

Автор eottoe2001 ( назад)
Kind of wonder what the point of the microphones.

Автор TheGrinchStoleMyBike ( назад)
this shit was edgy then

Автор Bill Reck ( назад)
One of the coolest bands ever! love the Bongos! More Bongos!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор John Christy ( назад)
Queen... 60s psychedelic? Get serious

Автор ArteiroGames ( назад)
#adorei muito bom

Автор BeneathTheMike ( назад)
The bass player looks like Bill Hader

Автор Ash Zeranio ( назад)
갓마즈 OP

Автор mariano trujillo ( назад)
Is that a Guild twelve string Jeffs playing?

Автор Jeff Smith ( назад)
Where is Clapton?

Автор boonestead ( назад)
sheldon likes to bongo lol

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