The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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Длительность: 2:29
Комментарии: 2011

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Автор Gerard Sunderaj ( назад)
I was teenager when this song was broadcast, I guess 1966 or 1967.

Автор uncapricio ( назад)
comme ça fait du bien tous ces jeunes groupes années 60 !!!!!

Автор Sofan Donovan ( назад)
The vocalist sounds like shit

Автор Mike Hand (508 лет назад)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love
Nice Oldie

Автор Glenn parent ( назад)

Автор Ljubomir Novakovic ( назад)
..for your "love" I .....

Автор KaptKan1 ( назад)
This is one of THE greatest songs of the 60s -- and that says a lot.

Автор Marina Garcia Solorzano ( назад)
sometimes in my memories, I think I am the only living person of the
latest 60´s; but when I see all those "like" of this video, I am sure
maybe there are some of my congeners living somewhere remembering those
wonderful day of happiness!! I LOVE THIS SIMPLE AND RHYTHMIC SONG! I
remember at least a half of a dozen men, singing this song to me! ..hahaha
those were the days my friends!

Автор martin garrity ( назад)
+Meggs ♥

Автор lfc lee ( назад)
This Band had probably the best musicians any band would give there front
teeth for Amazing talent !

Автор Sweet Pea ( назад)
The tough part about viewing old videos with today's references is that I
come up with strange associations. Try this one on... doesn't bassist and
founder Paul Samwell-Smith look like Dwight Shrute from "The Office?"

Автор Mad Fabe ( назад)
For Your Love
The Yardbirds


Автор Mark8395217 ( назад)
They were just soooooo mysterious and the beginning of a great run for so
many good musicians. I have to agree with Ian Bucklowe, but hey, almost 5M

Автор Whiskey River (Doc) ( назад)
If for no other reason............Jeff Beck playing an acoustic 12
guitar......and wait for it, he sings as well. At 71, he still controls
your emotions. How blessed we are. And lets not forget that it was Keith
and Jim that founded Renaissance with Jane Relf, and later, Annie Haslam a
few years later. RIP Keith Relf

Автор Amarcord777 ( назад)
*The Yardbirds - For Your Love*

Автор seasonedsevencolors ( назад)
Where's uncle Zoso in it?

Автор Kenyon Mills ( назад)
A rather young Mr. Jeff beck playing 12 string !

Автор Shakeytunes ( назад)
Just love it

Автор ofusionast ( назад)

Автор wade lee ( назад)
part of the British invasion.some of us remember.


Автор Roxanna Gardner ( назад)
The Yardbirds...For Your Love

Автор sal valela (Snowflake) ( назад)
Good day friends..

Автор viennaustria (1155 лет назад)

Автор Jack Watson ( назад)
i love this song so much so groovy

Автор Kelsea Hopkins ( назад)
bongo game 100%

Автор intajake ( назад)
I love this song .never heard anything like this.can anyone give me heads
up to songs which are similar?

Автор Fuckoff ( назад)
Everyone lip synced on tv then and now

Автор Paul Costa ( назад)
This was actually written by Graham Gouldman of 10cc. They credit Clapton
as the writer above but it is all lies!

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
Another of those greats of the British Invasion of the sixties of last
Century. Nice to hear after all these years. Its fifty years later yet I
still like it and it still touches me!

Автор robert ullrich ( назад)

Автор Rita Hartzell ( назад)
Exquisite Forever!

Автор szqsk8 ( назад)
Love their matching suits.....

Автор Nancy Coffman ( назад)
There were so many groups that came out of the "British Invasion" that they
were all so good. The Yardbirds were right up there with the Beatle

Автор María Soledad Ríos Graña ( назад)

Автор jerry shea ( назад)
Never ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Richard Rodriguez ( назад)
Another band that didn't get the credit they deserved.

Автор Jan Bremner ( назад)
Brilliant - you just can't get this now .......... feel blessed to have
grown up surrounded by the rich pool of musicians in the 60's - what joy

Автор Sasquach Troll ( назад)
This is Bat country! ^(..)^

Автор DJ Ward ( назад)
Take a look at this video on YouTube: "Who, in their right mind, would buy
a pop single with harpsichord on it?"

Автор TheMichguff ( назад)
I'm subscribed to JimMcCartyandCo. Check it out. The original guys are
still here.

Автор Jesus Prieto ( назад)
Buenas tardes

Автор clara ritzema ( назад)
Love the way this song starts out...remember listening to my transistor
radio to wls radio.

Автор Susan Juris ( назад)

Автор Louis Shalako ( назад)
...shit! (merde! - ed.) ( Time Cops!!!)

Автор Harsh Blue ( назад)

Автор rockingphil58 ( назад)

Автор James Hawkins ( назад)
Wah, I'm serious indeed, who's the vocalist and where's Jimmy Page here? No
joke, whoever knows please answer!

Автор now then ( назад)

Автор Jack Myers ( назад)

Автор Don Moore ( назад)
How we mask... War it was war Moon on the news TV
Then........ Woodstock
For your love... Peace..
Marilyn Monroe the movie..
A star
The two 2 Kennedy brothers..
It was sad.... 

Автор Luisa Capra ( назад)
How we mask... War it was war Moon on the news TV
Then........ Woodstock
For your love... Peace..
Marilyn Monroe the movie..
A star
The two 2 Kennedy brothers..
It was sad.... 

Автор Angela Wedge ( назад)
Is that eric Clapton singing??

Автор Nextaxpro E R Rocky (1346 лет назад)
'65 was a very good year! This is the original sound.

Автор sal valela (Snowflake) (1370 лет назад)
How we mask... War it was war Moon on the news TV
Then........ Woodstock
For your love... Peace..
Marilyn Monroe the movie..
A star
The two 2 Kennedy brothers..
It was sad.... 

Автор Alexander Chrisopoulos ( назад)

Автор Dark Inkosi ( назад)
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life.* *Click on the top entry **"The Present"** on **truthcontest◙com** if
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Автор Robin Banks ( назад)
Haven't heard it in years ✌💨🍺 Cheers

Автор Teddy Cranfield ( назад)
brilliant sixties. say no more.

Автор Rick Watts ( назад)
clapton ruled even back then

Автор Big E Fergie ( назад)

Автор M Angel ( назад)
From 1965 to 1968--good years for some of us. Looking forward to high
school, a really cool campus (ANAHI's) and all before the Viet Nam war, the
draft, and boys coming home or not coming home. So it goes.

Автор Kapitol Balla ( назад)

Автор sw23971 ( назад)
The sixties rock and roll was the best music ever!!! There are few
musicians today that can play with such dynamics.

Автор James Bistany ( назад)
This version is sped (speed-ed?) up.
Additionally, the percussion "instruments" used in the tune were old style
beer cans. the kind you needed an old style can opener to open.
Still, the Yardbirds were awesome! All their iterations.

Автор jack48 muir ( назад)
Not an AM Radio hit in NYC. Had to buy the d**n album which was also pretty
d**n good!

Автор Nerima7895 ( назад)
It's my first experience of watching Jeff Beck playing accoustic guitar.

Автор Music 334 ( назад)

Автор william pye ( назад)
Excellent song, written by Graham Gouldman, of 10cc fame.

Автор Vlad Martínez Cruz ( назад)

Автор scott Mcdougald ( назад)

Автор John Wolfenden ( назад)
Early Birds

Автор Sage Maneja ( назад)
Follalá !

Автор Bart Einstien (158 лет назад)
hey Revel S, this is not a playlist for psychedelic music. simon and
garfunel is psychedelic, no it is not. i don't think u were born in the
50's or before. big dif, most of this is just 60's popular music.

Автор Kelly14UK ( назад)
Got to love the hypnotic backing vocals. I was 3 in '71 and this music was
still played everywhere.

Автор mickmick 1972 ( назад)
For your love

I'll bring you cars and things all made from solid gold

For your love

Give you anything if it fills your smile with glee

For your love

I'd make the world bow down if your heart you'd give to me

Let you kiss the stars at night.... make you dream of me.....

For your love

Автор Trancelvania100 ( назад)
When i first heard this on it's release back in the 60's it completely blew
me away,, still does, amazing sounding 12 string,,

Автор suncoastman1 ( назад)
Brian Auger on Harpsichord!

Автор Janet Quigley ( назад)
Where's that time machine ?????????????????

Автор Sjoerd Klarenbeek ( назад)
That guy's like deal with it.

Автор michrigan ( назад)
One other obscure note on the original recording is that Brian Auger played
electric harpsichord.

Автор John Bennett ( назад)
Classic...and what kind of music do we have today? 

Автор Morrigan “warhelm” Ravenchild ( назад)
They were ahead of their time - fantastic!

Автор Karolina Kosińska ( назад)
Usłyszałam to rano i cały dzień za mną łazi. ...💜👣

Автор Michael Garland (1478 лет назад)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор Marine Haller ( назад)

Автор Peter Kuzmanov ( назад)


Автор PuddingMonsterful ( назад)
She fell in love with me back there, eye contact man

Автор Tim Harper ( назад)
Roy Orbison called...and he wants his glasses back!

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