The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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Длительность: 2:29
Комментарии: 1656

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Автор Warmonger YT ( назад)
follaláaaah ♫

Автор 67psych2 ( назад)
KEITH RELF = one of the COOLEST looking guys in rock music EVER!! Glad he
left us so much amazing music & film footage!!

Автор Jon Doeringer (213 года назад)
Even the Velvet Underground had their pop songs, where they sound like the
Mamas and Papas. (like 'who loves the sun', and 'I'm set free')

Автор Gunja King ( назад)
thanks John I had no idea that was Clapton...wow

Автор eric rae ( назад)
the wolfe man give .s yu all what you want

Автор fermin benedetti ( назад)
No doubt the Yardbirds were a groundbreaking group in the 60s. My favorite
was Heart Full of Soul. Those were days of future past.

Автор Дмитрий Журавлев ( назад)

Автор Anthony Gort ( назад)
Brilliant track far far ahead of its time - Loved it then and even more now

Автор Francesco Cusato ( назад)

Автор Dennis Diderot ( назад)
i have their new version and the bass and such kicks ass. very happy to
have it. from the birdland album

Автор Cinzia Kess ( назад)
for your Love..😨😇😁

Автор Robbie Gazpacho ( назад)
cant find the psycodelics here :c

Автор JS Initials ( назад)
Overlapping harmonies; harpsichord sounds; frenzied bongo beat. What's not
to like?

Автор Dixie May ( назад)
Roy sucked

Автор Karen Conlan ( назад)
i love the 60s~~~~<3

Автор Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad ( назад)
pollo al'ast

Автор drunkingunslinger goulet ( назад)
my mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Brad Kinowski ( назад)
Sounds like something The Beatles would perform

Автор กิตติพงศ์ ดวงมั่น ( назад)

Автор flhtc80ci ( назад)
Bongos and dark glasses. Glad I grew up!

Автор Veldtian1 ( назад)
0:58 Love that break, where are the go-go dancers with the massive hair and
minnie skirts..??

Автор Erik Einar Larsen (wsv123wsv) ( назад)
Perhaps one can imagine, what it means to see such a song after 50 years
after my youth here. Thank you!

Автор Ringo Thomas ( назад)
not bad......if u start out there.....brings bak fond memories......

Автор Rogue Qall ( назад)
Someone mentioned 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' earlier today and I just
had to listen to this song, from the hotel scene.

Автор Hue Janus ( назад)
Who thinks this is like cats in the cradle

Автор Paul Hooper ( назад)
cool sunglasses or what

Автор Adil Burak Aydın ( назад)
başında oyala diyo

Автор Rob Billeaud ( назад)
Ha ha, I'm Jeff Beck and I'm damn glad to be here.

Автор Rob Billeaud ( назад)
Howlin' Keith.

Автор November Spirits (1983 года назад)
very cool

Автор Jorma Kärkkäinen ( назад)
ihan vitun hyvä biisi!

Автор David A. Moore ( назад)
THIS was my 'Growing - up Music..!!!!'

Автор Martha Johnson ( назад)
i dig the bass player using a thumb pic----i did too!!

Автор Twosie76 ( назад)
Can't beat a bit of 60s nostalgia every so often

Автор Sergey Magell ( назад)
Awesome Song. & Good Music. & Good Time.

Автор John Fisher ( назад)
This was the last recording that Eric Clapton played with the Yardbirds
before his departure. By the time it became a hit Jeff Beck had joined the
group and is shown in this video.

Автор kenalbus ( назад)
made almost 20 years before I was born, and still rocks.

Автор Barbara B ( назад)
Helll is that Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck!!!????

Автор Thomas Pickering (1365 лет назад)
Excellent video by an excellent group

Автор mr mx (1845 лет назад)
Who wrote this classic song?

Автор Midge Johns ( назад)
superb tune atmospheric mod sound

Автор Andrea Valentina ( назад)
Fear and Loathing

Автор olaf biessen ( назад)
wonderfull song but so distorted,why?

Автор Louis Tedone ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think that 1965 to 1975 were the most creative,innovative
and magical moments of rock and roll...I was 10 to 20 during that era and I
was blessed to learn all I needed to know about life and love through these

Автор tintisha123 ( назад)
Great stuff!
Minor point ... the web has Graham Gouldman (later 10cc) as the writer...
not Eric. Graham wrote several songs for them.

Автор Lazarus Carr ( назад)
Give me the 60's. If I could have one wish granted it would be to be
growing up in the 60's.

Автор Kevin Martin ( назад)

Автор Fisherman Fizz ( назад)

Автор Andrew Swift ( назад)
Clapton was a blues purist back then

Автор Janet Richardson ( назад)
One of my favorires

Автор Toasty Engineer ( назад)
Did you know that this was the first GUITAR song that Geddy Lee learned?

Автор frizzlefrap ( назад)
another great song from the past

Автор tom8181 ( назад)

Автор Del Boyo ( назад)
is P Samwell-Smith dead now.

Автор reffoelcnu alouncelal ( назад)
Incredible that's Jeff beck and he's still making great music

Автор B Smith ( назад)
We watched this...dug the music...one of the "coolest" groups around...who
knew what we were watching back then?...who knew what would come from this
band...Oy!..."Who Knew"?

Автор Brian Grant ( назад)
Keith relf playin bongos .... and Jeff Beck singin back up.... wow...
great stuff!

Автор Dan Samson ( назад)
Yardbirds, the Animals, the Troggs, I could go on. I just wish I was a
teenager again because I listened to them over and over and over again.

Автор wolf moon ( назад)
For your love.
For your love.
I'd give you everything and more, and that's for sure.
For your love.
I'd bring you diamond rings and things right to your door.
For your love.

To thrill you with delight,
I'll give you diamonds bright.
There'll be things that will excite,
To make you dream of me at night.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.

For your love, for your love,
I would give the stars above.
For your love, for your love,
I would give you all I could.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.
I'd give the moon if it were mine to give.
For your love.
I'd give the stars and the sun 'fore I live.
For your love.

To thrill you with delight,
I'll give you diamonds bright.
There'll be days that will excite,
To make you dream of me at night.

For your love.
For your love.
For your love.
For your love.

Автор Michael Sherrer ( назад)
Just awful. Beck - hilarious on acoustic for the Clapton leads.

Автор John W. Allen ( назад)
I saw Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds in the sixties a few dozen times or
so. I love Heart Full of Soul as well. Pure Genius from the Creme to the
Yardbirds and then Derek and the Dominoes. What a transformation of sound.

Автор Harmannus Louwes ( назад)
Absolutely great , this song. I missed it when when young, but stil...

Автор Jorge Mario Rodas ( назад)
Nice old song one whose good Lyrics and Rythm are just right to make one
think about what the first love is like. Good to listen and enjoy.

Автор Aj Smar (1385 лет назад)
Any -body wanting to meet in Astoria Park, Queens, NY . . . (where I use
to hang out) and see the City lights . . . NOT asking anyone out!!!
(Unless you're pretty-female) Sorry!

Missing those days . . . and music . . . And Fast cars . . . I do have . .
. '69 RR,Vettes and Ponies . . .

"+/- 70's . . . all others (cuties) welcome . . . (" kiddinK". . . for
Joanie-my ex)! . . .

Artie ... Bryant H. S. '70's (Drove a blue Torino . . . crazy-ass . . .
sorry if I owe you . . . ok!)

Автор Orestis Poulos ( назад)
love this music! Rock on baby!

Автор laminage ( назад)
I love the Drum Solo. It reminds me of Benny Papa Zita Benjamin. Motown
Funk Brother and Drummer Extraordinaire.

Автор Eleanor Elton ( назад)
Who is the guy at 0:56?

Автор MrGretzky9966 ( назад)
I think Clapton left the band by then because he didn't want to do this

Автор Dave Palmer ( назад)
small point of order here, This song was written by Graham Gouldman NOT
Eric Clapton.

Автор james marshall ( назад)
////////////// / / / /////////////////
///////////////////////////////////JeFf BeCkLaNd

Автор Mal Barker ( назад)
simply another classic i was growing up to in the 60s.

Автор Gerard Sunderaj ( назад)
I was teenager when this song was broadcast, I guess 1966 or 1967.

Автор uncapricio ( назад)
comme ça fait du bien tous ces jeunes groupes années 60 !!!!!

Автор Sofan Donovan ( назад)
The vocalist sounds like shit

Автор Mike Hand (508 лет назад)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love
Nice Oldie

Автор KaptKan1 ( назад)
This is one of THE greatest songs of the 60s -- and that says a lot.

Автор Marina Garcia Solorzano ( назад)
sometimes in my memories, I think I am the only living person of the
latest 60´s; but when I see all those "like" of this video, I am sure
maybe there are some of my congeners living somewhere remembering those
wonderful day of happiness!! I LOVE THIS SIMPLE AND RHYTHMIC SONG! I
remember at least a half of a dozen men, singing this song to me! ..hahaha
those were the days my friends!

Автор lfc lee ( назад)
This Band had probably the best musicians any band would give there front
teeth for Amazing talent !

Автор Sweet Pea ( назад)
The tough part about viewing old videos with today's references is that I
come up with strange associations. Try this one on... doesn't bassist and
founder Paul Samwell-Smith look like Dwight Shrute from "The Office?"

Автор Mark8395217 ( назад)
They were just soooooo mysterious and the beginning of a great run for so
many good musicians. I have to agree with Ian Bucklowe, but hey, almost 5M

Автор Whiskey River (Doc) ( назад)
If for no other reason............Jeff Beck playing an acoustic 12
guitar......and wait for it, he sings as well. At 71, he still controls
your emotions. How blessed we are. And lets not forget that it was Keith
and Jim that founded Renaissance with Jane Relf, and later, Annie Haslam a
few years later. RIP Keith Relf

Автор seasonedsevencolors ( назад)
Where's uncle Zoso in it?

Автор Kenyon Mills ( назад)
A rather young Mr. Jeff beck playing 12 string !

Автор Shakeytunes ( назад)
Just love it

Автор ofusionast ( назад)

Автор Roxanna Gardner ( назад)
The Yardbirds...For Your Love

Автор Jack Watson ( назад)
i love this song so much so groovy

Автор Kelsea Hopkins ( назад)
bongo game 100%

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