The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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Длительность: 2:29
Комментарии: 1747

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Автор 4tehhorde ( назад)
I can't help but like this song better when Peter Noone is singing it...

Автор massimo debono ( назад)
What can I say takes me back to the golden years the fabulous 60!

Автор FirstUsedBooks ( назад)
Glad they didn't have audio on his bongos.

Автор christopher perry ( назад)
kief relief.... man it's a little ZANY.....but I like it

Автор Miguel Lima ( назад)
recorda e bom d++++++++++++++++ bella cançone

Автор Roger Montgomery ( назад)
Meet future Led Zeeplen

Автор Nick Quinn ( назад)
someone has to make a beat out of this from start to 0.58sec

Автор LapisDemon (1637 лет назад)
Love that song and The Yardbirds!
But for some reason (Germans will understand me) the thought pops into my
"Oh my, is this HEINO when he was a young Rock rebel ?!" }xD scnr };]

Автор Triumph 675 (1891 год назад)
Love it.

Автор adrian vigil (1969 лет назад)

Автор William Cordova ( назад)
Raw,unabashed music!! A true art form!!Take me back to the 60's!!!!

Автор michael tabor ( назад)
How Does A Band Have 3 of the Top 10 Guitar Players of all time??

Автор daniel roth ( назад)
its a time machine and just like that I'm back in the mid sixties .15 years
old and up in my room door closed and singing for your love with my mom
banging on the wall telling me to turn it down never did

Автор Robert Boyd ( назад)
dude was a great singer what happened to him?

Автор Rhig Ganomie ( назад)
0:59 tho

Автор Myk McGrane ( назад)
Dude, Depp and Del Toro rolling and swaying and bobbing down that
hallway.... "It's serious now man, I contact man."

Автор grindupBaker ( назад)
I handed out flyers for them 1960 at Hammersmith Broadway (they were
playing Hammersmith Town Hall).

Автор Jonners W ( назад)
What happened to Keith Relph pop pickers?

Автор Judi Edens ( назад)
Love all these songs from the 60's and 70's.

Автор Penta&Quadra! ( назад)
Jimmy Page was there ?

Автор Chris Coleman ( назад)

Автор Norman Thompson Sr. ( назад)
playing lead Bongos

Автор Nina Nava ( назад)
I well in love with the Brits as a child NO REGRETS thank you for your gift
of music <3

Автор Desmond Macedo ( назад)
All these songs should be put into a metal capsule, riveted to a
fusion-fuel tank, and shot into space, so life somewhere out there will
wonder, 'Don't this thing make your legs shake?'

Автор Steve Rambo ( назад)
Sadly showing my age, too. I remember the show "Shindig". Another great
song from a great musical era.

Автор Peter Crowl ( назад)
Obviously made before lip synching was invented

Автор Muso 1563 (pianoman) ( назад)
I always thought that it was a Harpsichord that played this

Автор Eric Ivy ( назад)
There is something there though.

Автор Eric Ivy ( назад)
Jeff Beck Looks Fucking dead!! Creativity? The "soul."

Автор Konrad Karlovich Mekhelson ( назад)

Автор Daniel Melo ( назад)
The intro sounds a lot like the song the song by Buena Vista Social Club
"Chan Chan" which came first. But regardless its a good song.

Автор odysseynz ( назад)
The dawn

Автор 80s rudeboy (951 год назад)
me 2 ace

Автор frizzlefrap ( назад)
either he has superman like finger speed ...... or i'm blind! (bongo boy)

Автор Bob Roberts ( назад)
Jeff Beck on harpsicord guitar?

Автор Karla Kirkpatrick ( назад)
wished I had the tardis to go back and experience all of that including to
50's well uh you know

Автор MadreTierraCol ( назад)
AÑOS 60.

Автор MadreTierraCol ( назад)
por tu amor gracias,tenia 13.

Автор hajeem1948 ( назад)
i met these guys in the movie blow up, directed by antonioni, and i was
hooked on popmusic-16 y i was.
first bought singles were from yardbirds, zombies and kinks
best wake up call ever after the dull r&r period

Автор Warmonger YT ( назад)
follaláaaah ♫

Автор 67psych2 ( назад)
KEITH RELF = one of the COOLEST looking guys in rock music EVER!! Glad he
left us so much amazing music & film footage!!

Автор Jon Doeringer (214 года назад)
Even the Velvet Underground had their pop songs, where they sound like the
Mamas and Papas. (like 'who loves the sun', and 'I'm set free')

Автор Gunja King ( назад)
thanks John I had no idea that was Clapton...wow

Автор fermin benedetti ( назад)
No doubt the Yardbirds were a groundbreaking group in the 60s. My favorite
was Heart Full of Soul. Those were days of future past.

Автор Дмитрий Журавлев ( назад)

Автор Anthony Gort ( назад)
Brilliant track far far ahead of its time - Loved it then and even more now

Автор Francesco Cusato ( назад)

Автор Dennis Diderot ( назад)
i have their new version and the bass and such kicks ass. very happy to
have it. from the birdland album

Автор Cinzia Kess ( назад)
for your Love..😨😇😁

Автор Robbie Gazpacho ( назад)
cant find the psycodelics here :c

Автор JS Initials ( назад)
Overlapping harmonies; harpsichord sounds; frenzied bongo beat. What's not
to like?

Автор Dixie May ( назад)
Roy sucked

Автор Karen Conlan ( назад)
i love the 60s~~~~<3

Автор Orex ( назад)
pollo al'ast

Автор drunkingunslinger goulet ( назад)
my mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Brad Kinowski ( назад)
Sounds like something The Beatles would perform

Автор กิตติพงศ์ ดวงมั่น ( назад)

Автор flhtc80ci ( назад)
Bongos and dark glasses. Glad I grew up!

Автор Veldtian1 ( назад)
0:58 Love that break, where are the go-go dancers with the massive hair and
minnie skirts..??

Автор Erik Einar Larsen (wsv123wsv) ( назад)
Perhaps one can imagine, what it means to see such a song after 50 years
after my youth here. Thank you!

Автор Ringo Thomas ( назад)
not bad......if u start out there.....brings bak fond memories......

Автор Rogue Qall ( назад)
Someone mentioned 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' earlier today and I just
had to listen to this song, from the hotel scene.

Автор TURBOED _MUSTANG ( назад)
Who thinks this is like cats in the cradle

Автор Paul Hooper ( назад)
cool sunglasses or what

Автор Adil Burak Aydın ( назад)
başında oyala diyo

Автор Rob Billeaud ( назад)
Ha ha, I'm Jeff Beck and I'm damn glad to be here.

Автор Rob Billeaud ( назад)
Howlin' Keith.

Автор November Spirits (1984 года назад)
very cool

Автор Jorma Kärkkäinen ( назад)
ihan vitun hyvä biisi!

Автор David A. Moore ( назад)
THIS was my 'Growing - up Music..!!!!'

Автор Martha Johnson ( назад)
i dig the bass player using a thumb pic----i did too!!

Автор Twosie76 ( назад)
Can't beat a bit of 60s nostalgia every so often

Автор Sergey Magell ( назад)
Awesome Song. & Good Music. & Good Time.

Автор John Fisher ( назад)
This was the last recording that Eric Clapton played with the Yardbirds
before his departure. By the time it became a hit Jeff Beck had joined the
group and is shown in this video.

Автор kenalbus ( назад)
made almost 20 years before I was born, and still rocks.

Автор Barbara B ( назад)
Helll is that Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck!!!????

Автор Thomas Pickering (1366 лет назад)
Excellent video by an excellent group

Автор mr mx (1846 лет назад)
Who wrote this classic song?

Автор Midge Johns ( назад)
superb tune atmospheric mod sound

Автор Andrea Valentina ( назад)
Fear and Loathing

Автор olaf biessen ( назад)
wonderfull song but so distorted,why?

Автор Louis Tedone ( назад)
Thumbs up if you think that 1965 to 1975 were the most creative,innovative
and magical moments of rock and roll...I was 10 to 20 during that era and I
was blessed to learn all I needed to know about life and love through these

Автор tintisha123 ( назад)
Great stuff!
Minor point ... the web has Graham Gouldman (later 10cc) as the writer...
not Eric. Graham wrote several songs for them.

Автор Lazarus Carr ( назад)
Give me the 60's. If I could have one wish granted it would be to be
growing up in the 60's.

Автор Kevin Martin ( назад)

Автор Fisherman Fizz ( назад)

Автор Andrew Swift ( назад)
Clapton was a blues purist back then

Автор Janet Richardson ( назад)
One of my favorires

Автор Toasty Engineer ( назад)
Did you know that this was the first GUITAR song that Geddy Lee learned?

Автор frizzlefrap ( назад)
another great song from the past

Автор tom8181 ( назад)

Автор Del Boyo ( назад)
is P Samwell-Smith dead now.

Автор reffoelcnu alouncelal ( назад)
Incredible that's Jeff beck and he's still making great music

Автор B Smith ( назад)
We watched this...dug the music...one of the "coolest" groups around...who
knew what we were watching back then?...who knew what would come from this
band...Oy!..."Who Knew"?

Автор Brian Grant ( назад)
Keith relf playin bongos .... and Jeff Beck singin back up.... wow...
great stuff!

Автор Dan Samson ( назад)
Yardbirds, the Animals, the Troggs, I could go on. I just wish I was a
teenager again because I listened to them over and over and over again.

Автор Michael Sherrer ( назад)
Just awful. Beck - hilarious on acoustic for the Clapton leads.

Автор John W. Allen ( назад)
I saw Eric Clapton and the Yardbirds in the sixties a few dozen times or
so. I love Heart Full of Soul as well. Pure Genius from the Creme to the
Yardbirds and then Derek and the Dominoes. What a transformation of sound.

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