The Yardbirds - For Your Love

1965, Shindig

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all rights on all videos !!
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Автор Bobbi Jo Woods (9 месяцев)

Автор Tanya S (15 дней)

Who is the guitarist just to the left of the lead singer?

Автор Harriet Thornton (27 дней)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор Jesse Gutierrez (8 месяцев)
Old School!

Автор Dennis Lowery (9 месяцев)
*To thrill you with delight, I'd bring you diamonds bright*
*Double takes I will excite, to make you dream of me at night...*

Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор xeokym (8 месяцев)
Technically Jimmy Page is on stage but they sure don't give him much time
on the camera. And even when they pan out, he's half cut-off. But if you
watch really closely you can tell that's him ;)

Автор Scooter Ahlers (3 месяца)
The group that would eventually morph into LED ZEPPELIN!!

Автор Wankshaftsbury (3 месяца)
proto Led Zepplin, how come jeff beck never seems to get old? He must be
injecting himself with hormones or something

Автор Sid Howard (2 дня)
There were two weekly shows at that time. Shindig was one, The other was
Hulabaloo. I wish I could tell you which was first, but things are a bit
muddled when it comes to those times.

Автор Chris Kim A (5 месяцев)
*For Your Love** – The Yardbirds* – television performance, *Shindig,* 1964

#ValentinesDay2014 #ValentinesMusic 

Автор Mihai Midus (1 месяц)
*For Your Love*
*The Yardbirds*

Автор Peter Sander (9 месяцев)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

Автор TheDarkAndStormy Knight (4 месяца)
1:22 that guy in the crowd bored out of his mind XD

Автор Patricia Barentine (4 месяца)

Автор Cathy Wallace (1 год)

Автор tallpaul881 (5 месяцев)
The Yardbirds: My favorite.

Автор quinn coco (5 месяцев)
what a song brilliant

Автор Daysi Alberto (1 месяц)
for you love...

Автор Helly H (3 месяца)
For your love, for your love,,,

Автор don modica (1 месяц)

Автор Mátyás Albert Nagy (8 месяцев)
60-70s #rock weekend is starting with a nice playlist


Автор Mckessa King (6 месяцев)
These dudes were awesome.

Автор mrpentium (1 месяц)
Beck looks bored

Автор Christian brüggemann (3 месяца)
Good just good

Автор Gord Birch (1 год)
Predecessor to Led Zeppelin 

Автор Mott Marvin Kornicki (2 года)

Автор Shawn Holster (1 год)

Автор Wanda Kelley (2 года)
The Yardbirds - For Your Love

#FNS #ARU #mushroomstew

Welcome to the flashback called *Mushroom Stew*, tonight we'll revisit the
glory days of Psychedelic music, the moments when it turned to ashes, the
bands that kept the embers burning and a bit of the revivals and the bands
that were influenced by this genre.

Strange new instruments were heard, complex song structures altered keys,
time signature changeups, and modal melodies were explored. Songs with
strange and surreal lyrics appeared, jams and solos were emphasized
throughout songs at random places, electric guitars started using feedback
via the "Wah wah" and "Fuzzbox" pedals. Primitive electronic instruments
such as the Theramin and the Mellotron, a tape driven sampler keyboard,
presaged the fully digital synthesizer. Studio techniques employing
backwards masking, panning and phasing became standard.

When it came time for the Yardbirds to record this song in 1965 when Dave
Liebman, who was hired to write an organ riff intro, found that there were
no organs at the studio - only a harpsichord.

So come along if you dare and bring requests in your hair...
Hosted by +Andrew Coffman 

Автор Annette Haven (1 год)
One of my favs! Dance!

Автор Luis Gibb (2 года)
It's time to get up and dance bitches... bitches love dancing!

Автор William Gruff (4 месяца)
Seriously hip. To quote Zoot (Was it?), of the Muppets: '... so hip [they]
have a room for life in a home for the chronically groovy.'

Автор Rich Miller (2 года)
*For Your Love*

This is what I'd do...

Автор nyc instyle (2 месяца)
The five members of The Yardbirds heard here playing on this song (in 1965)
McCarty -drums, Relf -lead vocal, Dreja -rhythm guitar, Samwell Smith -bass
guitar, Clapton -lead guitar
Clapton left soon after this song was released, then Beck joined (who is
seen here going through the motions like the rest of the band as the
original song is being played), and finally Jimmy Page joined (and Beck
departed -he was more or less kicked out for not showing up for
rehearsals he wanted to do his own thing- app 2 years after Page joined).
Page carried on officially forming his new band with Plant, Jones, and
Bonham -the mighty Led Zeppelin- in late 1968.

Автор Richard Bowman (8 месяцев)
Who were the TWO great guitarists here (post Clapton)?

Автор Samantha K (1 год)

Автор MANDALAMUSIC (8 месяцев)
"For Your Love" is a 1965 single written by future 10cc member Graham

Автор Gerald Orford (8 месяцев)
Lead singer kind of looks like tom Petty.

Автор Ambra Sargentini (8 дней)
One of the best bands ever...greatly overshadowed!!

Автор Meghan O'Brian (8 дней)
The bio on these guys is pretty good. Beck, Clapton and Page, amazing
line-up & drummer Relm was no slouch either. They & other garage rockers
from the 60's, along with the girl groups of the late 50's/early 60's were
major punk influences.

Автор Missendora (3 месяца)
Jeff Beck is so happy to be on Shindig!

Автор California Modern (4 месяца)
VooDoo Rock!

Автор Patty Pratt (17 дней)
A song that will live on forever.......

Автор Zoro Zornes (7 месяцев)
is their bass player the rooster haired lizard guy that gets stabbed to
death in Escape from New York' ? OKAY LET'S NOT FOR GET 'GRAND FUNK
RAILROAD' and their first 3 lps written in 68 and 69

Автор MrDavkoz (4 месяца)

Автор Michael Soto (4 месяца)
jeff beck

Автор Amalia Conte (10 месяцев)
...For your love.
I'd give you everything and more, and that's for sure.
For your love.
I'd bring you diamond rings and things right to your door.
For your love...
I'd give the moon if it were mine to give.
For your love.
I'd give the stars and the sun 'fore I live.
For your love...

Автор DDiva R (11 дней)
I love Relfs glasses- so very cooool

Автор Răzvan Băhnărel (1 месяц)
Gotta' love'em!

Автор Dan Holbrook (1 месяц)
Yardbirds- For Your Love

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