Shark Attack - Bullshark Attacks Spearfisherman

Footage of a bullshark in North QLD Australia cruising on the edge of a channel at 20m turning then rushing and attacking a spearfisherman mid dive. Has anyone seen unprovoked aggressive behaviour like this from a bull shark before?
Updated 13/1/17
Thanks for all the comments and questions so far, i will be posting an interveiw soon to answer as many of them as i can. thanks
Couple of quick answers to tone down the heated comments a tad. I was not there too hunt sharks just fish to eat and i was really disapointed that the shark would of died.

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Автор Otti ( назад)
poor thing. stay out of the water dick head.

Автор 20ozza12 ( назад)
Why? You killed a magnificent animal, an polluted the ocean with a harpoon
gun all in one go :(

Автор Dontbeasheep wolf ( назад)
is there a full video i would love to see what happens after

Автор Steven Oshannessy ( назад)
duck that shit for a sport or hobbie

Автор pokehunter_jkxzl ( назад)
He's such a savage he just killed the shark and then just swimming off

Автор François Lacoste ( назад)
Hey kids! Watch closely. The shark... is a mother! with baby shark pups
swimming against her. They watch their mother get spear-gunned in the mouth
and die! Motherless animals are so amusing when they're traumatized! Do
baby shark pups get triggered?! Let's see if they follow her as she sinks
to the bottom. Namaste.

Автор Kaea Walker ( назад)
yeh lets juat kill the sharks! they said it wont lead to the marine food
change totally fucking itselfbin return would kill alot of fish then
leading to da starvation of million humans they said

Автор Wiktoria Wołowiec ( назад)
He just wanted to say 'hi' and hug you and you killed him, how fucking dare

Автор Cruz.Mitchell ( назад)
yo lucky

Автор chris romario ( назад)
it was a mother

Автор Uknowwho ( назад)
I come from PewDiePie

Автор R MARTINELLI Minimo ( назад)
I came from Casey's video.

Автор PortuguesePlaya ( назад)
Sharks aren't bad if you don't bother them but if they attack you have
every right to defend yourself

Автор Makaliste. Medick ( назад)

Автор Ty Drones ( назад)
Casey told me to check this video out ... 🤔

Автор YUNG KOI ( назад)
OMG WHY U KILLED THE SHARK? U fucking idiot pussy retard u cant kill a

Автор surewin ( назад)
Sharks are delicious

Автор MikiKemo E ( назад)
pussy lost his rode lmao

Автор Isabelle River wood ( назад)
Geez all the comments about the shark it was obviously defense. Nice save
btw. i dont think i would have been abot to react that quickly

Автор Franz Ferdinand ( назад)
The comment show just how weak humans have become. Tis a fish.

Автор Gecko Johnson ( назад)
Replace the man in this video with a family member then tell me he deserved
to get attacked.

Автор the fresh prince of bel air ( назад)
all the peta fan's are triggered from this video

Автор Mr.GreatWhite 64 ( назад)
that shark's a moron.

Автор pipsqueak87 ( назад)
Holy shite

Автор Sevster 7 ( назад)
He was just going to give him a kiss on the cheek 😂

Автор Marley Mac ( назад)
lol how daft are some of you people!?!? it was either him or the shark and
clearly self preservation prevailed. great reflexes bud!!

Автор atreyu bidasha ( назад)
Bullies are motherfuckers man

Автор EcHo Vs BrAVO ( назад)
Ah this looks satisfying af

Автор fakudoln ( назад)
hope you get enough revenue from this video to pay for a new speargun! dems

Автор Destroyer 666 ( назад)
LMAO how stupid he just swims into the spear. getrekt

Автор Bence Czinkon ( назад)
shark killer

Автор Pascal DeMeo ( назад)
Bullsharks are the most aggressive sharks put there and attack even when
unprovoked. Cameraman is lucky to have had a spear.

Автор Blondie ( назад)
So apparently all of the shark lovers thought the diver was going to give
the shark a hug. Well I'm pretty damn sure that wasn't gonna happen cause
it was charging at THE GODDAMN DIVER and even if it was the right or wrong
thing to do "the diver" had between 3-4 seconds to decide one a life
choice. Totally necessary.

Автор Commenter 24 ( назад)
Bro your balls are so big they share different postcodes

Автор Emily Rose Makeup TV ( назад)

Автор bazarovism ( назад)
Kids in Africa could have eaten that shark :(

Автор Moritz Matzke ( назад)

Автор Lord Marvin ( назад)
In my case it would be a case of them finding a blind shark holding my
severed leg in it;s mouth....ugh

Автор Petar Jankovic ( назад)
get rekt shatk

Автор oldschoolrock4evr ( назад)
Damn what is really scary is how much time it takes for the eye to register
a shark coming at you!! Now i know why they attack from the bottom you can
barrelly see them coming at you! I mean if you were a little slow on day
like this he could jack you easily

Автор Taju Kana ( назад)
An eye for an eye.

Автор Señior Nikita ( назад)
he just wanted a hug

Автор Quaeroveritas - Just call me Q ( назад)
Holy crap! I'm so glad I've never encountered a shark that aggressive. I
think you did the only thing that a sane person would do. It's kill or be
killed when a bull shark is that aggressive. Makes the videos of my shark
encounters look very tame in comparison. Where you spearing from a boat or
from the shoreline? What I'm asking is how far was the swim to safety.

Автор Mineiror ( назад)
PlayStation 5 is coming....

Автор Konan Kun ( назад)
0:20 ah fk it, you can keep the spear ya cunt. 👐👐👐

Автор Fried Pancakes ( назад)

Автор grouty memes ( назад)
holy fuck man. creds to you for handling the situation so well. hope this
dossent prevent you from diving more

Автор Ryan O ( назад)
Unprovoked aggressive behaviour??? Dude its a Bullshark. If hungry it'll
try to attack anything.

Автор WarWithin1992 ( назад)
This guy did not actually "fire" his speargun, he just extended his arm
with the speargun to protect himself. This has happened many times, they
poke the shark with it and the shark goes away. Unfortunately, this time
the shark was really up for a bite and... he got the speargun. Too bad, but
I think that everyone would do this. The guy had no intention to kill the

Автор Game Head 2 ( назад)

Автор ccwestman ( назад)
come at me
i would've dragged it back to the boat tho..

Автор Alec Henderson ( назад)
It is your fault, you when in to it's natural habitat, it did not go in to

Автор Hunter Johno ( назад)
He wasn't attacking he just wanted his teeth checked out :(

Автор TheRafael 22 ( назад)
la ulti de Díaz cuando la esquivan

Автор John E ( назад)
It only wanted to take a nibble of you to check if you were a seal.

Автор poposisa ( назад)
useless shark and stupid

Автор Mike Baker ( назад)
this is not a Bullshark a Bullshark will not hurt you

Автор MrsSparklyPantzplayzMC Minecraft ( назад)
who came from faze apex

Автор Jay Anderson ( назад)
It was at this moment that Jason knew ... he fucked up

Автор Jacques Star ( назад)
Dude, there had to be fish on this guys belt. Otherwise, the shark would
NOT have charged like that.

Автор Brogers ( назад)
Beside all the stupid comments, Holy hell! great stab man! straight through
the mouth baby!

Автор Joey Baker ( назад)
that shark was bait, for sure. If he didn't die from the wound, I'm sure it
was they ate his ass.

Автор Jeffrey R ( назад)
Here from apex

Автор Dorian Gray ( назад)
der arme Hai

Автор Jo Mama ( назад)
Suck my dick since is too early to have any teeth in them jaws ...! Pussy
...oh man ..! Easy with that ..you're sucking my dick too hard ..them
sheets are been sucked by my ass ...easy does it scumbag

Автор Jo Mama ( назад)
Bull shit ..! That's a baby shark assholes. Get a big one as a real job
like what your sister does for living ,giving massive amounts of blow jobs
. What the fuck crawled up ass and passed out ...? Cunt

Автор Jordana Lee ( назад)
seriously though I get why people are sad about the shark but if one came
up to you out of no where like that your first reaction would be to save
your fucking self like geez calm the fuck down everyone theres more sharks
in the world

Автор BROLINSKY ( назад)
holy shit its real

Автор Lina Hermans ( назад)
Recover fine desk airline course rent wage violent.

Автор Sincere One ( назад)
That'll teach em'!

Автор Pro Genji ( назад)
What a badass...

Автор shagadelic3000 ( назад)
reflexes of a God!

Автор Balawi911 ( назад)
its good that there was only one shark ... because this person has only one

Автор Darth ( назад)
WIN FREE IPHONE 7 OR 7 PLUS https://justpaste.it/12ibk

Автор Lukas Eker ( назад)
Now try to do the same to its mamma...

Автор zach rio ( назад)
Came from Casey's video

Автор David Tatelman ( назад)
I'm not so sure it was unprovoked. The guy just happened to have a huge
spear aimed right at it. I hope you weren't purposely trying to kill a

Автор Fernando Barros ( назад)

Автор Lee x3 ( назад)
fuck off fucking killer!!

Автор Alexandros Trismegistous ( назад)
You're very lucky... and quick reflexes. I can't explain this sudden
attack, any killed fish near you?

Автор Paul newman ( назад)
These bullsharks are not a danger to people. It thought the diver was a
seal or a large fish. Bullsharks don't like the taste of human flesh.

Автор Firerelated Pun ( назад)
well i guess that shark really..bit off more than he could chew

Автор Robnoxious77 ( назад)
welcome to wildlife, where it's kill or be killed. This isn't an urban
street people, toughen up.

Автор daftrhetoric ( назад)
I'd like to recognize that the shark is hidden until the 0:15 second mark
and strikes by the 0:18 second mark. It would be easier to dodge a

Автор Pittwater Spear ( назад)
How many animal activists does it take too change a lightbulb?
NONE! they can't change anything!

Автор Juan Martin Reyes ( назад)
Rescue appeal clerk each feature longtime.

Автор spitzndtruth 1 ( назад)
hole in one

Автор Cokémon ( назад)
wtf this thug shark stole your shit!

Автор BFROST “Brennan” BOII ( назад)
Bull sharks be doing this regularly.

Автор Ozzy Phantom ( назад)
Fuck that thing up good on you

Автор LightnSalt8 ( назад)
any one can see that the shark was just being friends and happy to see this
guy. See it smiling and playfully wagging it's tail with joy as it swam to
greet him!

Автор BAMF ( назад)
Damn good thing he had something to protect himself. He was barely under
water before the shark came at him.

Автор Super 67 ( назад)
thats sick dude. wow

Автор Isaiah Andrade ( назад)
Who else came from FaZe Apex's video ?

Автор Adam Santos ( назад)
Faze apex

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