Monster High Dolls Sweet 1600 C.A. Cupid Doll Review

Sorry it took so long but this is the forth time trying to upload this video. Youtube kept freezing at 100%. :(

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Добавлено: 2 года
Длительность: 15:58
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Автор Elisa Ducallas (5 месяцев)
My daughter 3

Автор Lety Ramos (2 года)
were u got thx doll ? ;)

Автор hamstersrule184978 (1 год)
i didn't no u could wash out the hair but.... i'm not gonna' give that a go

Автор Bubbleyblue27 (2 года)
yea nor me at least im not rude

Автор DollHigh (9 месяцев)
she said it's a very detailed doll, wouldn't you wanna see the details too?

Автор Charlotte A. (1 год)
is that like the original/basic cupid?

Автор Hannah (2 года)
i LOVE C.A. Cupid she is sooooo pretty i love your videos and one question
how do u get all of them i only have 11 dolls and getting abbey very soon
:D :) :D :)

Автор L Trafalgar (2 года)
C.A Cupid doesn't have a pet

Автор missdancingdiva3 (1 год)
I want her I haven't seen them in Briton!

Автор MusicAntagonist (1 год)
Maybe the C.A. part stands for something that involves her radio station,
like a DJ, like DJ Pauly D (just as an example.)

Автор OmgFalicia (2 года)
Eros: Greek God of love his Roman counterpart is Cupid so Eros is Cupid

Автор han ben (2 года)
i love yr videos

Автор brandon watt (2 года)
@shadowluver06 lol my spectra doll came with 2 left hands ;O; but i use my
icoffin that my lagoona came with over it xD

Автор Alley Gomez (1 год)
my friend got herr and she had a diary i even saw her in stores with her

Автор loverrlee (1 год)
I really like what you have to say and your videos are really interesting!
:) If I have only one constructive criticism, it'd be to please get a
better camera! I can't stand watching it when it takes so long to focus.
I'm starting to get a headache. :(

Автор Amanda Ostermeier (2 года)
@JBbro120 heck yeah! My nephew plays with mine alllllllll the time! His
favourite is Abby and Spectra

Автор Jessica Hosea (2 года)
My mom said she was getting me Cupid for valentine

Автор han ben (2 года)
i love yr videos

Автор Koral Savoie (2 года)
Love her

Автор LuckyStarbox (2 года)
You said this in some point in the video that some Monster High dolls are
messed up but my Holt Hyde the doll wasn't messed up it came with 3 dairies
but he's a good doll.

Автор 1234miagirl (2 года)
I bought her the other day! I havent opened her yet cuz I need to do a
review for my review channel XD But shes really pretty I love her!

Автор RihannaRulz01 (2 года)
WAIT the things that hold cupid's wings is a little arrow?Oh...i thought it
was little hands XD i'm soo stupid

Автор kiwisteve66 (2 года)
Congrats on the great collection u guys! I'm trying to find CA cupid at the
moment :)

Автор Brandon Vayle (1 год)
They did a bad paint job on my Cupid's shoes too lol

Автор josephreyes34 (2 года)
your so lucky! at my stores ther is not one single new doll and at my
walmart thers not one single doll period! i mean everythings gone even the
original dolls and it looks like there is no monster high stuff there
anymore! except for one skirt!

Автор LovelylocksSpiderman (2 года)
@JBbro120 of coarse boys can play with monster high dolls my brother and I
play together all the time. He even has some of his own!

Автор Kirocullenslamb (2 года)
Cute doll.

Автор trinitee lowe (2 года)
got her

Автор mila bass (2 года)
she has a son because she said if want to know my son is makeing noise an
the other room

Автор JackTopusArt (2 года)
in love that her wings that theyre not typical wings but are bones. great
job MH toy designers

Автор helllah123 (2 года)
I think i would die for those shoes!

Автор Charlotte A. (1 год)
SpiritOfABlackDog's channel is gone!Why would she do that!? HER VIDEOS WERE
MY B-DAY OF MH! :'( OH and thx for checking :'(

Автор TheRickChannel (2 года)
aaaa is scarycute XD

Автор Basic Ass Slore (1 год)
Chariclo Arganthorne Cupid. Its on her Re-release's diary :)

Автор Charlotte A. (2 года)
@themonsterhighdolls oh ok thx cuz idk what it means

Автор InkkuStar (2 года)
I want this doll >: You have a lucky :D

Автор Kitty2Comedy (1 год)
@OreoDogz that's what I thought california Cupid

Автор raradoopsy (2 года)
i got her from asda for £12.97 yesterday but i can't have her yet. i have
to wait 9 days to open her because it is a birthday present

Автор 890Sunrise (1 год)
it says she shut down her account

Автор CattailLeaf (2 года)
Beautiful doll (: I think she's one of my favorites! & thank u so much for
the review! & fun fact: the makers actually made her lips in a "cupid's
bow" design which was super popular in the early 1900's!

Автор mikamika1010 (2 года)
My friend's goul spirit 3 pack Goulia came with two right hands. It was

Автор gabrielcantu1 (2 года)
@Bubbleyblue27 nor u

Автор MonsterHigh13456 (1 год)
haha i agree you can never talk ;) Luv ur vid <3

Автор Charlotte A. (1 год)
oh okeii thx

Автор Brat Queen (2 года)

Автор Nikki Wolfe (5 месяцев)
I hace her

Автор Kesseya (2 года)
Nice review. :)

Автор RetroAlexis (2 года)
@emilyalexgee Then don't. Other people might, you don't know.

Автор XxMoonPrincessxX13 (2 года)
6th comment! Yess... Anyways, LOVE THE DOLL! Don't worry we can all wait.
It doesn't matter if we have to wait a while as long as you post something!

Автор Julianna Marie Concia (2 года)
@emilyalexgee look um if u wanna hear no-one blabber i think u should
listen to urself unlike u i luv listening to themonsterhighdolls reveiw she
is awesome and i am on my mom's old account i took over so yeah...

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