The Ultimate Controller Modification

PS4 Xtra Life (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2g5ouUS
PS4 Xtra Life (International) - http://geni.us/zRQUwn
XBOX One (USA Link) - http://amzn.to/2fbhTaA
XBOX One (International) - http://geni.us/kNxBNk

This contraption simplifies the charging of your gaming controllers. It also extends the life of your controllers up to 16 hours! It's available for both the PS4 (PlayStation 4) and XBOX One.

Info from the manufacturer -

There’s nothing worse than a dead controller, especially when you’re ready to settle down for a long gaming session with friends. The Energizer Extra Life Charger for PlayStation 4 solves your controller problems and allows you to enjoy hours of uninterrupted playtime. Easily drop in and charge two wireless PS4 controllers simultaneously. Extend your play with the two included Energizer PS4 Recharge Packs. The sleek and easy-to-connect design with glowing ports to indicate charge status, along with the AC adapter for quick charger, makes the Energizer Extra Life Charger for PS4 ideal for all PS4 gamers. Grab a charged controller and join in on the fun.

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Автор OSCAR RYALL ( назад)
i can game 247 but im nine so i cant i did it once though it was cool

Автор organi10 ( назад)
I actually bought these and they are pretty amazing. Controllers are still comfy and the charging is super easy.

Автор Abe Mulligan Tralz ( назад)
I thought it Was for drone lol

Автор Kubilay Tuncer ( назад)
does it fit together with any attachable keyboard on my controller?

Автор kenneth freeman ( назад)
Love the video. Reminds me of how much I hate Alex Jones.

Автор chris mcnaught350@aol.com ( назад)
I watched this and you're all Raj Raj

Автор strauss2000 ( назад)
I love that think, cause no kable, but! the battery hasn't more life, but I don't care, cause there are no kabels anymore!

Автор Christian Islas ( назад)
A kangaroo with big titts deserves a thumbs up Uncle Lu

Автор choubie S ( назад)
Trying to find the hole hehe

Автор Tyler Joseph Schommer ( назад)
Woops, Xbox One version is in recall.

Автор DelphiShrine ( назад)
Will People stop complaining.... I play Xbox 1 PS4 and PC all at least 2 to 3 hours a day.... AND OUT OF ALL OF THEM I PREFER PlayStation 4 Controllers a lot more... and this attachment personally does not feel anything like a Xbox 360 controller it just has a similar concept

Автор Splendor King Yam ( назад)
lol trying to find the hole...

Автор Raccoon Gamez ( назад)
Hey man i bought it and its amazing

Автор Matthew Meech ( назад)
Buy a second controller instead.

Автор XanderFTW ( назад)
Wouldn't you get more battery life because you can switch the 2 out

Автор ChillStop ( назад)
I always put it in the wrong hole

Автор Bossgamerdragon ( назад)
i play all day every day

Автор Average Alien ( назад)
why do people think the ps4 battery life is short? I think it's decent

Автор TEAM ARPA ( назад)
can u do gaming reviews plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz and fckin plz

Автор Vanessativa ( назад)
anubody has this? im thinking of buying a charging dock

Автор Mergo The Great ( назад)
1:18 - Ah, so that's why my girlfriend's vagina has scratches on it

Автор Eric Agront ( назад)
Hey Lou 16 hrs of not missing the hole. LOL

Автор Owen Hemminger ( назад)
We have the same glasses frames @unboxtherapy

Автор Unboxing Guy ( назад)
Hey Guys!! Subscribe to me to see videos about tech and products

Автор JAMES HALL ( назад)
He never misses the hole. 😈

Автор THeNuMBeRWaRMaN ( назад)
Bought this dock a few months ago because of this video, awesome product !

Автор xX_MLGSNIPER_Xx pro ( назад)
i would not want a c battery thingy cuz i have ps4 scuf controller with 4 padles

Автор Johanes Daniel ( назад)
3:51 that dab tho

Автор ITZ_FaZeWanaBE ( назад)
If any body wants a carbon fibre ps4 controller contact me at FaZeVoyage@gmail.com

Автор Kira TheNecomancer ( назад)
His PlayStation will die soon

Автор yrn todd ( назад)
cant you just charge the battery without the controller

Автор Alrightrobert ( назад)
I have that scuf fully modded

Автор Juan Pablo Martinez ( назад)
is there any international link for this? amazon doesn't ship to south-america

Автор faisal waseem ( назад)
well it's a tad bit better then the rechargeable energizer battery's cuz u can charge any battery cell rather then charging a specific one

Автор KaZu ( назад)
What an innovation

Автор nicholas harrison ( назад)
I've seen other companies that made same thing

Автор linca Florin ( назад)
who the fuck plays 8 hours ?

Автор Hamza Irfan ( назад)
16 hours..Haha that..Bro who got that much fucking time man...

Автор A G Gaming ( назад)
Can't find the hole? Put some hair around it. lol

Автор Kasko _CZ ( назад)
3:45 or 3:46 How many times u missed the hole!!!! :DDD

Автор TurtleGod_Guero ( назад)
Hey Lew (or anyone that has a ps4 that sees this) add me on ps4 at TurtleGod_Guero

Автор PEC KG ( назад)
does it also prevent the controller from hitting r2 or l2 when sit down? because that needs s modification

Автор Nora Hamdiui ( назад)
I want to see jack

Автор Jens Kortegaard ( назад)
You aint missing the hole but scratches still shows up if you Thow the controller

Автор n_odles2465 ( назад)
i dont have little scratches

Автор Tazwar Ali ( назад)
i game 1 hour per day 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Bobby Brossoit ( назад)
i like the shit this guy is doing, but he REALLY needs to cut back on the dialoge. dont laugh at the phrase "cant get it in the hole". it just makes you seem like a 5th grader about to boogie to some minecraft story mode.

Автор Cynthia DC ( назад)
I bought this, i'm very happy with it. best charger I ever had.

Автор Master Reyes ( назад)
when he said "that was you ryimg to find the hole" when he said that that was so wrong😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Adir Bibi ( назад)
Rain drop

Автор pixel's games ( назад)
He totally regrets saying that...

Автор breakmyback tv ( назад)
Wait brians real?!

Автор HoŘlavina ( назад)

Автор Sniping Vortex ( назад)

Автор Sniping Vortex ( назад)
Lol the emind was funny

Автор General Wolfy ( назад)
how rich was he when he grew up!?!?

Автор elcubanito1990 ( назад)
Horrible product

Автор Mce 1863 ( назад)
If you can game for 16 hours a day how are you still alive.

Автор Alex ( назад)
Very nice! I just bought two of these.. I have five controllers :) thanks for your unboxing. very good investment thanks Lou Merry Christmas and happy new year to your family!

Автор kabir srivastava ( назад)
please unbox razor raiju controller someday please😉😉

Автор Desye S. ( назад)
at 7 million subs, Jack face reveal

Автор Broblab ( назад)
i bought one of these because of this video.....well my mama did...for me...for xmas.. so i cant play with it yet.

Автор Santana Castillo ( назад)
I just got that but which color on the side tells you if it's charged

Автор SUPRA ( назад)
3:32 should have said private rian

Автор sting0072007 ( назад)
this dude is one caffeinated Canadian

Автор jadin558 ( назад)
Lew it'd be great if you could add more Canadian links to your stuff!! help your fellow peeps out eh!

Автор 5 Times ( назад)
i actually might buy this!

Автор BlueOmega ( назад)
yes. i want my controller to look like an xfag controller.

Автор Benjamin D'Ath ( назад)
did you mean Private Ryan?

Автор PS4 Sucks ( назад)
Ps4 sucks

Автор Jet Ardeshna ( назад)

Автор Faisal Hussain ( назад)
Isn't this an old video

Автор toto Adjodah ( назад)
does it work on the slim?

Автор Martin Völkel ( назад)
XBOX gives Coontrolers with 35h playtime and no bigger batterie. Controler is the same size and you have f*****g 35h playtime but a kable. But i think it gives them also as air charging.

Автор BluuM ( назад)
My friend Brandon has 16 hours, I have 12, and my friend Jason has God knows how long for gaming.

Автор BOSSMAN GAMING ( назад)
i m a guy who wakes up from sleep brush my teeth and start playing till its bed time6

Автор Jan Fourie ( назад)
FOUND IT!!!!!!

Автор TheDarkHeadsmen ( назад)
I have this and I love it

Автор DEVIN STILL ( назад)
A rechargeable battery pack is not anything new. And you can just plug it in with out being all dramatic .....there's no point😂😂

Автор The Crafter ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel and I'll subscribe back

Автор JiiruKoga ( назад)
Is there some statistic out there that says that move screaming and more coking up for each video earns more views?

Автор The Executives ( назад)
This wouldn't work if you had controller skin on your controller but it is cool.

Автор Muhammad Idlan ( назад)
chill the fuck out man

Автор Peacock Bass ( назад)
try the nyko version

Автор Daniel Bell ( назад)

Автор Zardgaming 101 ( назад)
That's you trying to find the hol😂😂😂

Автор Rafay Salman ( назад)

Автор Estevan romero ( назад)
haaha I Just Have a Long ass Usb Cable like 10 ft long 😁

Автор DexX Chappo ( назад)
stop dabing

Автор Axel N ( назад)
Nice pitch there Lew but I dont ever disconnect my controller and the cable never gets in the way. I rather save myself a few bucks. Love your vids man.

Автор Adil Ahmed ( назад)
"That's you trying to find the hole" - That's what she said - 1:22 to 1:27. Hehehe

Автор justin alvarado ( назад)
Your the best brotha lolo

Автор Jay LeSlaye ( назад)

Автор JoeRabayVLOGS ( назад)

Автор Eric Adrien ( назад)
16 hours? when I game for 5 hours I feel like crap

Автор I am a fucktardo ( назад)
It will work on a Xbox controller because it also has a micro USB

Автор Damon May ( назад)
dude as soon as he said Jack call the police sirens sounded out side

Автор Deividas NC ( назад)
lol ps4 no pro controller so you buy shit more

Автор Nekrakias ( назад)
pc masterrace

Автор EPTIC -BOSS ( назад)

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