WHOLOCK - Sherlock meets The Doctor!

"Months after an encounter with a mysterious 'Doctor', Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man... until the man makes an unexpected return."

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Watch the VFX Breakdown here: http://youtu.be/1Zrn37KzxuE

In anticipation of both the Doctor Who Christmas Special and the Third Series of Sherlock, I created a small crossover story. Though it may not be perfect, I'm still pretty happy with the results.

Hope you enjoy!

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Длительность: 5:27
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Автор Li Lockhart ( назад)
there are no words for how amazing this is

Автор Nikita Cebotari ( назад)
1:28 Wtf is wrong with watson he looks like a monster.

Автор Captain Chaos ( назад)
BBC, make this happen!!!!

Автор Captain Chaos ( назад)
Well this is excellently done...

Автор Ben Kana ( назад)
This is beautiful.

Автор The Aqua Turtle ( назад)
youcan tell matts trying hard not to smile

Автор Purple Planet ( назад)
This is amazing editing, whoever made this, your a genius

Автор HAPPY CUPCAKE ( назад)
This was edited really bad

Автор Maryam Khasu ( назад)
Poor John. Why is he always left alone? xD

Автор Find Me ( назад)
This is so good!

Автор Jasmine Sirs ( назад)
If only this were as real as it looked.

Автор rulerofdemons ( назад)
OMG, this is amazing. I love it, the editing is just wonderful. The lips I
can kind of tell but easily over see it.

Автор kieron williams ( назад)
Should be working for a major film editing company if you don't already

Автор Livy_lov1430 ( назад)
Sometimes I feel Sherlock is one of the Doctors regenerations.

Автор The Lost Raven ( назад)
I feel sorry for john💙

Автор 707 Is Badass ( назад)
This is real?

Автор 非同凡响 ( назад)

Автор Dissonance ( назад)
You can see his old jacket when he turns around at 4:28

Автор Fitria Hardono ( назад)

Автор Ahmad Ramadhan ( назад)
doctor who meets doctor strange

Автор Matthew Rabbas ( назад)
how is this not in the producers heads yet??????

Автор Duo Maxwel ( назад)
This should be a series all by its self. It would be hilarious to watch
Sherlocks head explode trying to figure everything out.

Автор Duo Maxwel ( назад)
Even Sherlock Holmes is not immune from the its bigger on the inside

Автор punk cactus ( назад)

Автор paola quezada ( назад)
Me encanto!!! love it!!!

Автор Bjorn da kid Westenburg ( назад)
I feel this is fake

Автор ThatPurpleGirl ( назад)
Omg for this crossover in real life! 💗😁💗💗💗
Has Russell Davies seen this??

Автор carson wiemers ( назад)
I Love It!

Автор GhostieRawrRawr ( назад)
John smith, ha. I see what you did there.

Автор Chloe Liu ( назад)
I'm sorry is this cuts of clips from the shows?? I dont understand how you
did this

Автор Jereelee1 ( назад)
Much better than TFP

Автор dubusaeyo ( назад)

Автор Murilo Gonçalves Gonçalvez ( назад)
o doutor com o sherlock muuuuiiito legal

Автор TheNicholasDWolfwood ( назад)
xD those news papers having nothing to do with the actual doctor apart from
the titles

Автор Jack Frost ( назад)
This is incredible!! Your editing skills are awesome!

Автор Yana Yasya ( назад)
Шикарная работа, мои апплодисменты

Автор Rommie3011 ( назад)
Wow. Just Wow!

Автор Dr.Marianna W.Winchester ( назад)
Please! tell me the name of the edit program you used, this *IS A
MASTERPIECE* please please please answer me I WANT THIS PROGRAM

Автор Zeeko4Realz ( назад)
Wow. U can actually see the digitalisation on the characters but still

Автор Aarush Dhawan ( назад)
Why isn't this a thing yet?

Автор Thomas Warnders ( назад)
realy realy well made shapo

Автор Angel aung san htay ( назад)

Mrs Hudson won't be happy about this.

Автор Hugo Johnson ( назад)
i absoloutly love this video

Автор DragonBrony ( назад)
This was so good! I love it!

Автор Seamus Powell ( назад)
Was it just me or lips... kinda animated

Автор Burak Hezar ( назад)
Is this the same John Smith that made the animation of the Doctor and Clara
stepping outside the TARDIS and ended up getting invited to the actual set
of Doctor Who?

Автор The girl of the songs ( назад)
I feel bad for John to be left behind 😢 This is so impressive!!!!!

Автор Lucas Soul Killer ( назад)
Really good, but one question is this animated, really good because some
parts look a little off

Автор Unseen Knife ( назад)
How is this possible.. your level of vfx is too damn high

Автор Big Q ( назад)
How?!....what? when? who? this is amazing!

Автор ingrid richter ( назад)
sherlock is not allowed to have amy's theme

Автор Yami Bakura ( назад)
OMG!! this would be legendary! This would be the most awesome moment ever
to have happened!! I would love for this to happen! Just make it happen
it'll bring good money since a lot of people are whovians and sherlockians!

Автор Ray Diamond ( назад)
PLEASE make this a series!!! TELL us what happens while Sherlock is with

Автор Ryo Tamura ( назад)
Uh.. is this real?

Автор Sekuisi ( назад)

Автор Jan Diether Valero ( назад)
sherlock got a new doctor

Автор Star Dragon ( назад)
How the hell did you do that?

Автор Sydney Fleck ( назад)
dude this is so cool

Автор Keri ( назад)
Fantastically well edited. Amazing job!

Автор Selin Buyukozden ( назад)
Wait? This is not real!? Nooo (awesome editting)

Автор Genious Girl ( назад)

Автор Marta Hoffmann ( назад)

Автор JCB Astro ( назад)
Sherlock's shirt is black when he's sitting down, but white when he stands

Автор Sociopath. Not.Psychopath ( назад)
This is beautiful!

Автор Kam Sandhu ( назад)
Cgi all the way lol

Автор George Munayer ( назад)
needed to read the comments to understand that this was edited, simply
amazing work..

Автор Gaming_Mystery_Girl • ( назад)
It's hard to believe it's fake lol

Автор holly greening ( назад)
I took me a LOOOOOONG time to realise this was the result of some
outstanding editing :D

Автор Eva Faline ( назад)
Fantastic job

Автор Tresha Ayag ( назад)
Poor john

Автор Ahsen Altun ( назад)
çok iyi olmuş lan

Автор Taiga Shadow ( назад)
This is so amazing

Автор SAm Trehan ( назад)
that's insane man'
you got amazing skills

Автор Mermaidgirl 0808 ( назад)
doctor: will you come away with me?
BOOM! I ship it now damn it, this is to beautiful and now I have another
ship...Oh well, also, amazing job! <3

Автор Madi Bendy ( назад)
Yeah. Just leave poor Watson by himself...

Автор Patrick Oxendine ( назад)

Автор The S.W.A.T ( назад)
I noticed errors in here but SO COOL

Автор ccc ( назад)
okay I don't watch either of these shows but this was AMAZING your editing
skills are the best I've ever seen!!

Автор Jona Monette ( назад)
The lines are a bit off based on their personalities. But idc it's the best
anyone could do. I love it

Автор Jona Monette ( назад)


Автор Amber Lynchy ( назад)

Автор Giovanni D'Onofrio ( назад)
Doctor Who meets Doctor Strange...

Автор Paula Shapiro ( назад)
Can we please make this a thing? ?????

Автор Debbie Chan ( назад)
That's so awesome!

Автор Rain drop ( назад)
Aw poor john!

Автор slava tomlinson ( назад)

Автор Dilara Türkmen ( назад)
but doctor Watson :(

Автор Парадисе Бм ( назад)
absolutely its fake

Автор Divine_ Beauty16 ( назад)
Who ever made this... you deserve an award.

Автор Regan Stanion ( назад)
I litterly cried this was so horrible! I love Doctor Who but now I hate

Автор Tamarah Acevedo ( назад)
Omfg awesome

Автор MultiShenan ( назад)
this looks so real

Автор Mark Gronquist ( назад)

Автор Urufu ( назад)

Автор stud Kira ( назад)
I can't believe what this is editor video... Awesome

Автор Philip McHarg ( назад)
imagine this happened instead of Sherlock faking his death then watch the
start of Sherlock season 3

Автор Elchinodiabolero ( назад)

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