WHOLOCK - Sherlock meets The Doctor!

"Months after an encounter with a mysterious 'Doctor', Sherlock becomes obsessed with discovering more about this impossible man... until the man makes an unexpected return."

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Watch the VFX Breakdown here: http://youtu.be/1Zrn37KzxuE

In anticipation of both the Doctor Who Christmas Special and the Third Series of Sherlock, I created a small crossover story. Though it may not be perfect, I'm still pretty happy with the results.

Hope you enjoy!

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Автор Your personal Nightmare ( назад)
I just thought: 'it's a fake...but it looks so real...but it's a fake... but....' ghaaaaa

Автор William Hong ( назад)
There should be an episode where the doctor goes to (Victorian) London and finds Sherlock (kind of like robot of Sherwood) and he finds that there is a timey wimey thing going on between Victorian times and the 21st century. an there should be a doctor who episode AND a Sherlock episode, or at test just mention a Sherlock reference like the doctor referring to Sherlock as someone he met and maybe a picture of a tardis in Sherlock's room?

Автор Mlghiddenpro Pro ( назад)
really well done butttt the TARDIS taking off was kinda a giveaway

Автор Yubin Liang ( назад)





just testing people's curiosity Hahaha

/ --👍

Автор iris ( назад)
That 's wunderful!!!

Автор Sadie's Songs ( назад)
"And it's mine."  "Shut up!"  Yass

Автор Otaku Hime ( назад)

Poor John.....😢

Автор Taylor Maxson ( назад)
This needs to be real

Автор uncle darren ( назад)
Brilliant, Just bloody brilliant

Автор Nicholas Joseph ( назад)
Doctor Strange meets the Doctor.

Автор Holly McIntosh ( назад)
bitch ass man just stole johns boyfriend

Автор Tushar Shinde ( назад)
What happens next?

Автор Carlos Drew-Lopez ( назад)
Whoever did this is a legend

Автор Chiara Fontana ( назад)
Poor John

Автор MythicalMessyMondayMorning 2002 ( назад)
i really want this to be a thing

Автор xavier lluch ( назад)
Great job!! 👍

Автор Phovon Beats ( назад)
God damn that's good! The cgi was in the uncanny valley but much less so than I would expect from a YouTube video! Top job dude bravo

Автор Mark Nelson ( назад)
The BBC should make this dude head of special effects. Doctor Who has had a reputation of having shitty editing since it was rebooted...

Автор Manon Avryl ( назад)
French translate, please  !!!

Автор Never Useless ( назад)
Where ever you like

Автор Pipsy 322 ( назад)
actually I've watched that episode that the clip taken from

Автор Pipsy 322 ( назад)
hang on is it real?

Автор Pipsy 322 ( назад)
omg this looks so real

Автор Alex Toner ( назад)
A Doctor Who and Sherlock spin-off needs to happen!!!!

Автор Horse Gurl ( назад)
Some seriously good editing here nice job

Автор John Darkwater ( назад)
Why can't this be real? It would be awesome

Автор lil ninja penguin ( назад)
1K ppl disliked cuz it ain't real. Why is this not real?!?

Автор GREEDY GAMEZ ( назад)
nope thats not right

Автор wiiildfire ( назад)
This needs to happen.

Автор Theo B33 ( назад)
I fucking ship it... That's all I can say... Oh wait! No there's something else, I Know! Amazing edits, totally made me join the WhoLock Fandom

Автор Samiraela ( назад)
Why am I thinking, you shouldn't give Sherlock a Tardis ... neither show that to him

Автор Shaun Barbee ( назад)
Genuinely thought this was a real promo short for the first 3 and 1/2 minutes. Sadly it will never be.

Автор emalie clarkson ( назад)
I am rather upset that this has not happened and nor will it less matt comes back as the Doctor again how ever this is F****ING AWESOME!!!! I actually thought it was real till you actually see the doctor talk face up never the less the persone who made this is a genius 😻😺

Автор YouTube User ( назад)
Incredible edit, but did anyone else see the costume change and longer hair on Matt at 4:29? 😂

Автор Renault Luk ( назад)
this looks super real m8t

Автор Luke Aran ( назад)
I have never loved anything more

Автор Davis Land ( назад)
Amazing editing at first I thought it was real but me being a whovian I remember that the doctor said that to his companion

Автор Jessica Tang ( назад)

Автор Jessica Tang ( назад)

Автор Tayah Jessie ( назад)
I literally can't believe this is edited, it's absolutely amazing

Автор Kikoeruyo ( назад)
this is awfully well edited

Автор Night Swipe ( назад)
3:15 and 3:25 and other parts look fact

Автор Night Swipe ( назад)
i thought it was real intil i sae the doctors face and it look like cgi

Автор Night Swipe ( назад)
oh so this is fake

Автор Leonor Cunha ( назад)
Even tho sometimes they look weird when they're talking this is REALLY GOOD !!!
Can this be real, please?!?!?

Автор David, de la chaîne Ganesh2 ( назад)
This is incredible

Автор Here to make memes ( назад)

Автор DoodleDragon 2 ( назад)

Автор Firestorm 1216 ( назад)
It's photo shopped you tell when they talk it looks weird

Автор Sketchy Scrolls ( назад)

Автор Noortje De Beer ( назад)
is some of this animated? because this is one of the most holy editting i have ever scene but i'm pretty sure some of it is animated ir am i just nutts

Автор Papa Bleach ( назад)

Автор Jade Snow ( назад)
Someone should really make this happen!!

Автор CatIsNotAmazing ( назад)

Автор CatIsNotAmazing ( назад)
im not much into the doctor who fandom but this is so amazing and well edited i am dead i love it so much

Автор Joe Netherland ( назад)
This is really good editing! Almost fooled me! 😄 Damn good job man

Автор Hallows 12 ( назад)
one day just one day

Автор Milo Yiannopoulos ( назад)
2:09 That light editing holy shit.

Автор Elsewise 01 ( назад)
Holy shit this is amazing!!!! 😵😵😵

Автор Natsudragnir 974 ( назад)
Sa serait tellement bien si il pouvait faire des episode comme ça

Автор lexieconextreme ( назад)
This is some fracking amazing editing, like wtf

Автор Jake Madison ( назад)
I would rather just see Cumerbatch be the next Doctor.

Автор L'aria Krautter ( назад)
This is crazy good editing

Автор Dan McMeel ( назад)
that scene at 1:23 is brilliant

Автор tʀαรн ™ ( назад)
now we just need supernatural, and the trio will be together

Автор Dabbing TARDIS ( назад)
Fangirling so hard right now...

Автор Angus Godden ( назад)
hello random person scrolling through the comment section

Автор Holly Wheeler ( назад)
This is amazing!!!!!

Автор Thomas Broug ( назад)
This is so amazing put together OMG I cried

Автор Vild Svan ( назад)
wow! amazing work

Автор Alaina ( назад)
I think Sherlock should be the next doctor's companion :D he would be great, instead of those useless girls the doctor keep getting lol.

Автор Sherlock Holmes ( назад)
My friend: Knock knock!
Myself: Who's there?
My friend: Doctor...
My friend: No, you idiot. It's Doctor SuperWhoLock.
Myself: :o

Автор Syliphen 5 ( назад)
This editing is amazing, I thought that it was real until I noticed that I've heard all these lines before

Автор xCrazyShipperx ( назад)
Perfect 💜

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
I would pay my soul to see this as movie

Автор Monika Medilovic ( назад)
wow, amaizing edit

Автор ejsbxbeia skd ( назад)
dammit i thought this was real

Автор Alexander James ( назад)
Amazing! It's like a fan-fiction made into a video. And we all know what happened next.

Автор Tanmay Pradhan ( назад)
This is so superbly made! I mean Benedict Cumberbatch seems so... well real! I cannot say the same for Matt Smith(Sorry Matt :p) but I think this deserves much more appreciation!

Автор R.I.P Harambe ( назад)
you can tell Sherlock has been pasted on there but it still looks really damn good

Автор Aqautic Wolf ( назад)
This is outstanding editing

Автор Princess Raiden ( назад)
Watson! No! How could they leave you behind!

Автор DarkElviS ( назад)
The Doctor looked a bit goofy at times, but this is amazing!

Автор pioneerpassenger ( назад)
Well, color me impressed. The editing in this video is downright fantastic.

Автор Gabriella Evelyn ( назад)
I knew all along that it was fake/fanmade because I recognize mist of the Sherlock scenes from the first episode.

Автор Darth Attano ( назад)

Автор Benoit Lemaire ( назад)
what's the music at 02:08 please ?

Автор Pebbles5863 ( назад)
Can we please make this happen!?! Even if it's just a short film I would die xD.

Автор Harry Potter Superfan ( назад)

Автор star sparks ( назад)
This is so beautifully done.

Автор Nicole Russek ( назад)
Sometimes I really do feel like someone from the 19th century when I try to get my head around how some of today's tech works and how the heck people can even MAKE things like this!

God. I think I'm an old woman trapped inside a teenage body.

Автор Kei Mitsurei ( назад)
i senses gayness

Автор Вася Пупкин ( назад)
Good job!)

Автор Slytherin Fangirl ( назад)
theyre off to get sam and dean! xD superwholock

Автор sonaly cecilia ( назад)
são amigosou inimigos?

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