16GB Toshiba Thrive Unboxing

Woohoo got mine early!

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Автор Marco alejandro Valencia ( назад)
Yo la tenía y la rompí y no me importo/;

Автор SpLeNdidV8 ( назад)
Is this Thrive good with Internet browsing ? Does it lag at all ?

Автор dougasourus ( назад)
I'm watching this video on it and this was uploaded on my birthday

Автор republicofjupiter ( назад)
Cool tablet :)

Автор Alberto Acevedo ( назад)
I think you meant diagonal lines lol... jus sayin

Автор AndreasPaok ( назад)
i have a question is toshiba thrive the same as the toshiba AT100? Please
anwser me

Автор salsa2good ( назад)
you got it on my birthday!

Автор tornandfrail ( назад)
getting mind within a hour cant wait best mothersday prezzie ever!!!! :D X

Автор Mowhawk32 ( назад)
@coolxmandie cant wait for my thrive! xD

Автор Mowhawk32 ( назад)
@mikhail2741 getting it for christmas i checked the closet and its awesome!
dont tell my parents i know xD

Автор Jimmy ( назад)
As a child I collected boxes, I am willing to pay you $300 for that box to
add to my collection. Email me for pricing at ILoveBoxes101@yahoo com

Автор helchin93 ( назад)
LOL they could get sued for selling it to you early so you broadcasted an

Автор 555dado555 ( назад)
Toshiba Thrive is better than ipad 2

Автор 555dado555 ( назад)
Yes, I think thats better than ipad 2 :\

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@LyonMaster64 you serious? lol

Who ever think iPad is better they can go fuck themselves. iPads are
overpriced. Thumbs up if you agree

Автор Gabriel hd gamer ( назад)
@PlazMaTerritory of course you can ! who lied to you??

Автор Gabriel hd gamer ( назад)
@mikhail2741 it is the ipad tablets suck, you have to pay for all of them,
the android markets are the best!

Автор john k ( назад)
i hate it when people unbox things on canera its like haha i haveone and
you dont! and they are so smug abiut it too! i just hate it!!!

Автор Carlos Reyes ( назад)
@PlazMaTerritory YOU CAN NOW!!!. There is an oficial Netflix app for it.
I'm not an apple hater, in fact i love my iphone, but on a tablet to be
honnest with you, with the advantge of the usb hdmi and sd card slot, i
find this to be more usefull then an ipad, you can use a usb mouse/keypad/
hard drive, to expand, plus androind is get more mature by the day, soon it
will be a real nice os.

Автор Carlos Reyes ( назад)
@GriffsterT ha ha ha ha !!! to late !! I return mine long ago , but the
good is , that the ACER A500 play them all ready :) the bad is, the thrive
has an awesome file manager that you can view usb file and sd cards and
change them move them or just browse, non other file manager can do that :(

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@JESUS4R3AL Hope you didn't return already because the latest Netflix
update just added support for Honeycomb Tablets and it now works on the

Автор mikhail2741 (482 года назад)
who think that this is better than ipad 2?? thumbs up

Автор PlazMaTerritory (1644 года назад)
Good thing I didn't get one that sucks u can't watch Netflix movies on it
good thing I stuck with the iPad 2

Автор Carlos Reyes ( назад)
i got mine yesterday but i think i will return, cant watch netflix movies
and my wordpad files

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@Alanmilenbaugh Correct ;)

Автор Alan Milenbaugh ( назад)
@GriffsterT thanks for your advice!!! :) and to be sure you dont need to
pay monthly right?

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@Alanmilenbaugh for school use, a laptop is better simply because it is way
more productive tool. Tablets right now are mainly used for media

Автор Alan Milenbaugh ( назад)
would you recommend this for school use and do you need to pay monthly? (I
dont believe so)

Автор Ryan Betke ( назад)
Just went to best buy and ordered mine since they were out! i cant wait to
get it in 2 days!

Автор GameCollectorAndArts ( назад)
Best tablet yet!! Apple better come up with something good in the upcoming
ipad 3.

Автор GameCollectorAndArts ( назад)
@gwotowo it is...it's pushing apple to the ledge...they better come up with
something good in the upcoming ipad 3.

Автор gsharpshooter80 ( назад)
whats the battery life ??

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@roboghost7 nvm it does, I just didn't know about it :D

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@gwotowo Congrats on your thrive! Welcome to the club :-)

Автор gwotowo ( назад)
I got mine jul 11 , this tablet is the best.

Автор roboghost7 ( назад)
Does it have a stand alone gps bilt in?

Автор hattarwf ( назад)
@GriffsterT That's really disappointing and senseless... I know the tablet
isn't the most compact on the market but why make it more cumbersome with
that giant charging brick? *annoyed*

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@hattarwf USB ports cannot charge the thrive, only the power brick can
charge it.

Автор hattarwf ( назад)
I really need to know if either of the USB ports allow you to charge the
tablet as well as the standard charger? Haven't seen confirmation on this

Автор Candy's Channel ( назад)
a few new users are saying the screen is not as vibrant or good as other
screens like the Samsung galaxy 10.1, what is your take?

Автор jonathan jenkins ( назад)
this is just what i needed to see, it keeps me going with the release date
near... this was an good unboxing, and i cant wait until you review, i hope
its nice and lengthy so take your time and touch all the bases so you can
dispel the bad reviews lol. thanks.. oh and how the heck did you talk the
guys from best buy into letting you get this so early, my BB pp would look
at me crazy and send me packing, your so lucky

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@CandysAllMediaReview you have to hold over the download link and select
save link and then it downloads the mp3 to storage

Автор Candy's Channel ( назад)
@GriffsterT you mean you have a downloaded mp3 now in your thrive storage?
Even my HP touchpad only streamed mp3's but couldnt directly download. How
is sound on it like from music, movies with th SRS controls

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@CandysAllMediaReview yes you can

Автор Candy's Channel ( назад)
Can you DIRECTLY download Mp3 files or ask? Please go to Beemp3.com and
report what happens when you get a download link after putting in 3 letter
code. Thanks!

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@Electronlight the feel is quite solid, i think they built it with this in
mind. it looks and feels like it can take a beating since it is thicker
then most of the tablets out right now. the chromed parts feel like plastic
but all the plastic on the thrive feels of quality.

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@TheNuklearPanda I only have my acer laptop and archos 70 screens to
compare too, so right now, the thrive beats both of them out of the water!
:D I've read reviews saying that is is on par with the xoom & acer a500.

Автор Electronlight ( назад)
Nice to see an HD video on the Thrive. How is the build quality. Is
everything plastic (like the chrome around the camera and mics)? Does it
have a solid, quality feel? Thanks

Автор TheNuklearPanda ( назад)
@GriffsterT how is the screen? i've heard some reviewers say it looks
bad....can you clarify this?

Автор Candy's Channel ( назад)
@GriffsterT What webcam software works with it? Can it skype or use fring
to chat with apple ios users? Camera quality? Any quirks?

Автор tulipcorp ( назад)
Great unboxing :) Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your thrive, looks great.
Please post your impression after using it.

Автор Griffin Tran ( назад)
@CandysAllMediaReview both play smooth!

Автор Candy's Channel ( назад)
i hope BB will sell to me! Can it play YouTube 1080p videos smooth and
veetle.com movie channels with no stutter?

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