J-Squad Fairly odd parents theme song REMIX

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J-squad fairly odd parents theme song remix

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Добавлено: 6 лет
Длительность: 3:22
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Автор Leigha Buck (1 месяц)
0:34 I heard this beat on stomp the yard in the beginning when Chris Brown
started roasting that other team with his dancing!😍 Yass..Anyone else

Автор Megan Nguyen (1 месяц)
in the beginning i was like um no
then the beat dropped

Автор Trent L (1 месяц)
Forget the Little Einstein's remix this is where it's at!!!!

Автор Cody Fisher (2 месяца)
This beat dropped so hard that I got offended

Автор Directioner_Minecrafter_Bookworm (2 месяца)

Автор Kingrell™ (3 месяца)
J-Squad Fairly odd parents theme song REMIX: http://youtu.be/q7Ghw7RTc40
Best bear ever 

Автор sarah salmon (1 месяц)
Such plot twist

Автор ZaKaliyah Jay (1 месяц)
This was made in 2008
Let that sink in

Автор KrazyGame17 (1 месяц)
I feel like getting in a rumble with a shit ton of big ass black thugs

Автор Shakera Timmons (1 месяц)
My sick ass almost got out the bed to start krumpin lol

Автор 50K Gaming (23 дня)
last time something dropped this hard japan surrendered

Автор Pwizzle (17 дней)
There was YouTube in 08????

Автор olivia billups (23 дня)
At first I was like what is this piece of crap then when that beat dropped
I was like ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

Автор TAYLOR MORENO (9 дней)
When the beat drops it sounds like a horror move

Автор Tamillia Bost (15 дней)
at first i was like wtf this isnt a remix then the beat droped

Автор ♛ Hinata's Breasts ♛ (11 дней)
God damn! I wasn't readyyyyy

Автор Mindless Charm (1 месяц)
this is like a krumping song it makes me wanna get crunk

Автор Ahmir Smith (26 дней)
Some one bout to get knocked out to this

Автор Nal (5 месяцев)

Автор Sean Dill (1 месяц)
J-Squad Fairly odd parents theme song REMIX: http://youtu.be/q7Ghw7RTc40

Автор Alexis Booker (12 дней)
I felt like doin some stop the yard stuff to this 😂

Автор Chrono The UniversalEntity (1 месяц)
Holy Shit

Автор Venasa Tho (1 месяц)
I came in the search of theme song remixes because of vines :v

Автор Ayy Lmao (1 день)

Автор G'la Dunn (1 месяц)
J-Squad Fairly odd parents theme song REMIX: http://youtu.be/q7Ghw7RTc40

Автор Amaresh Chittigidde (1 день)
I can't stop listening to this!

Автор Cold vs Hot Grapes (28 дней)
I went from no...TO YES!!!!!

Автор ishbel tagud (23 дня)
0:11 Smoking instant weed~!

Автор John TV and LEGO Everything the show (25 дней)
430 dislikes. That's crazy. Don't mind them 

Автор Ayy Lmao (1 день)

Автор AnimeGamers FromCreepytown (1 месяц)
For some reason i think of a crump off😬

Автор oscar hernandez (1 месяц)

Автор Eⓢⓢeñce ̵{,Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ}ßữŧŧerƒℓy (1 день)
Should've started at 0:28... cuz we don't need to hear anything else

Автор simpledays1way (24 дня)

Автор brianna woods (1 месяц)
why this make you feel like you just wanna fight everyone with a huge

Автор steve wray (1 месяц)
haha this is some straight crumping type music lol

Автор Milton Sanders (1 месяц)
so awsome 100%

Автор Nahja Urquieta (27 дней)
This will be their new theme song😂❤️

Автор Ahsiem Sullivan (27 дней)
I like this beat y'all killed it that was nice keep doing wat u doing

Автор Andrew VanKeuren (2 дня)
Well, that escalated quickly...

Автор Bobbi Breckenridge (25 дней)
Shakera lol krumpin

Автор Spyro Hunter (1 месяц)
It sounds like Nightmare Night .-.

Автор Scumbezzy scummies only. (29 дней)
first im like wtf is this intell the beat dropped I was like dayummmmm!!

Автор Lord Trondis (14 дней)
Whoever made this screwed it up.
- Words of Wisdom 

Автор Michaela Gerard (10 дней)
I was so lost in the beat that it scared me at the end when it said fairly
odd parents.

Автор nasim amin (13 дней)
this is not actually that bad. good job

Автор Jakayla Bryant (18 дней)
When the beat dropped though i was like dayuuuuummmmmm

Автор Molecular Stuff (1 день)
dude this is whird and is not good enough for me to subscribe

Автор abcbeauty336 (29 дней)
Started full on twerking

Автор Mega PlaysMC (17 дней)
Fucking fire yo. Thought it was ganna be wack af but then that shit dropped
my god! 

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