Book Of Love by The Monotones

The members of the Monotones:

*Lead Singer: Charles Patrick (born September 11, 1938)
*First Tenor: Warren Davis (born March 1, 1939)
*Second Tenor: George Malone (January 5, 1940 -- October 5, 2007)
*Bass Singer: John Franklin Smith (May 17, 1939 -- November 26, 2000)
*Second Bass Singer: John Ryanes (November 16, 1940 -- May 30, 1972)
*Baritone: Warren Ryanes (December 14, 1937 -- June 16, 1982)

Hailing from Newark NJ. (pronounced Nork!)

Book Of Love peaked at #5 on the Billboard Pop charts in 1958

There was a clip in "green and white" on youtube that had more cutaways to the audience than anything. They also edited out a verse. So, I made it true black and white, and edited the bits together to make a whole performance. The original lofi audio was from the TV studio and had claps mixed in, so I flew in the original track and compressed it a little. I made this because there were no real videos of this great band performing this great tune. The song was inspired by a Pepsodent toothpaste commercial. "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPsoxmXjtfc

I do not own the rights to any of this, just a fan.
(Frank O' The Mountain 2011)

A copy recently surfaced with the Full Dick Clark intro and the missing verse. Time for another edit! Charles and Warren, bless you guys for the great tune!

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Автор Greenfield Jack ( назад)
Mafia 2 but also I've heard this song before Mafia 2

Автор Dakota Mckercher ( назад)
Nice background

Автор Mr Devolver ( назад)
I love this song, but I think if they sang about the chapters of this book
again this time they would also sing about prologue that says "Turn off the
internet and go out to find your love". :)

Автор Jimmy Michaels ( назад)
They were so Great!

Автор Captin Father ( назад)
I love this song

Автор Karolina Krasny ( назад)

Автор Christina Jensen ( назад)
Fucking amazing song!

Автор Superblobby ( назад)
What a nice song

Автор Kevin Ramirez ( назад)
We sang this in our choir back in my sophomore year in highschool. We all
loved this song. It was fun to sing :)

Автор GGTV ( назад)
A Fallout 4 mod brought me here =)

Автор Braddock E. Hutton ( назад)
I swear to god if I die, somehow end up in heaven, and find out there's no
time machine I'm gonna be pissed.

Seriously, I would kill to go back.

Автор MrDiglys ( назад)

Автор smokeyhaze1000 ( назад)
love the song...NOT the annotations.shame on you

Автор Bill DeFalco ( назад)
Great Old CLASSIC - Love it!

Автор Vonwitzy ( назад)
Great oldie

Автор Tomorrowland Now ( назад)

Автор Bad Mutha Productions ( назад)
I grew up listening to, and admiring this song and group. Charlie was my
neighbor for a time ending about a year or so ago. He is still kicking and
still singing(not out to any crowds at this time). He is extremely humble
and insists that he does not deserve the credit for the royalty that I
believe him to be, he gives all of the credit to his "brothers"(the other
group members). Unfortunately, the record companies have been and continue
to be the only ones truly profiting from the Monotones talent. Please send
Charlie your good energy, good wishes and prayers for good health. He
currently lives in Florida.

Автор Brandon A ( назад)
i think i was born in the wrong generation.

Автор shadow run ( назад)
there was another version of this song. i think by white group. anyone know
who, or have it to upload? i hade it once lol on audio cassette tape.. ya i
said it!! cassette tape.

Автор Irma Bosquez ( назад)
2,421,878 million views April 2016? There must be more and the counter must
have been reset, definitely.

Автор Scott Awaywithit ( назад)
chapter 5 it tells you
you respect her yes you do....
but if you try to run away,
that cray cray crazy girl will try to stalk you.

Автор Scott Awaywithit ( назад)
the gay arm dance is a bit too heil hinkler...suits arn't made for dancing
in.....i thought they were a whites only thing.....hence the "stiff"ness
the prevents us from junping and dancing.....oops.
2nd from the left looks like malcom x.

Автор Conner Joseph ( назад)
Stand by me anyone?

Автор janet pearl ( назад)
great, love it

Автор Danny Matic ( назад)
wow i cant believe this song was made by a gang of negros. crazy

Автор Andrea Fernandez ( назад)
My troupe used this song in one of our songs during transitions when we
performed our mainstage production, "Almost Maine" in the Tampa theatre!!!
Performed over a thousand people, best experience and it was the most
amazing as all of us were dancing behind the wings!! xD The whole audience
was jamming to this song, so I'm glad we shared this song as well to

Автор Nobody YouKnow ( назад)
Hey Frank ! Tremendous job, and great respect for the men and their music
!I concur... thanks for the great classic tune, burned into my memory..
Now check this out.. we were "pre-teens" when they came out.. we heard it
in the burbs, and a few year later we were in the streets marching for
civil rights. Now THAT is the impact these men had on "white kids", it
was posititive, it was about LOVE.. which is the common language and
emotion that unites us all as humans. So I say... this wasn't merely a
song from 'Joisey"... this was a pivotal unifiying cultural force.Bless
Charles and Warren.. indeed !

Автор Maddox Gutierrez ( назад)
This song is one of the best songs I've ever heard and my favorite sense

Автор Nenni K. ( назад)
"gay arm dance" had me crying. omf

Автор Quickbeam 2016 ( назад)
the 3 guys on the left looked like, will i am , and key and peele...

Автор Captain Murri ( назад)
I love this song!

Автор MrMLD1972 ( назад)

Автор Da walrus ( назад)
Lol, gay arm dance

Автор Jack Hana ( назад)
One of the all time greats

Автор Wellch ( назад)
Who wrote the book of Love?

Автор Edward Powell ( назад)
Thanks for all these goodies

Автор audrey haralaambos ( назад)
love those suits the dancing, we dont get this anymore, you need to be
nearly naked to get a hit now xxxx

Автор cultusdeus ( назад)
Good grief. . . .such skill and talent like this does not exist in our
world today. Oh for a revival of real music in our times!

Автор Mario Hernandez ( назад)

Автор Francis “FrannyFranZwa” Callahan ( назад)
Love this song! New Artists Need to start Bringing this Back!!

Автор Joseph Kane ( назад)
Angela McLeod wrote the Book of Love the day she fell in love with me

Автор WarThug13 ( назад)
looks like chris bosh

Автор v1fly1 ( назад)
GREAT SONG!!!!!!!!

Автор blueraspberrykitten ( назад)
Fuck this song gives me the jitters of joy

Автор monica guzman ( назад)
american graffitti

Автор Totalpckge (596 лет назад)
More Fiya!

Автор Mrs. Thomas ( назад)
LOVE THIS SONG!!! I remember my dad and I singing this in the car when I
was little.

Автор Maximusssr ( назад)
so sad 6 people in the group and this date 25/02/2016 2 people are alive
and 4 are dead :(

Автор 07foxmulder ( назад)
Would you hold still! You're making me fuck up the snake part.

Автор ScorpiatheGreatest ( назад)
That arm dance is absolutely awful xD

Автор mark dillon ( назад)
who wrote this song?

Автор Vito Bertaudeau ( назад)
gracias y compartido

Автор Adrian Mol ( назад)

Автор hhhunt777 ( назад)
Wow..SOOOOO much talent!!!!!

Автор Randy Ballmes ( назад)
One of my all time favs!

Автор Ukulele Road Trips ( назад)
charles patrick iz da man

Автор keith jones ( назад)
great harmonies ,This song is a CLASSIC

Автор CritiCal TV ( назад)
I wonder wonder, what's in A Wonder Ball!

Автор hpboy7 ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Long ( назад)
☼ ☼

Автор Alex Batey ( назад)
New Hope Baptist church in Newark,NJ. Also home of Whitney and Cissy
Houston. Monotones sang gospel there.

Автор Elizabeth Long ( назад)

Автор ILuv3arcZombies ( назад)
I wonder where these guys are now. Especially Charles Patrick and Warren

Автор Massimo Ricciardi ( назад)
Lol at gay arm dance comment

Автор Maryjosaphina Kelly.Lynch ( назад)
awesome song.

Автор Fabrice Mangin ( назад)
encore u petit rock mais pas sur le même style de danse ok ,

Автор raphael askew ( назад)
we danced all nite.

Автор Floyd Amason ( назад)
Believe it or not I can remember watching this Live when I was just a
youngster !! Thanks so much for sharing !! - FLOYD

Автор Lisa a ( назад)
love it

Автор TrollArch Newz ( назад)
my teacher was 2 years old when this came out

Автор Chai Gille ( назад)
haha gay arm dance

Автор Joseph Kane ( назад)
Angela wrote the book of love after we had made love as we also had the
most fantastic sex

Автор Jacob Metcalf ( назад)
mafia 2 brought me here

Автор Not ( назад)
my favorite song

Автор Ashley Quick ( назад)
who did right the book of love!!!lol bad ass song love it,like it!!!!!

Автор Vickie Taylor ( назад)
Great song ! Brings back wonderful memories !

Автор kalloused ( назад)
I'm going to do the gay arm dance next time I go to a metal concert....see
if I can start a new trend

Автор Luis Saniger ( назад)
ooh I wonder wonder wonder wonder WHATS IN THE WONDER BALL

Автор Mr. Lijah K the 1st ( назад)
that beat

Автор louis young ( назад)
Terrific video and song. I can remember watching this on t.v. I dont
rememember the program though i was about 14 .The guys all look like they
are having a good time and doing their own dancing.

Автор Sarah Gibbon (littlegiant) ( назад)
Haha the man on the left in the crowd is doing some very enthusiastic arm
flapping :)

Автор marie-rose daly ( назад)

Автор Lawrie Colver ( назад)
Always loved this song... still do.

Автор Jakub Libner ( назад)
fuck yes gay arm dance

Автор CJ Hernandez ( назад)
really nice song..

Автор Aidan Retallick ( назад)
0:43 Tay Zonday????

Автор Babs Nienas ( назад)

Автор james lane ( назад)
Good download,I won"t let the two asshole"s comments beneath mine bother

Автор Stosh115 ( назад)
They look like monkeys

Автор Dick Humphrey ( назад)
0:36 "gay arm dance"
I about fell off the terlit !

Автор Del Boyo ( назад)
great ! are any of these guys still performing..

Автор John Woracker ( назад)
Excellent piece of editing, thanks for sharing

Автор fjvideo ( назад)
They were handsome young men.

Автор Galaxy Tab ( назад)
One of the classics from the rock and roll era, been used in many films

Автор SuperPurpleMoonlight ( назад)
This is amazing....songs are not like this anymore! :-(

Автор george mackenzie ( назад)
great tatent with no banjo rconiz you f///// rednecks

Автор Vietnam_ History ( назад)
Gay arm dance.... Hhahaha

Автор Judy Ratliff (1877 лет назад)
all you haters about The Hop, here you go.

Автор chris Phelan ( назад)
This song is in the top ten ever written for that era

Автор V Sœur ( назад)
Why does he say *whom*? It is WHO, not whom.

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