Book Of Love by The Monotones

The members of the Monotones were:

*Lead Singer: Charles Patrick (born September 11, 1938)
*First Tenor: Warren Davis (born March 1, 1939)
*Second Tenor: George Malone (January 5, 1940 -- October 5, 2007)
*Bass Singer: John Smith (May 13, 1938 -- November 26, 2000)
Second Bass Singer: John Ryanes (November 16, 1940 -- May 30, 1972)
his brother, baritone Warren Ryanes (December 14, 1937 -- June 16, 1982)

Hailing from Newark NJ. (pronounced Nork)

Book Of Love peaked at #5 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1958

There was a clip in "green and white" on youtube that had more cutaways to the audience than anything. They also edited out a verse. So, I made it black and white, and edited the bits together to make a whole performance. The original lofi audio was from the TV studio and had claps mixed in, so I flew in the original track and compressed it a little. I made this because there were no real videos of this great band performing this great tune. The song was inspired by a Pepsodent toothpaste commercial.
"You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent".

I do not own the rights to any of this, just a fan. (Frank O' The Mountain 2011)

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Автор sunshinenblues (7 часов)
that's the world we live in! everybody needs to tear everything down to
it's political origins. I wouldn't care if the first cannibal introduced
the song!! it is a rhymin' tune that sounds nothing but good to me!!! 

Автор MuffinSparkle (2 месяца)
It makes me sad that Mafia II introduced people to this music. It really

Автор Amanda Stephens (6 месяцев)
+Michael Anthony, thanks for sharing this to me, I love this song! :)

Автор YuTube Fan (3 месяца)
mafia 2 brought me here :)

Автор david coleman (1 месяц)
An all time DOO WOP classic I remember this in 58 and still love it

Автор LeAnn Strickland- Wright (1 месяц)
I admire all talented people who step out into this scary world in spite of
it's obstacles. And the people who criticize them for doing it are just
stepping stones to a higher plane.

Автор kyle anderson (2 месяца)
mafia 2 and a couple other thing brought me here

Автор Rachid De B. (1 месяц)

Автор david lopez (4 часа)

Автор sdingeswho (8 дней)
Mafia II ? I take it this is some video-game . . . well, "ridiculously old
guy says": If a video-game can eventually lead back to something actually
positive (like "BoL"), it (said video game) has served some useful purpose,
after all. Mainly, though, the credit goes to you, the
(relatively-speaking) very young, who heard a great song and performance,
and recognized it as-such :-).

Автор A1flipflop (19 дней)
2014= Liked

Автор Lizah Upshaw (2 месяца)
I saw this song on parental giudence

Автор Dacotah Kidd (16 дней)
Great Job

Автор pmerk36 (4 месяца)
Bad dancing but still a great song

Автор Jeffrey Nocera (19 дней)
That last, deep "yeeahhh" gets me every time. Very doo-wop cool.

Автор Phil Orr (4 месяца)
Love this song!

Автор Zeki Yalınay (5 месяцев)
Book Of Love by The Monotones

Автор Jay Geisler (5 месяцев)
This song has what ever it takes to be a hit!

Автор 65rowan (4 месяца)
Why the phobic remarks the whole experience is spoilt. 

Автор Nolan Phillips (3 месяца)
All Time Classic

Автор Seth Campbell (2 месяца)
LOVE Charles's pantomiming.

Автор Jasmin Esche (4 месяца)
GAY ARM DANCE :D:D:D Such a nice Song :)

Автор KirkkoRS (5 месяцев)
mafia 2

Автор Catherine Elizabeth utronki smith (1 месяц)
One of my all times favorite songs!

Автор TheBrianKSr (3 месяца)
LoL @ "gay arm dance"

Автор olga tejada (4 месяца)
thi song is in one movie I love S.O.S
it's pretty damn old

Автор Kylee Smith (3 месяца)

Автор Yaqqob- El (4 месяца)
i love it

Автор Joshua Oddoye (1 месяц)
Parental Guidance and mafia 2

Автор SuperDitdit (2 месяца)
first 45 I bought myself in the 50s

Автор kyle lansing (4 месяца)
those drums make this track great

Автор Noble3781 (5 месяцев)
I could not care about a stupid game. Like if good music taste brought you

Автор charity stacey (6 месяцев)
haha while watching this i couldn't help but laugh cause someone puts words
into this video. it is nice to know the names of people on stage but then
well you will have to watch what words say in the video :D

Автор ian bygate (2 месяца)
sense and sensibility , 

Автор emerybayblues (2 месяца)
Hand dancing!

Автор Ian Mclellan (1 год)

Автор Joe Barry (9 месяцев)

Автор Peter Bromberg (8 месяцев)
Take me back!

Автор Daryn R (9 месяцев)
*The Monotones* - *Book Of Love*

Автор Louis Constance (8 месяцев)
My book is endless!!!

Автор Aniana Gonzales (1 год)

Автор rich pope (1 год)
#1950s #doowop

Автор Michael Montoya (1 год)
who wrote the book of love??


Автор Rocio Goodey (2 года)
Enjoy a song that's been stuck in my head for a day.
#oldiesbutgoldies #doowop #timemachine #musicvideo

Автор sophie kear (7 месяцев)
Haha love this :)

Автор CARL TUCKER JR (8 месяцев)

Автор Joe Barry (9 месяцев)
An early smash hit

Автор Daryn R (1 год)
*Who wrote the....*

Автор givi chukhtiashvili (9 месяцев)

Автор PRMNTSURx3 (11 месяцев)
Funny Thing is I Bought Mafia II because of the great music

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