Book Of Love by The Monotones

The members of the Monotones:

*Lead Singer: Charles Patrick (born September 11, 1938)
*First Tenor: Warren Davis (born March 1, 1939)
*Second Tenor: George Malone (January 5, 1940 -- October 5, 2007)
*Bass Singer: John Franklin Smith (May 17, 1939 -- November 26, 2000)
*Second Bass Singer: John Ryanes (November 16, 1940 -- May 30, 1972)
*Baritone: Warren Ryanes (December 14, 1937 -- June 16, 1982)

Hailing from Newark NJ. (pronounced Nork!)

Book Of Love peaked at #5 on the Billboard Pop charts in 1958

There was a clip in "green and white" on youtube that had more cutaways to the audience than anything. They also edited out a verse. So, I made it true black and white, and edited the bits together to make a whole performance. The original lofi audio was from the TV studio and had claps mixed in, so I flew in the original track and compressed it a little. I made this because there were no real videos of this great band performing this great tune. The song was inspired by a Pepsodent toothpaste commercial. "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPsoxmXjtfc

I do not own the rights to any of this, just a fan.
(Frank O' The Mountain 2011)

A copy recently surfaced with the Full Dick Clark intro and the missing verse. Time for another edit! Charles and Warren, bless you guys for the great tune!

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Автор KaktusCZ ( назад)
music is in the czech game mafia2 and i am czech :)

Автор BadWebDiver ( назад)
Thankyou for the labels.

Автор Tested Truths ( назад)
This one qualifies as not an oldie, but an ancientity!

Автор Fernando Castellanos Gracia ( назад)

Автор eXcellent Travel ( назад)
One more chance a life lesson

Автор Duplexide ( назад)
I wonder wonder....

What's in a wonderball

Автор King Brian (1662 года назад)
burn that book

Автор pilninggas ( назад)
The one thing these guys could never be described as is 'monotonous'!
awesome #doowop

Автор 43nostromo ( назад)
And I one day one day one day hoooo ooooh ooooh, snap, roodle the booktail
bye. The book tail bye, the book tail bye.

Автор baaftekk ( назад)
Mafia 2 <3

Автор beach life ( назад)

Автор ron lewis ( назад)
fantastic music and the best music ever. love this song, brings back many
thank you Monotones, your music lives on.

Автор Miruna Matei ( назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones


Автор Fisherman Dusablon ( назад)
Does anyone know who wrote that book?

Автор Miruna Matei ( назад)
Monotones Book Of Love


Автор musicaroo22 ( назад)
Great voices! Who put this band of guys together? Tops in my book of love!

Автор JLC65 ( назад)

Автор Nieve Strega ( назад)
you know I do :)

Автор jdsol1938 ( назад)
this came out when I was 18 ,a while ago

Автор Shem Jones ( назад)
Love the bass

Автор Steven Schneider ( назад)
love the song!

but this gay arm dance just cracked me up! :D :D

Автор cai hughes ( назад)
I`m 14 and know this is what you call real music bring back the 50s

Автор Matthew Patrick ( назад)
i love this song because it was on the mafia ii radio

Автор Szilvia Bacsa ( назад)
The Monotones - Book of Love

Автор LazyOldMe RS (Lazy Old Me) ( назад)
I wonder wonder... what's in a wonder ball!

Автор Harry Zarate ( назад)
Great song! Love the addition of "gay arm dance" at 41 seconds. Ha ha ha ha

Автор Claudine Gossard ( назад)
Great song

Автор Evan S. ( назад)
Mafia 2 anyone?

Автор Michael Careccia ( назад)
I know who wrote the book of love. it was Yahweh our Heavenly Father and
his Holy and powerful Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They started writing
the book of love before the world was. Before our Heavenly Father laid the
foundations of the earth. Before He put the Sun and the moon in their place
in the sky.

They wrote it even before he put the oceans in their place and the
boundaries thereof. They wrote this awesome book of love for us all, long
before he made us. And without a shadow of a doubt they finished the book
of love, when Jesus Christ our Lord hung on the cross and gave his life for
each and everyone of us here on planet Earth.

Thank you so much father Yahweh and thank you so much Jesus my Lord and
King. I want to thank each and everyone of you that is following Jesus
Christ our Lord on his Google Plus + page.

This is Mikey Mike coming at you from Asheboro North Carolina. And may
Jesus Christ our Lord bless all of you in all aspects of life. I asked if
of course in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen.

Enjoy the song, by the monotones. I give all the glory to my Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth because it's him that setting up this
Google+ page not I. but I am without a doubt honored and touched deeply in
my heart. That Jesus has chosen me to oversee his Google+ page. I love you
all with a Godly love see you next time on Google+.

Book Of Love by The Monotones: https://youtu.be/qIfuNPbBaaA

Автор Vandella Charles ( назад)
I'd love to find that bastard, so that I can put my foot up his a$$!

Автор elecktrick9s ( назад)
Great upload a true classic!

Автор jay capp ( назад)
Thanks. One of my favorites in the 1950s.Mmmmmmmm

Автор Vittorio Angelo ( назад)
It is a sad age when only one of my friends shares my love of the 1950's
culture, music, etc and everything.

Автор Jack Wilson ( назад)
This song is played in parental guidance 

Автор george vallejo ( назад)

Автор Songcovers and Things of interest ( назад)

Автор heather parkhurst ( назад)

Автор Fred Deven ( назад)

Автор Martin Carmona ( назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones: https://youtu.be/qIfuNPbBaaA

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
that guy looks pretty fly rockin' that arm dance haha

Автор dave Drolett ( назад)
This was a happy for me when it was first released. 

Автор Suzanne Lussier ( назад)

Автор Beatrice Weiland ( назад)

Автор xxuncexx ( назад)
The answer is Vātsyāyana

He wrote the book of love.

Автор Zara Altair ( назад)
Who Wrote the Book of Love

Happy St. Valentine's Day.

Thanks to +Elaine Nieberding for the prompt!

Автор Zara Altair - Actation Now! ( назад)
*I wonder who*

Happy St. Valentine's Day.

#themonotones #music #50smusic 

Автор velda ganz ( назад)
love this song

Автор 25FIREBALL ( назад)
6 very talented men and not one holding his crotch or cussing-----thank god
for you tube--for with out it we would ALL be musically deprived

Автор john chorzepa ( назад)
Where is this legendary book? And where might I find it?

Автор Jon Klein ( назад)
I love the song but who's the jackass in the corner in the audience xD

Автор Joseph Kane ( назад)
It was Angie who wrote the book of love as we had a screwing session and we
made love to 

Автор OneHitWonderGuy ( назад)
What an awesome vid - and song! The Monotones are one of the greatest
One-Hit "Wonders" of all time - hmm, "I wonder..."

Автор Felix Giordano ( назад)

Автор ralphyboy25 ( назад)
Ironic how elements of songs form. From Wikipedia it states:

The "boom" part of the song was a result of a kid kicking a ball against
the garage while they were rehearsing. It sounded good, so they added it to
the song

Автор Pete Har ( назад)
Book Of Love, an interesting book.

Автор doo58wop ( назад)
Love that 'slap-back' echo from the bass drum!

Автор j rodriguez ( назад)
For my Aunt Emmy !

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
Karl Marx wrote the book of love. 

Автор brad dovel ( назад)
funny gay arm dance

Автор Gemma Desmond ( назад)
Stand by me had a good soundtrack :)

Автор John Benn ( назад)
Wonderful sounds from a fantastic group.
Brings back some terrific memories from the past.
What the fuck is Louie Karam trying to say---he should have gotten somebody
to translate it for him
From a 71yo Aussie fan.

Автор J keye ( назад)
love this song.. just makes me move my hands & feet.. wooohooo..

Автор Jimmy Jazz ( назад)
When black music was cool. Also when blacks were banned most everywhere
except the records. The world is strange.

Автор Cornellien Pégasus ( назад)
So fucking delicious to hear, vraiment la grande classe.

Автор jlucman ( назад)
Mafia 2

Автор Josef Zack ( назад)
well, who DID write the Book of Love? hahaha just fantastic. one of my
favorites forever.

Автор 1hellbent2 Adams ( назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones: http://youtu.be/qIfuNPbBaaA

Автор Isabelle M ( назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones

Автор george bolkovac ( назад)
I was just a young whippersnapper when this came out!

Автор beatleme2 ( назад)
one of m fav since i was a kid

Автор B.J. LEVINE ( назад)
My Music, nothing like it 

Автор Scooby douchebag ( назад)
is it just me or does Warren Ryanes at 0:53 look a bit like Will Smith?

Автор DUKE S ( назад)
Thanks a bunch for going the 'extra mile' to make this post happen. You
have brought back lots of joy and great memories that we will treasure for
a lifetime.

Автор Jake Rich ( назад)
Mafia 2 :)

Автор memory remains abandoned ( назад)
mafia 2 

Автор doowopnuts ( назад)
A masterpiece

Автор Daniel Vena ( назад)
It was always on the radio in New York City and we sang and danced, what a
time it was.

Автор marioriospinot ( назад)

Автор RoundThemUp ( назад)
NOVEMBER 11, 2014

Автор RAMLIA1 ( назад)
❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 

Автор Antonio Bustillos ( назад)

Автор Louie Karam ( назад)
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Автор Flavius Aetius ( назад)
Archétype de l'intégration et de l'apport d'une communauté à un pays. dire
que la France veut donner des leçons d'intégration aux USA...

Автор jimmmmybrady ( назад)

Автор Gamer_HD272 ( назад)
everything was better back then not just the music 

Автор Jacqui Crawford (598 лет назад)
wow back to my childhood with this....good harmonizing....

Автор MrYahooey ( назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones What's in chapter five?

Автор hershenso ( назад)
I love this song. I was once at a workshop with Harville Hendrix who leads
all these relationship workshops and has writtne some very well known books
including Getting the Love You Want. I went up to him in the lunch line and
I told him about the song and I said I guess you wrote the book. And if you
look it at broadly it does kind of fit in with his message.
Finally, I am blown away that this was inspired by the Pepsodent
commercial. Never would have guessed in a million years.

Автор Harriet Thornton (38 лет назад)
Book Of Love by The Monotones

Автор InSenseAround ( назад)
Over one million views for a great song!!!

Автор Vw Taro ( назад)

Автор Marcus Häger ( назад)
Look at those fucking ``wannabees`` today....... This is performances...
Never done before.!!
Look and learn, ...kids...

Автор Jennifer Elsey ( назад)
Thank you for pointing out the "arm dance". I wouldnt have noticed it but I
love it. 

Автор bobfritz1466 ( назад)
Maybe the greatest song inspired by a commercial--the "You'll wonder where
the yellow went" Pepsodent ad.

Автор ReStOrEdLiFe88 ( назад)

Автор Toni Bassols ( назад)
Thanks for sharing. That's great music and make you feel good

Автор Peter Bromberg (Wrong is Right) ( назад)

Автор TheMaria19684 ( назад)

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