Book Of Love by The Monotones

The members of the Monotones:

*Lead Singer: Charles Patrick (born September 11, 1938)
*First Tenor: Warren Davis (born March 1, 1939)
*Second Tenor: George Malone (January 5, 1940 -- October 5, 2007)
*Bass Singer: John Franklin Smith (May 17, 1939 -- November 26, 2000)
*Second Bass Singer: John Ryanes (November 16, 1940 -- May 30, 1972)
*Baritone: Warren Ryanes (December 14, 1937 -- June 16, 1982)

Hailing from Newark NJ. (pronounced Nork!)

Book Of Love peaked at #5 on the Billboard Pop charts in 1958

There was a clip in "green and white" on youtube that had more cutaways to the audience than anything. They also edited out a verse. So, I made it true black and white, and edited the bits together to make a whole performance. The original lofi audio was from the TV studio and had claps mixed in, so I flew in the original track and compressed it a little. I made this because there were no real videos of this great band performing this great tune. The song was inspired by a Pepsodent toothpaste commercial. "You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPsoxmXjtfc

I do not own the rights to any of this, just a fan.
(Frank O' The Mountain 2011)

A copy recently surfaced with the Full Dick Clark intro and the missing verse. Time for another edit! Charles and Warren, bless you guys for the great tune!

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Автор Adrian Mol ( назад)

Автор hhhunt777 ( назад)
Wow..SOOOOO much talent!!!!!

Автор Randy Ballmes ( назад)
One of my all time favs!

Автор Ukulele Road Trips ( назад)
charles patrick iz da man

Автор keith jones ( назад)
great harmonies ,This song is a CLASSIC

Автор Robert Candia ( назад)
I wonder wonder, what's in A Wonder Ball!

Автор hpboy7 ( назад)

Автор Elizabeth Long ( назад)
☼ ☼

Автор Alex Batey ( назад)
New Hope Baptist church in Newark,NJ. Also home of Whitney and Cissy
Houston. Monotones sang gospel there.

Автор Elizabeth Long ( назад)

Автор ILuv3arcZombies ( назад)
I wonder where these guys are now. Especially Charles Patrick and Warren

Автор Massimo Ricciardi ( назад)
Lol at gay arm dance comment

Автор Maryjosaphina Kelly.Lynch ( назад)
awesome song.

Автор Fabrice Mangin ( назад)
encore u petit rock mais pas sur le même style de danse ok ,

Автор raphael askew ( назад)
we danced all nite.

Автор Floyd Amason ( назад)
Believe it or not I can remember watching this Live when I was just a
youngster !! Thanks so much for sharing !! - FLOYD

Автор Lisa a ( назад)
love it

Автор DamianTheCreator04 HD ( назад)
my teacher was 2 years old when this came out

Автор Chai Gille ( назад)
haha gay arm dance

Автор Joseph Kane ( назад)
Angela wrote the book of love after we had made love as we also had the
most fantastic sex

Автор Jacob Metcalf ( назад)
mafia 2 brought me here

Автор Living the mommy life ( назад)
my favorite song

Автор Ashley Quick ( назад)
who did right the book of love!!!lol bad ass song love it,like it!!!!!

Автор Vickie Taylor ( назад)
Great song ! Brings back wonderful memories !

Автор kalloused ( назад)
I'm going to do the gay arm dance next time I go to a metal concert....see
if I can start a new trend

Автор Luis Saniger ( назад)
ooh I wonder wonder wonder wonder WHATS IN THE WONDER BALL

Автор Elijah Keeswood ( назад)
that beat

Автор louis young ( назад)
Terrific video and song. I can remember watching this on t.v. I dont
rememember the program though i was about 14 .The guys all look like they
are having a good time and doing their own dancing.

Автор Sarah Gibbon (littlegiant) ( назад)
Haha the man on the left in the crowd is doing some very enthusiastic arm
flapping :)

Автор marie-rose daly ( назад)

Автор Lawrie Colver ( назад)
Always loved this song... still do.

Автор Jakub Libner ( назад)
fuck yes gay arm dance

Автор CJ Hernandez ( назад)
really nice song..

Автор Aidan Retallick ( назад)
0:43 Tay Zonday????

Автор Babs Nienas ( назад)

Автор james lane ( назад)
Good download,I won"t let the two asshole"s comments beneath mine bother

Автор Stosh115 ( назад)
They look like monkeys

Автор Based on a true story ( назад)
0:36 "gay arm dance"
I about fell off the terlit !

Автор Del Boyo ( назад)
great ! are any of these guys still performing..

Автор John Woracker ( назад)
Excellent piece of editing, thanks for sharing

Автор fjvideo ( назад)
They were handsome young men.

Автор Galaxy Tab ( назад)
One of the classics from the rock and roll era, been used in many films

Автор SuperPurpleMoonlight ( назад)
This is amazing....songs are not like this anymore! :-(

Автор george mackenzie ( назад)
great tatent with no banjo rconiz you f///// rednecks

Автор Andrew Hagan ( назад)
Gay arm dance.... Hhahaha

Автор Judy Ratliff (1877 лет назад)
all you haters about The Hop, here you go.

Автор chris graz ( назад)
This song is in the top ten ever written for that era

Автор V Sœur ( назад)
Why does he say *whom*? It is WHO, not whom.

Автор Christine Klinger ( назад)
Didn't The Monotones become The Tempations hit makers of My Girl? Please if
someone can answer my question I would be grateful. Thanks for sharing this
blast from the past. Luvey1950

Автор Lealand Minner ( назад)
I'm 14 and love the song

Автор colin martin ( назад)
If we just played this for the whole world to listen to...............what
a party

Автор Victor Esparza ( назад)
Old school for life ese

Автор Lopez Johnny ( назад)
i Want To Dedicated This Song To All My Friends And Everyone And All The
Women's in The World Yer"" This Song is One Of My Favorite Song's And i
Many Song's This Song is From The Monotones"" Yer ! We Used To Sing This
Song back in The 80/s This is a Nice Song To dance to it. So Enjoyit !!!
Yeah Baby./* Bronx./¶

Автор knightd12 ( назад)
Great song

Автор KaktusCZ ( назад)
music is in the czech game mafia2 and i am czech :)

Автор BadWebDiver ( назад)
Thankyou for the labels.

Автор eXcellent Travel ( назад)
One more chance a life lesson

Автор Duplexide ( назад)
I wonder wonder....

What's in a wonderball

Автор pilninggas ( назад)
The one thing these guys could never be described as is 'monotonous'!
awesome #doowop

Автор 43nostromo ( назад)
And I one day one day one day hoooo ooooh ooooh, snap, roodle the booktail
bye. The book tail bye, the book tail bye.

Автор baaftekk ( назад)
Mafia 2 <3

Автор ron lewis ( назад)
fantastic music and the best music ever. love this song, brings back many
thank you Monotones, your music lives on.

Автор musicaroo22 ( назад)
Great voices! Who put this band of guys together? Tops in my book of love!

Автор Nieve Strega ( назад)
you know I do :)

Автор jdsol1938 ( назад)
this came out when I was 18 ,a while ago

Автор Shem Jones ( назад)
Love the bass

Автор Steven Schneider ( назад)
love the song!

but this gay arm dance just cracked me up! :D :D

Автор cai hughes ( назад)
I`m 14 and know this is what you call real music bring back the 50s

Автор Matthew Patrick ( назад)
i love this song because it was on the mafia ii radio

Автор LazyOldMe RS (Lazy Old Me) ( назад)
I wonder wonder... what's in a wonder ball!

Автор Harry Zarate ( назад)
Great song! Love the addition of "gay arm dance" at 41 seconds. Ha ha ha ha

Автор Evan S. ( назад)
Mafia 2 anyone?

Автор Vandella Charles ( назад)
I'd love to find that bastard, so that I can put my foot up his a$$!

Автор elecktrick9s ( назад)
Great upload a true classic!

Автор jay capp ( назад)
Thanks. One of my favorites in the 1950s.Mmmmmmmm

Автор Vittorio Angelo ( назад)
It is a sad age when only one of my friends shares my love of the 1950's
culture, music, etc and everything.

Автор Jack Wilson ( назад)
This song is played in parental guidance 

Автор Songcovers and Things of interest ( назад)

Автор Rebel Man ( назад)
that guy looks pretty fly rockin' that arm dance haha

Автор dave Drolett ( назад)
This was a happy for me when it was first released. 

Автор Suzanne Lussier ( назад)

Автор xxuncexx ( назад)
The answer is Vātsyāyana

He wrote the book of love.

Автор fasx56 ( назад)
A simple vocal sound with great harmony a classic of the Do Wop 1950s.

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