How To Install ePSXe (The Simple Way)


Here's a clear and easy tutorial on how to install ePSXe which is a ps1 emulator for your pc. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Emulator Zone:http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psx/epsxe.html

Bios File: http://emu-russia.net/en/files/bios/psx/

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: ok so i figured this out apparently the newest version of ePSXe needs the ZLIB file you can get it here http://forums.ngemu.com/epsxe-discussion/106182-zlib1-dll-not-found-fix-here.html just click the thing that says download ZLIB here. save it to your desktop unzip the file then copy all the stuff in the ZLIB folder and then paste it into your ePSXe folder it should run perfectly I never have had that problem but I guess some people have so I hope that helped

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Автор UltimateSNYPE94 (3 месяца)
run iso and have black screen ):<

Автор Peter Magoo (6 месяцев)
I have one question...Whats the best game to play for the PS1 in your
opinion.I`m thinking bout downloading "ClockTower":)

Автор Yoga raj (5 месяцев)
Zlib file link not working

Автор blackdeadtree1 (5 месяцев)
thanks a million for this tutorial. i swear epsx is one of the most
annoying emulators to setup

Автор VictoriaTheIceDragon (2 месяца)
When I try to go to configures and I go to Video, all that happens is that
when I click the arrow it's all blank! And when I do the wizard, It tells
me that it can't find the BIOS file even though I chose it correctly and
all... Anyone know what to do?

Автор Beerlover2007 (3 месяца)
Works perfect, Looking forward to playing some Metal Gear Solid again. Time
to hook it up through HDMI

Автор MP2066 (1 месяц)
Where is a good place to get Games for it?

Автор Yoga raj (5 месяцев)
i am not able to play gta 5 it just goes to blue screen 

Автор Project Xanthous King (14 дней)
Where can I get PlayStation games to run on this?

Автор luke rush (23 дня)

Автор LordKaiser Rhus (22 дня)
your link to the ZLIB file brings me to a forum but I see no download

Автор Sundaydish1 (3 месяца)
Well I have tried the 1000 and 1001 bios, I have downloaded the zlib file
and I still get just a black screen?? EDIT: Ok I can now load the title
screen and thats it, eg Final Doom i get to the LOADING... screen and no
further? I have tried different combinations of driver/bios but still

Автор KingMeteorStudios (7 месяцев)
I can play ROMs on ePSXe, but there's no background music (sound effects
are there, but no music). Is there an audio plugin or something that I'm

Автор PapaKay (4 месяца)
I got the BURUTTER and DAT plugin. I click start CDROM and it says error
loading plugin/GPU.DAT . Any ideas to fix this?

Автор RenaissanceVulpine (6 месяцев)
Missing Render Texture Extension
No pixel Format avialable
It then proceeds to crash

Автор Monstereitski (3 месяца)
My 360 controller doesn't rumble when i play?

Автор mika haken (2 месяца)
How to run the iso...i downloaded my disney kitchen from emupardise but its
just a file , do ineed to convert it?? it wont show up to open when you try
to find the file to open it


Автор Clark Novax (2 месяца)
Thanks a lot :)

Автор SS4Xanatos (2 месяца)
OMG! You have Morrowind and Fable TLC! You have just earned my respect!
Thank you for the tutorial as well! :D Now I can play PlayStation games on
my PC at last!

Автор StarshineGamer (2 месяца)
To everyone who get's a black screen what I've done and yes I've done it
I'm not giving anyone viruses or anything but type in search Registry
Editor on you're windows start up find it and click it you should see on 1
of the + drop downs called Software so click on that scroll down untill you
see Epsxe this will NOT delete you're program it will just let you place in
you're plugins well other words it will come up with somthing different and
it will give you options of the plugins you can have.

Автор kickbikable (6 месяцев)
i can't downlode the BIOS PSX 1000.bin it just sends me to a viggi page the
same happens hen a click the 2 link 

Автор ELMATO9 (4 месяца)
your tutorial is brilliant :)

Автор Trainer Artie Trainer Venus (3 месяца)
My problem is this: I have the emulator set up properly from what I see
here. When I run the ISO of my game my screen goes black and then shows the
desktop again. The game music starts playing but is no where to be found. I
have to open task manager, click on the processes tab, and then end it
there. Same thing when I try to play a game from a CD. Can hear the music.
Nothing is showing up. >.<

Автор demonspoke (6 месяцев)
hey everyone thank you for all the views and likes you have given me, I
plan to be more active in the video world again, and I have replaced the
broken bios link with one that work

Автор Peter Magoo (6 месяцев)
Thank you demonspoke!!!

Автор demonspoke (6 месяцев)
and thank you to those who have helped people in need related to this
subject, I like my videos for the most part to have a forum style comment
section, and that's what this is I promise more to come,

Sincerely Demonspoke

Автор nathantim (6 месяцев)
*TO GET THE ZLIB file*, JUST GOOGLE "DLL-files zlib".

The first link in google is the zlib zip, and the second link is the zlib1
zip...(I have zlib1, but i'm using 1.7.0).


(I only posted this because the updated link in the description doesn't

Автор Matias Acevedo (5 месяцев)
Great Video! Thank you! Really helped me a lot! First time I've seen a
tutorial video as great as yours! Thanks again! I will subscribe, like and
favorite for the first time ever! 

Автор narlycharley (7 месяцев)
Works perfect for me... You just can't be dumb with files and computers. If
you can't figure it out, and I did by myself, you don't need to be using

Автор wessltov (27 дней)

If you're getting getting a black screen when loading a game, make sure
you're not trying to load a '7Z' file. If you ARE, unzip the file with

Автор Κωνσταντινος Βουρδαμης (7 месяцев)
I cant download the bios from the dragon ball site! where else can I find

Автор Jaijai311 (5 месяцев)
First off, excellent video, it was very helpful. I did run into a problem
with running the program. I loaded my disc into the drive and selected the
Run CD Rom option. At first, it looked like it worked but I then got a
message that the program wasnt running properly and needed to be shut down.
Any ideas? I use windows 8.1.

Автор neoglen rosales (2 месяца)
icant download bios properly..when i download a scph1000bin,it appears to
my computer as scph1000 only without bin..when i run thebios cd rom was
not found..what i am going to do?

Автор TheSxnsei (7 месяцев)
Hey Demonspoke! maybe you should update the video because the Bios file
doesn't work. Anyone have another link to where I can get the Bios file?

Автор Francis Mew (5 месяцев)
Dude~help ~ I've followed all the steps like you did , but whenever I play
a game , it kinda turns into black screen then crashes

Автор Cameron Robertson (3 месяца)
My config menu isnt giving me any options for the video plugin, or the
wizard guide, or anything. what am i doing wrong >.<

Автор nathantim (8 месяцев)
*TO GET THE BIOS*, JUST GOOGLE: "emuparadise bios".. It should be the first
link you see. Click it, & scroll down then you will see "scph1000 bios
zip".. or "PSX Bios SCPH1001.zip"

Автор Jacob Molina (3 дня)
Thank you so much for your help, without your knowledge I'd have never been
reunited with Final Fantasy Tactics! :D You were very thorough and easy to

Автор Mike Lewis (2 дня)
I did everything you said on here but no matter what I do, the screen keeps
going black and not doing anything when I try to run a game. Any idea what
is happening?

Автор Chris Lee (6 дней)
How do I install this in windows xp? It won't let me copy+paste the
plug-ins into the folders.

Автор Ezra Angkajaya (7 дней)
Excuse me, I wanna ask a question, how if after I use the ePSXe several
times, there is some kind of error message when I was about to open
continue the game such as "Memory card hasn't been formatted."? what should
I do in order to fix it? Can't wait to see the solution :'(

Автор Azim Azimy (2 месяца)
trying to run geom cube and it tells me the emulator stopped working

Автор John Master (4 месяца)
i did everything step by step i think it works fine thanks btw...but i cant
open the iso data to run Final Fantasy 8...dont know how this works dam...i
get only blackscreen nothing happens

Автор Meško RZ (2 месяца)
I read if you want use gameshark codes you must download some kind of a
plugin ?

Автор Trinity PS (3 месяца)
+demonspoke went to the ng website and i have no idea where the zlib
download link is???

Автор Collazo John (3 месяца)
oh sorry yey its work thx i love your video i subcrice it and like it

Автор wolfe tone (1 месяц)
Thanks a lot bud :)

Автор OpasanCipiripi (4 месяца)
i run the game and black screen , nothing happens.

Автор Cloudless36 (5 месяцев)
My memory card won't work for some reason.and if i double click on the
application to run it it says "The program can't start because MSVBVM50.DLL
is missing from your computer" How do i get it to work?

Автор SUPERLINKX2 (5 месяцев)
all im getting is a black screen everytime I run an ISO, anyway to fix

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