How To Install ePSXe (The Simple Way)


Here's a clear and easy tutorial on how to install ePSXe which is a ps1 emulator for your pc. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Emulator Zone:http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psx/epsxe.html

Bios File: http://emu-russia.net/en/files/bios/psx/

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: ok so i figured this out apparently the newest version of ePSXe needs the ZLIB file you can get it here http://forums.ngemu.com/epsxe-discussion/106182-zlib1-dll-not-found-fix-here.html just click the thing that says download ZLIB here. save it to your desktop unzip the file then copy all the stuff in the ZLIB folder and then paste it into your ePSXe folder it should run perfectly I never have had that problem but I guess some people have so I hope that helped

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Автор pwnzkills ( назад)
would be helpful if you had the right links in the description... cant
follow the tutorial. i also cant find this stupid ZLIB file

Автор Barbara Ohern ( назад)
can not get sonyplaystation controller to work. It works for playstation
two. Can you please help?

Автор Sai Addanki ( назад)
bro the bios link is not working, chrome blocks it and says it has harmful

Автор Panzerfaust 12341 ( назад)
anyone know where I can find the ZLIB file from the link or link me another
link for it? I cant seem to find it.

Автор Kyle costt ( назад)
do emulators require adobe flash or adobe air

Автор xxGrixyRockzxx ( назад)
thanks it worked for me, now i need to get some games lol thanks

Автор xXx_Mom$paghetti_XxX ( назад)
Goddamn this is hard. Still not working.

Автор Mercedes Ferrari ( назад)
You did a way better job at explaining it than the people who type into
note pads!

Автор Legoxela8 ( назад)
Thanks dude, I was able to get mgs running smoothly thanks to you

while there are some graphical errors its probally because I dont't have a
graphics card in the computer

Автор anj bLues ( назад)
i have this one...the question is how to play it with ipega
..i already connected but it wont work...

Автор TheZenthar2 ( назад)
great video thanks it was a lot of help

Автор sotiria l ( назад)
I still can not get it to work!!

Автор Reawer ( назад)
Guys this is a russian website and my virus prog says its infested, is this

Автор Jonathan Kirk ( назад)
Awesome tutortial!

Автор Eric Baker ( назад)
Ok, I got it working With a bit of trial & error, but I can't get my XBOX
360 controller to work with the emulator. Can you help me?

Автор Eric Baker ( назад)
I try to activate a game, and it says "Recompile Block too large".

Автор Eric Baker ( назад)
Oh! and I am running on Windows 10.

Автор Eric Baker ( назад)
I've been unsuccessful in finding the "ZLIB" file. Do you think you could
help me locate it, or another .bin file?

Автор Caesar ( назад)

Автор diego lopez ( назад)
very helpful , I've been trying to set it up for over a month with no luck
, but is running smoothly now thanks to you , kudos
playing cst symphony of ther night

Автор Brandon Collett ( назад)
where can i put my burutter.dll file?

Автор Jeremy Bozarth ( назад)
how do i play YU-GI-OH forbidden memories with a keyboard and mouse? i
don't have the cash for a PS controller

Автор jackobie1234 (277 лет назад)
it looks like its going to load then it says close program =[

Автор john davis ( назад)
Does this work for windows 8?

Автор Luckwinder ( назад)
hi mate would you be able to send me a memory card packed with yugioh
forbidden memory cheats and all cards, that i can buy of you? i just tried
what you showed, and its not working, can you send me memory card that i
can buy??

Автор Thales Guimaraes ( назад)
I need an alternative for Aldo Memcard Manager because my anti virus is
removing it

Автор RosalinaDaHacker64 ( назад)
Whenever I tryna Run .cue (ISO) of Rayman or Crash Bandicoot, it just gives
me a black screen. Help? I also setup a BIOS of SCPH1001 for this Emulator.

Автор James Drury ( назад)
How do you get the game on full screen?

Автор Edo ( назад)
Works ! very helpful

Автор James Fuller ( назад)
and all I'm getting is ePSXe has stopped working properly and shuts down,
tried loads of games and settings and still doing the same thing, watched
so many tutorials been trying for months and still no luck, please please
please help!!!

Автор Cory Sargent ( назад)
It says the simple way in title and if you listen to you describe it you
give the vibe its actually hard lol

Автор Cory Sargent ( назад)
You would think you're done right not exactly.... dude why do you do that
like 3 or 4 times its completely unnecessary lol

Автор V Rodolfo ( назад)
Simple and pratical. Worked and loved.

Автор Rich ( назад)
You could have explained how to actually run the games!

Автор Sir Faps Alot ( назад)
simple way... 10 minutes hope this works

Автор arkine11 ( назад)
For those looking for the BIOS, you can easily find it on emuparadise. It's
scph1001 on emuparadise, just google.

Автор jordan Smith ( назад)
actually ignore that last comment figured it out but now when i run
something it opens to a black screen and says the ol "Program has stopped
working" then closes out every time im very frustrated.....

Автор jordan Smith ( назад)
i followed the video exactly but when i click on run ISO it says that it
isn't config'd and that i should go to config when i go there the only file
is one that says erase me, did i do something wrong im sure i followed the
video perfectly help as fast as possible would be greatly appreciated

Автор Talon “Keyblader” Andrews ( назад)
I can't download the Bios file! HELP

Автор Ben BD (1291 год назад)
hi, is this valid for ePSXe 1.9.0 ? I see only this one on the link

Автор Petar Petrov (508 лет назад)
rated 10/10 !

Автор Markus man ( назад)
thanks bro lot

Автор Rayando Johnson ( назад)

Автор MiccDoo ( назад)
You know there trustworthy when they use comic sans in there intro

Автор nathan Algren ( назад)
ty verymuch

Автор Luisowns ( назад)
is there any other memory card manager without viruses?

Автор Callum ( назад)
I have done every single thing that you did and it STILL wont work? it
comes up with a black screen and says "error ePSXe has stopped working"?
This is absurd.

Автор Callum ( назад)
WHen i try and download ePSXe from the emulator zone it looks nothing like
the icon that this guy has, it is yellow and white, it could be because it
is a newer version (1.9.0.)

Автор The Nerosurgeon ( назад)
Hey. Cant find Aldos memory card manager on the list from the website.

Автор shadow19831 ( назад)
does epsxe android run on all 8 octa cores ? I have Samsung note4 2.7ghz
quad core and thinking to buy xperia z5 premium 1.5 ghz octa core

Автор Felix Olavarria ( назад)
i followed all the steps but when i try to play a game i get a black
screen. i also cant find the zlib file you posted

Автор Biderman Castaño ( назад)
How do you get the ZLIB file?? Great video!!

Автор Erikson Bacolod (1483 года назад)
Whoa this can work, today I did previously add sources on Summoners War, I
will revisit and consider again another day, I have ended up saving the
link for yourself guys.
How To Install ePSXe (The Simple Way)

Автор paul taylor ( назад)
not one bit of help. nothing worked as you said. downloaded but nothing
came on desktop.

Автор karim elkholy ( назад)
I have been having a problem I can see others have as well. We followed all
the steps accordingly, When we run the ISO game (In this case I am trying
to run Iron Man XO Warmachine) I get a black screen, A playstation
controller appears on the top right of the screen for 2 seconds, and then I
get a black screen. The game never starts up. Any suggestions?

Автор Ojo Miope ( назад)
Thanks! really, Thanks! >_<

Автор Redeye Jedii (518 лет назад)
your a legend your tutorial is the only one i understood. GB

Автор MIlan Kava ( назад)
game pad not working

Автор kylekelly1919 ( назад)
watched 3 videos now and followed everything on them and still doesnt work

Автор Pamela Sopio ( назад)
thank you for that awesome,nice,clear tutorial!!!! it helped me a
lot...hope you make more vidoes :)

Автор XFalconZeroii ( назад)
I can't find at this time where it says "download ZLIB here" on the forum.
Is it even there anymore? I'm doing the 1.9.0 version here.

Автор Stephen Dumore (1221 год назад)
does it work on Xbox?

Автор LeLoeZoeZPlays ( назад)
the ZLIB file is not on the site

Автор Kevin O'Neil ( назад)
Thank you. I can't stand the tutorials where the person types. You are a
very welcome and refreshing alternative to that crap.

Автор powerfury1 ( назад)
do you have a video for the playstation 2 and other systems?

Автор T́͢͟hE̷̕_O҉̡͡ù̵T̵s̵i͟D͢eR ( назад)
Anybody here know how to connect my PS3 controller to the emulator?

Автор Angel Lauriano ( назад)
demonspoke im having trouble starting the games i put the image files in
the iso folder and try to start it up and get an error screen

Автор Jeremy Richardson ( назад)
Dragon ball arena does not allow downloads anymore

Автор The Chato ( назад)
can i use a xbox controller?

Автор Holden Skeels ( назад)
So can I put this on my actual Playstation?

Автор Mikr0phone ( назад)
A bit dated on where to receive a couple of the files but a quick Google
search can alleviate those problems. Overall, great tutorial. It was
extremely helpful, comprehensive, and useful.

Автор TsuZoYa Beats ( назад)

Автор noel luttje ( назад)
how do i install a game

Автор Aura Dragon ( назад)
its taking me to this website called veggie and its giving me a bunch of
ads what do i do

Автор xxasiansmile ( назад)
How can i convert a RAR file into a BIN file? (it needs to be BIN right?) i
right clicked it, went to 7-zip, and clicked extract here, but it got
converted into a CUE file instead...

Автор Sarah Marcules (5 лет назад)
Everyone has been having the black screen crash upon opening problem.
Please someone explain. I've searched all over the web and tried everything
anyone recommended including disabling DEP and whatnot. HELP

Автор Satrio Wisnu Riady ( назад)

Автор Kana Kiti ( назад)
Dude can u help me here plz, soo I did all u said, but it still crash
whenever I start a .bin or .iso game.

Автор el ouali mohammed ( назад)
thank you

Автор Memoire Star ( назад)
Damn, this helped alot

Автор Matthew Bates ( назад)
ok so when i got the game it said i needed burutter.dll so i copied it to
my system32 folder. it still didnt work. so what should i do?

Автор Christian Catron (1919 лет назад)
Thank you, this was a lot of help

idid evrythinks you said but its blackscreen

Автор Josh ( назад)
I've done everything he's said to do, set it all up and still cant get any
damn rom to play through this emulator. as soon as I open a rom file
(including .bin + .cue) the small screen turns black, then the whole screen
goes black and says it failed.
result: bangs head against wall.

Автор Dark Twins ( назад)
Thanks Man

Автор jlypunk ( назад)
Thanks! Best tutorial out there! Now that I have my fave PSone game up and
running, I can't seem to find other ISO files from legit sources. What
sites do you use?

Автор f1nsk1pojk1 ( назад)
nice tutorial, good work!

Автор Konstantinos Antonogiannis ( назад)
thanks good video you explained way better then others

Автор fullcustomization ( назад)
All the links to the bios you mention, through dragonball are broken, and
take you to a page that says something about purchasing that domain...I
know this vid is old, just letting you know, if you plan on updating this.

Автор IsoOtso ( назад)
Thank you! This actually helped me alot! Tried it with Crash Bandicoot, and
the game ran perfectly.

Автор PerfectTube12 ( назад)
I tried this with Policenauts (I took the PS1 disc and burned it as an ISO
file), I can see the pointer and hear sounds, but I can't see anything on
screen? Is there something I need for graphics? I can see the intro
perfectly fine though.

Автор ALS ALS ( назад)
So when i try to open a game, it keeps crashing, any advice on how to fix

Автор nathantim ( назад)
I used this vid a couple years ago, when it was 1.7.0, and got it working
great. Then I lost all my stuff, and when I tried to install epsxe again,
it was 1.9.0...I followed all the directions, fired up Tony Hawk 2, and it
lagged like hell. I've tried it with different tutorials, but it always
ends up the same way...lagging. Anyone have any ideas?

Автор Derek Johnson ( назад)
Where is the ZLIB file on the website. Can't find it

Автор ddrusa ( назад)
The bios psx(scph 1000.bin) is not working when I download it for some
reason what do I need to make this work?

Автор Deadpool ( назад)
Dude! You are a fucking hero! Keep making more vids like this.

Автор Red Menace ( назад)
I'm using the laptop, is this compatible

Автор dean spencer ( назад)
Error plugins D3d.dll anyone? everytime i load a game up that comes up

Автор Tokikonae ( назад)
Followed the instructions and also retrieved the appropriate ZLIB file!
Worked like a charm! Best tutorial ever, thank you so much!

Автор stupidreligionz ( назад)
damn you, subbed.

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