How To Install ePSXe (The Simple Way)


Here's a clear and easy tutorial on how to install ePSXe which is a ps1 emulator for your pc. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Emulator Zone:http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/psx/epsxe.html

Bios File: http://emu-russia.net/en/files/bios/psx/

VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE: ok so i figured this out apparently the newest version of ePSXe needs the ZLIB file you can get it here http://forums.ngemu.com/epsxe-discussion/106182-zlib1-dll-not-found-fix-here.html just click the thing that says download ZLIB here. save it to your desktop unzip the file then copy all the stuff in the ZLIB folder and then paste it into your ePSXe folder it should run perfectly I never have had that problem but I guess some people have so I hope that helped

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Автор The Chato ( назад)
can i use a xbox controller?

Автор Holden Skeels ( назад)
So can I put this on my actual Playstation?

Автор Mikr0phone ( назад)
A bit dated on where to receive a couple of the files but a quick Google
search can alleviate those problems. Overall, great tutorial. It was
extremely helpful, comprehensive, and useful.

Автор TsuZoYa Beats ( назад)

Автор noel luttje ( назад)
how do i install a game

Автор Sean Egan (Aura Dragon) ( назад)
its taking me to this website called veggie and its giving me a bunch of
ads what do i do

Автор xxasiansmile ( назад)
How can i convert a RAR file into a BIN file? (it needs to be BIN right?) i
right clicked it, went to 7-zip, and clicked extract here, but it got
converted into a CUE file instead...

Автор Abby (1663 года назад)
The ZLIB file link doesn't work, it just brings you to the normal site?

Автор Sarah Marcules (4 года назад)
Everyone has been having the black screen crash upon opening problem.
Please someone explain. I've searched all over the web and tried everything
anyone recommended including disabling DEP and whatnot. HELP

Автор Satrio Wisnu Riady ( назад)

Автор Kana Kiti ( назад)
Dude can u help me here plz, soo I did all u said, but it still crash
whenever I start a .bin or .iso game.

Автор el ouali mohammed ( назад)
thank you

Автор Memoire Star ( назад)
Damn, this helped alot

Автор Matthew Bates ( назад)
ok so when i got the game it said i needed burutter.dll so i copied it to
my system32 folder. it still didnt work. so what should i do?

Автор Christian Catron (1918 лет назад)
Thank you, this was a lot of help

idid evrythinks you said but its blackscreen

Автор jbowersock22 ( назад)
I've done everything he's said to do, set it all up and still cant get any
damn rom to play through this emulator. as soon as I open a rom file
(including .bin + .cue) the small screen turns black, then the whole screen
goes black and says it failed.
result: bangs head against wall.

Автор Dark Twins ( назад)
Thanks Man

Автор jlypunk ( назад)
Thanks! Best tutorial out there! Now that I have my fave PSone game up and
running, I can't seem to find other ISO files from legit sources. What
sites do you use?

Автор f1nsk1pojk1 ( назад)
nice tutorial, good work!

Автор Konstantinos Antonogiannis ( назад)
thanks good video you explained way better then others

Автор fullcustomization ( назад)
All the links to the bios you mention, through dragonball are broken, and
take you to a page that says something about purchasing that domain...I
know this vid is old, just letting you know, if you plan on updating this.

Автор DoomiPeikko ( назад)
Thank you! This actually helped me alot! Tried it with Crash Bandicoot, and
the game ran perfectly.

Автор spongebobfan190 ( назад)
I tried this with Policenauts (I took the PS1 disc and burned it as an ISO
file), I can see the pointer and hear sounds, but I can't see anything on
screen? Is there something I need for graphics? I can see the intro
perfectly fine though.

Автор ALS ALS ( назад)
So when i try to open a game, it keeps crashing, any advice on how to fix

Автор nathantim ( назад)
I used this vid a couple years ago, when it was 1.7.0, and got it working
great. Then I lost all my stuff, and when I tried to install epsxe again,
it was 1.9.0...I followed all the directions, fired up Tony Hawk 2, and it
lagged like hell. I've tried it with different tutorials, but it always
ends up the same way...lagging. Anyone have any ideas?

Автор Shadow Dweller ( назад)
Where is the ZLIB file on the website. Can't find it

Автор ddrusa ( назад)
The bios psx(scph 1000.bin) is not working when I download it for some
reason what do I need to make this work?

Автор Adrian Homer Renacido ( назад)
Dude! You are a fucking hero! Keep making more vids like this.

Автор GamesSgt Menace ( назад)
I'm using the laptop, is this compatible

Автор dean spencer ( назад)
Error plugins D3d.dll anyone? everytime i load a game up that comes up

Автор Tokikonae ( назад)
Followed the instructions and also retrieved the appropriate ZLIB file!
Worked like a charm! Best tutorial ever, thank you so much!

Автор stupidreligionz ( назад)
damn you, subbed.

Автор Alex Reynolds ( назад)
i meant arena.

Автор Alex Reynolds ( назад)
Warning! Dragon ball Zone has viruses!

Автор Spider-Man1962 ( назад)
Thanks you! I'm using a Xbox one controller and everything works great!

Автор Mohamed ben salah ( назад)
i cant configurate video there is no choice

Автор Mohamed ben salah ( назад)
je ne peut pas mettre la config ->video car il n y a aucun choix tout est

Автор Kylefede Falzon ( назад)
i am trying to do like your doing with the bios and the joy sega to copy
them in the bios .. he is not letting me copy the folder and paste in the
plug in what should i do please any help ?

Автор Yames ( назад)
When I go into the emulator, it makes everything full screen and changes
resolution on exit and messes a ton of shit up, is there a way to make it
display in a window size of my choice or something? 

Автор Lucas Delmarcel ( назад)
Hey nice tutorial but where can I find the bios for PlayStation 3?

Автор enzo van kemenade ( назад)
yo . dragon ball arena is not working . the files on that site i mean. why
is that

Автор James Stahl ( назад)
Hey dude thanks for the tutorial. I am loving my ePSXe. I never thought I
would get to have the joy of playing FF7 or Tactics ever again. You have
given me a new reason to procrastinate school work.

Автор Tony The Dragon ( назад)
Dude, one question... how the I play games on it?!

Автор Broseidon (896 лет назад)
Your slow ass talking and pauses annoyed the fuck out of me. Probably
partially anger of not being able to set this up.

Автор the g-wing ( назад)
what's the working directory?

Автор NotAdayWithoutMusic (1982 года назад)
can this play roms? none of my ps2 games work anymore so i want to be able
to get the rom for them so can you with this?

Автор Klan_AntiArty Kanava ( назад)
Hey Demonspoke! I go to the Bios LINK in your description, and my F-secure
says that it's recognized as a damaging website. What can i do?

Автор mrsheabutter ( назад)
Also, some emulators come with the bin file included. I just used one from
an older version and bam, It worked!

Автор mrsheabutter ( назад)
Amazing! I was wrecking my brain trying to figure out how to get this to
work. I followed your instructions, and got the latest emulator (1.9) and
it works perfectly!!! Thanks so much my man!!

Автор Cory Baker ( назад)
+demonspoke the link at dragonballarena doesn't work. WTF???

Автор Soap Sud Gaming | CS:GO and MORE [ded channel] ( назад)
Sweet, i thought i'd have to install gbs of roms but i could just play the
cdrom right through the computer, i'll have to test it out later, my
playstation games are all packed away.

Автор Goh CY ( назад)
Thank you so much for the tutorial. Appreciate it

Автор Nick C ( назад)
gpu plug in isnt in the link anymore

Автор Timothy pritchett ( назад)
i normally dont write any youtube comments but i really wanted to say
thanks. i tried this years ago through a tutorial but couldnt figure it out
and just gave up. i tried a tutorial just before this one that i couldnt
get to work and my avg found 2 viruses from following their links. im not
so computer savy but with your directions i had it up and running in about
15-20 mins. thank you sir and awesome job.

Автор Sebastian Ricardo Espindola ( назад)
When I open the link for the page ngemu.com.... it redirects me to the main
page, what do I do? :(

Автор Brad Guenther ( назад)
Were do you get your bios files i can't find one for crash bandicoot warped
that acually gives me a legit iso 

Автор Malcolm Rhame (XHavier) ( назад)
I downloaded two separate games and when I tried to run both of them the
screen just goes black and stays like that until I exit the emulator I did
everything you said please help!!!

Автор findingcookies69 ( назад)
when i run spyro 2 it just crashes

Автор Shin Gouki ( назад)
tekken 2 doesnt even load up i can just hear the audio thats all, please

Автор Devon Harsh ( назад)
My ePSXe Doesnt have any video configs like your on your video.
They are completely blank, should i be worried?

Автор Erebos (1080 лет назад)
Thank you so much man!!

Автор FefyGT ( назад)
Thank you!!! very helpful and easy.

Автор Heavy Gui ( назад)
does this emulator runs ps2 and ps1?
please respond

Автор Kyle Nonya ( назад)
Thank you. I had no idea how to do any of this and I have it working now xD

Автор TheSqueakMan ( назад)
you lost me on the 3 min mark :(

Автор vXdlakers ( назад)
For those who get stuck with a black screen, try changing the video
plugins. Some may work :D

Автор Cisco_213 ( назад)
All i get is a dark, blank screen with the sound running, but no images.
PLEASE HELP!!! I wasn't able to get the bios from dragon ball arena, It
said some jibberish, but it didn't happen like u got it. (too many

Автор johnny Davis (534 года назад)
I can't seem to get Roms to work from coolroms. Idk if its just the site or
what. They kinda got a new weird way to download where you download a
downloader to download a game. And then it seems its not in a file that
can't be extracted. Anyone else have advice on this? I easily could be
missing something or doing something wrong

Автор Santo Tan ( назад)
Thank you very much. ^_^ :bows:

Автор Adam Furtado ( назад)
Just followed the tutorial exactly as it said. When I run ePSXe all I get
is a blank screen. No idea what is wrong. Any help would be great!

Автор George Vernon ( назад)
any thoughts on what best settings are for epsxe 1.60 when running Resident
Evil 2 or 3?

Автор Flipnote Ball Z ( назад)
This won't work for me I did the same things u did cept the controller port
but mine still eont do it it says no wgl extension but I got the exact same
Pete gbu thing u had so idk wats wrong

Автор doaa hesham ( назад)
ia cant make past in the plugins dont know why cant not allowed
its like there is ast but cunt push on it 

Автор Denise Griscti ( назад)
Hey guys, when I run it, I have a blank screen and it crashes.

I noticed many of you asked the same question but couldn't find an answer.

How can I make it work? Thank you :)

Автор TheStupendousTorch ( назад)
Can you do this on a real shit laptop or do you need a really good

Автор GOLDEN KILLER43 (738 лет назад)
i have a problem with the text when the text comes up it down erase after
it says a new chat box it just stays there and it just put the text right
over it until it gets to the point i cant read the text pl help is it the
game or the iso 

Автор Endelean ( назад)
Thank you, really. Found this shit confusing as hell.

Автор arturo soto (712 года назад)
were can i find a bios folder that works need help?

Автор shinobironald ( назад)
tnx man..!! im having headache because of it.. but it's ok now.. :D

Автор amazerbeta ( назад)

Автор xxhardforcorexx ( назад)
ePSXe 1.7.0 is no longer on The Emulator Zone. What's the next one you
would recommend? Is 1.9.0 worth a damn?

Автор BVBFanBoy ( назад)
I couldn't seem to run it, then I remembered about the zlib1.dll file to
download, but when I went on the link, I couldn't find it. Could you post
another link? I desperately want to play Spyro...

Автор ZG x DARK (449 лет назад)
thank u your a freaking boss now i can play digimon world 3 and digimon
data squad 

Автор John Morris (134 года назад)
thanks for vid. that was a big help

Автор Dustin Wiscaver ( назад)
When i save a game, then try to load my save it goes black screen. Am I
doing something wrong? Please help. o/

Автор arbi cadicoy ( назад)
thanks man it really works! now i can play my favorite PS games! (^^,

Автор James L ( назад)
Thanks a lot man Really deserved a liked! :)

Автор Lee 125 (756 лет назад)
How to have the best graphics? I wanna play FF9 with the best graphics

Автор Justin Muniz ( назад)
im havimg this problem when i run the game it says it has stopped working

Автор Austin Jackson ( назад)
how do you create mem crads without the program?

Автор Kayla heiwa ( назад)
OH MY GOD thank you so much after the other tutorials confused me so much
>.< this reeealy helped 

Автор Merve A ( назад)
Thank you sooo much. I finally got the play Final Fantasy VIII and I can't
express how happy I am. Finally a great video to help me through this...
Thanks again. :D

Автор Steven Devera ( назад)
I downloaded all the things including the zlib. but when I try to open
crash bandicoot I just get a black screen and it says that epsxe has
stopped working then shuts down. PLEASE HELP

Автор Steven Devera ( назад)
i cant find the zlib download

Автор Ryanfish91 ( назад)
walter jr. from breaking bad?!?!

Автор Conor G ( назад)
Anyone gettting a blank screen when running the ISO probably means you
havent extracted the ISO files

Автор Shawn Xiong ( назад)
Can you tell me why when I play Final Fantasy 7, I cannot pick my attack or
items when battling? What did I do wrong?

Автор Oreo Paperpen ( назад)
can guitar freaks run on ePSXe?
please do reply

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