Gta san andreas first person shooter camera (Cleo Mod) DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!

You can download it here but you have to install cleo first : http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san-andreas/cleo-mods/1718

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Добавлено: 4 года
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Автор lionel messi (2 года)
Fraps is shit, Try bandicam no lag trust me, you wasted your money on fraps.

Автор [n.V.o] Faceless (1 год)
or i just press the 3 buttons?

Автор skate96production (2 года)
@DarkWizard931 :D

Автор matcool311 (2 года)
wtf? you're sniper icon is a brass knuckles?

Автор Vincent Vue (8 месяцев)
Other mod is better

Автор Mackspot (1 год)
That's how GTA V has to be.

Автор Shahyish Devraj (6 месяцев)
to activate you must tye in FPS like its a cheat

Автор joecesar renomeron (1 год)
i already know that thingy

Автор DarkWizard931 (3 года)
Hey can you climb with this mod cuz i just watch a guy had FPS and he

Автор iDarkVenom (1 год)
How can i start the fps mod

Автор adxxxx2 (2 года)

Автор JTMies (2 года)
Nigga whatchu doing shootin at yo homies?

Автор bigtoy93 (2 года)
thx for this

Автор MrWin7help (2 года)
that just shows you how low-poly gta sa models are

Автор maptik (3 года)
It sucks, but is the best I have seen

Автор Mrvideoguy6 (4 года)

Автор SPOA2 (4 года)
typing: FPS Try Look

Автор Alex_2259 (3 года)
to activate type firstp the mod sucks and crashes

Автор 772144 (3 года)
its very buggy its sucks

Автор zheer azad (1 год)
it lags like sshit

Автор MrDamnYouAllToHell (4 года)
can you drive in fps too?

Автор KOTS nnExT (2 года)
@Mrvideoguy6 in folder is the fps.cs and in archive with MSLINUX or
what,for why is that??????

Автор Carrotman (3 года)
Your site is down...

Автор undertakerrulez321 (2 года)
the song name is Slipknot-Psychosocial!

Автор Kenneth Herrera (3 года)
Thanks man

Автор Amr EzzElDin (2 года)
can i drive in this camera mod ????

Автор Monster Gert (9 месяцев)
I don't think it would be as good if it were build into the game. I think
they would turn the player invisible and just add an arm holding a gun like
in any other shooter. I like the mod ones because they are more immersive.

Автор Wologan B. (2 года)
@robart691 fraps is free and bandicam is low quality....

Автор fastracerwwe (3 года)
where do i get cleo

Автор Damien Wilson (2 года)
@amr19932012 Get the fpd mod (first person driving)

Автор xd (2 года)
putas graficas de mierda

Автор samuel121313 (2 года)
@DemonShellZ GOD DAMN that was 5 mouths ago calm down

Автор EminemIsMyBrother (1 год)
0:20 traitor

Автор samuel121313 (3 года)
when i type fps nothing happens what the fuck

Автор [n.V.o] Faceless (1 год)
where is the button fps????

Автор soulsilver175 (1 год)
type fps

Автор ALMAL alen (1 год)
what press maaan?

Автор saintsrow4239 (1 год)
hahaha POSTAL 2

Автор locoheroful (3 года)
muy gueno ¿esta disponible en ps2? se veria cool

Автор bagodomo (1 год)
english :download the fps .cs after you put in the cleo directory in your
gta sa folder type this character `` fps ´´ and nothing more it worked , to
desactive fps press enter español: descargar los fps. cs después de poner
en el directorio de Cleo en el tipo de carpeta gta sa este personaje ``
fps'' y nada más que trabajado, para fps desactive presione enter

Автор Mrvideoguy6 (4 года)
yes you need this program called cleo when you download this read the
readme an it will tell you where to get it

Автор Bank7681 (3 года)
GTA: SA is available to download on: down load blinks . C () M

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