Gta san andreas first person shooter camera (Cleo Mod) DOWNLOAD LINK!!!!

You can download it here but you have to install cleo first : http://www.gtagaming.com/downloads/gta-san-andreas/cleo-mods/1718

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Автор ONow ( назад)
>> >> - FPS - [First Person Shooter] Mod ; requirements ; [latest] Visual
Studio [PC] ; *register DLL file the mod brings into your computer* ;
insert drop the *msvcr100d / DLL* file to register at listed computer
location in order to have the engine read specific mod file at in-game ;
location to drop file ; C:\Windows\System32 ; Enjoy ; ! ! !

Автор Adil Devraj ( назад)
to activate you must tye in FPS like its a cheat

Автор Pho Ductions ( назад)
Other mod is better

Автор Monster Gert ( назад)
I don't think it would be as good if it were build into the game. I think
they would turn the player invisible and just add an arm holding a gun like
in any other shooter. I like the mod ones because they are more immersive.

Автор Fahed Theibesh ( назад)
How can i start the fps mod

Автор joecesar renomeron ( назад)
i already know that thingy

Автор RaquelGames98 ( назад)
That's how GTA V has to be.

Автор EminemIsMyBrother ( назад)
0:20 traitor

Автор zheer azad ( назад)
it lags like sshit

Автор bagodomo ( назад)
english :download the fps .cs after you put in the cleo directory in your
gta sa folder type this character `` fps ´´ and nothing more it worked , to
desactive fps press enter español: descargar los fps. cs después de poner
en el directorio de Cleo en el tipo de carpeta gta sa este personaje ``
fps'' y nada más que trabajado, para fps desactive presione enter

Автор Facelessdoom ( назад)
or i just press the 3 buttons?

Автор Facelessdoom ( назад)
where is the button fps????

Автор saintsrow4239 ( назад)
hahaha POSTAL 2

Автор soulsilver175 ( назад)
type fps

Автор ALMAL alen ( назад)
what press maaan?

Автор xd ( назад)
putas graficas de mierda

Автор Ungvari Istvan ( назад)
@Mrvideoguy6 in folder is the fps.cs and in archive with MSLINUX or
what,for why is that??????

Автор Wologan B. ( назад)
@robart691 fraps is free and bandicam is low quality....

Автор Jack Allard ( назад)
that just shows you how low-poly gta sa models are

Автор lionel messi ( назад)
Fraps is shit, Try bandicam no lag trust me, you wasted your money on fraps.

Автор bigtoy93 ( назад)
thx for this

Автор adxxxx2 ( назад)

Автор undertakerrulez321 ( назад)
the song name is Slipknot-Psychosocial!

Автор Random Dude ( назад)
@DarkWizard931 :D

Автор Damien Wilson ( назад)
@amr19932012 Get the fpd mod (first person driving)

Автор Amr EzzElDin ( назад)
can i drive in this camera mod ????

Автор Alex Mercer ( назад)
wtf? you're sniper icon is a brass knuckles?

Автор DarkWizard931 ( назад)
Hey can you climb with this mod cuz i just watch a guy had FPS and he

Автор Commander Keen ( назад)
Thanks man

Автор Alex_2259 ( назад)
to activate type firstp the mod sucks and crashes

Автор locoheroful ( назад)
muy gueno ¿esta disponible en ps2? se veria cool

Автор 772144 ( назад)
its very buggy its sucks

Автор Carrotman ( назад)
Your site is down...

Автор maptik ( назад)
It sucks, but is the best I have seen

Автор fastracerwwe ( назад)
where do i get cleo

Автор MrDamnYouAllToHell ( назад)
can you drive in fps too?

Автор Mrvideoguy6 ( назад)
yes you need this program called cleo when you download this read the
readme an it will tell you where to get it

Автор Mrvideoguy6 ( назад)

Автор Lyntic ( назад)
typing: FPS Try Look

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