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Автор Brandon Friday (5 месяцев)
ORIGINAL VIDEO POSTER: This is me, long lost account, happened to scroll by
my old videos I saw that this one has reached 1,000,000 views! This was my
dream when I was that age. Make a video that got watched the hell out of!
Anyways I am aware that BumpTop is no longer availble; but if you scroll
down through the comments someone has an archived download file, that IS
still available. Also Notepad was what i used back then when i couldnt
afford my own microphone, and i was young. So step off me. Besides that
this account is N/A to me, and will never be active again. Although I am
very excited that this OLD video has gotten these many views, and I'm
amazed that it's still receiving comments!

Автор tasneem miyajiwala (2 месяца)

Автор Mhuradz Talib (1 день)
i dont like this one

Автор 2setro (6 месяцев)
It is bad practice to use notepad to talk to viewers.
Use your voice or an editing software to add captions.

Автор LegionDroneGuard /LDG (1 месяц)
you sure did bought your pc a one way ticket to hell, but thanks for
tutorial :)

Автор Dipesh Jadhav (3 месяца)
holy fucking grail thanks !

Автор 321pwner (6 месяцев)

Автор parvinder samra (2 месяца)
Thank you so much...

Автор Brandon Friday (5 месяцев)
P.S. This song is THE shit, and will always be THE shit. <3 to all the

Автор 2frankies (4 месяца)
thanks! is that rise against btw?

Автор joe eccles (5 месяцев)
MFW ''oh god someone's put there favourite bloody rock song in the
background.... oh wait i love this song'' ahaha

Автор justin bentzen (5 месяцев)
take bumptop off its no longer available now

Автор Dj Fijorti (6 месяцев)
Lol Its 2009

Автор D'Pez Poopsie (11 месяцев)
The way this video was laid out is awful. You opened up notepad to discuss
with the viewers and you decided to use your favorite song as a video

Автор Daniel Staniland (8 месяцев)
Your Getting A Sub

Автор Kamal Suthan (11 месяцев)
he dude u awesome

Автор Misty Eel (8 месяцев)
bumptop yo can down load here

Автор ကိ်န္ရိပ္ သား (8 месяцев)
thank you?

Автор veena ali (10 месяцев)
nice it is 

Автор Dilly Dreed (9 месяцев)
bumptop is not available anymore. hasnt been since 2010

Автор TheArmoredAlpaca (9 месяцев)
it makes you wonder why these programs are so pointless, and how many
viruses and toolbars they have.

Автор Patrik Prékop (10 месяцев)
Song ?

Автор Duco Thijssen (10 месяцев)
hell yeaahhh rise against !!!!!!!! \(o.o)/

Автор PhoenixSolutions (10 месяцев)
I can't believe how many views this has. $970 worth... I might do an
updated video like this.

Автор Jyothi Swaroop (1 год)
gimme the names of the icons in first column at the beginning of the video
before changing the style ..!!

Автор WindowsHelping (1 год)
Great tutorial :) I am also making a series on how you cn fully customize
your desktop from widgets to modifying animations and other programs that
you can use so if you are interested you can go ahead and check it out in
my channel among with other windows tutorials that you might find useful

Автор ashley folley (1 год)
these are not free fuck

Автор Costel Filip (1 год)

Автор Abbes Wehbi (1 год)
fuck you

Автор Mouskell (7 месяцев)
Wow, so profesional. lol.

Автор ThatOtherPerson kaz (1 год)
Fuck UMG and Sony! i cant watch it cause they blocked it in the fucking USA
like wtf

Автор Dante Free (1 год)
rise against epic dude

Автор Krishnan DBM (1 год)
thanks for posting us how to download this 

Автор Joshua Diaz (1 год)
cute desktop :D

Автор xXLeViTux (1 год)
Music: Paper Wings by Rise Against. (thumbs up)

Автор Grace Evan Tagupa (1 год)
is rocketdock suitable for windows 8?
I need answer ..

Автор Pookie Gibson (1 год)
bumptop is gone :(

Автор Zul Zack (2 года)

Автор focus man (1 год)
Are you Nixxon replying from your other profile?

Автор Slinky Doge (2 года)
forgot rainmeter and dreamscene, well maybe its because that program is a
little bit complicated for some people, but still a good video. thanks for
the information :)

Автор Amerikan Republik (1 год)
Ah, yes, here we go, another great example of a 8 year old child that got a
hold of his parents computer, using the language that he heard earlier that
day on call of duty.

Автор Mustafa Akçakaya (2 года)
which song is this from Rise?

Автор Zirconius (1 год)

Автор Kamel Ehab (2 года)
to get baack to the desk top from the cube desk top press escape key :D

Автор Justin Wilson (2 года)
Your grammar has killed me.

Автор Admirand Nikolli (1 год)
what isnt this programs isnt trial 1 days its nice bot license buy

Автор liberus (2 года)
No problem there, even if it's 32 bit (x86) you can install it in 64 bit
(x64) Windows.

Автор Slinky Doge (2 года)
and dreamscene

Автор Deemer Rogers (1 год)
Hey You Yeah You Do you like cube desktop? Do you not want to waste 20$ on
it? If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions than what u need is:
(Windows button+Tab) Just Press Windows Button And Tab, Stop Pressing Tab
(hold Windows Button) Than Cycle With Tab Once More

Автор focus man (1 год)
Then Ur My Bro Dude

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