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Featuring: Afterglow Intro: Max Headroom Back Were You Started Break Every Rule What You Get Is What You See Overnight Sensation A Change Is Gonna...
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"Break Every Rule" is a single recorded by Grammy Award winning pop/rock singer Tina Turner. It was the title track to both Turner's 1986 album of...
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Tina Turner cantando Let's Stay Together ao vivo no álbum Celebrate!, gravado no ano 2000 em comemoração aos seus 60 anos de idade.
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A nice live performance of Tina Turner singing Break every rule live in Stadspark ('citypark') de Goffert in Nijmegen (Holland) on 28/05/1987.
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amazing Tina, video converted from LD
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Live From The Blockbuster Stadium, San Bernardino, California (1993) There is no official release on DVD, it's only on video cassette. Why is it...
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Recorded live at Hippodrom, Sopot, Poland on August 15th 2000. Lyrics: A church house gin house A school house outhouse On highway number...
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tina turner - paradise is here -Live in Rio no Maracanâ 1988
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule
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Break Every Rule
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Love this!
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Every road that i walk Every single flight i ever take Though i`m thousands of miles away In my mind every journey leads me closer to you I`ve...
Tina Turner - Jumping Jack Flash + It's only Rock n Roll
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An absolute stunning performance of Jumping Jackflash and It's only Rock n Roll by Tina Turner live in Alberta
Tina Turner - In the midnight hour
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Tina Turner - In the midnight hour - To celebrate Tina's 70th birthday, November 26th, every day I will put online another video. -...
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - Live in Europe
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Tina Turner - Break Every Rule - Live in Europe
Kill His Wife - Tonight's the Night - Tina Turner
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A couple of Rod Stewart covers done in Tina style. Nice N Rough Concert. I would have never considered a female doing "Tonight's the Night" but...
Tina Turner - Break every rule (Oostende), What you get is what you see (Paris) 1987
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Some fantastic performances of Tina Turner singing 'Break every rule' live in Oostende, Belgium and 'What you get is what you see' live in Paris in...
iConcerts - Tina Turner - It's Only Love (with Bryan Adams) (live)
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iConcerts - Tina Turner - Celebrate http://www.i-concerts.com/#/?q=en/concert/tina-turner-celebrate-en Tina Turner celebrates her 60th birthday...
Tina Turner - Show Some Respect (Live)

Просмотров: 87254
Order Tina Live (CD + DVD) by clicking this link http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tina-Live-DVD-Turner/dp/B002LCOQNW/thebitcarebac-21


Автор ABBUD RAYA (9 месяцев)

Автор Hans Giza (2 года)
Why Tina is a goddess? Because Tina is so indescribably beautiful!

Автор music .break (3 года)
woaaah i LOOOVE this ''HI EVERYBODY,come on give it to me me I said HIII
EVERYBODYYY, so tell me now, are you ready for me? so I'm ready for you'' <3

Автор carlboogie1 (3 года)
One of our favorite songs from the "Queen"......love every minute of it!!!!
Rock on Tina!

Автор ALESSANDRO202011 (2 года)
Grande performace!! o que é muito natural quando se fala dessa grande e
inacreditável Tina Turner!!

Автор carlboogie1 (3 года)
this is our song (my wife and me) wonderful song....listen to the words and
you will understand!! awesome love song!!! love every minute of it!! Rock
on TINA!!

Автор D Mando (2 года)
Hallo ik vind het een sterke artiest een ook een lieve mens.

Автор cccapucine (3 года)
@wwwonderful : back to you;-)

Автор Shaunras31 (4 года)
This song is so moving.

Автор Elias Soares (11 месяцев)
TINA TURNER sempre linda conheci TINA aos 11anos tenho 41 agora e continuo
achando que é e sempre será a melhor cantora de todos os tempoooooossss amo

Автор Thomas Alex Lost (1 год)
Tina is simply unique! A Godess!

Автор MissGabiLove (3 года)
elle est magnifique .

Автор SingleLaadies (3 года)
very good performance!!!

Автор jjlaz (3 года)

Автор marielle95120 (4 года)
my favorite song of tina !!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jose Antonio Gavino Castanheta (11 месяцев)
Uma cantora que da uma liçao

Автор robbi horton (3 года)
Love this clip I saw Tina sing this in her red leather dress in London

Автор 57Hanne (2 года)
tina iss sooooooooooo geil.........

Автор TNviewer01 (4 года)
Tina Turner in black leather! sigh! When onstage, you can't look anywhere
else, as if you would want to!

Автор 181068Manu (3 года)
the best

Автор ALESSANDRO202011 (2 года)

Автор wwwonderful (3 года)
Finanzo dedicates this song to Ravie (qui se reconnaîtra)

Автор dragonrico1 (2 года)
tina deserves to break every rule,cause she broke every music record in my

Автор tupacestavivo (3 года)
mi cancion favorita de tina!!!!!!! q bonita

Автор Antonyo Andrews (8 месяцев)

Автор joe timothy (3 года)
Fantastic!! Is the whole concert available?

Автор TINACHER1 (3 года)
Those famous opening lines..."Are you ready for me?!"

Автор Daniel da Silva (1 год)

Автор Sir NiQolas (2 года)

Автор elvis mccartney (1 год)
James Ralston had some long locks in those days!

Автор Claudia Meisel (5 месяцев)
Mahlzeit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор TGANA TOPS (2 месяца)
Nuestro hermosa sensacion de la musica de toda la vida Tina Turner xoxo.

Автор Volker Unterbeck (5 месяцев)
Mahlzeit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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