The Death of Lex Luger

Long Live the Total Package

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Автор Sonny Wright (6 месяцев)
I would still bang miss Elizabeth 

Автор Paul Morris (9 часов)
The end was like something out of Jackass.

Автор Bryson H (3 месяца)
Lex Luger isn't dead

Автор B Taylor (1 месяц)
What moron would post some bullshit like this. Lugar is very much alive

Автор NYCrazyRob (3 месяца)
6:05 Brad Maddox - time traveler! O_O

Автор jakegibson (6 месяцев)
Does anyone know if he did a similar angle with the narcissist gimmick in
wwf? I looked for it but couldn't find. 

Автор lebnen143 (10 дней)

Автор Ladasia Faulkner (5 месяцев)
R.I.P but thats ceepy

Автор Michael Klein (6 часов)
Lex Luger is born again

Автор Sally ann Lamming (2 месяца)
That is fake. Lex lugar is not fead and he his still alive and well

Автор Edgehead10075 (6 месяцев)
As the Million Dollar Man would say, "He had a million dollar body but a
ten cent brain." Lol.

Автор printer003 (5 месяцев)
All in all... a damn good promo.

Автор Sally Meatballs (4 месяца)
Miss Elizabeth so beautiful I miss you.. #RestInPeace 

Автор Frodo Baggins (22 дня)
Screw him, he was the reason a better person in the wrestling industry
died. He was the reason Miss Elizabeth died.

Автор thefirepolo25 (5 месяцев)
He's still alive, morons.

Автор Alain Lamothe (21 день)
That was gay

Автор Edgehead10075 (6 месяцев)
WCW didn't know what to do with Elizabeth. She never should have gone
there. She should have stayed in WWE and managed a younger star after she
divorced the Macho Man.

Автор Mike Hawk (6 месяцев)
Nice plastic bat . . .

Автор Terry Altman (1 месяц)
Yeah that was stupid. Lex was okay though 

Автор Cole Woody (2 месяца)
He is not dead

Автор Eric Wells (3 месяца)
After they pulled this gimmick, I lost all hope for WCW. They were such a
great federation and had wrestlers and not superstars, they were wrestling,
pro wrestling and not sports entertainment, but once they did this angle -

Автор Luis Maldonado (10 дней)

Автор Peter Grimshaw (2 месяца)
Lex Luger on steroids...oh whoopie-doo. These days he looks like Forest
Gump with aids on a religious show. Religious show?...l guess he feels
guilty for killing miss Elizabeth.

Автор Erica anne Mason (7 месяцев)
Ugh this put the butts in the seats!

Автор Thriller26 (7 месяцев)
Lex Was Trying To Be In Competition w/BIG Poppa Pump Scott Steiner When He
Transformed His Body To This Form. He Hit The "Roids" Harder Than He Ever
Had Before. He Could Never Hang w/Freakzilla. Scott Steiner Was DA
MAN!! BIG Poppa Pump Is Your Hookup... HOLLA...IF YA HEAR ME!!

Автор CelesteK (6 месяцев)
OMG! That was just fucking creepy! :D

Автор Power Howard (5 месяцев)
Miss Elizabeth looks to be almost crying for some reason. Why am I
disturbed by that?

Автор Quinten Easton (4 месяца)

Автор Emma Lewis (11 месяцев)

Автор mightypotato (6 месяцев)
WCW, ladies and gentlemen...

Автор Vinny Levine (8 месяцев)
What kind of drugs would someone have to take to think up something this
bizarre? I mean did someone create this under the influence of cocaine?
Even though the Total Package wasn't a bad wrestler, it makes no sense why
he didn't just keep the name Lex Luger. The whole Total Package thing
didn't work in opinion, people still called him Lex Luger.

Автор Anthony Wilson (10 месяцев)
I didn't know all those people's die like that

Автор Mixed Bag (7 месяцев)
Yawn..Luger always looked like a porn star to me..you know the one..the
douche with the ponytail from the late 80's / 90's :/

Автор Yancy Garcia (10 месяцев)
Da Fuq Miss Elizabeth what about Macho Man?

Автор Daniel Self (1 год)
she looks do miserable
rip Ms Elizabeth

Автор jazzynet1 (11 месяцев)
She sure looked trashed to me man. I guess George The Animal Steele must
have spanked her ass but good :D

Автор WWChampion16 (1 год)
This is sort of awkward because later in life Lex Luger seemed to almost
died when he went downhill, but then he was a born again Christian a few
years after Miss Elizabeth accidently died of a drug overdose at Lex's
house and Lex got arrested for having illegal stuff in his house.

Автор Michael Sillah (1 год)
Stinger was like "Hey Hogan, got ma money?"

Автор Buttergaming (6 месяцев)

Автор Bun B (11 месяцев)
He looks like Derek Hough on steroids!

Автор TheMerchantOfDeath37 (1 год)
Another idiot that found Jesus and is now born again. Lex Luger killed his
wife and retarded son, then killed himself. No amount of repenting will
overcome that. Burn in Hell Lex.

Автор GokaishuSonOfGouki (11 месяцев)
Dang Lex Luger if there was a superman movie released in 1999 lex could
have play the part with a body like that.

Автор Mdriver1981 (10 месяцев)
The thing that used to annoy me to almost no end about pro wrestling shows
was the fans reaction when they notice the camera on them. I guess I can
understand a person making a face or whatever when they notice for the
first time that they are on tv, but they never seem to get their fill. The
fans sitting/standing in the front row (especially the ones behind the
color commentators) received the most camera attention. Throughout the
whole show you will notice that most of them just cannot help themselves.
They feel they must act buffoonish, as if there are people out there that
give a shit about them.

Автор judy barcenas (6 месяцев)
What ever happened to the narcissist. Thst was is old name (the

Автор Zach Culbreth (10 месяцев)
Didn't tna do this fuckin shit with the Dudleys and aces and 0.8s 

Автор TheHabitman (1 год)
Damn, Elizabeth looked fucken hot.

Автор vegasjill21 (11 месяцев)
Oh...those were the good ol' days when I was glued to the tube watching
all them hunky mens on WWF, WWE, WCW and WTF. lol And Lex was my
fav!!! ♥

Автор Mugwort (1 год)
Damn. Shocked. RIP Lex, thanks for the great memories and god bless!

Автор John Menyhard (1 год)
Lex is a christen know he lost all that mass.lex is the true totel packege
in jesus christ.amen

Автор john carrasquillo (1 год)
good man.

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