The Death of Lex Luger

Long Live the Total Package

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Автор John Rondeau ( назад)
I have a body just like that lol 😅

Автор 68 mopar ( назад)
lex luger isnt dead

Автор dubla321 ( назад)
this entire video is weird and so are the comments weirder

Автор Damien Demento ( назад)

Автор Ben BACA ( назад)
that's a demonic way of putting that Lex Luger became an Illuminati puppet

Автор Gary Desarro ( назад)
Alex Luger is not really dead? What phoney, demonic, bullshit, and
fraudulent misrepresentation. Another loophole in American liberal laws
regarding fraudulent reporting

Автор kevin denton ( назад)
Met this man a few years ago .. he can barely hold a microphone and can't

Автор Jason ( назад)
When I heard that stupid voice and saw the lighting strike all I'm thinking
is "shit, another shockmaster gimmick."

Автор TheSejanoz ( назад)
Reason #3345345 why Bobby Heenan is awesome - 3:30

Автор MintSauce ! ( назад)
Hulk took Sting's parking space 6:03

Автор Alan Napolitano ( назад)
Lex Luger is almost a quadriplegic very sad

Автор Joe Manzella ( назад)
Watching this at work, sitting by myself... When I saw the end with Sting,
I busted out laughing and everyone in the place staring at me ...Priceless
ending to this video

Автор James McCarthy ( назад)
Lex luger is not dead

Автор Joel & Noah Balboa ( назад)

Автор Rich Arans ( назад)
good riddance

Автор SCOTT JONES ( назад)
Luger is not dead. As of 8-10-16. Stupid video

Автор John Doe ( назад)
I just found out about this. RIP Lex. So sad.

Автор Tammy Mott ( назад)
Luger isn't dead. Liz is. Luger is in a wheelchair now. paralyzed

Автор Jim T. ( назад)
Put Luger in the HOF

Автор I AM ( назад)
Way to go sting

Автор Brenda Gibson ( назад)
love wrestler

Автор jack hammer ( назад)
when did this happen?

Автор Stephanie Garcia ( назад)
Liz and Luger's physique were amazing at this time, sad to say but more
than likely they were both hitting the gym hard and doing roids.

Автор Tom Schrade ( назад)
You could see it in her face, Liz had started down that long road...

Автор Jennifer Trevino ( назад)
lex luger from super cards

Автор Buckeyecat2002 ( назад)
The Total Package: Greased up, burnt by tanning bed lights and fuel
injected with high octane steroids. Never forget that old saying about
putting lipstick on a pig.

Автор Buckeyecat2002 ( назад)
This was really about the Death of Miss Elizabeth, the ex-wife of Randy
Savage who was otherwise murdered by The Total Package of Trailer Trash

Автор Buckeyecat2002 ( назад)
Too bad Paul Bearer did not prepare his body for his drug rehab after life.

Автор roblox channel ( назад)

Автор james macdonald ( назад)
all jacked only to have a little dick

Автор Natalie Miller ( назад)
Huh what the heck??? this whole thing is just wrong!!!

Автор G. Roberts ( назад)
What a stupid fucking vid. Everyone wants to be a "wannabe" youtube star

Автор ssnader a ( назад)
allah akbar, it was muhammed hassan who killed lex luger

Автор Stoward Hearn ( назад)
I'm sure vince McMahon was jerkin his cock off so hard

Автор Luke Leopard ( назад)
Replace luger with undertaker and the fireworks would be incredible for the
match that never was. Damn.

Автор Matt Hon ( назад)
he not dead you idiot

Автор Tennisguy10 ( назад)
That body is beyond perfect

Автор Steve Rabon ( назад)
I like how fast people throw the word steroids around everytime they see
somebody with muscles. I got that same remarks years ago when I use to
workout daily and never used a day in my life.

Автор Markis5150 ( назад)
He looks like a giant tumor

Автор acgillespie ( назад)
if only The American people could see how damn stupid they really are and
how the real world see's them all...
*One Nation of Queers - Retards and Freaks of Nature....land of the Idiots
and Morons*

Автор Gary Cabe ( назад)
lex isn't dead

Автор Senor Grande84 (787 лет назад)
Rest In Packages.

Автор LK Campbell ( назад)
Can you spell S T E R O I D?

Автор Alfredo Phillips ( назад)
good he deserves to die

Автор Clarence Likehart ( назад)
i am not sure the he is dead it dosen't say it on google

Автор maryann bolls ( назад)
wait why did sting hit him really rude of sting and what was that for?

Автор Modelo Man (346 лет назад)

Автор Abdalla J ( назад)
the ending with Sting is gold

Автор TK BENSON ( назад)
dude this was like him being back n the wwf....

Автор Turbo Dick ( назад)
I wish

Автор Mckenzie Chase ( назад)
i hope god showed mercy on Elizabeth despite the waist of her life

Автор Norm. Panganiban ( назад)
ok what day time soap opera show script came from ?

Автор DefLeppardVanHalen ( назад)
3:31 - SCHWING!!! RIP Elizabeth

Автор Anxo Fernandez ( назад)
Let's see...Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Triple H,
Brock Lesnar, John Cena...Vince Mc Mahon seems to have a thing for tall
chiseled guys. He seems to especially like blond bulky guys to be the faces
of his company. I don;t want to insinuate that he's a nazi or a white
supremacist, nor that he could be gay...but it's undeniable that there is a

Автор Will Kayy ( назад)
Luger died giving anal to Miss Liz what a way to go!!!!!!

Автор sandinyourshoes ( назад)
She turned heel?

Автор Yoga Fire (1003 года назад)
Lol dawww poor hulk hogie hogan go boom

Автор härjaren Langstrumpf ( назад)
hahah loved sting back in the day. Always swooping in with a bat and then
leaving xD

Автор mecha gojira69 ( назад)
skinless chicken breasts and egg whites hahaaha

Автор Jack Corbett ( назад)
God dammit sting

Автор Wwe Lover 23 ( назад)
he is not dead

Автор belldn3 ( назад)
He may not be dead............yet. But he has always been full of himself.

Автор vincentrich ( назад)
This is corny, but it made Luger look like a big deal. If you didn't know
anything about wrestling, then you would probably stop to see what was
about to happen. Wrestling doesn't have that anymore.

Автор ECW Dudley Boyz (807 лет назад)
I hear Lex Luger is working behind the scenes for WWE now. So yeaaa, people
who say he's dead is an idiot

Автор TheReivenlocke ( назад)
Lex Luger died and rose again as...Lex Luger?!

Автор DracoHandsome ( назад)
Lex Luger died?! I thought SuperMcMahon didn't kill people

Автор peddle ( назад)
luger killed elizabeth.

Автор bucky468 ( назад)
Pretty pathetic to see 691 likes and 243 dislikes especially when the
Package is still alive to this day although he is no longer in any
condition to perform in the square circle ever again (juicing did it to
him.) Nevertheless, WTF is wrong with you people liking this asshat's

Автор BeN ( назад)
he didnt die!

Автор Stevie Steve ( назад)
Anyone that disliked this video is an idiot

Автор BigBlackBootyDaddy ( назад)
Lugers arms were puny, no match for Scott steiners physique.

Автор Jennifer Harris ( назад)
how long has miss.elizabeth been dead?

Автор mark sandmeyer ( назад)
he was on hard core pawn

Автор Roland Nadeau ( назад)
Banging Miss Elizabeth was once on my bucket list.....

Автор Stone Cold ( назад)
The end was like something out of Jackass.

Автор Luis Maldonado ( назад)

Автор lebnen143 ( назад)

Автор Max Headroom ( назад)
That was gay

Автор Frodo Baggins ( назад)
Screw him, he was the reason a better person in the wrestling industry
died. He was the reason Miss Elizabeth died.

Автор Terry Altman ( назад)
Yeah that was stupid. Lex was okay though 

Автор B Taylor ( назад)
What moron would post some bullshit like this. Lugar is very much alive

Автор Sally ann Lamming ( назад)
That is fake. Lex lugar is not fead and he his still alive and well

Автор Peter Grimshaw ( назад)
Lex Luger on steroids...oh whoopie-doo. These days he looks like Forest
Gump with aids on a religious show. Religious show?...l guess he feels
guilty for killing miss Elizabeth.

Автор Cole Woody ( назад)
He is not dead

Автор NYCrazyRob ( назад)
6:05 Brad Maddox - time traveler! O_O

Автор Eric Wells ( назад)
After they pulled this gimmick, I lost all hope for WCW. They were such a
great federation and had wrestlers and not superstars, they were wrestling,
pro wrestling and not sports entertainment, but once they did this angle -

Автор Bryson H ( назад)
Lex Luger isn't dead

Автор Sally Meatballs ( назад)
Miss Elizabeth so beautiful I miss you.. #RestInPeace 

Автор Quinten Easton ( назад)

Автор printer003 ( назад)
All in all... a damn good promo.

Автор Brandon Howard ( назад)
Miss Elizabeth looks to be almost crying for some reason. Why am I
disturbed by that?

Автор thefirepolo25 ( назад)
He's still alive, morons.

Автор Ladasia Faulkner ( назад)
R.I.P but thats ceepy

Автор mightypotato ( назад)
WCW, ladies and gentlemen...

Автор Sonny Wright ( назад)
I would still bang miss Elizabeth 

Автор Mike Hawk ( назад)
Nice plastic bat . . .

Автор jakegibson ( назад)
Does anyone know if he did a similar angle with the narcissist gimmick in
wwf? I looked for it but couldn't find. 

Автор CelesteK ( назад)
OMG! That was just fucking creepy! :D

Автор Edgehead10075 ( назад)
As the Million Dollar Man would say, "He had a million dollar body but a
ten cent brain." Lol.

Автор Edgehead10075 ( назад)
WCW didn't know what to do with Elizabeth. She never should have gone
there. She should have stayed in WWE and managed a younger star after she
divorced the Macho Man.

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