The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Early 2017 | New Winter Games PS4 Xbox One PC (Q1 2017)

Here are the 12 BEST & Most Anticipated Upcoming Games coming this Winter 2017 on PS4 Xbox One & PC! New games for you to play! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Resident Evil 7

2:17 For Honor

3:58 Ghost Recon Wildlands

6:20 Sniper Elite 4

8:13 Mass Effect Andromeda

11:03 Halo Wars 2

13:17 Horizon Zero Dawn

14:40 South Park The Fratured But Whole

17:00 Conan Exiles

20:03 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

21:09 Friday the 13th Game

22:03 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

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Автор Felipe Tramonta ( назад)
mass effect Andromeda is the only one Good lol

Автор Dydy LeGiraffe ( назад)

Автор UnstoppableUploads ( назад)
bannerlord is sadly late 2017. maybe even 2018 they are listed for e3 2017

Автор Jamal Williams ( назад)
Conan Exiles Is The Closest To My Kind Of Game. Tactical. PVP Too ?!. Has Some Ancient History In It . The Scenery, The Caves. Users Seem Like Their In Control, Not Scripted. All That's Left Is Customization Can We Dress Ourselves Like GODs With Robes And Jewelry ? 👀

Автор #IASS ( назад)
Where is the "saved you a video" guy.

Автор Darker 143 ( назад)
Can you make the video shorter?

Автор Slavic BROTHERHOOD ( назад)
Ghost Recon Wild Lands can suck my DIck with their Downgraded Graphics.

Автор Jorge Silva ( назад)
this click bait chould be against the law...

Автор Unka Boy ( назад)
What the game in the thumbnail

Автор Khalod ( назад)
Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord is awsome

Автор RW D ( назад)
Here for the thumbnail...
Which game is it?

Автор recommended items ( назад)
cant wait to plays these games

Автор aral skywalker ( назад)
please sub aral skywalker

Автор I'm a Gamer ( назад)
These are Best Upcoming Games,no way !!!!

Автор De Humanoid ( назад)
Ohhh damn i'm looking forward for Mass Effect Andromesa

Автор Panos Aslanis ( назад)
conan Exiles look soo bad

Автор cholichan cholichan ( назад)
every video that is a top 10 games Comming out 2017 is just the same!

Автор Supersonic Knockout ( назад)
Give me one good reason pc gaming is actually better than consoles aside from
Better Graphics
Better Audio
Better Gaming Experience
Better/Faster Patch/Update Support
Better Online Gameplay
Higher Frame Rate
Higher Resolutions
Backwards Compatibility
More Exclusives
More Games
More Mature Community
More Community Support
More Precise Controls
More Options/Customization For controls/Visuals/Monitors/Software/Everything
Steam Sales
Cheaper (Both Initial Cost For Budget Builds And Obviously In The long Run Compared To Consoles)
Cheaper Games
Cheaper Upgrades
More Customizability
Better Indie Games
Easier To Navigate Internet
Broader Software Support
A Quiet Gaming Experience
Burning DVD/Blurays
Larger Choice And Cheaper Peripherals
Water Cooling
Faster Loading TIme
Free Online Gameplay
A Choice In Hardware Brands
Longer Lasting Warranty
More Free To Play Games...

Bet you can't

Автор Ayman Fadil ( назад)
It's fractured but while in the description it sais fratured

Автор Azei Azhar ( назад)
omgg the brutes are returning to halo😱😱😱

Автор just a Cuber ( назад)
FUCK OFF rising storm Vietnam I'm not bitching because I'm Vietnamese but because that whore trailer looked like it was based off the Americans dominating us and yes I know they won but in a multiplayer game any one of those teams could win but this looks like they favored them too much

Автор Emmanuel Espinal ( назад)
2017 and still same shit games.

Автор EazyE187um ( назад)
as soon as I seen shitty ass south park backed out. You're clearly a pussy that's stuck with a child's brain, that show is a show that 8 year olds watch. congrats virgin

Автор EazyE187um ( назад)
resident evil was fucking trash gtfo out of here

Автор chris63952 ( назад)
anyone know if it's it's possible to switch into first person in Mount and blade?

Автор Rohan Van Gool ( назад)
I should've shit before I watched this

Автор Leandre Sanchez ( назад)
Though film serious female check

Автор modmen games ( назад)
10 what the name of the game ??

Автор Martin Schuster ( назад)
Ey check out this new kichstarter game tis year: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/984434986/legrand-legacy-tale-of-the-fatebounds?ref=recommended

Автор Hector Viera ( назад)
Hell Yeaah!!! South Park ftw

Автор MJGames ( назад)
Wow horizon zero Dawn looks amazing! So many genres thrown into one game :O

Автор Agnusx Hero ( назад)

Автор Notorisk ( назад)
these look like ps3/xb360 games

Автор SprühSprühKnallBummMann ( назад)
fuck your ads

Автор Boom I Gotcha ( назад)
I just got Resident evil 7 and beat it in about 8 hours. Motion sickness, no co op or multiplayer, nowhere near enough fighting/enemies/weapons, terrible lighting, and you move so slow it feels like your drugged out on Xanax. Total waste of $60.

Автор Wolf Liar ( назад)
Conan Exiles - Dead

Автор omrie yechiel ( назад)
Ok we get it, u like first person shooters... that dont make them "best"

Автор Sheo329 ( назад)
I wasn't ready for Friday the 13th x)

Автор Wayne Clark ( назад)
That last game is pure witchcraft

Автор Wayne Clark ( назад)
Pushing female character propaganda

Автор Wayne Clark ( назад)
Get off your lazy butts and go join the real military

Автор Wayne Clark ( назад)
Companies trying to push satanic trash

Автор rachman1noff ( назад)
They don't make resident evil 7 seem very fun. Just getting your ass whipped the whole time. Fun.

Автор JAWAD KHAN ( назад)
new games is also machines game not intresting

Автор Cameron Foster ( назад)
Conscious candidate milk fifteen leather magic military laser pray.

Автор Mike Michelson ( назад)
Friday 13th is a 'game' for pure psychopats, so messed up.

Автор I Honestly Couldn't Think Of A Name So This'll Do ( назад)
rising storm vietnam looks fun

Автор Lior al ( назад)
Not intersting games only ghost recon

Автор Gaming In Progress ( назад)
No Sniper Ghost Warrior?

Автор mr. Blonde ( назад)
If Sony could make a deal with Warner Bros i would like to see John Wick the videogame and, Yes! absolutely powered by Naughty Dog

Автор VASTCORE JR ( назад)
fuck the clickbait always gets me

Автор reakktor ( назад)
Friday d 13 is to much and i think it will be sensored in many countrys and not allowed

Автор Burnoski TV ( назад)
M&B 2 B- pussy play

Автор Emanuel Martinez ( назад)
you forgot ace combat 7

Автор J Htoo ( назад)

Автор King Lambert612 ( назад)
Mass Effect is a good look

Автор GameEveryDay ( назад)
Whoever put South Park on this list is a fucking retard

Автор stefanooo ( назад)
Battlefront 2?

Автор TheCinemaElite Movies ( назад)
Sniper elite 4: GTA was fine, but NOW your kid will grow up to be a weird murderer

Автор MyViral Videos ( назад)
anyone sub me i sub u back

Автор LordWhatsHisName ( назад)
Halo wars 2? Really? You could of just uploaded a clip of mass effect and it would of been fine.

Автор Henry Maude ( назад)
console sucks

Автор Hugo Heintz ( назад)
When is outlast 2 coming out?

Автор xDweaponDx ( назад)
Please tell me halo wars 2 is coming on ps4?

Автор Cameron Merriman ( назад)
never been a fan of mass affect but Andromeda looks good a bit like destiny if any body can tell me how it plays that would be great I'm gonna go watch jack play resident evil

Автор true savage ( назад)
see what we need is a free roam ironman game for the ps4

Автор Jimmy Son ( назад)
the first one looks pritty wierd anyone know the name of it ?

Автор dougcool1 ( назад)
Okay well first why am I on this account wth, but anyway Rising Storm 2: Vietcong looks fucking amazing

Автор Raketni ( назад)
this game is sucks

Автор Lukas Klein ( назад)
Bannerlord and Rising storm 2 all the way

Автор Angel .O ( назад)
Fuck that world war 1 shit with everybody running around with automatic rifles and spamming grenades everywhere. I'm heading to 'nam baby. Charlie won't know what hit them, just like them nips.

Автор Rhys Kelly ( назад)
dang wealthy i like it vmolently laughter ! !

Автор TheMovieGamerZ ( назад)
My mom say I can buy PS4 if I Get 250 Likes So Please!!

Автор Yilmaz Esingen ( назад)
this year is gonna be soo good we got red dead redemption 2 and the last of us 2 coming out also for honor looks awesome ❤❤❤

Автор Bill Gates ( назад)
Friday the 13th has potential I just hope the developers don't screw it up with something stupid

Автор Nixo35 ( назад)

Автор Max Delacroy ( назад)
Sniper elite havê bad grafics

Автор ZqueakerZ ( назад)
2016 - EA
2017 - Ubisoft

Автор Video game viewer ( назад)
I hate when they show 5 min of gameplay per game. Just show me 20 seconds each. If I wanna see more I'll look

Автор Doctor Tenma ( назад)
Great movies but bad games...

Автор 페르난도 ( назад)
most of them are gore and bloody,why that kinda game are so popular now days,the only two trully good are halo wars and south park

Автор Emily Raylene ( назад)
The only one I want is Mass Effect.

Автор Eud Briel ( назад)
dude sniper elite 4 is too much violent, where It Will stop :(

Автор eyedubbz ( назад)
mass effect. pff. more like no mans sky if it was like it was promised.

Автор Bennet Wekwerth ( назад)
resident evil looks so boring :D

Автор Ramiro Caricato ( назад)
mass effect looks like Halo 5 copy

Автор fuhrer Korean ( назад)
I want to play mount and blade 2 napoleonic wars mode

Автор Oliver Enevoldsen ( назад)
Bannerlord in early 2017? Nice joke.

Автор dannycool59x ( назад)
i am interested and keen on getting a gaming pc, but before that i have to change and upgrade my internet as the internet speed in australia is slow af. I got 0.89mbs download speed when i did the test. Even if i was to get a pc I cant play/download games :(

Автор Mario Ro ( назад)
i like masa efect andromeda

Автор Stone Cold ( назад)
so what will be the next call of duty game huh guys?

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