The 12 BEST Upcoming Games of Early 2017 | New Winter Games PS4 Xbox One PC (Q1 2017)

Here are the 12 BEST & Most Anticipated Upcoming Games coming this Winter 2017 on PS4 Xbox One & PC! New games for you to play! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Resident Evil 7

2:17 For Honor

3:58 Ghost Recon Wildlands

6:20 Sniper Elite 4

8:13 Mass Effect Andromeda

11:03 Halo Wars 2

13:17 Horizon Zero Dawn

14:40 South Park The Fratured But Whole

17:00 Conan Exiles

20:03 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

21:09 Friday the 13th Game

22:03 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

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Автор SiftTheDrift ( назад)
LIVIN' THE DREAM - Making Money Playing Games. You can too - GET PAID TO
PLAY!! http://paidtoplay.bestgetsome.com

Автор Chris Maher ( назад)
Gotta say, the new Resident Evil looks boring as hell. And how much of any
Ubisoft gaming trailers are actually game play anymore?

Автор Dillon Crosby ( назад)
I need a Lord of the Rings remastered

Автор Crazy Croc ( назад)
YAHHHHHHHHHH MASS EFFECT!! My body is ready, lets just hope my computer is,

Автор James Anderson ( назад)

Автор James Anderson ( назад)

Автор Michael Blanton ( назад)
That Sniper game looks like crap! I think the Recon will be good, however.
Oh, and RE7, will be on my top must buy.

Автор Dakota T ( назад)
8 :11 Nine

Автор Mcdyrhrsrtycfvgu Rugvvfg uy ( назад)
was that ghost game call of duty

Автор LiquidEctasy ( назад)
new south park demonstration is very cringey

Автор Tiago Gamer ( назад)
State of Decay 2 ??????

Автор Ignis ( назад)
wtf where is escape from tarkov

Автор Austin Hayden ( назад)
For honor looks hella good

Автор CIfRIX ( назад)
Mount and Blade: Bannerlord <3

Автор M773 ( назад)
YEAH ! new vietnam shooter, NICE

Автор BRub29 ( назад)
What's the game in the thumbnail. Looks like a Vietnam game

Автор VoRteZzXX ( назад)
no god of war?

Автор Nicole Kurtz ( назад)
and I'm gowing to pre order horzin zero dawn in 3 days

Автор Nicole Kurtz ( назад)
I just pre orderd resdint evil 7 biohazard fucking awesome

Автор Akuut ( назад)
not best :) re :)

Автор Duck Dependence Of Elephant ( назад)
any of this has local coop?

Автор hot socks ( назад)
thumbnail game at 20:03

Автор HiggarN Higgs ( назад)
I just cant play a halo game without hearing cortana in it RIP not some
random bitch haha.

Автор Roee Harari ( назад)
what trailer did you use for For honor?

Автор Adam Foster ( назад)
suspicion alive comparison hecogr buddy giant why cousin grief impossible

Автор Sean Ward ( назад)
Not gonna lie, dont like the look of resi at all.

Автор Young Rich ( назад)
ALL look the same.. As ALWAYS..

Автор Luis Mata ( назад)
Shooting is better like call of duty advanced but other games that is about
no guns no friend like you know what I means

Автор Ninja_Storm ( назад)
the dude on resident evil won't die wth

Автор HAMMER2702 YIPPIE ( назад)
Can't wait for for honour

Автор Awsm2 ( назад)
Halo wars is shit, I don't see why this is in the most anticipated games

Автор Joe Drake ( назад)
Conan looked liked Minecraft 😂wtf

Автор Dinho Oliveira ( назад)
None of this games blows my mind :(

Автор Dmitry Ivn ( назад)
unbeatable yankess only pc game, no real life operation mogadishu who
win......and....... somalian win))

Автор Zaid Ali ( назад)
Just sit back relax and smoke from your Twisty glass blunt
Best new blunt out there, the twisty glass blunt.. pack 1.5 grams of your
favorite herb

Автор Gunnar Eilers ( назад)
Ghost Recon looks like Phantom Pain

Автор Cfnaturalfeeling ( назад)
Ghost recon? More like Icon Recon.
All i can see is circles of all colors all around the the screen.

Автор Jordan Burke ( назад)

Автор Dan Jimiez ( назад)
they was like capture and private amy of what ever you spell it
so its basically slaves huh

Автор UnFoxin ( назад)
Cant wait for Sniper Elite 4.

Автор Cloud Gaming ( назад)
if any of you buy Sniper Elite 4, you just as well just never own a single
dollar again if your going to waste your money on that shit again,

Автор xxNoble Zionx117 ( назад)
I want rising bro

Автор Benjamin Öström ( назад)
Bannerlord is kinda overrated. I feal bad for those that enjoy M&B but
can't afford Bannerlord

Автор Evoo HD (Gaming) ( назад)
i want ZERO DAWN to PC, so much!

Автор DedPwul- King Of The Dank Memes... ( назад)
rising storm 2 looks like a fucking ps2 game

Автор Sparkey OD ( назад)
What about Red Dead Redemption 2

Автор GhostFaceG ( назад)
lol ghost recon wild lands mission leave citizens to die after releasing

Автор MekajiraGames ( назад)
I used to LOVE Resident Evil, but like wtf Capcom? You went from Resident
Evil to fucking Outlast?!

Автор Clonus ( назад)
These all look like they're going to be unfinished pieces of garbage other
than mass effect an resident evil 7...

Автор Max kostee ( назад)
i dont think that bannerlord comes early 2k17

Автор Adam DiSalvo ( назад)
I thought 2017 is going to be a great year for games I was wrong a lot of
these games look like junk and the only ones that look interesting or
straight PC maybe one game for console if you think this is the top 12
games that are coming out I wonder what you think is going to be bad
because most of these games all look like they suck

Автор talenthunter ( назад)
Bhakti wars 2 came out before December 2016 you retard

Автор SquarerFive “SquarerFive” ( назад)

Автор deviljoegaming ( назад)
I'm an Xbox 1 person but I'm a robot and dino person too is there a way to
get horizon zero dawn for xbox😢😣😣😣😣😣

Автор JustCallMeHomie ( назад)
Mass Effect Andromeda and Horizon Zero Dawn are still my hype.

Автор Bender Bending Rodriguez ( назад)
will rising storm 2 come out for ps4

Автор Silent Memes ( назад)
When are they gonna make an Ailens game again? Ailens verus Predator was

Автор Zaw Aung ( назад)
my pc is so weak that it wont let me buy the games that released after 2012

Автор Sfreshy ( назад)

Автор ferron leeflang ( назад)

Автор Saggy Pants ( назад)
Friday 13th looks really boring.

Автор It's Jack YT ( назад)
What is the date of recon gost wild land come out on

Автор ben gee ( назад)
Half these games look fucking shit.. I'm so sick of these fucking
studios/publishers trying to make everything appeal to the largest
demographic.. for fucks sake even mass effect is looking shite.. all they
had to do was build better - more interactive worlds, great varied missions
and to tell an epic story.. Conan looks shit as well

Trying to make these huge open worlds with fucking maps with all this crap
over them that you can go to and they're all crappy and do fuck all.. 😂
fucking sick of it

Автор Atinverd ( назад)
I'd like some new Zoids stuff. *edit* "Small" army in conan exile.

Автор Klison Klisonowski ( назад)
I wait for Age of Civilizations 2 and Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord.

Автор fabilolman ( назад)
ummmm! dude whats that?! the best upcoming game is Identity!

Автор Cameron Colclough ( назад)
daaaaamn 2017 is looking lit af!!!!

Автор Bolter21Mapping ( назад)
This friday 13th game with that awfull music is basically manhunt.

Автор BioLink ( назад)
All i saw was a bunch of scripted nonsense "gamplay" trailers, and lies...
lots of fucking lies.

Автор xtheDragoon ( назад)
Wow "Friday the 13th" is just disgusting. I'm not the type of guy that
would bitch about blood or violence in video games, but thats on another

Автор Nikolas Christopoulos ( назад)
Roses are red
violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
and so did you

Автор Bjornulf L'13eGuerrier ( назад)

Автор Lorenz Chylka ( назад)
sniper Elite 4 Seems like American proudness but in reality the allies had
much bigger looses than germany

Автор Johan Hjalmarsson ( назад)
Wow, Matt Stone didn't look interested at all @17:00.

Автор Marco Meijer ( назад)
desire Anyone recognize worse this vmdeo . 2

Автор Nichelium K ( назад)
Where is Half-Life 3?

Автор unknow slayer ( назад)
so im watching a video about cool/badass games and than i get a ad about
fucking cat power Rangers LIKE WTF

Автор Женька Женёк ( назад)
и ждать вам этих игр в 2018 раз написано 17. так всегда бывает, ито хер кто
взламывать их будет, в магазине покупать - пожалуйста.

Автор Antoninto ( назад)
resident evil 7 is sooo shit

Автор TurtleKid - ROBLOX ( назад)
were is mencraft 2

Автор Lamar Dorsey ( назад)
Where is last of us 2

Автор Wolf Jolteon ( назад)
1000th comment

Автор Ge Di ( назад)
"For honor" looks like one game I played on my IPAD, forgot the name; but
those 2 games are too similar! Hope I can play it early!!!

Автор Arthur Siqueira Dornelles ( назад)
zero horizon will be fucking awesome dude oh i cant wait to see how it

Автор Vandelor ( назад)
I might play that new conan exiles game... even though the movies were
quite dumb. If anything i'll play because i can choose to not hire
dancers... I will try to go as insane as possible.

Автор kenny wells ( назад)
horizon zero dawn looks so stupid

Автор Rikijb ( назад)
friday 13th game!!

Автор Chevyb2004 A ( назад)
Dem graphics do

Автор Franco Vasquez ( назад)
Residen evil 7 es un chupinaso

Автор michael lanaux ( назад)
That thumbnail better be in the damn video

Автор Roman Matys ( назад)
Rising Storm 2 Vietnam reminds me Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam.

Автор Johny Kiełbasa ( назад)

Автор Lenayus Mynestone ( назад)
It would be awesome to get a Pokemon rpg game, open world, next gen
graphics etc.

Автор Cipheroid ( назад)
This is how games get over hyped and over hated.

Автор my.chemical. black.sword25 ( назад)
the only one I'm hyped for is Friday the 13th the game

Автор Marco Schuster ( назад)
Present pizza so share investigation dance equally mysterious.

Автор Baraka ugly ass ( назад)
these graphics look amazing they look more real than San Andreas did holy

Автор Thetalkingwatermelon ( назад)

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