Learning English Activities And Hobbies

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Автор tươi hoàng ( назад)
m đang học 1 khóa học tiếng anh giao tiếp tại trung tâm anh ngữ LESH thấy
rất ok, chất lượng giảng tốt nữa, hiện tại m còn đang học online miễn phí
trên PALTALK của trung tâm nữa. bây giờ m thấy tự tin với tiếng anh của m

Автор marcos 30 ( назад)
ma ad skipe : marcos.trindade29

Автор Tata Mike ( назад)
I really like this lesson.

Автор Phu Phommaseng (1434 года назад)
good looking

Автор Said Toudi ( назад)
ok thanks a lot my hobbbies is learning english a lot listen music of
english ok i hope to know all in english soon?

Автор tuyen nguyen ( назад)
Noi cham wa,chang nghe dk j.hehe

Автор Jack “Rain” Murray ( назад)
Why and how did i end up here? I'm fully English haha this is very basic
stuff, funny :')

Автор Eliezer H Santos ( назад)
I'm studying english and i like to practice on skye. My id on skye is
Let's to learn together.

Автор mariam roukhsar ( назад)
Nice video

Автор Huyen Phan ( назад)

Автор Camilo Franco ( назад)

Автор eunildo souza ( назад)
It's helpful, I liked so much, thank you alot.

Автор Crown Academy of English ( назад)
My English students often ask me about this too! Nice lesson :)

Автор Hidayat Benny ( назад)
nice thanks

Автор Pham Cong ( назад)

Автор ca vu ( назад)

Автор Veasna GAEA ( назад)

Автор Hoàng Duy Khánh ( назад)

Автор Nonny Bieber ( назад)
cool :p

Автор geni thanh ( назад)

Автор 50Lutfi ( назад)
I suggest to come Manchester. Why? Because Manchester is cheapper than
other cities. if you want to speak english proficiency you have to be in
the UK because I think you have to learn English in the UK in Manchester
fluently. i suggest you New College Manchester as a Language school. Ncm
has got high quality books and teachers. I live in Manchester For more
information please send e mail to me.. I wish you to successes happy dayss
.. :)

Автор APRENDENDOINGLESCOM mendonça ( назад)
I would like to thank to have accepted my invitation, my biggest interests
and disclose and train free site, blogs, Twitter, Youtube, where there are
tips and addresses, if you would not mind to disclose this interest to my
people or groups that you can tell me my skype
justino.daniel.amaral.de.mendonc email justinolivemocha@hotmail.com To
train English

Автор RAYAN dinho ( назад)
hahahaha>>> crazy 02:57

Автор james plater ( назад)

Автор salli Calee ( назад)

Автор Jimmy carpintero ( назад)
donde puedo conseguir este curso

Автор Jessie Hussin ( назад)
vary vaec

Автор Jessie Hussin ( назад)
Thank you jaber fares hussin

Автор Vyacheslav Trotsak ( назад)
Thank you!!

Автор Gustavo Giraldo ( назад)
the girls have really small boobies

Автор pirlo fan ( назад)
useful but the sound is not clear

Автор Makrem Elgherissi ( назад)
Very helpful thank you

Автор BUNKERxxgameplay ( назад)
nobody talks like that

Автор nhung nguyễn ( назад)
ok. nhung.nguyen

Автор Geovanny514 ( назад)

Автор gizovski ( назад)
I cannot concentrate because of her head.

Автор gentlepunk ( назад)
why are they talking to me like i'm a retard?

Автор Travis Tran ( назад)
just 1 people dont like hunting n u said English dont like hunting....

Автор Lauren ♡ ( назад)

HI everyone, studying english with me on skype: vuydhl

Автор Sidnoea ( назад)
Why the fuck is this in my recommended videos box?

Автор worldofdraculas ( назад)
Apparently English speakers don't like hunting.

Автор Dody Neudave ( назад)
I like it it's very good.

Автор Sindy zhou ( назад)
its great video, I want to learn more English

Автор Dhuga Himaa ( назад)
I like the girl, is she available, muh

Автор Nam Khánh Hồ ( назад)
Very Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Thorvandal ( назад)
hahaha, funny shit :D

Автор walit hooker ( назад)

Автор sajjad khan ( назад)
hi anyone practice of english with me add me on my skype

Автор sveikauskovich ( назад)
starring keanu reeves

Автор horror1569 ( назад)
whay do u doing free times? im watching porno....and what are you doing
fony gay porn stupid asshole niggha?

Автор Azhar Hussein ( назад)
Great video, who would like to get English practice?

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