James Hetfield on Playing to 500,000 People

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #887 with James Hetfield (https://youtu.be/5O6QPTawR14), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2igR5f9).


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Автор Abir ( назад)
It was 1.6 million people....

Автор ordep.Shotokan ( назад)
According to the Pantera Vulgar Video, they played to a million people on
the Monsters on Moscow.

Автор Chemical Juice ( назад)
That place went wild once they started sandman.

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
Pantera prolly smoked Metallica off the stage

Автор tender meat ( назад)
fucking pantera dude I would give a testicle to see them

Автор Jose Daniel Obregón ( назад)
The band he can't remember is Black Crows, amazing concert

Автор The Hippie Gunner ( назад)
+PowerfulJRE Could you try reaching out to Phil Anselmo? (Singer of
Pantera) He's a very interesting character

Автор TheBardeng ( назад)
HEY JOE. Do you pay all these great celebrities/fighters to come to your
podcast? Just curious. Anyway, keep on the great work bud

Автор Joe Brown ( назад)
*I learned English from your Lyrics* 😂😂

Автор Chauntrell Wright ( назад)
wow I'm not that aware of Metallica but that's fuckin AMAZING! Amazeballs!
#salute 👑

Автор Polash Mahmud ( назад)
precisely 1.6 Million people

Автор Eric Downey ( назад)
dimebag is my biggest hero he played amazing at that show.....like always

Автор ShortFingeredShreder ( назад)
James was being very humble here, and he was downsizing that crowd. That
audience was well over a million people. I always hear 1.5 or 1.6 million.

Автор FunnyAsSin ( назад)
Must ....resist...will to roast.....grrrrrr....RAHHH! YEAAAAAAYAHH!

Автор D3ft0ne ( назад)
Blows my mind how James has barely any wrinkles ... dude aged amazingly
well, considering amount of booze consumed.

Автор scorp312 ( назад)
2:14 "They didn't have the internet back then either" really that's such a
stupid thing to say, pretty much no one had internet back then, soviet
union wasn't populated by savages you know lol

Автор mike Layhew ( назад)
Think of the credibility James and Metallica hold. If they care for people
then why don't they use their voices to ring peace? Why don't they announce
to their followers who the bad guys really are and to stop them from
enslaving us?

Автор micky mcfarts ( назад)
thats a piece of history right there yall

Автор bill seemore ( назад)
Fuckin James. wish he still had the same mind set that he had when they
released kill em all, against the grain and against corporate rock horse
shit. oh well still a mother Fuckin legend and a godfather of metal.

Автор Wes J. ( назад)
Pantera owned that show.

Автор sauce n flow ( назад)
wow good luck finding a consert with that much talent for free.

Автор goldk28611 ( назад)
Wiki shows 3.6 Million attended this. 2nd largest attendance ever.

Автор bdegrds ( назад)
lol at people disagreeing with his number. he was there he lived it he
didn't just Google the shit. . .. fucking millennials

Автор pesoff ( назад)
"500 000 people... What does it sound like!?"

Автор Fortworths ( назад)
There were more than 500,000 people.

Автор winlip2 ( назад)
Apparently 53 people died - and some sources say there was 1.4 million
people at the concert? True or not, 500.000 is still insane!

Автор Živica Kerkez ( назад)
"They didn't have internet" in 1991, WTF man how old are you? Only CERN
have "Internet" in 1991!

Автор Blake (Lion of August) ( назад)
What a fucking incredible experience that would be. Can't even comprehend

Автор swagcity ( назад)
This guy sold his soul like every other famous music artist.

Автор Robert Slavin ( назад)
I was sure it was over 1 million people at that concert 🙄

Автор boki77 ( назад)
it was Black Crows....Crue was in 1989 with scorpions,bon jovi,gorky
park,cinderella,an skid row

Автор PaCmAn Is My iDoL aNd FlOyd Is A pUsSy ( назад)
WTF are you talking about 500,000 ?? no its estimated to be at least 1
one of the best concerts in history

Автор InfamousMedia ( назад)
It's always surprising to me how metal/hard rock guys like him are calm and
articulate (David draiman, rob zombie, Marilyn Manson) which goes against
the nature of their music

Автор David Lloyd ( назад)
enter the sandman was epic

Автор Alex Hernandez ( назад)
James Hetfield is wearing a Derrek Carr shirt😖😖😭😭

Автор Karen Bell ( назад)
RIP PantarA

Автор Radames Vaz ( назад)
I knew Joe was a big personality, but big enough to be friends with James
and have him on the show? damn.

Автор Justin Edwin ( назад)
if I remember it was Gorky park playing as well.

Автор Perverto Romantico ( назад)
Fun fact, there were several deaths and 100+ rapes at that show.

Автор philmeaux ( назад)
Didn't think a POS that large could fit in your basement. Amazed.

Автор Ian Sorola ( назад)
James got the attendance wrong. It was actually 1.6 Million people who
attended Monsters of Rock 1991.

Автор gustavomejia0518 ( назад)
It was actually a lil less than 1,000,000 fans not half of that.

Автор Um No ( назад)
coolest rock star ever, still on drugs too. thx bud for the soundtrack to
my life.

Автор AlienInside ( назад)
Actually it's estimated to be more than a million people

Автор NEWSUPERCHARGER2001 ( назад)
The Black Crowes

Автор joses box ( назад)
Rock n Rolllllll!

Автор Timothy Maynard ( назад)
that concert would been amazing, Dime would be there too <3

Автор David C ( назад)
The black crowes played there too

Автор sebastian acuña ( назад)
Monster of rock 91 one of my fav concerts to watch, i was 2 yeasr old whan
that happened xd

Автор Zack Klein ( назад)
Fuck james hetfield. You guys see a front man, I see another lame ass white

Автор Aussie Proud ( назад)
Pantera did it better

Автор George Q ( назад)
What if you needed to take a shit and your dead center of the crowd lol
you're screwed.

Автор Art Silva ( назад)
Someone in that crowd wanted to take a shit!

Автор WillieNillie ( назад)
wiki says: 3,6 Million attended that concert:

Автор jeb jed ( назад)
suka belate

Автор Kdizzle206 ( назад)
Damn lol. I feel like a good amount of people could of died.

Автор The Volta ( назад)

Автор MAGGOTKnees ( назад)
fucken sick iv gotta watch the full show, Cheers Joe!

Автор Hughezy World Order ( назад)
pfft, i can only count 499,394 people.

someones a LIAR. James Hetfield is a LIAR.

Автор Paulie Bessler ( назад)

Автор BandytaCzasu ( назад)
1:44 Is that helicopter Mi-2? It's the noisiest helicopter in the world -
great way to ruin a concert.

Автор Obi-Wan Kannabis ( назад)
This concert is part of history, there's plenty of videos on youtube,
hearing from Hetfield what it was like on stage is absolutely insane.

Автор TerraFirma ( назад)
it was actually 1.5 million people, watch the video on you tube it's insane
lol. "Enter the sandman, Moscow"

Автор ConfederateTexan ( назад)
Monsters of Rock, Moscow 1991. Absolutely insane!

Автор Kiwi grubasku ( назад)
I actually DID learn english from listening to metallica and others!

Автор Matty B ( назад)
What a line up!
Metal heaven!!

Автор Aniruddha Sharma ( назад)
Still can't believe James Hetfield came on this show. Metallica and Iron
Maiden introduced me to Heavy Metal more than 12 years ago.

Автор carteliser ( назад)
You mean 1.6 million people can come together and there was no gang rape???

Автор JobyJonesJnr ( назад)
roger waters the wall concert in Berlin 1990.... they stopped selling
tickets once they sold over 375,000, the charity concert was for memorial
disaster relief and was played on the ground (no mans land) that seperarted
east/west germany before the wall came down..... there's yer dinner!!

Автор Tom From MySpace's Dog ( назад)
One of the best episodes of the year !

Автор niallwex eire ( назад)
just search enter sandman russia 1991 it's insane xD

Автор Ганс Витольд ( назад)
i was there! No Motley Crue though. Local band E.S.T. and Black
Crowes.Pantera performed first, AC/DC was headliner. Motley Crue played in
Moscow before that - in 1989 - Moscow Music Peace Festival (also Ozzy,
Cinderella, Scorpions, Bon Jovi).

Автор kourosh shn ( назад)
that was metallica power.they are still awesone.best band ever

Автор Bump Fugget ( назад)
It was The Black Crowes at that show, not Motley Crue. Crue were at an
Airfield show with Metallica in Germany two weeks prior to the Moscow show.

Автор Alim Balkarov ( назад)
there was over 1,5 million people..

Автор Agent0004 ( назад)
Napster lives!

Автор Jure Gombač ( назад)
Joe should watch the video from the concert

Автор Cody Nicholson ( назад)
my nipples got hard thinking of being in front of that many people.

Автор Hello, Murica! ( назад)
I like James, but fuck his music. Stopped listening to Metallica after the
Black album. Black album was when they should have changed their name.
Everything since sounds nothing like their original material.

Автор Dave Haz ( назад)
Holy shit

Автор Chris Demetroff ( назад)
my girl just had a baby!!!!

Автор JJDiablo ( назад)

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