James Hetfield on Playing to 500,000 People

This clip is taken from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #887 with James Hetfield (https://youtu.be/5O6QPTawR14), also available for download via iTunes & Stitcher (http://bit.ly/2igR5f9).


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Автор i died ( назад)
a free metallica, pantera show.. I WANNA LIVE IN THE 90S AND I WANT IT NOW IDGAF

Автор Marcel V ( назад)
1,6 million people not 500 k xD

Автор Victor Bastos ( назад)
2:13 "they didn't had the Internet then either..." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL c'mon Joe in 1991 neither did you!

Автор JS Isidore ( назад)
Those sneaky Russians

Автор Renier Suyot ( назад)
"Failed English" but one of the best lyricist in music

Автор IrkMcSpamtroll ( назад)
500,000? More like 5.5 million people at least. He's so humble.

Автор Mike Fu ( назад)
In Russia, you don't play concert, concert plays You!

Автор TheJimger ( назад)
I'm surprised he didn't mention Pantera

Автор Krzysztof Urban ( назад)
1) There was about 1.500.000 people. 2) Not Motley Crue, but The Black Crowes and E.S.T. :)

Автор Happee Birthdae ( назад)
James is so fuckin cool

Автор MUZZER ( назад)
could joe rogan deep throat papa het anymore.

Автор TheRazorbass ( назад)
"what if that thing goes down... that could be choppin' up all kinds of folks" lmao James

Автор jonnyjib ( назад)
the black crowes were the first opener

Автор The Obstructor ( назад)
Why is that nike logo shopped on his shirt?

Автор powerhousephg ( назад)
NAPSTER > Hetfield

Автор Brad Harp ( назад)
it was 58 million.

Автор Steve Hewlett ( назад)
Does the host interrupt all of his guests like this? STFU and let the man answer.

Автор JJ 86 ( назад)
Seriously one of the most wildest and best concerts ever

Автор Lucas Does ( назад)
there was 1.6 milion people

Автор Kenneth Wilburn ( назад)
Gayest intro ever

Автор SchlegelREV ( назад)
is James wearing a David Carr shirt?

Автор Erick Camacho ( назад)
I learn english from metallica!!

Автор Dario P. ( назад)
Always wanted to hear this story. Thank you for this interview

Автор Sergei Mandzhiev ( назад)

Автор Alberto Garcia ( назад)
Still more people than trumps inauguration

Автор Emanuel Chavarria Esquivel ( назад)
it was 1000000

Автор Jake Thornton ( назад)
Lol it was way more than 500,000 people. Three times that, actually.

Автор Aaron Mcpherson ( назад)
it was actually about 1.5 million people in attendance...yeah

Автор order9066 ( назад)
Haven't watched, bought from or listened to Metallica since Napster.

Автор Nick Diaz ( назад)
Metallica fuckin' killed it at that concert.

Автор Rikka IsHere ( назад)
Free concert

Автор Warbringer_Mike ( назад)
So what, the big four was better in Cali.

Автор Aze Aze ( назад)
i want to buy some shit with nike on it

Автор Jefferson Perez ( назад)
tell to Metallica to Make a DVD of this concert

Автор Colton W ( назад)
LOL Imagine how many people in that crowd had to go to the bathroom. Theres no getting out of there.

Автор Tommy Ryan ( назад)
my mom was at that show

Автор B9DRINKERS ( назад)

Автор zeromant80 ( назад)
Imagine if they played "Spit out the bone" for the very first time live in front of that crowd and they are like us, waiting for that hell of a song to be played live!? That would be fucking insane!!

Автор Tyler Potts ( назад)
Wasn't there like 2 million people at that show? They have that pantera video of them playing cowboys from hell and it is literally a fucking ocean.

Автор He of the tribe ( назад)
Pantera Vulgar Videos!!

Автор bud morse ( назад)
James Hetfield has a cool voice.

Автор Vanilla Players Can't PvP ( назад)
All of Joe Rogan's millions of 13 year old fans who love MMA and saying the word beta discovered who Pantera and Metallica are today.

Автор Vincent ( назад)
The host... Come on man

Автор Zygimantas Simkus ( назад)
I find it funny that one of most famous trash metal bands member speaks like a decent human and the other guy swears like a hillbilly...

Автор Sam Mac ( назад)
I wonder how many people love Powerful JRE but not ufc.. (I'm not one of them)

Автор tatskamies ( назад)
Metallica, ACDC, Panthera and for FREE..!? Who in the name of fuck wouldn't come

Автор MGK- EST ( назад)
PanterA's performance of Primal Concrete Sledge in that concert was so cool! Ya'll should definitely look it up!!!

Автор Pouyagol23 ( назад)
Haha it's was black crows lol

Автор jakep1979 ( назад)
"They didn't have the internet either" well it was 1991 , nobody on the planet had the internet!!

Автор Bill Denny ( назад)
watch the Pantera live videos of that show. They were beating the shit out of those kids.

Автор Anthony McBroom ( назад)
Monsters of Rock Moscow '91 will forever be the pinnacle of metal of that era

Автор waskly wabbit ( назад)
I WAS AT THAT F'N CONCERT IN MOSCOW '91!!! (no i wasnt, i was at milli vanilli)

Автор ZZ Trump ( назад)
Pantera was bad ass on that tour.

Автор Your Reckoning ( назад)
CNN Headline: "Known Connections Between Metallica and Russian Operatives"

Автор SweBass ( назад)
Why is that guy so surprised? I'm not even a Metallica fan but I've seen videos of that show.

Автор Darksaga Hoppalong ( назад)
The sad thing about this show is, there was over 200 reported raped and 11 got stabbed to death, 50.000 soldiers smashing peoples faces with batons etc.
And it wasnt Motley Crue, it was Black Crows and a local band called EST.

Автор Sizigi13 Music ( назад)
and then Lady Gaga. sad but true ....

Автор Tre' Roney ( назад)
Khabib vs Connor should be like this!

Автор Miguel Ramos ( назад)
why the caster swears too much? it dont adds anything to the conversation

Автор Chris Dolmeth ( назад)
Metal up your ass, Joe Rogan.

Автор ear fun ( назад)
the he says "freakin' communist country, man" like whispering, lol

Автор Roberto Cerda ( назад)
How did Joe Rogan not know about this concert? Poser lol

Автор Robert Machulla ( назад)
Didn't Pantera play that show too? I know they have video of em doing a 91 Moscow show so I assumed it was the same one lol

Автор Cassius Morris ( назад)
I wish they would have shown the damn video

Автор 87sherwood ( назад)
Interviewer is really annoying. Excessive swearing and amazement with a concert anyone who likes metal has known about since '91. Lol

Автор Steven Manning ( назад)
It's on YouTube, look up Metallica Russia 1991. It's insane!

Автор LAYUCHEBI ( назад)
I love papa hetfield

Автор Materia ( назад)
James saying pantera gave me an orgasm

Автор JT Raider4Life ( назад)

Автор Jens Hendriks ( назад)
I once played for 1000 people in a tent. On stage, they sound like a stadium! I wonder what this would have sounded like. The audio you hear on the internet never sounds the same as when you are standing there by yourself.

Автор el joker ( назад)
they rush b to the concert

Автор mugger ( назад)
Joe sounds fake as fuck

Автор Артём Ш ( назад)
Сука,блять!Мне было тогда 6 лет.И я жил далеко,от Москвы.Будь у меня возможность,я бы поехал,на концерт.Даже,под угрозой,получить удар дубинкой по голове или ещё что нибудь.НО оно того бы стоило!
Я так и знал,что Металлика знает этот день и он(этот концерт),едва ли не самый лучший,запоминающийся,в их жизни.
Горжусь этим :)

Автор ATAX ( назад)
thats.... was epic.

Автор James Hetfield ( назад)
ебануться блять, ебануться просто

Автор P. Tar. ( назад)
The concert was really insane. It was the 1st event of such size in Russia and nobody from the officials knew how to lead with it. A lot of people died in that crowd. I was not a fan of Metallica when I was young, but I was a fan of Iron Maiden. And I was learning English using IM's lyrics))

Автор Logan Swank ( назад)
I heard 2.1 million

Автор Danny Sykes ( назад)
They weren't there to specifically see overated metalligaga,It was a free concert and there were better band then metalligaga like FUCKIN Pantera,ACDC who also perform in those crowd

Автор Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club ( назад)
the choppers were so loud the fans could not hear a lot of times

Автор souleater ( назад)
There was more then a million people there

Автор Lyle Sargent ( назад)
North Korea needs a bit of Metallica then 😂

Автор David Gómez ( назад)
shit!! imagine half fucking million persons in a place jumping, singing, enjoying a festival; simply ¡¡awesome!!......jajajajaja James was so "I can't curse, I can't curse" jajajajaja

Автор Chris In Minneapolis ( назад)
i liked him when he played to 500 people back in the day. more fans more pussified.

Автор M.RileyJunior ( назад)
The DJ is so over the top hes annoying.

Автор Victor Sanchez ( назад)
Of course joe rogan wouldn't know about the Moscow show in 91'

Автор TheRocker500 ( назад)
I want to see Joe get Bruce Dickinson on here

Автор pikkisful ( назад)
the random assholes cursing is annoying

Автор murilo ninj ( назад)
LMAO @ 500,000....trying doubling that and there you go!

Автор lucky dominguez ( назад)
In Soviet Russia the Pit moshes you.

Автор Commando 1985 ( назад)
The show host is an idiot

Автор Jd Dehl ( назад)
and of course nowadays rock is banned in Russia..for whatever fucking reason

Автор Jonathan Sahlen ( назад)
Not Motley Crue ,it was the The black crowes

Автор Kiwi_91 ( назад)
imagine being on the barrier for this

Автор kevin sarajlic ( назад)
We landed on this hetfield ... kill me

Автор carlos sotillo ( назад)
i think this was the best interview, the expression about james hetfield says if you get the view on the first person over that legendary show, the most legendary of all times for me, are incredibe, are simplyamazing like no other and this feeling about the power of music breacking the fucking barriers, even the military leaving the uniform joining to the most epic moment and you could see when metallica start his performance whit enter sand man really make move all this russian people and eventually turns in madness but if yu tink about it, ¿who doesnt go insane whit the power of enter sandman power riff? i play it some times and and i still do!

Автор Yoda Troll ( назад)
I wonder what 1 billion people look like

Автор Pete McFadden ( назад)
Massive indeed!!.. Best live version of HARVESTER ..I've ever heard ¢...\m/...or seen!!. °°

Автор Allen Rudd ( назад)
how the fuck can the interviewer not know this?

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