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Автор Billy Winangun (6 месяцев)
why do you have to ruin a masterpiece song?

Автор hwfanatic (1 год)
I don't get it - what does the anti-vibrate function do?

Автор Deg Wees (3 года)
@serengeor And V-track simply means it works on supposedly all surfaces.
That's it

Автор crocoteer (3 года)
Yep it's stupid to be a "brand fan", defending it like windows vs mac. It
looks like a battle. But over what? Who cares if one likes another brand or
not. Who cares if one talks bad about something we like? It's one's
opinion. I have mine he has his you have yours. Oh man it's just stupid
yessir. I don't know what you both were arguing, but search for info so you
can argue more and better? There's better stuff to do than wasting time
with that! It doesn't count anything to our live's! Not worth.

Автор Besnik Ibrahimi (4 года)
@weepulization if you are in US than you can find better mouses there, this
one is chinese but its very good.anyway i disagree what you said for
US...there you can find almost everything..Wish I was there tho..

Автор BLACKHOLESTUDI0 (3 года)
i have this one and it's really great!! i used this when i'm playing
Special Force a.k.a Soldier Front.. Thumbs up if you really dominate the
play.. :)

Автор TheWSSProduction (3 года)
Clicket on this whit my X7 Anti-Vibrate Laser Gaming Mouse/XL-747H :D

Автор SacreDro (4 года)
How many ips does it have?

Автор PEWdiePIEbroFOREVER (3 года)
i had 3 of theese good mouse but they broke, my tips is to get a
razer/steelseries mouse they DO NOT brake as easy sry for my english im

Автор TheNille (4 года)
@pedrofreitaspt Olha eu sou tuga lol no meu rato, onde esta o led, nao é um
botao.. é o mesmo rato que esta no video.. que estranho. :S

Автор Deg Wees (3 года)
1. A4Tech is in China, labour is cheap, hence the product is cheap 2. I
don't believe that they do their own developing much, as does Logitech and
others. Research and development costs money. 3. The material quality of
the A4Tech mice is quite bad. The top layer WILL wear off and you'd be left
with an ugly-looking mouse after 1-2 years of intensive use. Trust me. But
that's mostly true with their mice that have a mat-finish on top or an
image like the XL-747H. The glossy ones are fine.

Автор Phil Cutler (4 года)
Do you still have this mouse? How is it to play on the computer? is it a
good mouse?

Автор grozenko (3 года)
@Black4tech What's wrong with made in China ? most of manufacturer now
located there.., and they offering high price high quality but also provide
low price and just normal quality, it's your decision to choose.., most my
computer part was made in china but surely hell beat yours

Автор Besnik Ibrahimi (4 года)
@OldSkoolRapOnly This is really great mouse.....you must buy it and see

Автор TheNille (4 года)
@Judenille dude.. this mouse, where the led is.. its not a button.. my
mouse is the same as on the video

Автор crocoteer (3 года)
Ok so I bought this mouse after long time searching and reading stuff about
a4tech's x7 products - and cause of the price. Mine wasn't that cheap
costing 35€. My MX620 costed over 60€!! It's wireless so.. I bought this
xl747 because my mx620 is freezing like hell and I wanted a wired mouse for
gaming. But until I get the hang of this xl mouse I'm disappointed, and
why? Feel cheaper to mx. Rubber only in the thumb and it slips from me
since I don't rest palm in it, I rather grab with my fingers[.

Автор Ianas Andrei (3 года)
@OldSkoolRapOnly You are gay mi frend

Автор Deg Wees (3 года)
@serengeor rofl, bought the ad really well there, mate. Maybe you should
shut your fanboy mouth before you say something. Besides, I didn't call
their products crap, I just pointed out that the quality and comfort isn't
all that great. I still use their mouse and pad. BTW, the mat looks much
better after 3-4 years of usage than the much more expensive SS Qck pads.

Автор drandoma (4 года)
i have this mouse it rocks got it for 20 dollars = 200 norwegian money...

Автор semiracm (5 лет)
Like my mouse...very good gaming mouse ! :D

Автор serengeor (3 года)
@Degwees2 2) look at a4tech v-track mices. I can't find a logitech v-track
mice or any other to be exact.. So maybe shut your mouth before you say too
much shit you don't know, but only think that might be true.

Автор madaabdo (4 года)
Got it today too :)

Автор Miguel Gomes (3 года)
@Black4tech Like razor and others mouses is made..

Автор Pedro Freitas (4 года)
@Judenille I've the same mouse and it has a led button to switch the DPI
(on the middle of the mouse).

Автор Tpecep (2 года)
i have x7 mouse 730k - xl thats awesome in fps games (first person shooter)

Автор Владислав Черняев (1 год)
мышка дерьмо

Автор Black4tech (3 года)
Made in China

Автор TheDyogoalves (3 года)
This mouse is EXELENT!!! I have one, is exelent!! I love this mouse!

Автор ccxgt (3 года)
@OldSkoolRapOnly ur comments are gay

Автор seensoon (4 года)
I have a darn problem with this mouse. A couple of days it ran smooth and
now windows XP has just refused to recognize it. Cursor doesn't even move
an inch. Have done anything but to no avail.

Автор Nick Fay (3 года)
Hiyaaaa! Have you ever tried - fast abs magic (Have a quick look on google
cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my
father got great 6 pack abs and lost lots of weight with it.

Автор Deg Wees (3 года)
@serengeor Oh come on :D It's not about winning the argument. Dispute
reveals the truth ;)

Автор Deg Wees (3 года)
@serengeor I'm sorry, but do you know more about A4Tech? You haven't proved
me wrong, so I doubt you do. Of course, you can be happy with a product of
theirs, but that doesn't make my statement false. To me, V-track(for
example) is just marketing, lasers have been able to do fine on any surface
for a very long time now.

Автор Ianas Andrei (4 года)
@OldSkoolRapOnly Your moom is GAY

Автор automouse2dotcom (4 года)
there is a great mouse for FPS!!! it's Automouse! Please visit

Автор Pedro Freitas (4 года)
@Judenille No meu tem. Tens a certesa que é um XL-747H ?

Автор serengeor (3 года)
@Degwees2 I ain't a fan of any firm really, as long as it brings a good
product at a good price it's good for me. You just assumed that you knew
everything about them, and as a response to your 2nd statement you got my
not so friendly reply. I simply dislike when somebody talks about something
like they would know everything. Maybe next time try searching a bit before
making such false assumptions. And please do not reply any more to me(this
comment system sucks a bit).

Автор Mohammad Nabil (4 года)
@seensoon Thanks for the reply seensoon, I'll see what I can do.

Автор Krypsikcss (3 года)
@iBlackCode i have one too, but the wire is sometimes messy... tho its an
excelent product for the price you pay...

Автор Joar Karlsen (4 года)
No way I got this mouse, it's cheap and works fine!

Автор TsunamiFM (4 года)
@weepulization You may try looking for Sharkoon FireGlider, as in some
countries this re-branded version might be easier to get.

Автор TheNille (4 года)
@pedrofreitaspt tenho a certeza!!! é igual!!!! nao percebo

Автор Dark Fusion (4 года)
i buy x7 747h and A4 TECH X7-G800 best combo ,mouse work for me in xp good

Автор shopcom (3 года)
y u no speak?

Автор simx98 (4 года)
got it today with other design

Автор seensoon (4 года)
@Judenille press the same led to change the dpi

Автор ricardo (3 года)
Bought it, after 3 days pointer doesnt move. All buttons work, no problem
with the anti-vibrating thing, just bad quallity, just that.

Автор Swifty Gaming (2 года)
How much does it cost?

Автор Mohammad Nabil (4 года)
@seensoon I have the same problem with Windows 7, but I just got the mouse
and it only worked for 2 minutes before this happens.

Автор OctysRo (3 года)
It was hard to get it out from the box,was't it?:))

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