Happy Together - "Train to Entertainment" [ENG/2016.08.18]

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- Ep.461 : Sunny of Girls’ Generation, Solji of EXID, Chahee of MelodyDay, Solbin of Laboum and Yerin of GFriend visit the Happy House. In today’s episode, every idol except for Sunny tries hard to get on the train that heads to the variety shows. Stay tuned for the stories and secrets that will be revealed exclusively on Happy Together.
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Просмотров: 444075
Длительность: 1:17:5
Комментарии: 931

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Автор Marot Gozar ( назад)
"sunny's part....
jessica 's part..."

Автор IISweetzII ( назад)
I just realized they asked about Me Gustas Tu and then showed Rough lmao

Автор giraffe 1828 ( назад)
i like interaction between sunny and sejeong ^^

Автор run buddy ( назад)
You should put sejeong pf gugudan as part of guests

Автор 방탄 MY ( назад)
Sejeong ahh~ You don't have to try so hard to be cute, you're just cute and
charming just the way you are.

Автор Devon Rex ( назад)
Oh God it's bouncing.

Автор Tarnado Lim ( назад)

Автор Kacang Panjang ( назад)
why i cant view the subtittle😭😭😭...plis help me

Автор Ardent Wisteria ( назад)
Omg i love these girls!

Автор Angel Natalie ( назад)
yerin and solji <3 of course my snsd queen sunny <3

Автор army buddy eunkook ( назад)
buddy or sone,please like this comment

Автор Paula Choi ( назад)
These girls though. It's kinda cool how they got to dance together at the
end, their outfits were great :P
PS. I wonder if they still keep in touch, like Sejeong and Chahee seemed to
bond a lot over the filming XD

Автор David Lopez (davidlopizza) ( назад)

Автор toberemembered ( назад)
50:51 That's Park Seo Joon, not Seo Kang Joon XD

Автор Joshua Fisher ( назад)
When Sunny gave her consultation on how to do her part better, you can
definitely tell she has been doing this for years. xD

"Okay, let's add this, do this, and do this."

*Pink haired girl does it and her adlibs improve*

"Shit, see? I'm the best."

Автор Juan Gonzalez ( назад)
Solbin looks a lot like Tia from Chocolat.

Автор taejvngxox ( назад)

Автор Queen eh ( назад)
I came for yerin but damn solbin is gorgeous

Автор Margaret Nicole Matias ( назад)
poor sejeong :( her grandfather is now dead :(

Автор Charlotte G ( назад)
its so weird how you can decipher those who have a natural star quality vs
those who maybe dont/have to force it..

Автор Gian Dela Cruz ( назад)
Yerin :D

Автор DragonClaw01Kills ( назад)
who the person at 32:10 thx

Автор Melvin Uziel Hernandez Hdz. ( назад)
from where is the clip from 31:48 ?

Автор Lena Chan ( назад)
Who else watched Train to Busan!? Just me? Okay.

Автор That Guy ( назад)
Sad that Sejeong's grandpa died, I hope she managed to go see him like she
wanted before he passed.

Автор Harambe ( назад)
good episode

Автор K.Drama Free ( назад)
i love sejeong she is so positive and similes all the time

Автор Exo- L ( назад)
You know that sunny is the real LEGEND when she can dance w/ high heels

Автор Curt Ng ( назад)
solbin with them dad jokes are great xD..

Автор Curt Ng ( назад)
i just watch this because of sejeong and chahee ..waah so suprising chahee
of melody day is here

Автор nimshahar ( назад)
i love it when sunny said that snsd promise not to be jealous with each
other popularity and also when she gave advise to yerin not to disturb the
group dance..

Автор kpop-jpop french fan ( назад)
57:10 solji is so cute when she imitates pikachu

Автор kpop-jpop french fan ( назад)
irene inspired hyongyeong <3

Автор Queen Of The Lost ( назад)
When Sunny scream Seojuna ( Sorry I can't wrote her name >_<)
I died. I don't know why kt was su funny. ^^

Автор Vredhsk34 ( назад)
56:37 That's why i love solji

Автор Thùy Nguyễn ( назад)

Автор Nicole Gonzalez ( назад)
My beautiful sunny ☀️🌹

Автор Redvelvet ( назад)
1:03:22 alguien me puede decir porque lloro :[ les agredeceria mucho.
......(nose hablar coreano)

Автор Yuju and gfriend Is Love ( назад)
I came here for solji and yerin,so any buddy or Leggo here?

Автор Seungmi 승미 ( назад)
sunny looks so bored.. 😐

Автор Burn Miracle ( назад)
when the fact is snsd senior is solji :)

Автор 김지윤 ( назад)
I love Sejeong's mint t-shirt! I want it..wonder where she bought it. What
is that type of shirt called? the transparent thingie..and for the
"Sunflower" movie my friend came out in it...(not bragging) she rides on my
bus and this is creepy!

Автор TheStarfans07 ( назад)
Hand gesture really help :)

Автор be like kwon jiyong ( назад)
now all of these girls are my bias from their groups. ( sunny was alr my
bias and solji as well )

Автор Kirk Potenciano ( назад)
32:10 - 32:25 HAHAHAHAHA Sejeongie!! Neomu Neomu Neomu CUTEEEEEEEE!!!

Автор TheStarfans07 ( назад)
I like Sunny here actually. Other os doing great but Sunny could get ppl
attend every time she do something lol. And about her expression, I dont
think people need to smile all the time.

Автор Melomelody ( назад)
they are all just so beautiful!!!!

Автор Karina Silmy Kaffah ( назад)
i can't see the sub well :(

Автор Frankie Nguyen ( назад)
aigoo Sejeongie..

Автор Arrghroth ( назад)
Am I the only one who is falling in love with Solbin while watching this?

Автор Rayneko ( назад)
Yerin broken winks tho 36:58
I cried xD xD

When Sunny stood up at 13:11, I thought she was still sitting.
Gosh, I didn't know that Sunny is this small XD

It's fun to see her greet her old greeting again.

Автор eric ccc ( назад)
seojong has a nice voice btw
and kudos for solji for hangin in the tight idol competition, that must've
been really hard
i think i've heard on other shows that in 2012 there's a lot idol groups
debuted and only plenty made it (EXO, AOA, EXID etc)
and why is sunny the only one using heels during the dance? lol

Автор Irenesunhwa Baek ( назад)
I feel bad for Yerin,netizens bashed her so much that she lost all of her
energy.She got least screen time...Cheer up yerinie,it's OK!!! <3

Автор NeverDoubt Ourselves ( назад)
I never realized that this episode are really enjoyable 😭 it's really a
good episode 👍👍👍
I'm so entertained every seconds of this episode! 💙
#snsd #girlsgeneration #exid #melodyday #gugudan #ioi #gfriend #laboum

Автор daria doris ( назад)

Автор Kpop Empress ( назад)
What is 31:48 from??

Автор Anita Kinoy ( назад)
what song 0:20

Автор Gabby010597 ( назад)
when Sunny screamed "SEJEONG AH" it remind me of weekly idol when she
screamed at Yuri because she keep getting the choreography wrong ahahahhaha

Автор CrimsonQrow ( назад)
@11:40 Lol the Mamamoo bodies. XD

Автор pink panda ( назад)

Автор phương lê ( назад)
Tập bao nhiêu vậy

Автор Luna Schmidt ( назад)
I wish we could also have hward Sunny's trot at 1:01:47
kinda missing it...😟

Автор Luna Schmidt ( назад)
seho sings better than I expected
not exactly good but better than I thought he would😅

Автор Rosemarie Fandagani ( назад)
..cheer up sejeong ..

Автор Hashirama Haysi ( назад)
She can't wink because of plasssssstttttttttt1cccccccc surgzxc

Автор Kealii Sanchez ( назад)
I love Chahee, i hope Melody Day gets more recognition!

Автор Najihah Ffirdaus ( назад)
Sunny is the only one wearing heels I'm watching nervously wishing she
doesn't fall thankful she didn't

Автор gorjess sone ( назад)
Lol all these comments bashing sunny... I don't see her being arrogant at
all... Times when she doesn't have any expression, she's just listening
intently to what the others are saying. Sometimes I feel like she's
reminiscing about her younger days. She's giving the girls the spotlight
and only stepping up when she's asked or to make things funnier.

You can even see her comforting sejeong when she's talking abt her grandpa.

Don't focus only on her RBF moments, have you not seen her laughing and
smiling in the vids. You guys talk as if she had a RBF throughout the whole
show... Honestly, even if she is not the most popular member in SNSD, she
is a really BIG SUNBAE with lots of experience and she's really good at

If you want to know more about her, WATCH INVINCIBLE YOUTH 1! It's really

Автор Monirah Mohammed ( назад)
sunny face 😰

Автор starevo ( назад)
How sad the fact that her grandpa had just passed away on this week Friday
After watching the episode that be a guess on Happy Together, she hope that
she can go back to visit her grandfather when she is free, but her
grandfather had passed away now, that is so heartbroken :(
Sejeong unnie pls stay strong!!!! All of ur fans will support u >//<~
(sry for my broken english)

Автор Victoria Riana ( назад)
oh sejeong....😢

Автор MissSushi123 ( назад)
I heard about Sejeong's loss.
Please Sejeong, please keep smiling.

Автор Drykanth ( назад)
This is extra hard to watch because of her grandpa passing away :(

Автор r9kamt ( назад)
I hope Sejeong was able to visit her grandpa after the show. Be strong,
Sejeong! Your grandpa must be really proud of you.

Автор YoongTae ( назад)
The news today made me watch this again
Condolences to Sejeong and her family! We all know that you have made your
grandpa very proud!! Himnae Sejeong-ah!

Автор multifandombxtch ( назад)
You can't be with Solbin, Sejeong. DAMN IM GOING TO DIE

Автор multifandombxtch ( назад)
It's really painful to watch this esp. now because Sejeong's grandpa passed
away. He's so proud of you Sejeong, he waited for you to release your song
(w/c is flower way), he waited for you to be successful. :(

Автор Welst Nitmere ( назад)
1:03:55 Sejeong :(....
T_T My condolences

Автор Dino David ( назад)
And now her grandfather died. I'm so sorry for your loss Sejeongie. Be
strong! We love u

Автор Miu Hồ ( назад)
came here for solji <3

Автор Cessy Benito ( назад)

Автор Arianna Styles ( назад)
The interviewers keep comparing the new girls with Sunny like she is

Автор Arianna Styles ( назад)
Sunny is so arrogant she thinks she is more famous than the other girls
that she can treat them as shit

Автор pid pid ( назад)
솔지 ㅋㅋㅋ

Автор Rangerraihan ( назад)
Yes, Girls' Generation is still the queen, no doubt about that. That fact
can't change. :D

Автор Kira Inuzaki ( назад)
Lmaooo I love Sunny
This show made me love all of these girls, tbh

Автор Blessed Jaron ( назад)
Oml I love sejeong

Автор SunNy ShiDae ( назад)
SNSD is by far the best girl group when it comes to variety shows @__@

Автор exotic java ( назад)
Sunny is great teacher. She knows how to steal attention. She's legend. I
like Sejeong. She's humble, genuine and reveal her weakness. It's not easy
for her to act cute. I hope she will be a great singer/actress. I like
Yerin. She's funny.

Автор may ( назад)
I wonder how her grandfather's doing. When it comes to family it's always
an emotional subject ❤️

Автор 박효빈 ( назад)
They were a little harsh on solji, poor beautiful baby.

Автор Treadstone Operative ( назад)
*Sunny is incredible in this episode. She manages to fence with the
experienced hosts, observe and guide the younger idol girl members
accurately, uphold SNSD's variety strength and fade appropriately into the
background to allow the other guests to shine in their moments.*

*If you sit back and think about it, Sunny's skills are bewildering. While
the other girls look most certainly nice and friendly, I hope they learn as
much as possible from the legendary Sunny who can juggle so many things at
the same time on this show to maximize the fun and the entertainment.*

Автор Ariana Mejia ( назад)
Solji i came here because of Heo Solji♡♡♡

Автор Pelita Antoni ( назад)
Chahee is hilarious

Автор Marie Ngo ( назад)

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