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Автор udical (4 года)
@Iranianoilbourse nope, he is right, turkey, japan and poland will become
new powers because america want so

Автор HatePlough (3 года)
@djmoski9999 Lol that's so true. His answer to any challengers to eternal
US world domination is that they will collapse and fall apart. This guy
embodies pride before the fall

Автор selcuk32adana (2 года)
you play to much call of duty on your xbox...

Автор Daniel Tinkov (2 года)
The only problem is that he is saying those things will occur 40 years from
now. Things change, 4 decades is a long time. The US didn't have a border
with USSR either, but they ware on their throats for about half a century
and the problem for Poland is that the "west" is Germany. Go ask someone in
Poland how they feel about the Germans. Additionally Germany is closely
tied with Russia in economic and historical sense and is more likely to
side with them against Poland.

Автор Lee abz (3 года)
Islam is the fibnal beast kingdom of the Bible - even the al mahdi and isa
( islamic awaited figures ) are now revealed as the antichrist and false

Автор elifschitz (4 года)
@masterlessmaster the fact russia gave passports to Ossetians is a direct
provocation against Georgia. Ossetia is a part of Georgia, and if we put
any atrocities of war aside (I can't believe you actually quote Putin of
all people) Georgia like any country (including Russia in the case of
Chechnya) squash any effort of peoples within its borders to secede. So you
see Russia's so called "necessity" to protect Ossetians because of the
passports they were given is a total twist of politics.

Автор JohnnyRock2000 (2 года)
Israel will lure the world into WWIII. Why? In their quest to dominate the
entire Middle East and North Africa. How? Clash of Civilizations. The West
will war with Islam. The West hears it coming every time you see anti
Islamic press reports. It's everywhere in the west. We hear that they are
fanatics and mad. Russia will join to defend itself from Western dominance
in the M.E. Israel will guide the war thro manipulation of the US. China?
Who knows. Take over the East Pacific?

Автор MrEseskay (4 года)
all crap...not a bit truth

Автор Joseph Adamski (2 года)
Poland is the 'Beverly Hills' of Russia. Many wealthy Russians and Germans
buy vacation (resort) homes in Poland. And it is also a very industrialized
country that is NOT afraid of going against Russia. Remember Solidarnosc
(Solidarity) during the strikes of the '80.s. The only reason US won the
war with Japan is because they hired Stalin (USSR) to fight the Germans.
And the three major powers (Britain, US, USSR) joined forces to defeat the
Germans and steal their nuclear physicists and the bomb

Автор walt eagler (4 года)
Friedman is talking just nonsense! in 100 years there will be no Poland or
Germany or Turkey, but a European Union.

Автор hkrainman (4 года)
I am Asian, every one in Asia knows Japan is finish, even b4 the 9.0
earthquake. This is the problem with Western "Experts" I always tell them -
don't try to predict Asia, since you cannot even forcast your own country
right! Fuxking Moron!

Автор Med amine (4 года)
turkey china russia india iran brasil cuba venezuela thailanda or combodge
and some others contry in africa and middle east

Автор nzmudzinski (4 года)
@Slavko961234 Polish > You

Автор Jasandia (3 года)
@hunden8404 that's what will make it true unfortunately

Автор Chris Cooper (4 года)
Having read some of this guys stuff I was impressed with his insight - but
then it dawned on me that its all HINDsight ! Watching him now and
listening to his views seems closer to Glenn Beck - shame !

Автор ahriman87 (4 года)
this guy is high lolz

Автор KamuiMosir (4 года)
@TeMpOuK1 No. You're behind them all. "Comment Pending Approval!" HA

Автор kazama333 (3 года)
@TheAbsoluTurk Never underestimate Turkey, Poles know this from centuries!

Автор Shaz Lion (3 года)
World War III will start when USA will start War with Pakistan......Just
Wait & See

Автор Straza Djenerala (4 года)
@CrazyShakaZulu Russia and some Eastern European Countries will team up
with Turkey and Japan i rekon.

Автор umyeahithink (2 года)
Japan doesn't need a "shield". It's military is overall more advanced and
capable than China's, including a more advanced navy and airforce (which is
crucial). Also, China isn't communist (it just calls itself that), its
co-opted capitalism. Also, Turkey is a member of NATO, and unlikely to
partner with Iran because it wouldn't want another Mid-East rising power.
Also, its one of the few mid-east countries which is relatively friendly
towards israel.

Автор SPMSred (1 год)
Not sure about that, but Poland or Turkey wouldn't be the trigger, too many
people love both of those countries for them to go to war with eachother.

Автор meralodem (2 года)
Does this mean that US wants Japanese power against China, Turkish power in
Middle East-Caucauses-Balkan against Iran - Europe- Russia and Polish power
against Europe& Russia?

Автор Ltdeacon (4 года)
let me see world government= end to senseless and wasteful wars. i"ll take
world government for 200 alex

Автор Iranianoilbourse (4 года)
@Slavko961234 the poorly veiled purpose of this guy is to manipulate the
nationality of Turkey, Japan and Poland in order to neutralise or at least
weaken those countries who are really a threat to america. It is pretty
obvious that those countries are China, Iran, Germany and Russia. Very good
try but as I said badly veiled.

Автор warstomper (4 года)
Odd that he ignores India as being a player in the world

Автор imnknz (1 год)
U're dead wrong about Russia. It is very much interested in Poland. As
stated by Putin, the fall of USSR was the biggest geopolitical disaster of
the XX c. They obviously still have imperial ambitions. And don't forget
about Germany - slowely but surely, they are imposing their dictat over EU,
using the crisis as an excuse. The whole Euro scheme was ill-designed
favouring their economy, disadvantaging the fringe coutries. Despite all of
that, my guess re next WW would be - "West" vs Islam+Russia

Автор Eric Pirog (4 года)
Read his book (The Next 100 Years) and you'll get all the background info
to these predictions.

Автор Shogun1822 (4 года)
@MuayThaiViking If you have ever read a book written by this man, then you
would know that even he knows that this is not the absolute truth. What
geopolitical predictions are based on are current facts and trends which
provide a basis for a PREDICTION. the guy is not a prophet, he simply
stating one scenario based on the current on goings of the world.

Автор WarmongerWW3 (3 года)
They are just printing more money and increasing inflation. This will lead
to WW3, which is good. Unemployment fell dramatically throughout the WW2,
reaching a low of 1.2% by 1944. The real gross national product rose by 37%
from 1941 to 1944. World War 2 reduced unemployment and raised GNP.

Автор Movie Nerds (2 года)
i am from turkey i love iran !!! we dont hate jews we hate zionist like

Автор centurion180ad (3 года)
No. ZIONIST BANKERS are the center of gravity in Central Asia. ALL BANKERS
must be thrown in prison, exiled, or otherwise removed from participation
in the lives of the people of the world. SCREW THE GOD DAMN BANKERS BANKERS

Автор JOB40:15dinos (4 года)
hahaha he's predicting a war world 3 it was predicted thounsands of years

Автор Icarusdecending82 (2 года)
I know right? In their magical control room in the center of the moon, with
Santa Clause.

Автор malbung (3 года)
the guy is out of his mind…

Автор Zekiya jaja (2 года)
Oh ek wanting to play with the big toys sinds they lost their empire in the

Автор MrBEB123 (4 года)
His position is ridiculous. Those three countries he mention have very
little in the way of land, resources, strategic location or military power.
None are nuclear and have program planned and the idea of Japan and Turkey
who have nothing in common forming a military alliance makes no sense, also
Poland, a small and poor country has never had any power and is part of
NATO and the European Union. If you want to see a prediction of the future
watch the Planet of the Apes film series.

Автор Aengrod (4 года)
Well, truth being told those predictions are more or less accurate with
recent WikiLeaks publications, about US diplomacy and their "view of the
world". Interesting.

Автор Andhaira (2 года)
I guess he also couldn't 'predict' China becoming the worlds second largest
economy, which anyone with half a braincell between their ears could see
happening in front of their eyes over the past decade. Also, the second
largest navy in Asia counts for utter shit because it is ASIA, a huge
landmass where if you go to war you need a large LAND ARMY. And China has
the largest army in the world. Oh and yeah, China has nukes. It is the
third largest nuclear fighting force in the world.

Автор Arnulf Lelorrain (3 года)
@tizztehwizz I agree, this guy is totally off the wall. Then he mentions
Poland? Hello?

Автор roarodon (2 года)
SERIOUSLY, read his book and then start shooting our mouths off.

Автор 3choBlaster (3 года)
Turkey, Japan and Poland will rise, Poland will be the weakest of the
three. But I do not think any of them will go to war. It's very likely that
Japan and Turkey will ally them selves, but I do not see Turkey stepping
out of the NATO or America becoming hostile because Turkey becomes a
maritime power. I think the US will have a harder time dealing with Turkey
having so much influence in the lands they failed to put puppet regimes in.
Although it seems they kinda have accepted it

Автор tung2sai (4 года)
I don't know man, some of his analysis is kind of awkward.

Автор john2knj (4 года)
From what I recall & understand, Georgia attacked South Ossetia (The
Republic of South Ossetia) and Russia stepped in to defend them. Based on
that it would seem more correct to say that Russia defended South Ossettia
from Georgia rather than invaded Georgia. South Ossetia has claimed
independence from Georgia, also afaik, but is not recognized

Автор KamuiMosir (4 года)
@MrBEB123 George is a geopolitical cynic, and very cautious. But I think
this interview is mostly about selling the book. He never predicted whats
come to develop in the Middle East/North Africa region, but his ideas are
always in the realm of the possible. Japan now is still our best allie, but
if the pull of China and/or the retreat of the US from the region happened,
that might change. I personally predict there wont be a WWIII, only
relatively small wars and fights breaking out.

Автор aaronsdavis (4 года)
@kespec ewww!...couldnt you have said "when you were playing with

Автор Eric Pirog (4 года)
Read his book and you'll get all the background info to these predictions.
It's not farfetched after explanation, it's about the shape of the
conflicts not the specifics and the countries might even be different
(Romania instead of Poland; Egypt or Iran instead of Turkey). And I think
if he's wrong about China could even be China instead of Japan. Also, it's
not all out country destroying type of war, it's elite units against elite
units conflict that doesn't affect the general population.

Автор Manfred Tallador (2 года)
In XVII century wars between two powers-Turkey and Poland were good only
for Russia and Germany. So we will not do the same mistake. I hope.

Автор djhuso (4 года)
cant we just all get along?

Автор Lucas Venancio Dos Santos (2 года)
I really don't know what to think!

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