Top 10 Most Powerful Military Countries In The World 2012

This is a video of my opinion about the Top 10 Military Most Powerful Countries in the world 2012 and Yes I've done my research!

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Автор Rick 1998 ( назад)
Orff music


Автор opiate overlord ( назад)
In twenty years it will be, 1. USA, 2. China, 3. India, 4. Brazil, 5.
Russia and as technology improves one day nuke will become obsolete like
anything does with the passage of time combine with progress russia will
then fall out of the top ten since nukes are the only thing keeping them in
and will be replaced with germany

Автор Niimoyar ( назад)
Where is Germany? Half of These countries Even get/got. their tech. And
weapons from Germany . Do a Little Research ... There are so many "American
" and "Russin" Inventions Stolen After the WW2 from Germany Or used German
Engineers ... Operation overcast, uboat and stealth Technology , nuklear
bomb , NASA tech. And MANY MANY other things .. 

Автор Jafar K ( назад)
Funny report....ha ha ha ha ha,,,,,,,,,,

Автор Sam Hilbish ( назад)
propoganda from russia

Автор Joseph K ( назад)
which song in the beginning??

Автор dwayne boivin ( назад)
1. Iceland
2. Greenland
3. Costa Rica
4. Trinidad & tobago
5. Ethiopia
6. Qatar
7. Hong Kong
8. Finland
9. Canada
10. Zimbabwe

Автор Filip Gmuh ( назад)

Автор Filip Gmuh ( назад)
This is the only real video, not American propaganda

Автор Erdi Yılmaz61 ( назад)
8:11 <3

Автор Sam Britt ( назад)
This is a Russian propaganda video. Even a hardcore Russian military goon
would be laughing at this crap between gulps on a bottle of Vodka.

Автор Sam Britt ( назад)
The most powerful nation in the world is Switzerland. They've kept war out
of their country longer than any other nation on earth, and they did it
with a pocket knife and a chocolate candy bar. 

Автор Tyson Walsh ( назад)
Everyone stfu Russia is the most dangerous they have more hydrogen and
atomic bombs even your just wanting America to be first because your
American I'm Canadian and I know our military isn't the best but it has the
strongest Air Force 

Автор Mr-GDY ( назад)
Hahahaha...You wish

Автор Mad Rob ( назад)

Автор Anthony Tall ( назад)
Some people need to grow the fuck up.seriously,the u.s.a flat out without a
doubt has the strongest and most powerful military in the world,and we
always will.we are light years ahead of all other countries,mainly because
our country consists of every other country all in one.so go suck a dick

Автор Canadian Jesus (4 года назад)
+darksg129 wow you are retarded what you are saying is the complete
opposite (except that Russia doesn't have as much money invested into army
as US) because the US if anything is the closest to being... Well bankrupt

Автор Canadian Jesus (518 лет назад)
Oh and stop complaining about Russia at number 1 jeez just because USA
spends billions on military doesn't mean their the most powerful, USA is
jelly of Russia cause Russia could bomb the sh*t out of the US (I'm not
Russian) but also where is Canada on that list :/ we have the most allies
in the world and therefore with many allies comes a lot of men and good
technology. Just tryin to make a point here.(p.s. I'm Canadian)

Автор Canadian Jesus (1239 лет назад)
And I'm not Russian... I'm Canadian 

Автор Canadian Jesus (1263 года назад)
Listen here people what I am about to tell you is all true... Russia has
the biggest military/navy/air force in the world, they are very
technologically advanced, and they have 75% of nukes that exist, and
also... Being... Well Russians and how hardcore they are, I'd bet almost
every single one of them would fight if they where being attacked

Автор RIKTH DCRUZE ( назад)
Bull shit !!!

Автор Intel Core i7 6900k (overclocked to 6.6Ghz) ( назад)
@NevBind the pacific theater korean war pretty much most of the cold war so
yeah shut the fuck up, child

Автор Intel Core i7 6900k (overclocked to 6.6Ghz) ( назад)
bro your description says that you did your research... ha! im russian and
lived in russia for 11 years before i moved to america in 2002 america is a
much stronger country for sure and every one else just steals american tech
like china and pakistan

Автор Josh Bell ( назад)
"Top 10 Most Powerful Military Countries In The World 2012" *Puts pictures
of WW2 weaponry* Seriously this list is inaccurate and almost no
information went into making this video. 1.Should of been USA

Автор syee daniel ( назад)
Russia wow 

Автор kn goma ( назад)
2 Russia
3 China

This is the correct ranking.
(I'm Japanese not American) 

Автор phelun Morrison ( назад)
bullshit you've done your research your probably Russian just jealous

Автор Jim Marcum ( назад)
I think the people in the country's would get along just fine if we didn't
have such chicken shit governments. just say'in

Автор Jim Marcum ( назад)
those turks would rather cut your throat then shoot you.

Автор JMZ CLAN ( назад)
What the f*** you f****** asshole did you just say is number one always

Автор LaughingPandaPie ( назад)
Nevbind I'll name one the civil war

Автор LaughingPandaPie ( назад)
Nevbind I'll name one the civil war

Автор NevBind ( назад)
....WTF. America cannot buy or do shit without money. And where did the
money came from? CHINA! If America can beat china's ass (even tho I highly
doubt that) go ahead! America will go so fucking bankrupt!
Name one war that America won without an ally country. Exactly, None!

Автор Luca Mattiocco ( назад)
For me :
-South Korea
-North Korea

just my opinion

Автор LiLChuncho ( назад)
My top 5 would be 1. Canada 2. Russia 3. China 4. USA 5. Israel 

Автор Chandler Taylor ( назад)
Russia is not more powerful than the USA if you actually believe that
you're a fucking idiot

Автор Wesley Williams ( назад)
Russia is a bunch of pussys only way for them to win a war is with nuclear

Автор TMfaleupolu ( назад)
It dont matter to me all countries has there own way of defending there
people from other countries when threat arise.Blessed those who make peace
between nations'.

Автор Suryo Pranoto ( назад)
I hope one day all people in the world united and no more such a think name
country they only make human separate.. 

Автор FireworkWorldWide ( назад)
seriously russia?!?!!?!?!?!

PS: the laughing third is germany :D they just produce the wepaons for the

Автор LOLLOW149 ( назад)
What is the name of the first song I like it.

Автор alexander shemeikka ( назад)
USA has the most powerful army in the world. The russian army isn't so
powerful at all.

Автор Kevin Ochoa ( назад)
Oh please we all know every country hates america because they are really
powerful. 1. Of all russia isent morw powerful then america. America can
kick chinas and russia ass. Yes I am not american all of u are jelus and
america has alot of coutry in their side and they have secret weapons that
non of you will belive like this comment if u think I am right.

Автор Mmmmmmmmmmmm ( назад)
Why is it for you all so important which army is the strongest 

Автор jaakko nevala ( назад)
I think Israel doesn't use Abrams tanks.

Автор SAN JUAN DIEGO HD ( назад)
Ha you americans still belive you control the world .....thats funny cx ha
fyi your economy is about how much training goes into your soldiers ....I
think historians are wrong the cold war hasnt ended 

Автор Echo ( назад)
Wait2 . Wheres german ?

Автор Nando Budd ( назад)
all these countries are run by LITTLE GIRLS!! everyone knows KAZAKHSTAN THE

Автор Ernest Rios ( назад)
Russia dose not have the strongest army

Автор gramaton klerik ( назад)

Автор Kyle Walsh ( назад)
Everyone can have there opinions but it is a fact that the United States
spends more money on their military than anyone else. They also have a
bigger Navy than Russia and a bigger Air force. The United States will stay
#1 until someone threatens there power, it's as simple as that. 

Автор DarkSG129 ( назад)
Fuck you do some fucking research retard Russia is on the verge of
bankruptcy there is NO FUCKING WAY they could be more powerful than they US
they have a smaller WAYYYY less funded military and no money

Автор Corrado Loi ( назад)
And the Italy!?!? Italy is most powerfuel of France!! 

Автор bigdaddy18ize ( назад)
I am a united states marine
And all u other countries can hate as long as its from a distance
Just know that we are ready to defend our country at all cost hoorah haters

Автор халид умаев ( назад)
Russia's most powerful country in the world

Автор халид умаев ( назад)

Автор jack powell ( назад)
Russia is not stronger than America

Автор naimul hoq ( назад)
russia was easily beaten by japan back in the past.

Автор lostintuition ( назад)
Hahaha the comment in the desciption ''Yes I've done my research'' and yet
Russia is number 1 HAHAHAHA seriously dude, are you kidding me.

America has the most powerfull military in the world kid. Do your research
a little better next time.

Автор 土八路, 啊三 VS ( назад)
1. United States of America...
2. Russia...
3. Britain...
4. France...
5. China...
6. India...
7. Germany...
8. Japan ...
9. South Korea ...
10. Italy ...
11. Brazil ...
12. Turkey ...
13. Pakistan ...
14. Israel ...
15. Egypt ...
16. Indonesia ...
17. Iran ...
18. Canada ...
19. Republic of China (Taiwan) ...
20. Thailand ...
21. Mexico ...
22. Ukraine ...
23. Australia ...
24. Poland ...
25. Vietnam ...
26. Sweden ...
27. Saudi Arabia ...
28. Ethiopia ...
29. Spain ...
30. North Korea ...
31. Philippines ...
32. Switzerland ...
33. Malaysia ...
34. South Africa ...
35. Argentina ...
36. Nigeria ...
37. Austria ...
38. Algeria ...
39. Syria ...
40. Venezuela ...
41. Colombia ...
42. Norway ...
43. Yemen ...
44. Denmark ...
45. Finland ...
46. Kenya ...
47. Singapore ...
48. Afghanistan ...
49. Greece ...
50. Romania ...
51. Chile ...
52. Belgium ...
53. Croatia ...
54. Serbia ...
55. Portugal ...
56. Jordan ...
57. United Arab Emirates ...
58. Iraq ...
59. Libya ...
60. Georgia ...
61. Mongolia ...
62. Paraguay ...
63. Kuwait ...
64. Nepal ...
65. Kadar ...
66. Lebanon ...
67. Uruguay ...
68. Panama .

Автор Principal mallian kalan ( назад)
india is at number 4

Автор docdon42 ( назад)
War is stupid .....Who's the bad guy?.....Who's the good guy?

Автор Melwyn Sebastian ( назад)
Top 6 are, RUSSIA, US, CHINA, INDIA, UK, FRANCE....... 10 years down the
line CHINA tops the list and the order will be CHINA, RUSSIA, US, INDIA,
FRANCE, UK........

Автор Oshyrath ( назад)
Interesting you chose USA as second place. Even though the U.S. spends more
money on defense per capita.

Автор Grey Marshall ( назад)
France is a one of the three powerful powerful armies to the world

Автор NicoandLuis ( назад)
@zane ryan
It´s the other way around

Автор MyJetsCoolrThanYours ( назад)
I admire Russia because they are pretty much the only country on this list
that doesn't use American military vehicles and weapons, nice to see a
country that doesn't have to hack/steal to get powerful, unlike some
countries... cough China cough. I mean look at Israel, using Abrams tanks,
Apache helicopters, F/A-18s, all American stuff. Japan, India, Pakistan I
saw they all had F-16s, which are American, and Britain I saw had a C-130,
also American. I mean seriously at least Russia has their own designs and
their own stuff. But I still believe America belongs in 1st, just due to
the fact that Russia's technology is always a few years behind America's.

Автор River Sewell ( назад)
We so good that russia had to steal our flags colors lmfao

Автор River Sewell ( назад)
Stupid people piss me offff the USA is the prime military power

Автор juan ramos ( назад)
Russia comes with ak47s plus nuclear but we got to much heart we ready 4
Russia china whoever

Автор Nikhil Pandey ( назад)
fuck off....
India is at 4th
not at 6..!!

Автор Emir Ülgü ( назад)
2 USA???

Автор Emir Ülgü ( назад)
All the weapons that you show on great britain is about to be phassed out
and outdated!

Автор Emir Ülgü ( назад)
France??? Stronger than india WTF Dude

Автор Emir Ülgü ( назад)
Japan??? Go fuck yourself dude

Автор Shahrukh Khan ( назад)
pak is 5th number 

Автор l Litsas ( назад)

Автор Colby marcum ( назад)

Автор zane ryan ( назад)
Russia just comes at u with brute force which means strength in numbers and
heavy armor not skills like wat america has

Автор Dan81369 ( назад)
China invented gun powder, thats right. A German called Otto Lilienthal
invented the first glider that worked and was maneuverable. Lazer
technology was theoretically inventet by Albert Einstein, practically by
Rudolf Ladenburg, also German. We invented motors, nuclear bombs, dynamite,
Konrad Zuse invented the computer, the stealth technology and radar are
ours, and i just dont mention the medical inventions such as bulletproof
vests. Your turn.

Автор Dumb Haze ( назад)
fuck war !

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
How is that related u retard?

Автор biskitz86913 ( назад)
I think USA is still No1 because of its dense satellite network and its
strategically placed bases over the world. Russia has more gear but
Americas gear is newer and more spread out. 

Автор bryce sammons ( назад)
USA should be number 1

Автор Josh Ratliffe ( назад)
Britain should be much lower

Автор Reece Walton ( назад)
haha you think s.america would help? dumb they would ask USA to invade the
Falkland island first and then that would lead you to war with the EU and
commonwealth if the worst please don't talk to s. America they wont help
you there better allies with china only decent country is chile 

Автор Reece Walton ( назад)
the east manpower and the west firepower 

Автор Baran Can ( назад)

Автор SquidsNeverFusion ( назад)
How about USSR, it's the most powerful country in the past.

Автор Maximumcraft04 ( назад)
no USA is no 1 not Russia, Russia is no 2 

Автор Sinaver Seithalilov ( назад)
you are right russia allways no 1 but israel need to be no 5

Автор Dan81369 ( назад)
And Germany invents the great stuff :P But we are still decreasing our
military force... we don't wanna fight... At least the most of us :D

Автор Mihir Shah ( назад)
India and China will soon take over this race, but obvious.

Автор Vinnie Smith ( назад)
Great Britain USA and Russia are the best of all

Автор Deadly9124 ( назад)
Stalin was the evil one and even his stupid twisted followers 

Автор Deadly9124 ( назад)
Russia isn't extreme communist anymore there are nice people everywhere
stop living in the past times have change since 1948 - 1970s 

Автор Nick Hammy ( назад)
You crazy mothers that want Russia to win must be out of your mind if
Russia ever beat America billions of people would be massacred and
slaughtered. You crazy mothers are either suicidal or have no clue how evil
the Russian empire is and that they fix their votes.

Автор TheFender8 ( назад)
Where is Italy? lol

Автор junrey pancho ( назад)
you are stupid

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