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Автор FireworkWorldWide (1 месяц)
seriously russia?!?!!?!?!?!

PS: the laughing third is germany :D they just produce the wepaons for the

Автор MyJetsCoolrThanYours (4 месяца)
I admire Russia because they are pretty much the only country on this list
that doesn't use American military vehicles and weapons, nice to see a
country that doesn't have to hack/steal to get powerful, unlike some
countries... cough China cough. I mean look at Israel, using Abrams tanks,
Apache helicopters, F/A-18s, all American stuff. Japan, India, Pakistan I
saw they all had F-16s, which are American, and Britain I saw had a C-130,
also American. I mean seriously at least Russia has their own designs and
their own stuff. But I still believe America belongs in 1st, just due to
the fact that Russia's technology is always a few years behind America's.

Автор dato quxilava (3 месяца)

Автор Hasan Babacan (17 дней)
Turkey and Pakistan brother

Автор lostintuition (4 месяца)
Hahaha the comment in the desciption ''Yes I've done my research'' and yet
Russia is number 1 HAHAHAHA seriously dude, are you kidding me.

America has the most powerfull military in the world kid. Do your research
a little better next time.

Автор jack powell (3 месяца)
Russia is not stronger than America

Автор Melwyn Sebastian (4 месяца)
Top 6 are, RUSSIA, US, CHINA, INDIA, UK, FRANCE....... 10 years down the
line CHINA tops the list and the order will be CHINA, RUSSIA, US, INDIA,
FRANCE, UK........

Автор Chandler Taylor (1 месяц)
Russia is not more powerful than the USA if you actually believe that
you're a fucking idiot

Автор Corrado Loi (3 месяца)
And the Italy!?!? Italy is most powerfuel of France!! 

Автор LOLLOW149 (1 месяц)
What is the name of the first song I like it.

Автор docdon42 (4 месяца)
War is stupid .....Who's the bad guy?.....Who's the good guy?

Автор NevBind (28 дней)
....WTF. America cannot buy or do shit without money. And where did the
money came from? CHINA! If America can beat china's ass (even tho I highly
doubt that) go ahead! America will go so fucking bankrupt!
Name one war that America won without an ally country. Exactly, None!

Автор NicoandLuis (4 месяца)
@zane ryan
It´s the other way around

Автор Sudip Jyotibasu (5 месяцев)
Porkistan is 7th

Автор Alip Vavavum (2 месяца)
Wait2 . Wheres german ?

Автор Diego Colindres (2 месяца)
Ha you americans still belive you control the world .....thats funny cx ha
fyi your economy is about how much training goes into your soldiers ....I
think historians are wrong the cold war hasnt ended 

Автор Grey Marshall (4 месяца)
France is a one of the three powerful powerful armies to the world

Автор Wesley Williams (1 месяц)
Russia is a bunch of pussys only way for them to win a war is with nuclear

Автор naimul hoque (4 месяца)
russia was easily beaten by japan back in the past.

Автор FaNaTIK FR (29 дней)
For me :
-South Korea
-North Korea

just my opinion

Автор JMZ CLAN (24 дня)
What the f*** you f****** asshole did you just say is number one always

Автор Oshyrath (4 месяца)
Interesting you chose USA as second place. Even though the U.S. spends more
money on defense per capita.

Автор Nando Budd (3 месяца)
all these countries are run by LITTLE GIRLS!! everyone knows KAZAKHSTAN THE

Автор jaakko nevala (2 месяца)
I think Israel doesn't use Abrams tanks.

Автор Lukas Muller (5 месяцев)
Great mothernrussia

Автор Kevin Ochoa (2 месяца)
Oh please we all know every country hates america because they are really
powerful. 1. Of all russia isent morw powerful then america. America can
kick chinas and russia ass. Yes I am not american all of u are jelus and
america has alot of coutry in their side and they have secret weapons that
non of you will belive like this comment if u think I am right.

Автор Suryo Pranoto (1 месяц)
I hope one day all people in the world united and no more such a think name
country they only make human separate.. 

Автор alexander shemeikka (1 месяц)
USA has the most powerful army in the world. The russian army isn't so
powerful at all.

Автор Principal mallian kalan (4 месяца)
india is at number 4

Автор халид умаев (3 месяца)

Автор Emir Ülgü (5 месяцев)
All the weapons that you show on great britain is about to be phassed out
and outdated!

Автор Nikhil Pandey (5 месяцев)
fuck off....
India is at 4th
not at 6..!!

Автор Kyle Walsh (3 месяца)
Everyone can have there opinions but it is a fact that the United States
spends more money on their military than anyone else. They also have a
bigger Navy than Russia and a bigger Air force. The United States will stay
#1 until someone threatens there power, it's as simple as that. 

Автор LaughingPandaPie (27 дней)
Nevbind I'll name one the civil war

Автор River Sewell (5 месяцев)
Stupid people piss me offff the USA is the prime military power

Автор juan ramos (5 месяцев)
Russia comes with ak47s plus nuclear but we got to much heart we ready 4
Russia china whoever

Автор TMfaleupolu (1 месяц)
It dont matter to me all countries has there own way of defending there
people from other countries when threat arise.Blessed those who make peace
between nations'.

Автор Ramalingam Venkatraju (11 месяцев)
start search india, only first in bribes and black money

Автор халид умаев (3 месяца)
Russia's most powerful country in the world

Автор Emir Ülgü (5 месяцев)
Japan??? Go fuck yourself dude

Автор River Sewell (5 месяцев)
We so good that russia had to steal our flags colors lmfao

Автор Emir Ülgü (5 месяцев)
2 USA???

Автор Mmmmmmmmmmmm (2 месяца)
Why is it for you all so important which army is the strongest 

Автор Ernest Rios (3 месяца)
Russia dose not have the strongest army

Автор bigdaddy18ize (3 месяца)
I am a united states marine
And all u other countries can hate as long as its from a distance
Just know that we are ready to defend our country at all cost hoorah haters

Автор 啊三 VS 土八路 (4 месяца)
1. United States of America...
2. Russia...
3. Britain...
4. France...
5. China...
6. India...
7. Germany...
8. Japan ...
9. South Korea ...
10. Italy ...
11. Brazil ...
12. Turkey ...
13. Pakistan ...
14. Israel ...
15. Egypt ...
16. Indonesia ...
17. Iran ...
18. Canada ...
19. Republic of China (Taiwan) ...
20. Thailand ...
21. Mexico ...
22. Ukraine ...
23. Australia ...
24. Poland ...
25. Vietnam ...
26. Sweden ...
27. Saudi Arabia ...
28. Ethiopia ...
29. Spain ...
30. North Korea ...
31. Philippines ...
32. Switzerland ...
33. Malaysia ...
34. South Africa ...
35. Argentina ...
36. Nigeria ...
37. Austria ...
38. Algeria ...
39. Syria ...
40. Venezuela ...
41. Colombia ...
42. Norway ...
43. Yemen ...
44. Denmark ...
45. Finland ...
46. Kenya ...
47. Singapore ...
48. Afghanistan ...
49. Greece ...
50. Romania ...
51. Chile ...
52. Belgium ...
53. Croatia ...
54. Serbia ...
55. Portugal ...
56. Jordan ...
57. United Arab Emirates ...
58. Iraq ...
59. Libya ...
60. Georgia ...
61. Mongolia ...
62. Paraguay ...
63. Kuwait ...
64. Nepal ...
65. Kadar ...
66. Lebanon ...
67. Uruguay ...
68. Panama .

Автор Dan81369 (5 месяцев)
China invented gun powder, thats right. A German called Otto Lilienthal
invented the first glider that worked and was maneuverable. Lazer
technology was theoretically inventet by Albert Einstein, practically by
Rudolf Ladenburg, also German. We invented motors, nuclear bombs, dynamite,
Konrad Zuse invented the computer, the stealth technology and radar are
ours, and i just dont mention the medical inventions such as bulletproof
vests. Your turn.

Автор singularku (8 месяцев)
1)usa 2)china 3)russia 4)uk 5)france 6)india 7)germany 8)japan 9)israel

Автор KRAL FAKE (9 месяцев)
russia is full of bitch

Автор exordiumdeath (8 месяцев)
Well there not so get over it.

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