Top 10 Most Powerful Military Countries In The World 2012

This is a video of my opinion about the Top 10 Military Most Powerful Countries in the world 2012 and Yes I've done my research!

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Автор Rick Stuifzand ( назад)
Orff music


Автор opiate overlord ( назад)
In twenty years it will be, 1. USA, 2. China, 3. India, 4. Brazil, 5.
Russia and as technology improves one day nuke will become obsolete like
anything does with the passage of time combine with progress russia will
then fall out of the top ten since nukes are the only thing keeping them in
and will be replaced with germany

Автор Niimoyar ( назад)
Where is Germany? Half of These countries Even get/got. their tech. And
weapons from Germany . Do a Little Research ... There are so many "American
" and "Russin" Inventions Stolen After the WW2 from Germany Or used German
Engineers ... Operation overcast, uboat and stealth Technology , nuklear
bomb , NASA tech. And MANY MANY other things .. 

Автор Shahrukh Khan ( назад)
pak is 5th number

Автор l Litsas ( назад)

Автор Colby marcum ( назад)

Автор zane ryan ( назад)
Russia just comes at u with brute force which means strength in numbers and
heavy armor not skills like wat america has

Автор Dan81369 ( назад)
China invented gun powder, thats right. A German called Otto Lilienthal
invented the first glider that worked and was maneuverable. Lazer
technology was theoretically inventet by Albert Einstein, practically by
Rudolf Ladenburg, also German. We invented motors, nuclear bombs, dynamite,
Konrad Zuse invented the computer, the stealth technology and radar are
ours, and i just dont mention the medical inventions such as bulletproof
vests. Your turn.

Автор Dumb Haze ( назад)
fuck war !

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
How is that related u retard?

Автор biskitz86913 ( назад)
I think USA is still No1 because of its dense satellite network and its
strategically placed bases over the world. Russia has more gear but
Americas gear is newer and more spread out.

Автор bryce sammons ( назад)
USA should be number 1

Автор Josh Ratliffe ( назад)
Britain should be much lower

Автор Reece Walton ( назад)
haha you think s.america would help? dumb they would ask USA to invade the
Falkland island first and then that would lead you to war with the EU and
commonwealth if the worst please don't talk to s. America they wont help
you there better allies with china only decent country is chile

Автор Reece Walton ( назад)
the east manpower and the west firepower

Автор Baran Can ( назад)

Автор SquidsNeverFusion ( назад)
How about USSR, it's the most powerful country in the past.

Автор Maximumcraft04 ( назад)
no USA is no 1 not Russia, Russia is no 2

Автор Sinaver Seithalilov ( назад)
you are right russia allways no 1 but israel need to be no 5

Автор Dan81369 ( назад)
And Germany invents the great stuff :P But we are still decreasing our
military force... we don't wanna fight... At least the most of us :D

Автор Mihir Shah ( назад)
India and China will soon take over this race, but obvious.

Автор Vinnie Smith ( назад)
Great Britain USA and Russia are the best of all

Автор Deadly9124 ( назад)
Stalin was the evil one and even his stupid twisted followers

Автор Deadly9124 ( назад)
Russia isn't extreme communist anymore there are nice people everywhere
stop living in the past times have change since 1948 - 1970s

Автор Nick Hammy ( назад)
You crazy mothers that want Russia to win must be out of your mind if
Russia ever beat America billions of people would be massacred and
slaughtered. You crazy mothers are either suicidal or have no clue how evil
the Russian empire is and that they fix their votes.

Автор TheFender8 ( назад)
Where is Italy? lol

Автор junrey pancho ( назад)
you are stupid

Автор vince deoliveira ( назад)
Russian would win

Автор junrey pancho ( назад)
your an idiot, it takes time to train military specially in modern warfare.
america is battle tested

Автор akolsrud ( назад)
Norway has a very advanced stealth technology called fog. It is so
effective that the new main airport for Oslo is shut down (or invisible to
airplanes) 120 days a year.

Автор Big E-Begger Gaming ( назад)
Uh i get the feeling that the person who made this was an idiot or Russian.
I am Russian and i even know that the US is the strongest military in the
whole world

Автор Big E-Begger Gaming ( назад)
"Get off my dick Israel"- Everyone in the United States of America

Автор Jeff \m/ ( назад)
The U.S. has the strongest military, China #2 and Russia #3. This is a
well known fact.

Автор heelside336 ( назад)
USA has Chuck Norris -the most advanced lethal weapon the world will ever

Автор Zaeem Maqsood ( назад)
Its wrong opinion dear Because Pakistan won the award of The world strong
Army in 2012 and 2013 so its not on 9 its on 1

Автор Harrison DeRouen ( назад)
Russia and the usa are tied cuz usa gave them nukes and they decided to
make bigger nuke and thats hiw they are tied

Автор carlos arias ( назад)
Well USA and its allies( germany, japan, france, united kingdom) the rest
of the european union and south america australia Israel and some arabian
countries which are us allies are way powerfull the putin russian president
is tryn to bring hard the soviet union back again there lame

Автор CoastEnergy ( назад)
if you are russian, you are going to think that you are number 1. if you
are american, you will think that you are number 1. if you are chinese, you
will think that you are number one people want to believe that their
country is the best, strongest, and greatest country of all but the facts
are facts and the US should be number one. it doesnt matter who has more
nukes because nobody is gonna use them (everyone knows that).

Автор CoastEnergy ( назад)
haha you could not be more right

Автор CoastEnergy ( назад)
u obviously do not know that russia and the usa have the same amount of
nukes because both the US and russia are disarming their nukes at the same
time. neither side has more because nobody wants one side to have an
advantage over the other in case of all-out nuclear war.

Автор Master .Male ( назад)

Автор ILYRIAN ALB ( назад)
that time they will destroy their self too

Автор Edouard Abgaryan ( назад)
According to a source, Russia has many times more nuclear bombs than any
other country on the Earth, so in case of a war wihtout no rule, Russia
could be able to destroy the whole planet.

Автор Michael k. ( назад)
Germany has a very good military technology . That's why Russia wants to
buy some of our "Leopard" tanks . And also the mps and assault rifles
Germany invented are very good. E.g G36, Mp7, M416,M 27 IAR , Mp5. Germany
just has a too small amount of soldiers , but they could recruit more . You
have to know that in Germany there is no military draft . Remember World
War 2 , if the Usa and the u.k didn't step in ,they would have beaten the
Sowjet union ,but the west front thinned their army .

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
USA spend this amount because they are having a war atm in afgan. To be
honest with no offence they are pretty nosy, the Syria had some nuclear
thing happening and the US were the first to get involved.. Russia is not
spending these amounts because they are trying to get their economy back
into place. And to be honest, there yet is no war anyone has offered to
Russia. Y spend a lot of money on it? There is no war. But trust me if
there was. Well you should see for yourself when and if it happens

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
Germany? Psh every country would put them back in their place and put some
more berlin walls up.

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
China? 2 nuclear bombs would be enough

Автор Vlad Riamzinas ( назад)
hhahahahaahahahh some fishing boats :DDDDDDDDD

Автор Carpathia ( назад)
If it wasn't for France it would have been a longer war possibly losing to
Britian. We fought British forces. British forces didn't help us.

Автор Manuel Chavez ( назад)
Of course, if it wasnt for British help they wouldnt have gained their

Автор robert shegani ( назад)
i would say 1) USA 2) China 3) Russia

Автор Anthony Cruz ( назад)
How is Russia #1? Their military is based on two year conscripts. They have
no combat experience other than some conflict in Chechnya against Muslim

Автор TGTDS9513 ( назад)
If you are stating that the only reason America wins wars is because the
British help them you might want to look into the Revolutionary war

Автор itzgangstabob ( назад)
the united states has been involved in 187 military confrontations (so far)
& the record is 165-22 that is better than any other major power in the
world with wins over quite a few of european & asian nations...

Автор Salim Baykan ( назад)
what about Germany ;) They are stronger than some of this list

Автор Osama Bin Laden ( назад)
LOL russia #1 compared to the US? I mean, no offence, russia has a GREAT
military very nice indeed. But consider it, china alone speds around
100-200 billion dollars on military alone. The united states however,
spends over 700 billion. (Well, that escalated quickly. :p) Yeah. But
whatever no insults to the russian community you guys have a great army.

Автор TGTDS9513 ( назад)
Fuck no one told me this was a comedy video. that wasted 11 minutes and 48
seconds of my life P.S. the girls in the number one spot were pretty and
the one carrying the table in her mouth WOW that is the most useful
technique ever in combat

Автор mayur choudhari ( назад)
0.56... the reason i want to join army !!

Автор Notpieman ( назад)

Автор William Glover ( назад)
The Us has won very few wars, actually. Those they did were with the

Автор itzgangstabob ( назад)
CONT & in my little list of wars i gave britain a win despite the fact
their troops arrived after the united states won it...yea im nice like that
lol... & back at the ww2 thing the conventional bombings of dresden & tokyo
combined were deadlier than both atomic bombings... & the united states has
won more wars & has loss less than any other major power...& probably the
most recent victory would be the libyan civil war

Автор itzgangstabob ( назад)
really the wars with iraq were epic failures WOW had no idea 1st war was to
push iraq out of kuwait 2nd war was to remove saddam from power...i didnt
know iraq annexed kuwait & hes alive & well & still ruling... the atomic
bombings saved countless lives on BOTH sides + we supplied nearly $1
trillion (in todays value) to the allied nations fought in every theater of
the war & was the main force behind some of the largest naval battles &
invasion ever in the history of the world...

Автор snapitsidewayssister ( назад)
In our life time? and a war that wasn't against yourselves or natives? .
Plus vietnam was epic fail along with both gulf wars and Afghanastan
unfortunatley. Cold war didnt exactly go the best. WW2 you didnt help with
until the very end once most the brutal and most fierce fighting was done.
i dont class that as a fair win really especially when they dropped atomic
bombs on civilians in an attempt to devastate japan so brutally so they
didnt have to fight fair. Although i love USA they not no1:(

Автор OmegaXMd66BGvoin ( назад)
You forgot the scrapped submarines :)

Автор David Johnson ( назад)
It should read "The most technologically advanced Military in the
world"...That would be the USA, of course...Most of the other bigs stole
their advanced weaponry from right under the Pentagon's nose! In all
fairness though, China stole from their best cold war pals, the Russians...

Автор David Johnson ( назад)
My cat loves the stuff...

Автор Master debater ( назад)
Lol What a load of crap this film is i can not beleive i actually watched
to the end, i might make the same thing and put great britain as number one.

Автор Master debater ( назад)
I heard bullshit has all sorts of nutritious benefits

Автор Sachin Kunde ( назад)
Yes i mean it. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing
was coming. Listen do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if
you don't know about them you must see this. i found it here

Автор DDSemBlack ( назад)
Мы вас в жопу порвём)

Автор John Matrix ( назад)
Im as anti-American as they come, but saying anyone other than America as
no1 is beyond stupid.

Автор kn goma ( назад)
1USA 2Russia 3China This is correct.

Автор franco lutriz ( назад)

Автор franco lutriz ( назад)

Автор 13Persik ( назад)
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Автор exordiumdeath ( назад)
Well there not so get over it.

Автор exordiumdeath ( назад)
We never said we were the best at everything.

Автор Clash Of Clans Alex Hudiakov ( назад)
no 1.usa 2.russia 3.china 4.hindistan 5.turkey 6.israel 7.fransa 8.guney
kore 9.ittaly 10.great britain

Автор Clash Of Clans Alex Hudiakov ( назад)
почемо нет фотка РТ-2ПМ2 и Strong China than the United States

Автор Reaver damnation ( назад)
First of all nether country would launch moron and 2nd of all its called
mutual destruction look it up.

Автор Reaver damnation ( назад)
just saying the U.S has by far better troops than the Russians and more
advanced military equipment. both are equally powerful with over 7 thousand
nukes combined plus more no one knows about which equals end of the human
race. everyone says no China is the most powerful the U.S spends billions
more a year on military plus China only has around 200 nuclear weapons and
we have Chuck fucking Norris and Rambo.

Автор Jolly Roger ( назад)
Creator is an idiot... No way Russia #1. US military most powerful in the
history of the world with the greatest ability to project power globally .
The US Navy alone is more powerful than the next 12 navies combined- 12
Carrier Strike Groups, 10 amphibious expeditionary assault groups. US
Airforce- B2 Stealth Bombers, F-22 Raptors, etc. What a moron. Must be a
USA hater because the facts don't equal Russia being #1.

Автор mdkefren ( назад)
I don't know about Rusia, but Russia surely can't

Автор Khaled Hossam ( назад)
If you really want a fair comparison search for globalfirepowerdotcom it's

Автор Khaled Hossam ( назад)
Cool !!

Автор TheHuskers1995 ( назад)
one button? ummmmmmmmmm why didn't they do it long ago? I know why, because
it's untrue!

Автор serdar can ( назад)

Автор Trencho Ivanov ( назад)
Bulgaria is number 1 military force in the world Army: around 1200 people
Air force:3 warplanes and 1 helicopter Navy:1 warship and some fishing
boats special forces:Me

Автор Trencho Ivanov ( назад)
Rusia can destroy USA with one button my friend.don't live in the movies.

Автор JVLigon ( назад)
why do all these cod fanboys think russia has the most powerful army?

Автор TheHuskers1995 ( назад)
USA could go to war against Russia at breakfast and have them whipped in
time for lunch

Автор TheHuskers1995 ( назад)
Russia? lol ahahahahahahahahahaha

Автор Roger ( назад)
its not the size of the army or the amount of artillery one has , its all
about the ambition and focus of the warrior who's willing to fight at all
cost .

Автор bara moso ( назад)
number one philippines!

Автор krazkura ( назад)
Israel can take on multiple contries at once

Автор rohitb3 ( назад)
1.Good training, sure...but not Better than India's. 2. Modern Airforce? By
statistics ,Uk's combat fleet is 60% old. (219 jets , 119 old Tornedos, 100
Modern Eurofighters) 3. Arguably yes, but again, not comfortably better
than India's with forces like MARCOS and NSG.

Автор Daniel Roche ( назад)
yeah but good training modern air force and navy and arguably the best
special forces in the world with the SAS

Автор auspuh kerri ( назад)
hahahahhahaha LOL

Автор smilenice1 ( назад)
Where is Germany in this video ?

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