Most Awesome Couple Scare Pranks

For the millions of fans of Girlfriend Scares part 1, here are some more guys who won't be getting any for a while. Couple scares are a time honored tradition here at Break but it's mostly the girls getting scared. Ladies, it's time to step up your game and start scaring back. When you do, tape it and upload it to Break for $$$ http://brk.to/uploadtobreakyt For licensing inquiries please email us at licensing@break.com

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funny scary pranks!



Автор Regina Bagley ( назад)

Автор frank ponds ( назад)
I wanna know what the first girl was doing. She was hella into that
computer screen.

Автор TheOnlyGBeast ( назад)
2nd one:
>she's gonna break up with me
>gf proceeds to die laughing

Автор GOLDEN CHOAS ( назад)
That last one lol I would have been " drive by run niggas !!!!"

Автор PatrickM1995 ( назад)
1:10 call of HOMO Ghost .....xD

Автор JP Caylen ( назад)
I peed on my self.....the last one

Автор GreenAsari ( назад)
To the Third girl. dump this dumb fuck and come live with me in the south
of France!

Автор Wendy Weedseed ( назад)
Hell naw she was like "ohhhhh"

Автор TapsaHd ( назад)
The last was just so epic!

Автор Kendall Tolliver ( назад)
Number one why did she smell it

Автор TheFavess ( назад)
idk man the one at 1:50 her voice and body is hot as hell

Автор Rudy Garcia ( назад)
Jojopphj by p .bn ohhhgjpj n

Автор Rudy Garcia ( назад)
S s N Pppy

Автор Bizo ( назад)
Last one was some funny shit. Good job

Автор Dagmara Kostecka ( назад)
The last one made me jump X D!!!

Автор Claude Rains ( назад)
Man I'm rolling on the floor on the last one! She spilt the scene and left
the gun behind. Then you have him using his fingers like six guns. Great

Автор Melissa Pareja ( назад)
I dropped my phone at the last one xD

Автор haily sukhoo ( назад)
Lmfaooo the last one

Автор Chris Martinez ( назад)
Your an Asshole!!!

Автор Shawnteya Slinkey ( назад)
Who ever made that video. Can u give me some ideas?

Автор Uriel Design ( назад)

Автор SlideSport Stories ( назад)
because you dont get any..

Автор Jordan Johnson ( назад)
Why is every girl on these couples videos hot as hell?

Автор badit102 ( назад)
All you gotta do is fap fap fap ^^

Автор Kami Kaze ( назад)
then fuck you moron..

Автор Bruno Buzzi ( назад)
oh plz... just be quiet ..

Автор jerysleary ( назад)

Автор WildRocker001 ( назад)
I didn't even see him shooting with his fingers in th background! HAHAHA
omg that topped it off!

Автор Amanda Gragasin ( назад)
the last one was AWESOME!!!

Автор Redridge07 ( назад)
gun powder ....

Автор Dejah Swagg ( назад)
the last one had me crying. she hopped out that seat

man...girls are to be fucked and not fuck with them....moron

Автор CMFT93 ( назад)
The first girl is an actress! and second.. why the hell that last girl
smells the gun? :D

Автор MultiAbonnent ( назад)
guess who's not getting laid tonight!

Автор bongoboyj ( назад)
wow the firecracker guy I like him ! XD

Автор Uriel Design ( назад)
The first girl is damn hot!

Автор TheSocialPlayground ( назад)

Автор che350z ( назад)
the last prank was the best. the one with the giant spider in the bed you
couldnt see anything, lame!

Автор Ian Sebastian Video Blog ( назад)
I feel as though I would end up killing my girlfriend if we both dedicated
ourselves to scaring each other all the time.

Автор silludj ( назад)
2:27 bald ryan gosling

Автор Allison Gagnon ( назад)
1:12 that's chicks voice is so fucking annoying

Автор Jim Hardie ( назад)

Автор Umbras Draconuum ( назад)
Aint no wench touching my guns....

Автор Umbras Draconuum ( назад)
the oil used to clean them smells awesome chief!

Автор leynard manlapaz ( назад)

Автор leynard manlapaz ( назад)

Автор tamara bradley ( назад)
3:47 weird ass fuck lol

Автор M Parkook ( назад)
i'ts crazy but I like to prank my friends :D avtransfer.co.uk

Автор Michael De Leon ( назад)
I bet shes never run like that in her life (last video) lol

Автор roger hoddy ( назад)
your fake your moms lame and your dad is gay

Автор blackice2142 ( назад)
apart from the last vid,theres some real nice pussy in this !

Автор tony montana ( назад)
4.00 fake and lame and gay

Автор Joel Playsstuff ( назад)
your Pic is your reaction when it happened

Автор calvin Hinton ( назад)
Lmfaoooooooo I love the last prank.

Автор HotRodGreaser ( назад)
to get a smell of death duh!

Автор MIseryHD ( назад)
ehh the second one was smexy ;)

Автор TheAmazingJimmy ( назад)
You know, it has the new gun smell.

Автор Gumurilo yohohoho ( назад)
4:13: You're an apple???

Автор Will Elmore ( назад)
The gun one was the funniest shit ever!!!

Автор Aleena Mars ( назад)
2:16 why did he have to involve a spider ?? They're shit scary :S

Автор LilianPringle ( назад)
The gun one.... It scared me too... Lol

Автор Miss Shelly ( назад)
she's gonna break up with me .. ok let's do this :)) LOL

Автор Light Truther ( назад)
she was hungry!

Автор Destiny Andrews ( назад)
Wow. The last one scared me too. Had my speakers up too loud lmao

Автор Marswin ( назад)
so you know its good

Автор Terry Blanchard ( назад)
the last one scared ME :( lmfao

Автор Danny Di Nunzio ( назад)
the gun omg i pee'd

Автор ManicAfterShock ( назад)
Its just that sexy...

Автор MszPreciousz3 ( назад)
lolz the last one was great!

Автор jpeak380 ( назад)
If at the end where the girl with gun if i was holding it and fireworks
went off i would really shoot him

Автор phuc nguyen ( назад)
At he end like she was like giving to gun to the table and running lol

Автор cindy figueroa ( назад)
lol the scared my family :P

Автор Charlie Okeson ( назад)
Disgusting how most try to take as much as they can, because they think
it's unattended:(

Автор Gregor Beals ( назад)
3:45 - O face!

Автор Jayden Martin ( назад)

Автор Tyler Durr ( назад)
I like how, even after the one girl realized what was going on, the guy
kept shooting at her. Anyone else concerned?

Автор Nah ( назад)
your profile pic made that comment sooo much better

Автор ted jones ( назад)
Either smelling the gun oil or the powder. Depending on if it was loaded or

Автор Scott Gelwicks ( назад)
I get it the 1st time, the slo-mo shit ruins it

Автор Wim Eradus ( назад)
The last one was SoOOoOoOoO FAKE!!!!

Автор towlebucket ( назад)
0:20 WOW

Автор BklynGeri96 ( назад)
lol yess!! that was the best!!!

Автор bigdog1379 ( назад)

Автор Justin Yu ( назад)
i luv watin them scream the shit outta themselves :P

Автор Milos Excelsrb ( назад)
00:15 dat' ASS!

Автор PekkaSaauri ( назад)
4:24 there's a textbook good husband

Автор Pikachu15actrice ( назад)
I was literally startled at 4:05

Автор MrYIT95 ( назад)

Автор basshead1998 ( назад)
whats wrong with u SAAAAN no pvp?

Автор yoshimitsu bote ( назад)
There's no PVP???This is fucked up!!

Автор NoMi MirXa ( назад)
why was she smelling the gun?

Автор Hassan Youssef ( назад)
that's sick

Автор Bewafa Janbewafa ( назад)
OMG i love the husband and wife. all were funny but that one was the best

Автор Scarytootbrush (994 года назад)
4:15 "Come on baby" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Автор Dakota CPPS ( назад)

Автор Nailah Smith ( назад)
4:04 she coulda shot somebody !!!

Автор dissention117 ( назад)
There's not a single bit of your comment that can be taken as a joke. I'm
not trying to ruin anything for anyone. The prank is fake and that is all.
If you had tears of laughter at it then I'm very happy for you but it
doesn't mean I have to like it. Get over it.

Автор DGregster ( назад)
Last woman so deserved it. She had no idea how to handle a gun and she was
playing around with it like it was a toy. Dumbass bitch is gonna end up
killing someone.

Автор 929crotchrocket ( назад)
i bet the last lady was making those faces because she couldnt figure out
the saftey

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