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Автор Di Blasi (10 месяцев)
The last one is THE funniest. The others are just meh..

Автор TheOnlyGBeast (1 месяц)
2nd one:
>she's gonna break up with me
>gf proceeds to die laughing

Автор Myes (11 месяцев)
Did she scream "I'm hit!"?

Автор mrkieransk (6 месяцев)
All terrible.

Автор James T Kirk (1 год)
Americans and their ridiculous gun obsession...

Автор Taryn Creasy (11 месяцев)
She shouldn't be squeezing the trigger anyway...empty or not.

Автор Youngdu Kim (11 месяцев)
i wouldn't do that to my gf....

Автор Ashkan Aroos (1 год)
lol man

Автор sclerocarpets (1 год)
Last one looked so staged

Автор kim smith (1 год)
3:45 seconds is why all guns should be banned in america

Автор Marko Kostic (1 год)
last prank

Автор Aaron Aamir (1 год)
The second chick in her undies i bet was having webcam sex that's why she
got shocked when she saw her bf 

Автор Starkiller993 (2 года)
Omg i want that spider :D

Автор Uriel Design (1 год)

Автор plutofromoldham (2 года)
it was funny and it made lmfao. stop being so serious.

Автор calvin Hinton (2 года)
Lmfaoooooooo I love the last prank.

Автор Scott Gelwicks (2 года)
I get it the 1st time, the slo-mo shit ruins it

Автор Tipene Anderson (2 года)

Автор Kyle Mirus (2 года)
I used to have that spider but it broke because my girlfriend step on
it...She was wayyy scared

Автор Feng Shin (1 год)
then fuck you moron..

Автор Gumurilo yohohoho (2 года)
4:13: You're an apple???

Автор M Parkook (2 года)
i'ts crazy but I like to prank my friends :D avtransfer.co.uk

Автор coldplayplayer15 (2 года)
Treat Every gun as if it is always loaded never ever do that.

Автор Trippy Smokey (1 год)
Lmfaoo xD the last one

Автор Dustin Chase (2 года)
That last one. Fucking genius.

Автор Terry Blanchard (2 года)
the last one scared ME :( lmfao

Автор SlideSport Stories (1 год)
because you dont get any..

Автор phuc nguyen (2 года)
At he end like she was like giving to gun to the table and running lol

Автор Gregor Beals (2 года)
3:45 - O face!

Автор Dany Ungureanu (2 года)
PVP Saaaaaaan

Автор Jordan Johnson (1 год)
Why is every girl on these couples videos hot as hell?

Автор Joel Playsstuff (2 года)
your Pic is your reaction when it happened

Автор BklynGeri96 (2 года)
lol yess!! that was the best!!!

Автор bigweb0311 (2 года)
She almost started aiming hahaha

Автор Kendall Tolliver (1 год)
Number one why did she smell it

Автор DGregster (2 года)
Last woman so deserved it. She had no idea how to handle a gun and she was
playing around with it like it was a toy. Dumbass bitch is gonna end up
killing someone.

Автор Danny Di Nunzio (2 года)
the gun omg i pee'd

Автор dissention117 (2 года)
There's not a single bit of your comment that can be taken as a joke. I'm
not trying to ruin anything for anyone. The prank is fake and that is all.
If you had tears of laughter at it then I'm very happy for you but it
doesn't mean I have to like it. Get over it.

Автор Kaydn Custer (2 года)
why did she smell it?! 3:46

Автор N1NJ4xN4T10N (2 года)
He's lucky she didn't turn around and shoot his ass...

Автор TheFavess (1 год)
idk man the one at 1:50 her voice and body is hot as hell

Автор Noel Vega (2 года)
That was fucking awesome!!!! @ 4:20 LMFAO!!!!!!!

Автор BlazeDeval (2 года)
Got something against that?

Автор Dakota CPPS (2 года)

Автор Umbras Draconuum (2 года)
Aint no wench touching my guns....

Автор Ian Sebastian Video Blog (2 года)
I feel as though I would end up killing my girlfriend if we both dedicated
ourselves to scaring each other all the time.

Автор Justin Yu (2 года)
i luv watin them scream the shit outta themselves :P

Автор BeastMode8767 (2 года)
I'm guessing "AWSOME" isn't one of your favorites?

Автор badit102 (1 год)
All you gotta do is fap fap fap ^^

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