Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (ORIGINAL)

Why!?!? We just got our new echo dot and this happened!?!?

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Автор Raul Aguayo ( назад)
Anyone else hear the moan at :09

Автор Yum Cole ( назад)
oh my gosh! the kid is so adorable! but yet Alexa had to say that XD

Автор Livid Evil ( назад)
he said it in baby language lmao

Автор Clorox Lemon Scented Bleach Splash less Bleach ( назад)
Moan at 0:08

Автор Christopher ( назад)
Oh poor thing ..... meanwhile kids in Syria are blown up

Автор Lui Gaming ( назад)
Alexa: Porn Detected
*kid moves closer*

Автор a dank person named fraylid ( назад)
play Dicker Dick her

Автор The Great Chicken Overlord ( назад)

Автор HNIC ZeeLow ( назад)
This is fake asf

Автор Mr1chameleon1 ( назад)
I got an add for Alexa when watching this video... perf

Автор Quincy Duplessis ( назад)
if Alexa was real she would low key be my bff

Автор Alexander Bergström ( назад)
sic ballerz content

Автор Red_Is_Dank_Meme ( назад)

Автор Emidretrauqe ( назад)
As funny as this is, you guys totally over-reacted. Now he knows something's up.

Автор Cole ( назад)

Автор David Bowling ( назад)

Автор - Kilo- ( назад)
this playlist isn't near the level of important videos.

Автор Nut Sackian ( назад)
Ok, I hear no one talking about what the fuck he

Автор minecraftmaster1165 ( назад)
Kid: Alexa play dicker dicker
Alexa: how about porn
Kid: ok
Alexa: 😈
kids in backround: no no totally stop no

Автор andy mo ( назад)
What kind of content are u people exposing this child to?
Filthy white people and your nasty morals...

Автор Guns Man ( назад)
this is not the original

Автор NICKILLS ( назад)
Scarred for life

Автор Bob Billy ( назад)
"Alexa play dick her dick her"

Автор MannequinAttack ( назад)
That poor little boy just wanted to play Digger Digger! :'(

Автор oyuncunun günlüğü ( назад)

Автор Majestic Oak ( назад)
Looks like the technology just isn't mature enough yet...

Автор EroticCakes ( назад)
that child enunciates like a retarded chimp

Автор Moon Man ( назад)
I tried this with my Alexa and it played "Gold Digger" :(

Автор John White ( назад)
I love it how everyone jumps aboard "NO! NO! NO!" after the mother (I think) in the background hahaha :p Everyone else was genuinely curious.

Автор CommanderSlippy1 ( назад)
I Didn't Give A Shit This Is Being #1 On Trending

Автор Rejector71 ( назад)
0:12 Somebody should sue Amazon already

Автор CoconutGunner ( назад)
what the fuck is a hot pussy anal dildo ringtone and how can i get it on my phone

Автор DJ OakeyDoakey ( назад)
Does anyone know how to get that ringtone?

Автор Sheldon Richard ( назад)
Dumb device and dumber parents! There. I said it.

Автор Basset_Lover ( назад)
I actually first saw this first on Ifunny months ago.

Автор Hati Hróðvitnisson ( назад)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Автор Psycho Vortex ( назад)

Автор Alejoxon_YT ( назад)
oh amazon, you did it again

Автор Toxic Legend ( назад)
Lata play nigga nigger...

Автор Wang William ( назад)
Hi,May I have your FB?

Автор like this comment : ( назад)
was that his history

Автор WALN Zell ( назад)
When people make jokes about voice commands and devices like these, they aren't exaggerating.

Автор corn snake ( назад)

Автор H.D.Instrumental ( назад)
What I want to know, is what happend after the footage ended.

Автор Zachary Boyce ( назад)
What was he trying to say?

Автор cat9dog9 ( назад)
Play dicka dicka? No wonder it did that

Автор Ha ( назад)
Blaza, play dicker dicker

Автор diamond tv ( назад)
Poor kid

Автор EaglesMan710 ( назад)
This is fake, isn't it?

Автор HatchimalLover ( назад)
kid:Dada play dicker dicker.
kid again:Dada play dicker dicker
Alexa:sex sex sex sexy sex sex pussy anal dildo sexy sex sex sexy
Dad:I'm fucking screwed

Автор Wazzs ( назад)
actually funny? I think so

Автор snooPING AS usual i see ( назад)
That's why you shouldn't let kids use technology

Автор Dimitri Themistokleous ( назад)
OMG lololol

Автор krabby kakes ( назад)
play digger tigger

Автор Gianluca Guevara ( назад)

Автор clycoo5276 ( назад)
kid: play digger digger

alexa: dick her, dick her!? i got you fam.

Автор Nicholas Harris ( назад)
I love how the kid just says ok after Alexis starts listing off the stuff

Автор The Ducky Gaming ( назад)
📩📩📩 are you email email

Автор nosequiters ( назад)
ther was me thinking it was going to pay some lil wayne

Автор GINGER SNXPS ( назад)
what is digger digger

Автор Drew's Corner ( назад)
this is fake... Alexa bleeps those words. It's what I hate about them, they force censorship on us. How has nobody mentioned that?

Автор Mippy Lomas ( назад)
p u s s y a n a l d i l d o

Автор Carl v ( назад)
esse é o jovennerd

Автор Kein Name ( назад)
what does Alexa say at the beging? I keep hearing "you want to hear a station for porn detected "

Автор Tegan Burns ( назад)
Fake as this ginger's soul

Автор xMetalxSonicx ( назад)

Автор Sitruc s ( назад)
Porn detected "Okay" hahaha mah man!

Автор Adam Baum ( назад)

Автор RotexTM ( назад)

Автор Mistake_in_Reality ( назад)

Автор Dan Ddan ( назад)
Maybe, just maybe this is false? like a scripted video?

Автор cookiemaster44 ( назад)
Alexa is bad

Автор Night Striker21 ( назад)
I thought Alexa would play the nigga song XD

Автор BloodKat ( назад)
"You want to hear a station for porn detected" little kid: "Okiee"
x'D lmfao

Автор Seth Hall ( назад)
despite popular belief alexa does not read your search history it can will however read your shopping history

Автор Derpy Creeper ( назад)

Автор Nate G ( назад)
lol the dad's nervous laugh XD

Автор noah sharp ( назад)
Alexa: You want a station for porn detected.
Kid: Ok

Автор Austins Vids ( назад)
I just got mine it's freaking awesome

Автор Marc Perez ( назад)
Okay, I wanna know what the fuck "Digger Digger" is? Is it a song? Where is it from?

Автор mrjokerman ( назад)
porno ringtones hot chicks amature girls sexy hot pussy anal dildo ringtones

Автор Lainey Manuel ( назад)

Автор Khazar01 ( назад)
Still trying to figure out what is "Dicker Dicker" (or maybe "Ticker Ticker")

Автор LV ( назад)
latza, play dicker dicker

Автор Aviator168 ( назад)
Alexa is just stupid search search engine with a voice interface. It is very funny. One of those unforeseen consequences.

Автор Dmytro Novycov ( назад)

Автор Tashunna Moore ( назад)
😂😂😂 He's such an adorable kid!!!

Автор Bryce ( назад)
You hear what sounds like a teenage boy saying no along side the mom. "oh god i forgot to clear my history"

Автор 2SilverEyes ( назад)

Автор SioNis510N ( назад)
"aletspa play nigger the digger " is what i heard

Автор Jackson Chubin ( назад)
fuck no!!

Автор LoreMaster ( назад)

Автор TheCrabcakeMan ( назад)
This is one video that deserved to be on trending.

Автор Gamers Inc ( назад)
Kid: Play Digger Digger
Alexa: You are my nigga

Автор Bryan Jensen ( назад)
"Awexa is cwap" - Barry Kripke

Автор Samuel Nathan ( назад)
Holy shit! That was crazy. It can't be that hard for a big company like Amazon to detect the voice is from a child and filter according.

Автор Big Hamma Slamma ( назад)
Play Dick her Dick her

Автор Mining Zombie 1234 ( назад)

Автор traingp7 ( назад)
What was the kid trying to say?

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