Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (ORIGINAL)

Why!?!? We just got our new echo dot and this happened!?!?

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Автор Jay Hogan ( назад)
the kids eyes when they all say stop gets me every time

Автор Don Johnson ( назад)

Автор Beastly ( назад)
Alexa, play Tickle Tickle


I'm Blue da ba dee dabba da-ee dabba dee-a

Автор Tori ( назад)

Автор Jay Clark ( назад)
Now you know that the dad had been using Alexa.

Автор Steven Lornie ( назад)
Hmm what is the point of this device? My stereo doesn't have these issues,
will very likely sound better and will live longer.

Автор Reagan Crisp ( назад)
Elexa, play Digher Digher

Автор TheFirstNobody ( назад)
Ha! Letting a child that can't say words speak to anything is hilarious.

Автор Juston Johnson ( назад)
0:11 - Alexa: "You want to hear a station for porn detected. Porno
ringtone..." 0:13 - Kid: "OK."

Автор ragii ( назад)
Porno Ringtone Hot Chick Amateur Girl Calling Sexy Fuck Cunt Shit Sex Cock
Pussy Anal Dildo

Автор kayla BoucherGranados ( назад)

Автор Fredbear_Playz ( назад)
tickle tickle, or tiger tiger?

Автор LeGrim Reaper ( назад)
"cock pussy anal dildo"

Автор fr1sk gg ( назад)
whats song name that he requested?

Автор K- Boogie ( назад)
i bet the kid is tramatized

Автор Callus1234 ( назад)
I would have liked to see the product suggestions they get next time the
log on to Amazon.com :)

Автор aan boloy ( назад)
who's the fuck alexa?

Автор Vaalferatus ( назад)
-Alexa, play digger digger.
-P O R N D E T E C T E D. P U S S Y A N A L D I L D O

Автор UserName0043 ( назад)
pussy anal dildo

Автор Chris Silverman ( назад)
Play Dick Her Dick Her

Автор Cry Baby ( назад)
What was he trying to say?

Автор Jacob Ng ( назад)
I wonder what would happen if the dad didn't stop Alexa LOL

Автор John Q. Public ( назад)
Nothing like Silicon Valley/NSA spyware fucking you in the arse with
degeneracy - poor kids being raised by mental midgets

Автор All mobile ( назад)
It is funny :-)

Автор Erzsébet Gabriella Czopyk (Bagolyka) ( назад)

Автор Illuminati_69 ( назад)
p u s s y a n a l d i l d o

Автор KLONDIKE ( назад)
even Alexa has a dirty mind too!!😊😁😆😂😂😂😂

Автор The Gemmy loser ( назад)
He is anoyying

Автор Cory Hromada ( назад)

Автор Ali Ertem (Official) ( назад)
how did i go from battlefield to this!?

Автор Dank Furby ( назад)
Pussy anal dildo ring

Where can I buy?

Автор godzeka ( назад)
I'm just laughing at that little "Okay" the kid says once it starts

Автор OzzieBloke ( назад)
Well, to be fair, I didn't understand a damned thing that kid said either.

Автор Derek Lopez ( назад)
am I the only one that noticed how fucked amazons product is?

Автор Deech Barnes ( назад)
OH GOD I CANT...😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀

Автор Manuel ortiz ( назад)
alexa play dildo dildo

Автор blooflazh7 ( назад)
digger LMFAO

Автор Ryan Conpre ( назад)
these viewsare fake

Автор Brandon Salgeuro ( назад)
They grow up so fast.

Автор Super Poke Chu11 ( назад)
lexa, play nigger nigger?!?!

Автор Cheemio ( назад)
play dicker dicker

Автор T Blizzy ( назад)
Stupid people no shit the kid meant to say digger digger but you can
clearly hear a K instead of a g, so it sounds like dicker dicker. Obviously
the thing will search porn

Автор lostintime86 ( назад)
very funny. but i know it was staged.

Автор alag145 1456 ( назад)
what song did he want to play

Автор PlayaPringle ( назад)
The captions are even better 😂

Автор Jack Gabaldon ( назад)
Pussy Anal Dildo

Автор Jack Gabaldon ( назад)

Автор Frankie Camacho ( назад)
this is not the original

Автор GoldKnightProduction ( назад)
Maybe one day we'll realize that man and machine will never truly speak the
same language. I hope I live to see that glorious day.

Автор Maxxcell Higdon ( назад)
They should have adjusted the settings to baby talk

Автор farten cupcake ( назад)

Автор Derek Curtis ( назад)
Looks like dad didn't delete his search history...

Автор Henry Channer ( назад)
When he says "ok!" at 15 seconds like 'Today is gonna be a good day..' Lmao

Автор tomis wolf ( назад)

Автор Markedfordeath 923 ( назад)
On the thumbnail the kid looks so scarred XD poor kid

Автор Storminis Fun ( назад)
Hmm. That's the stuff I search up.

Автор SleepyWerren ( назад)
It kept saying sexual Stuff after p0rn

Автор f0t0b0y ( назад)
Oh shit! He was just on Ellen!!!

Автор Alexis Libby ( назад)

Автор nemofan111 ( назад)
Isn't technology great lol

Автор Joni Subroto ( назад)
How come??

Автор Arina ( назад)

Автор RedJoker ( назад)
Funny how the adults scream no no no like maniacs while the kid doesn't
have any thoughts at all because he doesn't know the words anyway, so where
exactly is the problem? >.<

Автор diggideimer ( назад)
overreaction at its finest. He doesn't know, what those words mean but from
the reaction he will think they are bad, which they only are if you suffer
from hypocrite religiousness. Now he is scared and confused

Автор Maskadeus ( назад)
Alexa play Nigger, Nigger

Автор I'm a person ( назад)
The woman said "awh", and now she probably thinks he's innocence was taken

Автор ubernaffa ( назад)
The laugh at the end was the best bit.

Автор aditroitz ( назад)
Thug Life choose the machine :V

Автор Halsey and the TwentyØneCrybabies ( назад)
You want to hear a station for porn detection?
Kid: Okay!

Автор Edmund Heng ( назад)

Автор imNotProfessional ( назад)
Lada play dicker dicker

Автор Lincoln Noronha ( назад)
Oh my god. It has become aware of itself AND it is into weird porn.

Автор Daniel Alas ( назад)

Автор TheArfdog ( назад)
Not sure how this qualifies as "gone wild"... like the kid knows what a
pussy and dildo are

Автор zavatone ( назад)
They had better fix that shit.

Автор Don ( назад)
When Alexa asks, "You want to hear a station for ... " the kid actually
murmurs, "okay."

Автор Oktoberfest-Band "Bergvagabunden" - bayerische Live-Musik ( назад)

Автор Matilda ( назад)
That's what you get for bringing a corporate listening post into your

Автор idcaf ( назад)
i love that guilty 'hohohohoho' laugh at the end

Автор Комната Руда ( назад)
малой топ!

Автор Agarib21 ( назад)
Came here from the Kane Show.

Автор Anti Hero ( назад)
Me: Mom dad? Alexa turn on lights
Alexa: Ok(turns on light)
Me: (Sees my parents having sex)
Alexa: Ok(turn off lights)

Oh my God, this is amazing.

Автор しゃけピコピコ隊 ( назад)

Автор yodaisgod2 ( назад)
The dirty hands of Jukin Media strikes again, eh?

Автор Frank N. Stein ( назад)
They grow up so fast.

Автор Crazy Smiles ( назад)
Someone needs to clear their "HISTORY"

Автор im ded ( назад)

Автор Vacron ( назад)
Do you have a humidifier alswell.?

Автор TheBastardCommie ( назад)
lmao it just starts fucking indiscriminately rattling off everything sexual
it can find.

Автор U2Yes 1DNo EDCP/Sabrina Kitty/Brown/Hooves ( назад)
Keep Alexa away from him!

Автор Pastel Sapphire; ( назад)
I'm fucking laughing so hard.

Автор Nsjdh hshhd ( назад)
I tried but it played gold digger explicit by Kanye west but jokes on her I
like that song

Автор Al Bell ( назад)
Hot chick amateur girl.... what!! I couldn't hear over the damn parents

Автор FEAR THE BEARD ( назад)
Did anyone her the kid that is about 8 years old saying no


Автор Toat _Gang ( назад)
Alexa play digger digger

Автор MSU4Life ( назад)
How does that even happen?

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