Amazon Alexa Gone Wild! (ORIGINAL)

Why!?!? We just got our new echo dot and this happened!?!?

Jukin Media Verified (Original)
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Автор GINGER SNXPS ( назад)
what is digger digger

Автор Drew's Corner ( назад)
this is fake... Alexa bleeps those words. It's what I hate about them, they force censorship on us. How has nobody mentioned that?

Автор Mippy Lomas ( назад)
p u s s y a n a l d i l d o

Автор Carl v ( назад)
esse é o jovennerd

Автор Kein Name ( назад)
what does Alexa say at the beging? I keep hearing "you want to hear a station for porn detected "

Автор Tegan Burns ( назад)
Fake as this ginger's soul

Автор ASMR Boy ( назад)

Автор xMetalxSonicx ( назад)

Автор Sitruc s ( назад)
Porn detected "Okay" hahaha mah man!

Автор Adam Baum ( назад)

Автор RotexTM ( назад)

Автор Mistake_in_Reality ( назад)

Автор Dan Ddan ( назад)
Maybe, just maybe this is false? like a scripted video?

Автор cookiemaster44 ( назад)
Alexa is bad

Автор Night Striker21 ( назад)
I thought Alexa would play the nigga song XD

Автор BloodKat ( назад)
"You want to hear a station for porn detected" little kid: "Okiee"
x'D lmfao

Автор Seth Hall ( назад)
despite popular belief alexa does not read your search history it can will however read your shopping history

Автор Derpy Creeper ( назад)

Автор Nate G ( назад)
lol the dad's nervous laugh XD

Автор noah sharp ( назад)
Alexa: You want a station for porn detected.
Kid: Ok

Автор Austins Vids ( назад)
I just got mine it's freaking awesome

Автор Marc Perez ( назад)
Okay, I wanna know what the fuck "Digger Digger" is? Is it a song? Where is it from?

Автор Grandma Using An Inhaler ( назад)
porno ringtones hot chicks amature girls sexy hot pussy anal dildo ringtones

Автор Lainey Manuel ( назад)

Автор Khazar01 ( назад)
Still trying to figure out what is "Dicker Dicker" (or maybe "Ticker Ticker")

Автор LV ( назад)
latza, play dicker dicker

Автор Aviator168 ( назад)
Alexa is just stupid search search engine with a voice interface. It is very funny. One of those unforeseen consequences.

Автор Dmytro Novycov ( назад)

Автор Tashunna Moore ( назад)
😂😂😂 He's such an adorable kid!!!

Автор Bryce ( назад)
You hear what sounds like a teenage boy saying no along side the mom. "oh god i forgot to clear my history"

Автор 2SilverEyes ( назад)

Автор SioNis510N ( назад)
"aletspa play nigger the digger " is what i heard

Автор Jackson Chubin ( назад)
fuck no!!

Автор Hoonter ( назад)

Автор TheCrabcakeMan ( назад)
This is one video that deserved to be on trending.

Автор Gamers Inc ( назад)
Kid: Play Digger Digger
Alexa: You are my nigga

Автор Bryan Jensen ( назад)
"Awexa is cwap" - Barry Kripke

Автор Samuel Nathan ( назад)
Holy shit! That was crazy. It can't be that hard for a big company like Amazon to detect the voice is from a child and filter according.

Автор Big Hamma Slamma ( назад)
Play Dick her Dick her

Автор Mining Zombie 1234 ( назад)

Автор traingp7 ( назад)
What was the kid trying to say?

Автор BLAIR'S FANKANAL ( назад)
this is too funny hotchic amtuer pussyinaringdildo ?????wtf

Автор •Maiatsui• ( назад)

Автор Zelda Girl ( назад)
Alexa I didn't say stop keep going 😏

Автор Jake Ω ( назад)
Dad laughed the nervous away.

Автор Fleece ( назад)
pussy anal dildo? wtf lol

Автор ProFoxGaming 2 ( назад)
alexa probably hear "Alexa play Dick Her Dick Her

Автор Lesser Dog ( назад)
Alexa had a little too much to drink last night...

Автор NightmareGod1 ( назад)
aleks play digger digger "you want to hear a station thats porn. porn station detected"

Автор Tordsworld ( назад)
Nana, pway dig oar dig oar.

Автор W.D. Gaster ( назад)
It's the kids fault he said "play dickle dickle".

Автор Secret Agent Michael Lee ( назад)
What did the kid say at the beginning?

Автор Scar ( назад)
Broooo, just delete history, this is 2017.

Автор Evan G ( назад)
"pussy anal dildo"

Автор zombie Kid11 ( назад)

Paly digger digger
You want to hear a porn station

Автор L-emo-n Gerard ( назад)
Alexa, clear daddy's history.

Автор 津波x Tsunamix ( назад)
0:16 XD

Автор Boston_Mama84 ( назад)

Автор Orhan Karaarslan ( назад)
play nigger nigger

Автор Jack Geissler ( назад)
wellp i know whats going on youtube rewind 2017

Автор Paul Veldman ( назад)
not even mr clean can clean your browser history

Автор peter peter ( назад)
omfg it made my day

Little boy on phone - Siri play tiker tiker
Siri - nuke password confirmed directing nuke to Russia

Автор WhyYou SoTroll ( назад)
"moms what a dildo"

Автор Marie ( назад)
I love the little boys face when they were saying stop. He was so confused.

Автор erockzz2010 ( назад)
Did someone have an orgasm at 0:08

Автор Grob Gob Glob Grod ( назад)
i thought he said "nigger nigger"

Автор Psythik ( назад)
*Fuck Jukin Media*

Автор Tyler The Ultimate Badass ( назад)
Explains why kids grow up so fast these days

Автор Dolphhh h ( назад)
I think the kid in the background incriminated himself too

Автор TheBilli96 ( назад)
P U S S Y *A N A L* D I L D O

Автор Andreas N ( назад)
Papa bless!! ALEXASTAHP!

Автор This name is even more pretentious ( назад)
"Play tiger tiger"

*Johnny Rebel's Alabama Nigger plays*

Автор xDarkseed ( назад)
I'm trying to play "Digger Digger" but Alexa27 keeps kicking my ass...

Автор little lamb ( назад)
"Alexa stop" 😂😂

Автор TheGoldminor ( назад)
daddy got some explaining to do.

Автор B. Lung ( назад)
It is obvious that the kid wants to hear the song; "Bigger Nigger Trigger Digger" - Lee Godinez

Автор Squeaky Cashew28 ( назад)
Lol it said porn detected porn detected and the little kid said "ok"

Автор Stupid Neko Person ( назад)
Pussy anal dildo

Автор caimen64 ( назад)
WTF!? OMG!!!!!

Автор Marley scoot vlogs ( назад)

Автор Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster ( назад)
This is how Skynet will defeat us. By bombarding us with so much porn that we never get anything done.

Автор VvFrankVv ( назад)
the dads laugh at the end makes it even better

Автор ThatHoennDude ( назад)
pussy anal dildo xDDD

Автор savedfaves ( назад)
You're witnessing American adults create a situation the child would easily have ignored were one of them to simply handle the situation is a calm manner. The taboo about sex in American society is where problems arise from. In French films there's nudity the whole time and people barely bat an eyelid. And not because they are desensitised, but rather because they are aware the human body isn't to be ashamed of—we all have one.

Автор Anime 4 liffeee X3 ( назад)
XD Hahahahahaa

Автор rolands rihards ( назад)
He sounds so fucking annoying

Автор Gemmykid 2015 ( назад)
Alexa: You want to hear a station for porn detected. Porno hot chick immature girl quality sexy. My pussy in a dildo -

Автор john doe ( назад)
pussy and dildo wtf

Автор Vezq ( назад)
“Play dick her dick her" is what I heard so Alexa didn't get it wrong

Автор Bluprint_Husky ( назад)
Well that kid got "the talk" afterwards.

Автор joe joe joe joe ( назад)
How much revenue have you made off of 9.2million views? Just curious. Always wondered how much viral videos pay out .

Автор Dustin Benzel ( назад)
This was in a try not laugh compilation, I laughed and failed the challenge.

Автор Team Minecraft ( назад)
Hey everyone I'm scarlett💩💩💩💩❤️❤️❤️💩💩💩💩💩😜

Автор Pierce Nostrand ( назад)
Daddy needs to stop going on 4chan

Автор iIRedBoyIi ( назад)
p u s s y a n a l d i l d o

Автор Black Swordsman ( назад)
I think alexa is another nsa spying device for homes. They are always recording information after all. And most computer company's have nsa spyware pre installed.

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