Zumba - Macklemore's Merengue 'Can't Hold Us'

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Love this song!! Here's our Zumba choreography to Macklemore's 'Can't Hold Us'... if there's a song you would love us to do a choreography video for let us know in the comments below!

For full class schedule and to find your nearest class please visit: http://lindsayjay.co.uk

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Автор ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΣΤΥΛ ( назад)
Must come and see me on dance studio dancing zumba

Автор Antonia West ( назад)
I love that you wore your jeans in this one LJ! 😋 When you're next back
from Ibiza, let's choreograph something together again! xx

Автор Aura Alba ( назад)
Hello Lindsey & Antonia great Choreo Girl's I love you always since
Kal-No-Ha-Oh on the Beach, please do a Calypso, Jamaican or DanceHall, i
will appreciate, blessings from a Zumba Sis 💗 Chicago USA💬🌻🙏, 

Автор Kinga ( назад)
I love YOU !!!!!!!!!

Автор Bianca Ward ( назад)
Amazing job ladies! Feeling it burn!

Автор Cathy Pinner ( назад)
Loved it you were both excellent

Автор julien jerome ( назад)
what's the name off the brunette ? she is great !

Автор Patricia Peralta ( назад)
Congrats! It's a GREAT choreography!. I never imagined this song as a
merengue. Awesome!

Автор am meek ( назад)
I love it

Автор Daisy Avianti Permata ( назад)
+Dewi Kusumaria :D

Автор liizby ( назад)
Love it

Автор Zhiwen Chen ( назад)
awesome dance 

Автор reem eid ( назад)
what can i say i simply adore lindsay jay she adorable love her dance i
love u :D:D im trying all ur dances 

Автор VVPGMUSIC ( назад)
It's not on a ZIN CD, it's a song by the artists Macklamore. People use
music for Zumba all the time that is not part of ZIN. 

Автор amb12bj ( назад)
Super! Love it ...❤❤❤ 

Автор Random Girl ( назад)
wow! I loved it!!! can I borrow this routine? subscribed :)

Автор Jessie trejo nieves ( назад)

Автор Zumba with Robin ( назад)
Im in San Diego and my students love this song! It's always a challenge to
bring in the music they are begging to hear because it's also got to make
sense. This routine makes sense! For my students it will be perfect--a song
they've requested that uses moves their bodies already know by heart.
Perfect formula for a smash hit in my classes! Thanks for posting!

Автор carol ewing ( назад)

Автор bec2814 ( назад)
I agree with you, but it's interesting that they tried it. It's definitely
not something I've seen before, but I would have probably used hip hop
and/or toning moves for this song.

Автор Frau Regner ( назад)
What ZIN CD is this on? Great song!

Автор win maw ( назад)
love it.. 

Автор Jo Cooper ( назад)
How have i missed this??? What a GREAT video x Love you both SO much....
Excellent choreography!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

Автор dawbi ( назад)
you girls are hot 

Автор TheSweetness1975 ( назад)
I love it! With just a few modifications, this is going into my Zumba
Toning class today!

Автор Ashley Jones ( назад)
I just love this routine!! Great job :)

Автор Zumba Inge ( назад)
Waauw, I love it :)

Автор zumbamlh ( назад)
This is great...and I like the song, not gibberish! High energy and it
appeals to a young audience, which I have. 

Автор Green Card ( назад)

Автор Zumba Cotswolds ( назад)
Thank you for sharing!

Автор benffitschannel ( назад)

Автор sonia “shaki” shakira ( назад)
gracias por enviarme el video espero muchos mas lo voy a poner en practica
muy buenos chicas

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