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Lidetu Ayalew had never played any constructive role in the Ethiopian peoples political struggle since he suddenly appeared in the early 1990s. He is known for joining political parties such as the All Amhara Peoples Organisation, the United Ethiopia Democratic Forces (UEDF), All Ethiopia Peoples Organisation (AEPO) and the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) to fulfil a mission of playing destructive roles. His hidden missions and open destructions have been published in a number of genuine media, with valid evidences.

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Автор Tsion Gebrehiwot ( назад)
Thank you Dr.Gidada you are truly Ethiopian treasure. 

Автор Aman Yehune Hager ( назад)
I do not expect any different idea from gidada. We know u very well.

Автор Desalegn Birara ( назад)
you doubt? intoxicated, when are people to live for the truth? i long that

Автор Desalegn Birara ( назад)
Mesakia bemehon!!

Автор ephzeus ( назад)
he sure looks drunk 

Автор mimi emahos ( назад)
love u d/r go go u ar the best

Автор Fantanesh Belay ( назад)
To say something about 'phd' u must have been through guys ,mehayim hula
tesebisibo Dr. Negason litech aychilim.He is intelectual person ,refer more
about him.

Автор Wainam Massai ( назад)
He is behaving like a commedian!

Автор erumtebay ( назад)
Doctor PhD yeserut bemin yihon?

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