Lions vs Humans

Eye of a hunter,but need some affection

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Автор Taylor Mansfield ( назад)
One day you'll be lunch pal. Never trust a wild animal ever.

Автор Epinephrine818 ( назад)
Give it some Peanut butter!!!!!!

Автор Oscar Chavez ( назад)
press 3 to see a lion getting doggystyled by a tarzan

Автор Jim Alves ( назад)
Press 5 to see a man fucking a lion ;-)

Автор calebtakesuhell ( назад)
looks like they're making out

Автор HELENA P. Santos ( назад)
Acho esse vídeo a coisa mais linda, a maior demonstração do amor que se dá
ao animal se recebe. Eles tem sentimentos

Автор An0niempje ( назад)
If you have worked with animals a lot, you won't be too surprised at this
reaction. The lion has overcome the fact that these people are another
species and sees them more like family members.

Автор spearsanythin ( назад)
That is a good video, But animals like that are best left alone.

Автор skux1234 ( назад)
the other lion comes over and is like "dude wtf are you doing you do
realise these guys are gay??"

Автор videoreff ( назад)
Oops, it's a lion, not a lioness. I can't post a link but search for
Christian the Lion for the full story.

Автор videoreff ( назад)
If I remember correctly these people brought up the lioness from a cub and
eventually gave it away to a sanctuary for lions. Some time later they went
to see her again, hoping she'd remember them as indeed she did. You can
tell how happy the lioness was to see them. No-one would ever be dumb
enough to play with a lioness this size that had never met them! Well,
maybe I did once but that's another story...

Автор GrdMsterSxay ( назад)
ok, everybody has a long blond hair in his head, so.. no problem

Автор kindersurprise8 ( назад)
not vs... Its really beautiful

Автор iGoLeC ( назад)
@yerty2000 lol true and it rhymes!

Автор China Sailor ( назад)
@yerty2000 No kidding... These people have got to be out of their mind, to
get that close to a wild animal like that... And lose only a limp, if
they're lucky...

Автор badbarada ( назад)
just amazing

Автор ltorres307 ( назад)
I see thats in dicovery channel, this history is very sentimental :'-|

Автор Martin Broski ( назад)
bite his DICK off

Автор Haso Gho ( назад)
cute! :P

Автор cyberboy233 ( назад)
old friends :)

Автор cyberboy233 ( назад)
old friends :)

Автор BroodCarlos666Mex ( назад)

Автор JMiahNYC20Fo ( назад)
How U Know? Lol

Автор Nico Baltazar ( назад)
They look like the same.

Автор Christian Eilts ( назад)
Actually those men are two male lions, as you can see at their manes

Автор Shablivion ( назад)

Автор sp0ngcl0ng ( назад)
so sweet:)

Автор michael211211 ( назад)
Thats so cute and dramatic.

Автор pskillaraplord ( назад)
these guys had this lion as there pet since it was a lil baby then it got
too big for them to handle and had to leave it in the wild in africa and
then after i while they came to meet him and the lion still remembered them

Автор spelmat ( назад)
If the lion were their pet, I don't think a lot of persons would mess with
them... Damn, a lion running towards a human for a hug because it is happy
to see him, it is still quite unbelievable ! Great true stroy !

Автор liquidsunshine ( назад)
does it hum ?

Автор Connie Chapman ( назад)
aww man I was waiting for some s*** to go insanely bad... LOL

Автор marcoparreira ( назад)
sebastian the lion. amazing

Автор Ddesmet (1333 года назад)
just look up christian the lion

Автор David Bordelon ( назад)
durco02 Alot of their memory is based on their accute sense of smell and
naturally associate that smell with certain animals or objects for a while.
These people have probably took care of it for a while. It probably
remembered them right away. Housecats seem to be the same way.

Автор DURCO02 ( назад)
How can this lion recall this?

Автор KO0LAID555 ( назад)
i want a lion

Автор sami abdullah (1963 года назад)
what if he ate both of them, dont fuck with lions

Автор gamers1700 ( назад)
just adorable!

Автор macoveialex97 (896 лет назад)
oh that is sooo cute :X

Автор sufiremu ( назад)
el mejor amigo del hombre XD fantastic

Автор Paul Montagna ( назад)
Pretty tame, love seeing stuff like this :DDD Beautiful fucking animal i
wish i had one :(

Автор Tequila KG ( назад)
This is a reuniting of a caretaker of the lion after years being in the
wild. Why rename this something it is not?

Автор 707RipOtee (1547 лет назад)

Автор bigfuzzykitty111 ( назад)
omg!!lol!! i want that kitty!!!

Автор hockeyboy852 ( назад)
the lion is RAPING HIM!! lol jk its pretty cool having a lion like them

Автор Remi Borgen ( назад)
That was a bit disturbing, and yet very cozy as well:) Allthough the lion
might have wanted to play a little rough perhaps, but it could be fatal to
us, eventhough the lion wouldnt know!

Автор guru991 ( назад)
muy lindo el video

Автор Theedirtyplaya ( назад)
a big furry cat

Автор ccinarbas ( назад)
all these fucking hunters must see this..

Автор Leslie E ( назад)
i just saw this on ellen apparently they raised him and then gave him up
then went to visit him a year later. Thats amazing but it looks like the
lion doesnt realize hes no longer a little cub lol

Автор TheSiblingsRule ( назад)
omg im gonna ask 4 a lion!!! haha joke but amazing how affetionate they r!!

Автор asteroids123 ( назад)
that was the most beautiful thing to see people who cared about animals.
great job!

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